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V-DAWG obviously changed hands a few times before he arrived at his present destination.He can be considered the best producing Backstreet truez bred dog to date...His pedigree speaks for itself,not only a pretty pedigree but a producing and performing one at that.His offspring speak for themselves he is a legitimate ROM in anyones eyes and mainly by AMERICAN SPORTING DOG JOURNAL STANDARDS.His breeding program continues...we wish you continued success and we thank all who were involved with V-DAWGs existence and development..


Raising pit bulls to produce the match dog is extremely expensive and time consuming. With this thought in mind, one needs to set their goals in perspective if one wants to breed game dogs. Some families of dogs have a better rate of producing match and brood dogs than others produce. So, read the match reports, championships notice who uses what blood, which has been winning and producing winners. Also, even if a dog loses, consider how he loss. Did he try to make that tear-jerking crawl across or did he take the easy way out, by jumping the wall. Remember that a dog who loses a match because he couldnt go across is a whole lot better than a dog that loses because he wouldnt go across. A great majority of these dog people are using dogs that come from successful, dog people. Pay close attention to the R.O.M. (Register Of Merit) list, and see how these dogs were bred, to produce these champions. For those that are not familiar with the term R.O.M., it is a title that is given to a dog or a bitch that has produced champions by The Sporting Dog Journal. This magazine keeps a running record of dogs receiving this title and publishes this list in each issue. Aimed principally at the breeders of the American Pit Bull Terrier, the title of Register Of Merit is cherished by the owners of the sires and dams. To receive the title of R.O.M., a male must produce at least four champions and a female must produce at least three. Why four for the males and only three for the females? Is this some kind of sexual favoritism? No. Simply put, a male is physically capable of producing more offspring than a female. Each dog receives a point for each champion they produce and in addition, should any of these registered champions go on to become grand champions, they are awarded an additional point. Other magazines have implemented another title P.O.R. (Producer Of Record), which issues a point for every win recorded by the offspring of a sire and / or dam, with additional points for both champions and grand champions. At the time of this writing Garretts Ch. Jeep holds the lead on the R.O.M. list with 17 points. Breeders of the game American Pit Bull Terrier breed for one of two reasons; to produce match dogs or for brood stock. With that in mind, well look at the different techniques that are used in breeding the game bulldog. There are several different philosophies to breeding the American Pit Bull, these include; Best to Best, Inbreeding, Line Breeding, and the Out Cross. With any of these methods, success depends on being selective and hard culling. The best breeding are usually the result of a combination of all these philosophies. BEST TO BEST Some breeders believe in breeding the best to the best, regardless of pedigrees to get great dogs. This method usually involves breeding unrelated dogs, which happen to be considered great match dogs, in an attempt to get chips off the old block. While you can end up with some real aces by breeding this way, the results usually are the opposite. Best to best breeding that involve totally different bloodlines seldom establish themselves as solid families of winning bulldogs. At present, there are over one hundred males and thirty females, registered as grand champions in The Sporting Dog Journal. Of those one hundred and thirty plus, ten have Register Of Merit status; none of them are females. Remember that you are breeding to the entire ancestry of a dog. So the dog himself, or herself, and their characteristics are only part of the equation. You must also take into account the kind of animals in back of your breeding prospect. The same breeding combined with, to some degree of, inbreeding or line breeding can be the catalyst of a good bloodline. Heres an example of best to best breeding with a negative result: Zebo/ Eli Litter Adam's GR. CH. ZEBO ROM Lonzo's ANDY Lonzo's ANGIE CH. HONEYBUNCH ROM Walling's BULLYSON Carver's AMBER Zebo was a grand champion and destroyed every dog set in front of him. He was also an R.O.M., and produced destroyer type bulldogs. Honeybunch was a champion, killing her first two opponents, and also a producer of champions. As a matter of fact, she is presently leading all females of the Register Of Merit list. This breeding had had all the makings of possibly being one of the all time greats. When in actuality it was nothing more than a great disappointment. None of the pups out of this breeding ever matured into anything note worthy, as either match or brood material. Now lets take a look at a similar breeding: Zebo/ Eli Litter Adam's GR. CH. ZEBO ROM Lonzo's ANDY Lonzo's ANGIE Clemmon's PEPPER Cummings' ELI III Cummings' DEAR ABBEY This breeding is similar to the previous one as Pepper and Honeybunch were both Eli / Carver bred bitches. (Pepper was by no means anywhere near the match dog or the producer as Honeybunch was, which is where the similarity ends). This breeding of Zebo to Pepper produced Clemmons Nigger Tobe. When Nigger Tobe was bred to tight Eli bitches he produced winners like High Pockets Ch. Dahmer and producers like Clemmons Eli Shadow. Zebo was also bred to

another Eli bred bitch, named Colopys Sea Train, and produced STPs My Little Margie. Margie was later bred to McGees Monzon, who was a son of Zebos half brother Mike, and produced a destroyer, by the name of Panther. Panther also went on to produce numerous winners, champions and a grand champion. Much to the trepidation of many dog men, most pit aces failed to produce aces like themselves. I cant think of any best to best breeding that produced exceptional match dogs that resembled anything like their parents as far as pit material, and believe me there have been many; Gr. Ch. Snake / Gr. Ch. Miss Rage, Gr. Ch. Hell Ben / Ch. Kinki, Gr. Ch. Buster Brown / Gr. Ch. Candy, Gr. Ch. Gabe / Gr. Ch. B.B. Red, Gr. Ch. Banjo ROM/ Gr. Ch. Tina, and Gr. Ch. May Day ROM / Ch. Dragon Lady just to name a few. All of these dogs were considered put aces, but when these aces were bred together, they produced average bulldogs. Its has been said, just because a dog is a good match dog...that doesnt make him a good producer. Sometimes, the genes that made these dogs fell into place to make them great match dogs. These same genes, unfortunately, didnt fall into the right place to make them equally as great at producing. On a whole dogs tend to produce the average of the traits of themselves and of their ancestry. Very rarely do we see an ace that is the descendant of a pedigree of mostly aces. Therefore, we should not be disheartened when we get average dogs from them. So, the more aces there are in the pedigree, the higher the contingency of getting an ace. INBREEDING By now you breeders are undoubtedly aware that inbreeding is the breeding of closely related animals. Examples of which are: father to daughter, mother to son, and brother to sister. The purpose of inbreeding is to attempt to capture and preserve desired genes. The favorite argument against inbreeding is, of course, the case of humans, the fear of bringing into the world physically deformed and mentally lacking individuals. Fortunately for us, breeders through the centuries have not been afraid to rule out inbreeding as a means of solidifying genes in our breed of dog. Every breed of dog in existence today has been developed for a specific purpose through inbreeding. In any breeding, one or more trait will invariably be lost in the shuffle of genes. But with inbreeding, you may also intensify other traits as well. Certainly, when you undertake to develop a similar set of genes from different dogs, the poor and undesirable qualities can also become dominant. Lack of endurance, weak bones, brittle teeth, zero biting ability, loss of fertility, and a lack of resistance to parasites and diseases is often the results of inbreeding, known as FILIAL DEGENERATION. At what point does filial degeneration appear depends on the species and genealogies. Most American Pit Bull Terriers can tolerate a significant amount of inbreeding without any ill effects. A seemingly perfect bulldog, in appearance, may have some or all these undesirable traits in his genetic make up. Inbreeding this dog could bring these unwanted traits to the surface and suppress the desirable genes the breeder had hoped to preserve. Unfortunately, genes are not visible to the naked eye, therefore the sounder the dogs, the less chance of undesirable specimens turning up. There is, as with everything, some debate as to which type of inbreeding produces the best progeny. I for one farther to daughter breeding have produced the best match and brood dogs. My reason is, the majority of great match dogs are males and if bred to their daughters, the gene of the sire then becomes intensified, If the same match dogs was bred to his dam, the genes of the resulting litter would center on the mother and not the match dogs. Many breeders fail to realize that inbreeding to a great producing bitch doesnt yield offspring that make for great match dogs, but brood stock like the dam. Chavis' CH. YELLOW JOHN ROM Bass' TRAMP RED BOY Teal's JEFF Teal's SARGE Teal's LOU McLeods SUSIE Q GAL Teal's JEFF Frank's SUGAR Whaley's RED FEATHER Bass' TRAMP RED BOY Teal's JEFF McLeods SUSIE Q GAL Bass' CAT Bass' TRAMP RED BOY Bass' CLEO As you can see, Chavis Ch. Yellow John was inbred on Bass Tramp Red Boy, who was inbred on Teals Jeff. Yellow John himself wasnt bred until he was about three years old and had an untimely death. He was bred to about nine bitches, and in those nine litters, only 23 dogs lived to maturity. Some of his progeny were: STPs Gr. Ch. John Boy, STPs Ch. Toro, and Super Gnats Boots (who defeated Fuller & Terrys Ch. Tony in 4:54), out of Greens Sandy. From a breeding to Chavis Maude, John produced Tants Gr. Ch. Yellow ROM, Gaineys Jr. (5X winner), and STPs Ch. Sassy. Yellow John out produced his illustrious sire, Tramp Red Boy.

Garrett's CH. BRONCO Garrett's CH. JEEP ROM Finley's CH. BO ROM Loposays DUBS Loposays DOT CH. HONEYBUNCH ROM Walling's BULLYSON Carver's AMBER Garretts SHARON Garrett's CH. JEEP ROM Finley's CH. BO ROM CH. HONEYBUNCH ROM Garretts KATE Finley's CH. BO ROM CH. HONEYBUNCH ROM Ch. Bronco was the result of Ch. Jeep being bred to his daughter, Sharon, whose dam was Kate, Jeeps littermate sister. Sharon was also a littermate to Williams Ch. Shorty. Bronco defeated three well-known kennels in the times of :26, :56, and :26 minutes respectfully. His career started at the age of thirteen months and he died at the early age of three, due to heart failure. He was bred only twice, of those two breeding he sired the 6X winner Kingfish Kids Ch. Bernie. There were also two littermates to Bernie who was bred together, Stevensons Buck and Wench and produced Renegade Kennels (Tuppers) Midnight Renegade, who in turn produced Cat & Companys Gr. Ch. Jinx. This brings up the next, volatile subject, of which bloodlines can be inbred and still produce consistently. I think the Tramp Red Boy dogs are the most popular of the inbred lines today. It seems this line of Pit Bulls flourishes off of inbreeding. Some other dogs that do well when inbred are Hammonds Rufus, Chinaman, Kingfish, Indian Bolio, Nigerino, and Jocko strains just to name a few. Inbreeding should be used sparingly and needs to be combined with ruthless selection in order to produce competitive match dogs. Undesirables can and should be culled to dispose of the pups that show signs of not conforming to the standards that we, the breeders, have set for ourselves. Something that can not be done with humans of course. LINE BREEDING This should be titled A Thin-Line-Breeding, for it is a thin line between inbreeding and line breeding, and to some extent, out crossing. Websters definition of line breeding is as follows: The inbreeding of animals descended from an ancestor having some desirable characteristic, which it is wished to strengthen and perpetuate. The purpose of line breeding is similar to that of inbreeding; it controls the characteristics of the offsprings of a desired ancestor, but without the problems of filial degeneration often associated with inbreeding. My definition of line breeding is the breeding of animals that are relative, but are not of immediate family. Examples would be cousins to cousins, grandfathers to grand daughters, and uncles to nieces. Maurice Carver once said when you inbreed you double your gameness...but triple your junk. This statement is a little harsh, because inbreeding doesnt necessarily increase a dogs gameness, nor does it make him anything less. In fact, there have been many good, game dogs inbred to produce dogs that lacked gameness. Yet, these same dogs yielded very talented progeny when line bred or out crossed. I guess you can tell Carver wasnt a big fan of inbreeding, nor am I. Mr. Carver did almost no inbreeding, at least none that appeared on paper, he was a firm believer in line breeding and felt you could achieve the same results by line breeding on superlative dogs. What I find to be so good about line breeding is you can continue making the same kinds of breeding, from generation to generation, with basically the same results from each litter. This is why it is so important to be very selective in your breeding program. If there are little, best none, undesirables and a large quantity of quality dogs in the pedigree, you will have better control of the characteristics that the offspring will inherit. Now dont get me wrong, I plan on breeding an out crossed bitch of mine to an inbred male of a different bloodline, but he possesses the characteristics that Im looking for, and he is also inbred on a dog that is located in my bitchs ancestry, relatively close. Heres an example of what I mean by line breeding: The Boyscout's TROUBLE II Pit Stop Kennels' CH. MECHANIC Garrett's ROCK ROM Garrett's CH. JEEP ROM Finley's CH. BO ROM CH. HONEYBUNCH ROM Crenshaw's DOLLY Crenshaw's CH. OTIS ROM CH. HONEYBUNCH ROM Garner's RONNIE B & S's GR. CH. SNAKE Crenshaw's CH. OTIS ROM CH. HONEYBUNCH ROM Crenshaw's CH. MISSY Finley's CH. BO ROM CH. HONEYBUNCH ROM The Boyscout's GOLDIE Super Gnat's GR. CH. ACE Stepp's CH. CHARLIE Finley's CH. BO ROM CH. HONEYBUNCH ROM Stepp's MISS WILLY Adams' GR. CH. ZEBO ROM

Tomsic's SPIDER ROM Super Gnat's MISS ANGUSSuper Gnat's GUESS Stepp's GR. CH. ANGUS Stepp's CH. RUBY Super Gnat's ROSIE Stepp's CH. CHARLIE Stepp's MISS WILLY As you can see, Champions Jeep, Charlie, and Missy were all littermates. Grand Champion Snake and Dolly were littermates and also half brothers and sisters to the aforementioned, all of who dam was Champion Honeybunch. Grand Champion Zebo was the sire to both Champion Ruby and Miss Willie, who was the littermate to Stepps Ch. Willie (who many believed to be Zebos Best son). Grand Champion Angus was an Eli / Ed Ritcheson bred dog, which was also one of the greatest dogs of his day and known as the champion of champions. As a matter of fact, Ch. Otis was one of his victims. Finleys Ch. Bo was also stopped, early in his career, by Brewers Vindicator (Zebos brother). Grand Champion Ace has produced many winners for Super Gnat, some were: Ch. Fiesty, Lilly Mae, Rambo, Champ, Axle, and Ice Cube to name a few. Goldie represents this line very well, she is a solid, well built, Zebo appearing bitch. In an accidental kennel fight, she and another bitch of mine, named Candy (a daughter of HargrovesCh. Crock), got into it and Goldie killed Candy. What was so amazing is the fact that she did this two weeks before delivering thirteen Ch. Mechanic pups. Champion Mechanic was another rough match dog; none of his matches ever reached the hour mark. He has littermate brothers: Yankee Boys Modie and Deronjeaux Nitreaux. Also half brothers Windy City Combines Ch. Beetle Juice, Yankee Boys Ch. Blondie, Pit Stops Ch. Bandit, Can Am Boys Jethro and Hurricane Kennels Ch. Stormin Norman, just to name a few of his siblings. Mechanic has also produced champions Gunner, Sex Machine and numerous one and two time winners. What makes this breeding so complex is that both, the sire and the dam, share common ancestors. Finleys Ch. Bo and Ch. Honeybunch, which could classify Trouble II as an inbred dog. Yet, there are also so many other dogs in his gene pool, such as Gr. Ch. Zebo and Ch. Otis, that one could also say hes an out cross. Since Goldie and Ch. Mechanic are, in human terms, second cousins, its a line breeding. Trouble II represents a scientific line breeding, by combining the dominant characteristics of the four major dogs that make up his pedigree, Ch. Honeybunch, Ch. Bo , Ch. Otis And Gr. Ch. Zebo. This breeding was designed with three objectives: 1)The contribution of all four of the major dogs to the offspring would be approximately equal to 1/4 each. 2)The four major dogs are close up and in a sufficient dosage to have a decided impact on the offspring. 3) The breeding cant be too tight. There must be sufficient outside blood, so that athletic ability wont be lost. Quality dogs were used in this breeding and that is actually the most important factor. In other words, it was a well thought out breeding. OUT CROSSING If a dog does not have any dog appearing more than once in his pedigree, and is bred to a bitch who also doesnt have any dog appearing more than once in her pedigree, and neither one share a common ancestor within four to five generations, then this is called and out cross. (For instance; lets say you have a dog from B. Sorrells breeding, another of Watchdog Thor breeding, and another from a Jeep/ Tramp Red Boy cross. At some point you bred the three lines together and then crossed the result into a Kingfish bred dog. Genetically, you still will have a pit bull terrier, but will be considered a scatter bred one). Ill say five generations, because there are 62 dogs that appear in a five generation pedigree, and if an outstanding dog appears only once, or twice, in five generations, then this dogs influence on the ensuing litter will have virtually no effect. Besides, every American Pit Bull Terrier is related in one form or another, its just a matter of tracing back far enough to find that concatenate. Most of our game bred dogs can be traced back to Tudors Dibo (pronounced Die-Bo) or to John P. Colby, who imported most of these dogs from the original stock in Ireland. Out crossing should be called the good, the bad, and the ugly of breeding, because it can be broken into three resulting factors: The good: Many top breeders are now amalgamating bloodlines, by simply breeding their best male to their best female, with little regard to pedigrees. This often results in dynamic match dogs. In most cases the sire is either an inbred or line bred dog from one strain and is bred to an inbred or line bred bitch from another. I believe they were making these types of breeding to maintain or increase a certain aspect they were missing. For example, if I were breeding a line of dogs noted for their gameness and crossed it with another line also noted for their gameness, but from a different bloodline, the progeny should still be game. I shouldnt expect to lose any gameness, nor should I expect to gain anything such as mouth. Conversely, if I was to take this same game bred line and cross it with a line noted for having a great mouth, but lacking in gameness, it may very well, have increased my lines mouth. But, Ive also taken a step backwards, because

Ive lost some of the gameness I worked so hard to develop. Therefore, one must be very selective when making an out cross. John P. Colby made just one out cross in his many years with these dogs and his line of dogs still remain, almost 100 years later. Out crossing is an excellent remedy for filial degeneration. Once youve noticed the commencement of filial degeneration you should make an out cross to a line noted for the same qualities that you are breeding, from a different bloodline, and revitalize your line. This is known as HYBRID VIGOR, once this is accomplished, you can begin your breeding program again. The bad: These dynamic match dogs, that are the results of out crosses, usually are fortuity, flukes if you may. Fortunately for these outstanding dogs their genes fell into place that made them good match dogs. How can one tell if this dog is a fluke or not? Research. Find out what the sire and dam has produced, outside of him, and check out the littermates, were they just as good as this one? Or just average or worse. The ugly: Of these out crossed match dogs, 99% of then will produce nothing but moderately average descendants. As I said earlier, there are over one hundred and thirty Grand Champions presently registered in the Sporting Dog Journal, of those one hundred and thirty, only ten of them are on the ROM list. To go a step further, of those ten, four of them are out crosses. I can not emphasize the point that you are breeding to the entire ancestry of a dog, not just the great sire or dam. These out crosses contain so many different genes in their make up, it is virtually impossible to distinguish which characteristics will be transmitted to the offspring. I find the best way to breed to an out crossed dog is to breed it to an inbred dog. Most of those four out crossed Grand Champions on the ROM list, were bred to either an inbred or line bred bitch to produce those champions. You may need to breed to numerous, different bloodlines to find out which one nicks with it. For instance, below is a pedigree of Ch. Gambler, Gambler is a pit champion as well as a conformation champion. Hes an out cross of two different line bred bloodlines. His sire, Merits Bud, is line bred on Bass Tramp Red Boy (which is represented as Colby breeding), while his dam, Norrods Iron Judy, is line bred on Norrods Ch. Iron Spike ROM (which is Corvino breeding). That is, if you believe Tramp Red Boys pedigree is as it appears. A lot of old timers believe Tramp Red Boy is actually of Old Family Red Nose blood from the late Bob Hemphill breeding. This may explain why he was red/ red nosed and threw the same red noses and similar characteristics, found in the Old Family Red Nose line of dogs, in his litters. Unlike Colby bred dogs, which are usually white based dogs with various colored patches, similar to Medlins Outlaw, Houstons Ch. Bobo and Colemans Turkey. Ch. Gambler should be able to produce game bulldogs, as both lines that hes bred from are noted for their gameness. Hes been bred to his daughter, bitches bred similarly to Iron Judy, and also to Boudreaux bred bitches. As of yet, he hasnt produced any outstanding progeny. I believe he would be better off being bred to an inbred Tramp Red Boy bitch, bred like Merits Bud, thus making a line breeding. Norrod's CH. GAMBLER Merits Bud Marks DO MAN Millers RED MAN Bass TRAMP RED BOY Bass CLEO Millers HONEY Bass TRAMP RED BOY Bass CLEO Merits SILVER BELLE Marlowes CH. BRITCHES Marlowes RATTLER Marlowes BRANDY GIRL Marlowes AMBER Bass TRAMP RED BOY Marlowes FANNY Norrods IRON JUDY Norrods CH. IRON BOBCAT Norrods Iron Spike ROM Wises MAXIMILLIAN Wilders MITZIE Norrods IRON TAFFY Wises MAXIMILLIAN Bentleys SUSIE Q Norrods IRON JOSEY Norrods CH. IRON BEAR Norrods Iron Spike ROM Norrods IRON TAFFY Norrods HEMPHILL BABE Norrods Iron Spike ROM Norrods HEMPHILL

Breeding is the simplest of concepts, yet it is the most widely misunderstood. Simply put, all you are doing, by breeding, is producing more dogs than you intend to use as either brood stock or performance dogs. Those that exhibit the qualities that you are looking for remain as part of your breeding program; those that dont should be culled or sold. Snakeman once told me "every breeding you make should have a purpose". There should be a specific reason as to why you are making this and every breeding. Are you breeding for brood stock or to create performance dogs? Research your line of dogs before you make these breeding so you can have an idea as to what to expect from the ensuing litter. Going into a breeding half knowledge, is going into it half hearted. Research requires talking to other breeders, of the same line(s) that you are interested in, studying pedigrees, and finding out as much information about each and every dog that makes up your dogs ancestry. Keeping you eyes on match reports is also important, so you can see how and to who are these dogs winning and losing. Be selective, breeding to a Grand Champions cur brother, because he is closer and his stud fee is less, is no better than breeding to Fido from around the corner. Remember that the low quality animals that appear in a dogs pedigree also play a role in the pups characteristics. This is why it is important to have as few as possible and preferably none at all. My philosophy is quite simple when it comes to breeding. I look at the pedigrees of each, the sire and dam, and go back four generations. As I look at the thirty dogs that make up those four generations, I then begin to search for dogs that I would (and would not) like to have as the result of the breeding. If I can say I wouldnt mind owning a dog like the sire/ dam, the grandsires/ grand dams, and on down the line then Id be pleased with the breeding. If after all of this, I come up with more dogs that I wouldnt care to own, then I wouldnt make this breeding. This is why I keep repeating the point about a dogs entire ancestry, as the resulting litters my turn out to be just like that individual you were hoping it would not. Best to best (without regard to pedigrees) is like rolling dice hoping luck will prevail, and as most gamblers will tell you...most of the time it doesnt. Old timers used to say dont breed to the world-beater...breed to the one that created him. This statement has some validity, if the parents have produced other great performers and comes from a line of great match dogs. Or, was this dog just an exception? Inbreeding is an attempt to reproduce a specific ancestor by capturing and preserving desired genes. The more a desired dog appears and the closer, within a pedigree, the more likely the resulting litter will mirror this individuals characteristics. In retrospect, you may also be bringing forth his undesirables. Inbreeding also requires more culling than any other breeding method, because of the fact that filial degeneration is prevalent in this type of breeding. Line breeding is an attempt to recreate a specific ancestor. It is also a compromise between inbreeding and out crossing and should be done selectively. The ancestors that make up a dogs pedigree should all contain the characteristics you wish to capture. With the large number of genes in a pit bulls make up, line breeding brings out the desirable traits, as well as the undesirable ones, to a higher degree. Thus, positive results tend to come quicker than any other type of breeding technique and also failure, just as fast. Out crossing can, sometimes, produce great match dogs, but they are a challenge to breed inasmuch as they rarely will reproduce themselves consistently. Not to say an out crossed dog cannot be a good producer or a valuable part of any breeding program, but if you just keep making out crosses indiscriminately you are unlikely to retain any of the traits that made the dog good in the first place. It is interesting to note which dogs carried on the genes of Bullyson, Eli, Jr., Toot, Ch. Homer and other great studs. The out crosses, like Gr. Ch. Art, Ch. Honeybunch, Tombstone, and Gr. Ch. Virgil, these dogs went on to produce the characteristics of those great dogs that sired them. THE BROOD BITCH The brood bitch is probably the most important ingredient in any breeding program, if your aim is to be a successful breeder of game American Pit Bull Terriers. If you have a brood matron that produces consistently good dogs and does so regardless of which stud dog she is bred to. Then you have something every dog man in this game is looking for. It is very rare to see a bitch like this, to own her is even rarer. Now what separates a top brood bitch from every other bitch? First, the basics, a bitch must come into heat (season) on a reasonably regular schedule. She must be physically capable of producing puppies. Possess the motherly instinct to care and nurture for her pups. This is all that is required of a bitch to produce puppies. What makes for a brood bitch is her ability to produce high quality bulldogs. No dog has ever produced high quality bulldogs in every litter. There are usually a few good ones, average ones, and of course you will have some bad ones. With that in mind lets look at some of these famous producers. Well start at the top, with Irish Jerrys (Crenshaws) Ch. Honeybunch ROM, she was a daughter of Wallings Bullyson out of Carvers Amber. She, herself, was a talented match dog and producer. There was at least one exceptional dog in each litter she whelped, except the one by Gr. Ch. Zebo ROM, and she was bred to some of the best, and questionable, studs of her time. Her most famous litter came from breeding to a dog that had quit, Finleys Ch. Bo ROM, this breeding produced Champions Jeep, Holly,

Missy, and Charlie. She was also bred to another male that had quit, by the name of Crenshaws Ch. Otis ROM, and produced Brabham and Singletons Gr. Ch. Snake. All this proves she was a potent brood bitch and was able to dominate the genes of some of the sires to produce high quality progeny. Of course there were some in each litter that didnt turn out, but that could be expected. Another bitch who was able to produce quality offspring in almost every breeding, and is one of my favorites, was Greenwoods Ms. Holladay. She whelped only a few litters, that are as follow: when bred to Greenwoods Oakie, she produced Kuemmerlings Ch. Freddie (won four and lost two, one to Stepps Gr. Ch. Angus), O. Stevens Ch. Homer ROM (won four and lost dead game to Ch. Jeep), Greenwoods Holladay Hannah (who produced Jessups three time winner Spitfire) and Greenwoods Mountain Boy (four time winner). In her second litter, this one sired by Maloneys Davis, she produced Greenwoods Black Sabbath (won four and lost dead game to Smith & Waltons Ch. Bad Billy), Greenwoods Cobra (she won three), and Greenwoods Jay Dee (who sired Ch. Nino). She was also bred to Giroux Ch. Milou, this litter didnt have the impact or notoriety of the previous breeding. To my knowledge, Ive only come across one of those dogs ever being matched, her name was Penny and she was picked up in :31. The following litter, second by Davis, produced several excellent bulldogs, most of which were never matched, but used as brood stock. Of these, there was Greenwoods Martha White (she was the dam of the three time winner Giroux Ch. Booger ROM), Greenwoods Scarlet (dam of Frank & Als Gr. Ch. Booker), and then there was Greenwoods Delta (dam of Stiltners one time winner Laverne). These dogs distinguished themselves, not only by beating and competing against excellent competition and demonstrating that crawling back gameness that is so rarely found, but had the ability to pass these traits on generation after generation. Unfortunately, Ms. Holladay died in a kennel accident with a belly full of pups by Oakie. This is just one exhibit of the point that there are a lot of bitches who may never receive the notoriety of being a champion, nor the opportunity to be bred to anything outside of her owners yard, and still can make ROM status. More recently, Ozzie Stevens Ramona was born, raised, and bred on the yard of Ozzies, never once leaving and made the ROM list in just one breeding, to Castillos (O. Stevens) Troll ROM. Troll was never matched, because he had a habit of chewing rocks and lost his teeth at an early age. This litter produced a two-time winner, two champions, and a grand champion. Which tells us very little of pragmatic breeding procedures. We can go to a higher extreme and find that there are even some of these great producing bitches that were cold, for some reason or another, they wouldnt fight when a dog was put on them, that made the ROM list. Some of these bitches wouldnt be fed, no less bred, on some dog mens yards. For instance: C. Halls Sugar Red (produced Wardts Ch. Thunder), Loscos Coleen ROM (produced Champions Coco, Crush and Stryker), and then there was Heinzls Bambi (she produced Tudors Dibo, who is considered to be the greatest dog of all time). Conversely, the greatest match bitch, or should I say match dog, of record is Double Grand Champion Tornado, she won a total of ten contracted matches and never lost. But never produced a champion. All this goes to show that we have no control over a dogs genes, which are the building blocks to the game dog. While bitches like Ch. Honeybunch and Ms. Holladay are rare, there are still some bitches out there that can and have produced good bulldogs, maybe not one the level of a Jeep or Homer, but good nonetheless. With the large number of, quality, stud dogs available today, an educated breeder should be able to produce quality pups. THE STUD DOG Previously I spoke of the importance of the brood bitch in any breeding program, now Ill give equal time to the stud. If the brood bitch is the most important factor, then that should mean the stud is the second most important. Reason being, technically a breeder doesnt have to possess a male on his yard to make a breeding. With the vast number of studs available, that are advertised in almost every dog magazine from Dog Fancy to The Pitbull Gazette to The Sporting Dog Journal, the choices are endless. You have the entire spectrum of bloodlines to choose from: Champion Jeep ROM to Grand Champion Zebo ROM. Every color possible, from blues to red noses. Weights ranging from 25lbs. to 120lbs. So, if youre looking to breed to it, it is out there, standing at stud. From the ten time winner who defeated no known dog man or dog, to the one time winner who defeated the indomitable grand champion. Theyre all there for the mere price of a stud fee. As with the brood bitch we must ask ourselves, what makes for a good stud? Its usually one, or a combination of three reasons: 1) he has a great show record, 2) he possesses a great pedigree, or 3) he has the ability to produce great dogs. Breeding because of one or both of the first two can, and usually does, lead to failure. The only reason a breeder should choose a stud dog is because of his ability to produce quality dogs. Pit bull history is loaded with famous performance dogs that produced nothing worthwhile. For instance; Roadblocks Grand Champion Joey, he is a six time winner. Of those six matches, he defeated two champions and one grand champion, in doing so he received The Sporting Dog Journals Dog of the Year award for 1992. As of now, hes produced one champion and he has been bred to some very good bitches. As mentioned earlier, its not always the world beater youd want to breed to. There were, and still are, some excellent stud dogs that may not have the flash of a great record, or may have never been shown, but none the less can produce quality bulldogs. Mayfields Nigger sired four champions and was never matched, his grandson,

Hammonds Rufus sired five champions and he too was never matched. Patricks Bull Boy Bob lost three and won one, but still sired winners. Garners Frisco, who has thirteen ROM points, has been bashed because of his questionable match record. Not everyone is gong to own a Champion Jeep or a Grand Champion Buck, whom had the world banging on their doors to breed to them. Consider this, how many times had Jeep been bred? He must have been bred to over 100 different bitches; he SHOULD be on top of the ROM list. If I could go back and breed to some of the greats from the 70s and 80s, Id breed to dogs like Champion Homer and Grand Champion Art. These dogs had short lived stud careers, one died early and the other was stolen, but was able to produce quality progeny in their few breeding. I often think what the outcome would have been if Grand Champion Art was bred to Champion Honeybunch. When searching for a stud dog, breed to producers, not performers. I know its so tempting to take your best gyp to the twelve time winner, Grand Champion Killer, but by doing so without research is a big gamble. First, find out if Killer has any littermates that have done anything. If not, start looking for another stud. If the answer is yes, consider this before breeding to him. Find out if his sire is still alive and producing, if so, see if you could breed to him. If you are trying to recreate Killer, your bitch would have to be bred similarly to his dam. More than likely, breeding to Killers sire will come at a high price, for he has proven he can produce winners. Lastly, find out what Killer has been bred to thats been working, and if its the same blood as your gyp, then Id suggest you make the breeding. There are only two real questions that need to be asked when choosing a stud: Can I expect to get show dogs off of him? And, Would I mind getting a dog that may turn out to be like the parents, grand parents, great grand parents, or even the great, great grand parents? If the answer is yes, then your search is over. In closing, decide what it is that you are breeding for, i.e. gameness, mouth, etc. and breed to lines noted for those qualities. Dont give your dogs false attributes, which is a problem for many dog men. Know when your line is losing a certain quality and when its time to make an out cross to another line, noted for what you are missing. In other your homework.






CH.BACKSTREET TRUEZ SUPERMAN (4XW-1XL) FMKS V-DAWG 1XW ROM CH.BACKSTREET TRUEZ SNAKE GIRL CRAWFORDS RAMBO LUNIEWSK I S BEAUTY LUNIEWSKIS DAGGRIS We are going to do a full complete story on the offspring of FMKs V-DAWG,first and foremost starting with FMKS & BRICKHOUSES GR.CH. SOFIA (5XW-1XW OTC), our complete (NOV/DEC 2012) issue will have this information in full detail for the readers enjoyment. Any/all added pictures and/or info pertaining to this particular story is greatly appreciated...



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Interview with STP

*24 Champions and 5 Grand Champions*

How did you get Started with Pit Bulls? STP: Back in the late 60s my partner xxx and I were into guard Dogs. We belong to a shitzhund club in South Jersey. We had a Bouvier and he went out in 1970 and we bought a Staffordshire Terrier. We were always interested in attack work and the Staffordshire loved it. At six months old hed do a long hit and he loved the bite work. Around 1972 we met the late John Kicak and eventually got the telephone number of the Sporting Dog Journal and Started getting that magazine. Where did you get your first Pit Bull? STP: We got a dog from Jack Kelly that was sired by Fiorillas MOOTZIO, who was sired by Fiorillas Red KING a 2x winner from a Tudor x Corvino bloodline and out of Kellys DANCER who was a litter mate to Kellys CH. DRUMMER. Did you get to Match him? STP: No, she was a house dog. I got the next dog from Charles Sykes, who was out of Sykes`CHERRY and she was a litter mate to SykesSAMPSON, the dog that won over CH. Rascal. At that time did you have anyone to look up to? STP: We used to go over to Jack Kellys place. They had a spot in New York and on Sunday mornings wed go over there and they would roll dogs and occasionally have some matches. We met Andre Giroux, Ozzie Stevens and the dog men from Rhode Island like Indian Eddie and Joe Goffart. How did S.T.P originate? My partner xxx and I were the the originators. Then we got freindly with Mr. T and became partners with him and then Solo became a partner, he had been part of the Uptown Boys. Solo left the partnership about 1980 but the name stuck and we stayed S.T.P all these years. You guys owned a lifetime of good dogs, which did you think were the best? STP: Gr.CH. BUCK.. Gr.CH. JOHN BOY; Gr.CH. CANDY; CH. MAGGIE; and more recently Gr.CH. LUKANE. Who are some of the best handlers and conditioners you have seen in the game? STP: James Crenshaw, always sees to have a dog in exellent condition. Ozzie Stevens. The late Barney Fife and Ben Calloway always had their dogs in great condition. What were some of the best matches you ever saw? STP: JEEP X HOMER; BUCK X SANDMAN;. BLACK GIRL and JUMBO GINA were first time out dogs but were tremendous dogs. When it comes to Match dogs what style do you prefer? STP: I like a dog that work anywhere he has to. A well balanced dog with talent, speed and good natural air.


Do you think traveling with a dog to a Match has a big effect on a dog? STP: I dont think it has much effect at all, unless the dog gets car sick or really stressed. How do you go about choosing a judge? STP: Some one who is experienced dog man and has Judge several shows. What about giving up weight? Would you take the forfeit and go on with the match? STP: You should never give up weight. If someone comes in over you should take his forfeit. If the other fellow is only slightly over you should take his forfeit and agree to a new match. You have been competing for over 30 years and won in times from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Which do you consider your best win? STP: BUCKs win over SANDMAN, no doubt. How did that Match between two Grand Champions come about? STP: BUCK was retired 6x winner and four years old and we Started to do some breedings with him. Ricky Jones was the big man in the South and we were doing pretty well in the North. There was some talk about who had the better dogs, The North or the South. We called Ricky and said lets do it and he was ready. Both dogs were close to six years at the time of the match. Do you have any suggestions when it comes to conditioning? STP: I like a manual, slat mill, strength work and hand walking. Road work is good but we never did a whole lot of it. We prefer Treadmill work to anything else. When looking for a stud dog, what qualities do you look for? Since I have been in the Game and with all the research I have done, has bred to more Champions and Grand Champions. Do you guys really believe in your slogan, P/"Performance is everything when it comes to a stud dog? STP: Yes, performance and the bloodline to back it up. When it comes to breeding performance is right at the top, but it is also important that the stud come from a proven line. What do you think works better, Inbreeding, Line Breeding or complete out crossing? STP: We always practice what I should call "Loose Line Breeding" with the emphasis on good dogs. I dont particuarly care for Inbreeding and will out cross a good proven to a good dog as long as both come from good bloodlines themselves, even tho they are unrelated. Im going to mention a few bloodlines, would you eleborate on their performance and producing? STP: I only know what I read in the magazines and what I hear. Ive heard CHINAMAN = FRISCO dogs are rough but I have never matched any and really cant say. JEEP + RASCAL dogs? JEEP was obviously a great producer but I never seemed to have much luck with that bloodline. You had some success with "BOYLES" dogs. Can you tell me something of the ones you have had? STP: Over the past 7-8 years we have had some very good Boyles dogs. They seem to be very well rounded dogs, with high ability along with Gameness and a lot of intensity. They are early starters and one of the best bloodlines that Ive seen over the years. We had Gr.CH. CANDY and CH. BLACK PAZMANIAN. We bred PAZ to MISS RAGE, to CHINA GIRL a daughter of BUCK and we got some very good dogs - CLEAN MARY, BAD ROSEMARY and MARY LOU. ROSEMARY had the hardest mouth that Ive ever seen.


Gr. CH. BUCK was your favorite dog, but it seems you never had much of the Patrick bloodline? STP: BUCK was the hardest dog to beat that we ever had, but at that time there wasnt a whole lot of Patrick dogs in this part of the country. Consequently most of the breedings made with him are out crosses and he still produced real well. What about the Red BOY x JOCKO bloodline? It gave you two Gramd Champions and several Champions. Was that your favorite bloodline? STP: Over the years we have probably had more success with Red BOY x JOCKO than anything else we had. Dogs like Gr.CH. JOHN BOY, CH. TORO, CH. CLYDE, CH. SASSY, Gr.CH. LUKANE. They were all tough, durable dogs. What advice would you give to young dog men just starting out? STP: Be objective. Dont be kennel blind and be the toughest Judge on your own dogs. Believe what you see, dont add or subtract anything more then what you see. Nobody has ever had your record of 24 Champions and 5 Gramd Champions. Do you think anyone will ever tie or break that record? STP: Probably. But it will take a lot of hard work and dedication. You have accomplished everything you wanted in the Game. Do you feel you would like to retire? STP: Nope. Im going to compete till I cant walk.

Male and Female Dog of the Year 2012?

We need your nominees of who you think should be the male and female dog of the year for 2012. Please send in pictures, pedigrees, and a short story of their accomplishments. The winners and runners ups will be published in the Jan/Feb 2013 ASDJ edition.


Rule 1: The principals shall select a referee who is familiar with the rules and who is satisfactory to both sides. The referee will then appoint his timekeeper. Each handler will select a man to act as his chief second or cornerman, whose duties are to wash the opponent's dog, and to remain near this dog's corner as an observer. Rule 2: Each handler is to furnish two clean towels and a suitable blanket, to be used by his opponent. Either handler may demand that the opposing handler and his cornerman bare their arms to the elbows; also the handler may taste his opponent's dog's water before or after the contest (up until the referee has rendered his decision on the contest). Rule 3: No water, sponges, towels or any other accessories are allowed in the pit at any time, except the referee who shall have in his possession an adequate breaking stick and a pencil; also a copy of these rules. The pit shall not be less than 16 feet each way, whenever possible, with a canvas-covered floor, upon which has been painted or chalked on, 12.5 feet apart, and with a center-line half way between the scratch-lines. Rule 4: The referee shall toss a coin to be called by the handlers. The winner of the toss shall decide which dog shall be washed first and also have the choice of corners. Rule 5: The dogs shall be washed at pit-side in warm in water and some approved washing powders and then rinsed. The first dog to be washed shall be brought in and held in the tub by his handler and washed by the opposing cornerman. When pronounced clean by the referee, the dog shall be rinsed clean in a separate tub of warm water and toweled dry as possible, then wrapped in the blanket provided and carried to his appointed corner by his handler and accompanied by the man who washed him. These are the only two persons allowed near this dog until the dogs are let go. The other dog shall now be brought in and held in the tub by his handler and washed (in the same water) by the opposing cornerman. When this dog is pronounced clean by the referee and rinsed clean and toweled dry, he shall then be carried to his corner by his handler and accompanied by the man who washed him. Rule 6: The referee shall now ask "Are both corners ready?" If so, "Cornermen, out of the pit"..."Face your dogs"... "Let Go" The timekeeper shall note the time and write it down for future reference. Rule 7: Any dog who jumps the pit is automatically the loser of the contest and no scratches are necessary, and no dog is required or allowed to scratch to a dead dog. The live dog is the winner. Rule 8: Should either dog become fanged, the referee shall instruct the handlers to take hold of their dogs and try to hold them still so the handler can try to unfang his dog. If this isn't possible, the referee shall separate the dogs with the proper breaking stick and then unfang the dog using a pencil. The referee will then order the handlers to set their dogs down near the center of the Pit and approximately two feet apart. The referee will then order "Let Go" This in no way constitutes a turn or a handle and has no bearing of the future scratches. Rule 9: This is to be a fair scratch-in-turn contest until the dogs quit fighting, then Rule 13 shall take over. The first dog to turn must scratch first; thereafter they are to scratch alternately (regardless of which dog turns) until one dog fails to scratch and thereby loses the contest. Rule 10: To be a fair turn, the dog accused of turning must turn his head and shoulders and his front feet away from the opponent and regardless of whether or not the dogs are otherwise touching. Rule 11: The referee shall call all turns, although either handler may ask for a turn on either dog. If the referee rules there has been a turn, he will instruct the handlers to "pick up free of holds" as soon as possible, and should either dog accidentally get a hold again, the handlers shall set the dogs down immediately and make a continued effort to pick up the dogs, free of holds. When picked up, the dogs must be taken to their respective corners and faced away from their opponent. The timekeeper shall note the time and take up the count (not out loud) and also the referee shall notify the handler whose dog must scratch. Rule 12: At 25 seconds, the timekeeper shall call out "Get Ready" At these instructions each handler must toe his scratch-line and face his dog toward his opponent with his dog's head and shoulders showing fair from between his handler's legs, and the dog's four feet on the canvas floor. At the 30 seconds, the timekeeper calls out "Let Go" and the handler whose dog must scratch must instantly take his hands away from all contact with his dog and also release all leg pressure from against the dog's body. And the dog must instantly start across and the handler must remain behind his scratch-line until his dog has completed his scratch or the referee has ruled upon it. There is no time limit on the time required to complete this scratch. But, when released at the words "Let Go" the dog must start across at his opponent. He may waver from direct line, fall down, crawl...drag or push himself across, so long as he makes a continued effort and DOES NOT HESITATE OR STOP until he has reached out and touched his opponent. The opposing handler may release his dog any time he sees fit after the order to "Let Go" however, he must do so as soon as the dogs have touched each other. Rule 12A: This is an alternate rule for those handlers who wish to have their dogs counted out in the corner. It is the same in all respects as Rule 12, except that after 30 seconds, when the timekeeper calls out "Let Go" the referee shall count our loud, at as near one-second intervals as possible, ONE...TWO...TIME (three seconds), and the dog must be out of his corner and on his way before the referee calls "time" or lose. Rule 13: If the dogs have apparently quit fighting, whether they are helpless, tired out or curred out, and regardless of whether both dogs are down or one dog is down and the other dog is standing over him, but neither dog has a hold, the referee shall ask it they are willing to scratch-it-out to a win or not. If so, they shall proceed to do so, but if either handler is unwilling, then the referee shall instruct the timekeeper to note the time and call time in two minutes. If either dog breaks time, then nothing has changed, but if, at the end of the two minutes, the dogs are in the same relative positions and neither dog has a hold, the referee shall order the handlers to handle (PICK UP FREE OF HOLDS) their dogs. When picked up, the dogs shall be taken to their corners and the corner procedure is the same as in a


normally called turn and handle. If there have been no previous turns or handles to establish the order of scratching, the dog who has been the longest without a hold (usually the down dog) to be scratched first, then, as soon as free of holds, the dogs shall be picked up and the other dog scratched. Should one dog fail or refuse his scratch, then the dog who failed shall lose the contest. If both dogs fail to scratch, the referee shall call it a no contest, but should both dogs make their initial scratches, the handlers by mutual agreement may ask the referee for a draw decision. The referee will then rule it a draw. Otherwise the contest shall continue, but in this manner: any time the dogs are not in holds and not fighting, the referee shall order the dogs to be handled and scratched alternately until one dog fails to scratch and thereby loses. No attention is paid to turns (after Rule 13 is invoked) except as a possible chance to handle. THE REFEREE HAS FULL AUTHORITY AND HIS DECISION IS FINAL IN ALL MATTERS. Rule 14: Fouls that will be just cause for losing a contest: A. To leave the pit, with or without the dog before the referee has ruled. B. To receive anything from outside the pit, or allow anyone outside the pit to touch or assist the dog. C. To push, drum, throw or spank, or in any way assist a dog across his scratch-line, except by encouraging him by voice. D. To step across a scratch-line before the dog has completed his scratch or the referee has ruled on it. E. To stomp on the pit floor or kick the pit sides, yell at of give orders to the opponent's dog, or (in the referee's opinion) do anything to distract or interfere with either dog while scratching or fighting to affect the outcome of the contest. F. To interfere with the opposing handler or touch either dog until the referee gives an order to handle the dogs. G. To use a "Rub", "Poison", or "Hypo" on either dog. Rule 15: If there should be any outside interference before the contest has been concluded, the referee has full authority to call it a "NO CONTEST" and shall name the time and place the contest is to be resumed and fought out to a referee's decision. (The same referee shall preside.) Also, the referee shall insist that the dogs be washed and weighed (in the referee's presence), and the dogs shall weigh at the weights specified in the original articles of agreement, and to do this as many times as necessary to conclude the contest. CAJUN RULES VARIATIONS Instead of Rule 12A in which a dog has three seconds to leave his corner, he is usually given ten seconds to cross to the other dog. A 30-second out-of-hold count is generally used, and the down dog must always scratch first (unless both dogs are down with neither in a position of advantage). The pit may be covered with carpeting rather than canvas (Rule 3), the scratch lines may consist of some of the modern tapes, and the central line between the scratch line is often omitted. For Historical Purposes Only


A Night to Remember
The Boot Camp Click was on an all time high since we were in the middle of what would turn out to be one of our best winning streaks in the history of our kennel. We were really pushing a bitch I had bred, CH. FIRE, who was a daughter of my stud dog, KOTTONMOUTH, and out of a good daughter of GR. CH. GABE bred to M.A.D.S LEXUS. At the same time we were campaigning Trap Jaw Kennels COOKIE MONSTER, an inbred MAVERICK bitch with an unbelievable mouth. These two bitches had made a name for themselves by beating really formidable opponents, who by coincidence were all 2x winners. We wanted to do both bitches on the same night to prove to the world that they were the best bitches at their weight in the country. Out of the cold northwest we were hearing tales of a combine that had two bitches of the exact same weight, with very similar credentials, and they were letting it be known that they were trying to get in touch with us to arrange a throw down. Well, one day I received a call from the Body Snatcher, and he told me that what I was hearing was the truth, and he and Baltimore E, were the ones hunting us. We agreed to do both females on the same show, with the condition that both sides had to use their highly regarded charges. They also made it clear that theyd meet me at any spot in the country that I chose, even if it meant doing it where I housed the bitches! It was on, and promised to be the greatest show in recent bulldog history. All of this was compounded by the fact that word got out about this show and many people were touting it as a possible classic! I did my homework and found out that they were using Baltimore Rons BUTTER, a bone crushing 2xw that had totally smashed her previous opponents in short order. For COOKIE MONSTER they were using Body Snatchers CARMEN 2xw, which I already knew was a highly publicized daughter of CH. RUCKUS. We were in for what would turn out to be the most challenging day of our kennels history. To top it all off, every dog man that knew both sides called to tell me we didnt stand a chance! Well, they really underestimated the resolve of the Click, and we would just have to see about that! Time flew and before you knew it we were at the site of the show and you could feel the intensity in the air. The wagering was going hot and heavy in both directions, and the first to be weighed and washed was CH. FIRE, and BUTTER. They were both on, and when we released it turned out to be everything the game had anticipated. They were going to war with BUTTER in the chest and stifles, and CH. FIRE destroying the nose. At :50 it was still pretty even and both charges had received a considerable amount of damage. At the hour mark CH. FIRE was pulling ahead and it was evident that if it werent halted, one or even both of these bitches would be lost. I knew it was now or never, so I pushed CH. FIRE to give all she had left, and she responded beautifully. At 1:10 the Body Snatcher shook my hand and conceded what was definitely one of the greatest contest of modern time. Next it was time to do COOKIE MONSTER, who no dog had ever survived a confrontation against, and CARMEN, who was said to be tailor-made to compete against an alligator. When they were released it seemed like it would be another one of COOKIES shows. She was destroying CARMEN, and what bothered me was the backers of CARMEN were relaxed and still calling bets! The tide began to turn and I began to see why those CH. RUCKUS dogs were so well known. CARMEN literally dismantled us that night, and screamed like a cat in the corner to advertise that she was there to stay for as long as needed. At :37 COOKIE MONSTER was done for, and Body Snatcher was now the proud owner of CH. CARMEN. Often times we read of historical accounts of famous matches, and we tend to forget that history will repeat itself. Ive been truly blessed to have owned some of the best dogs in the world, seen some of the most noted dogs of modern history, and refereed some of the most legendary contest that the game has ever put together. So I feel that I can safely say that on that glorious night, so long ago, a few of the most serious competitors of our fraternity witnessed a contest of epic proportions! Gone are the days of the big shows, so many will only be lucky if they ever witness a show of this magnitude, but to the ones that were lucky enough to have been at that location that night We all experienced a night to remember. Lockdown




PER YEAR $500.00 PER YEAR $250.00 PER YEAR $175.00 PER YEAR $ 45.00




EARLY NEUROLOGICAL STIMULATION The 'Bio Sensor' program was concerned with early neurological stimulation in order to give the dog a superior advantage. ka development utilized five exercises which were designed to stimulate the neurological system. Each workout involved handling puppies once each day. The workouts required handling them one at a time while performing a series of five exercises. Listed in no order of preference the handler starts with one pup and stimulates it using each of the five exercises. The handler completes the series from beginning to end before starting with the next pup. The handling of each pup once a day starting with the third day through the sixteenth day involves the following exercises: 1. Tactile stimulations - holding the pup in one hand, the handler gently stimulates(tickles) the pup between the toes on any one foot using a Q-tip. It is not necessary to see that the pup is feeling the tickle. Time of stimulation 3-5 seconds. 2. Head held erect - using both hands, the pup is held perpendicular to the ground(straight up), so that is head is directly above its tail. This is an upwards position. Time of stimulation 3-5 seconds. 3. Head pointed down - holding the pup firmly with both hands the head is reversed and is pointed downward so that it is pointing toward the ground. Time of stimulation 3-5 seconds. 4. Supine position - hold the pup so that is back is resting in the palm of both hands with its muzzle facing the ceiling. The pup while on is back is allowed to sleep struggle. Time of stimulation 3-5 seconds. 5. Thermal stimulation - use a damp towel that has been cooled in a refrigeratior for at least five minutes. Place the pup on the towel, feet down. Do not restrain it from moving. Time of stiimulation 35 seconds. These five exercises will produce neurological stimulations, none of which naturally occurs during this early period of life. Experience shows that sometimes pups will resist these exercises, others will appear unconcerned. In either case a caution is offered to those who plan to use them. DO NOT REPEAT THEM MORE THAN ONCE PER DAY AND DO NOT EXTEND THE TIME BEYOND THAT RECOMMENDED FOR EACH EXERCISE. Five benefits have been observed in canines who were exposed to the Bio Sensor stimulation exercises. The benefits noted were: 1) Improved cardiovascular performance (heart rate). 2) Stronger heartbeats. 3) Stronger adrenal glands. 4) More tolerance to stress 5) Greater resistance to disease.


In tests of learning, stimulated pups were found to be more active and were more exploratory than their non-stimulated littemates over which they were dominant in competitive situations. Secondary effects were also noted regarding test performance. In simple problem solving tests using detours in a maze, the non-stimulated pups became extremely aroused, whined a great deal, and made many errors. Their stimulated littermates were less distrubed or upset by test conditions and when comparisons were made, the stimulated littermates were more calm in the test environment, made fewer errors and gave only occasional distress signal when stressed.


MAY - JUNE 2005 PAGE 7 180 - EIK & Ace Kennels' GRIMREAPER + Latino Family's BOY M38 Steve Black GRIMREAPER from heavy BULLYSON breeding. BOY from a JEEP/FARGO/PALADIN cross stops in 17. Winner: EIK & Ace Kennels' GRIMREAPER 18 1 - Family Kennels' PONKY + La Bayita Kennels' CHOCOLATE M40 Camaron Knl s CHOCOLATE does not make his lo* at 53 and PONKY makes a courtesy. Winner: Family Kennels' PONKY 182 - Big Brother Knls KILO + Family Kennels' VOLCAN K L O takes over and VOLCAN stops at 24. Winner: Big Brother Kennels' KILO Ace Kennels BEST IN SHOW - EIK & Ace Kennels' GRIMREAPER BEST IN GAME - Family Kennels' PONKY 183 - Smokin Gun's NANA + Magic's RAIN F37 Original Bounty Hntr NANA comes from behind to win in 43. Winner: Smokin Gun's NANA ........................................................................................... 184 - Wrecking Crew's CHINA BOY + Krazyside's TAZ M4 1 Southside BOY a 3x. TAZ a HUNTER RED cross stops in 43. Wimer: Wrecking Crew's CHINA BOY 185 - Wrecking Crew's MISSY + Krazyside's GO GO F38 Jose GO GO from a AAA breeding has too much and MISSY exits at 52. Winner: Krazyside's GO GO ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------186 - RIP'S ALFALFA + PR Fugitive's BLACKSTONE M32 Airtight ALFALFA from an ELVCHINAMAN cross. BLACKSTONE off CH STONE. Winner: RIP'S ALFALFA 187 - RIP & R+ A's MNO + The Firm's BIG TIME MNO l x off CH SAMMY. B1G TIME 2x stops at 1:05. Winner: RIP & R+A's NINO M47 Airtight 188 - Blackhole Knls MATILDA + Big Apple's HONCHO F4 8 C.C. MATILDA 2x wins in 1:45. Winner: Blackhole Knls MATILDA 189 - Stark Kennels' CH YELLOWMAN + J.C. Kennels' NONAME M40.5 No Limit NONAME 4xw from a BOLIO/QUEEN OF HEARTS cross. CH Y E L L O W 4xw off BAM BAMMAPALM wins in 40. Winner: Stark kennels' CH YELLOWMAN ........................................................................................... MAY - JUNE 2005 PAGE 8 ARGENTINA'S PAT0 MAIRONADO SHOW TIME 190 - Gaston Rioja's AVANA + Diego Mendoza's SAMANTA


DIEGO fouls out at 26. Winner: Gaston Rioja's AVANA 191 - Cuban Kennels' LEAL + Mendoza kennels' SORIAS HUSKY LEAL h/c by Manuel. HUSKY cannot keep up and is picked up at 18. Winner: Cuban Kennels' COLLAZOS LEAL 192 - Mendoza Kennels' JAGGER + Alejandro's ATILA ATILA wins in 30. Winner: Alejandro's ATILA 193 - Cuban Kennels* TIT0 + Ernan Cordoba's KATA TIT0 h/c by Manuel and KATA is picked up in 20. Winner: Cuban Kennels' TIT0 194 - Mauo's DIANA + Vaca's TATA DIANA stops in 55. Winner: vaca's TATA 195 - Fugaza's CORCHA + Fernandez' MAMBA MAMBA is picked up in 30. Winner: Fugaza's CORCHA 196 - Funes' HOMER0 + Sergio's BRONCO BRONCO wins in 30. Winner: Sergio's BRONCO Gusty M43 Gusty M44 Gusty M46.5 Gusty F4 0 Gusty Gusty 197 - Tucuman Kennels' FELIPE MIKAMI + Martin de la Orden's PICHIRA F36 PICHIRA wins in ? Winner: Martin de la Orden's PICHIRA 198 - Pato Middonado's MEGERE + Pablo Mendoza's MINI ? MEGERE wins in 45. Winner: Pato Maldonado's MEGERE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------199 - Backstreet Truez' JOE BLACK + New World Order's PEANUT M4 2 Jerry JOE is from ELI breeding. PEANUT from TAB breeding. JOE wins in 1: 17. Winner: Backstreet Truez' JOE BLACK Gusty Gusty ? 200 - One Man Army & Backstreet Truez' SPIDERMAN + Latin Connection's TERMITE M38 Airtight SPIDERMAN l x off CH CORTEZ h/c by One Man Army. TERMITE is picked up by 32. Winner: One Man Army & Backstreet Truez' SPIDERMAN MAY - JUNE 2005 41H ANNUAL BPR SHOW


PAGE 9 201 - Thuglife's KOKO + H-Towns' SHORTY KOKO 2x h/c by O.G.B. SHORTY lx does not beat 1:49. Winner: Thuglife's KOKO (G.I.S.) Concrete Knls 202 - Thuglife's LUCKY + H-Town's TOBASCO F35.5 Concrete Knls TOBASCO lx sired by Symond's MACK. LUCKY h/c by Tommygirl sired by KOKO wins in 29. Winner: Thuglife's LUCKY (B.I.S.) 203 - Cub Kennels' CLYDE + O.G.B.'s CHARLIE M4 1 H-Town CLYDE bred and raised by Cub Knls. CHARLIE by GR CH BOOGIE/SCHOOLGIRL cannot beat 24. Winner: Cub Kennels' CLYDE 204 - Tommy girl & Co.'s SHEBA + Cub Kennels' STORM F30 H-Town SHEBA wins in 45. Winner: Tommy giri & Co.'s SHEBA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------H-TOWN HOME SHOW 205 - H-Town's MOONSHINE + Tommy girl & Co.'s KANE MOONSHINE lxw. KANE 1x1 wins in 3 1. Winner: Tommy girl & Co.'s KANE (B.I.S.) 206 - H-Town's SHORTY + Tommy girl & Co.'s PREACHER Shorty WINS BY 4 1. Winner: H-Town's SHORTY M5 1 Concrete Knls Concrete Knls 207 - H-Town's TABASCO + Tommy girl & Co.'s ANNlE F35 Concrete Knls TABASCO wins by 57. Winner: H-Town's TABASCO (G.I.S.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------208 - RRU's ACE + POW'S SNOWMAN M54 Cape Fear SNOWMAN r u n s hot early and ACE 2x pulls ahead t o win by 1:50. Winner: M U ' S ACE 209 - Paperboy's DANNA + P O W s MARLlVi h4ARIAH is picked up in 26 and does not make a courtesy. Winner: Paperboy's DANNA F4 2 Big Show 210 - Hitman's PUSSYCAT + O.G.B.'s SCHOOLGIRL II F30 Cub PUSSY CAT s t o p s a t 1 :34. Winner: O.G.B.'s SCHOOLGIRL II ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Show News Continued

1-Ourside DESTRO x Steel Mills J PRINCE M54 1:26 darkside DESTRO, son of Trilogys Gr Ch Buck, a short order destroyer, goes into J PRINCE, a Ruckus bred face dog. J Prince was solid on the face, but Destro showed to be too much for him. Winner: DESTRO 2-Ourside KAIMERA x Fatal Attractions SASSY F46 0:42 slowpoke KAIMERA is a Virgil/Panther cross. SASSY is a daughter of Trilogys Gr Ch Buck. Sassy comes out rought and biting hard, but Kaimera weathers the storm. After three scratches each, Sassy stands the line at 46 Winner: KAIMERA 3-B&Bs Buckshots ONYX x BLB Kennels F44 0:28 moe ONYX 1xw a black dog going uphill 2# ,pure MIMS breeding.ONYX is open to the WORLD BLK Knls dog red/brindle came in 2# heavy. Winner: B&B Buckshots ONYX 4-B&Bs Buckshots PEACHES x Doublecross Knls F34 0:32 breeze PEACHES 1xw a buckskin/white w/blk nose devastating leg specialist.Doublecrosss charge is JEEP/ REDBOY/RASCAL bred Winner: B&Bs Buckshot PEACHES 5-Otws CHOPPA STYLE x PA Combine/J-Units C.W. M38.5 1:44 C.W.s redboy bred. CHOPPA reddish/brn blk nose, BANJO bred Winner: CHOPPA STYLE 6-Down&Dirty x Bird M45 D&D comes in 44.1#,bird comes in 47#,they still released Winner:Down&Dirty ?:?? ODPK


7-Tiga x Train M?? 0:38 breeze(down&dirty) TRAIN 2xw inbred BOUDREAUX/FRISCO breeding, wouldnt go at 38 Winner:Tiga 8-B&B Buckshots ONYX x Code Red knl Winner:B&B Buckshots ONYX F?? 0:48 BLB

9-36 Chambers Knls MS.PARKER x Stewcole Knls NAUTICA F33 1:25 GRCH.AC MS.PARKER 1xw buckskin barnstormer TANT bred said to be a short order charge.NAUTICA h/c by Stewcole Knls a black LIL DUDLEY/CH.CANDY bred fast pace action MS.PARKER coming hard until NAUTICA figures out the puzzle, turn called on MS.PARKER by owner at 0:45.NAUTICA working throat muzzle on down hog handled at 1:24 MS.PARKER(DOA).NAUTICA goes hard into a dead hog


Winner:Stewcole Kennels NAUTICA 10-Bosshogs JUICEMAN x Spaceman Knls. Winner: JUICEMAN 11-Fisherboys BLACK x Mashmade Knls KANE Winner: BLACK 12-Fisherboys BI x Swampboys CRYBABY Winner: BI F42 M34 1:23 V-Town




13-Ton&Alabama junes ch.TATER SALAD 3xw x suckafrees CH.SWEENEY TODD 4xw M40 ?:?? Yogi TATER brn/black muzzle off V-DAWG.SWEENEY dbl bred grandson of CH.CHARLIE BROWN(V.I.) h/c by Yogi.SWEENEY picked up 1:49 both courtesy Winner:ton& alabama junes CH.TATER SALAD Bloodbonds BEDAZZLE x Just way ups JENNY 2xw F37 0:51 chavez Both buckskin look alikes BEDAZZLE pulls ahead,JENNY stands on 3rd go 0:51,BADAZZLE comes true. winner:BEDAZZLE Art of WARS DOTTIE x Just Blazes ? F40 0:39 FMK DOTTIE a black off a son of BULL,Just Blazes a buckskin gyp.DOTTIE out pulls her in 0:39 Winner : Art of Wars DOTTIE Bloodbonds BEDAZZLE 1xw x Snatchas SPIDER 2XW F36 ?:?? ? BEDAZZLE off GRCH AWESOME BEAST.SPIDER (weirdjack/maverick/white oak biter)bred. BEDAZZLE comes in 35 , SPIDER comes in 34 .SPIDER way too much bulldog for BEDAZZLE BEDAZZLE makes her first scratch w/only backend in tact,she stood on her 2nd go round. Winner:Snatchas SPIDER country gentlemen& Docs CH.BEN 3XW x Shugs ZOE 1xw M41 1:25 Cisco BEN a brindle ,ZOE a fawn/buckskin.Went back and forth for first hour with BEN taking lead,last 15 mins ZOE came back to stop BEN on 4th scratch in 1:25 Winner:Shugs ZOE Big Mikes PRETTY BOY x Big Souths ? M42 0:13 capital 1 PRETTY BOY fawn(reddish),Big south brings a buckskin,@ 0:13 PRETTY BOY finished him in the woods. Winner:Big mikes PRETTY BOY



Editors note: THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING DOGMAN/KENNELS FOR SUPPORT and BLESSINGS... LOC-TITE MIKE, The ORIGINAL QUIPBOY, AKLASS KNLS, OURSIDE KNLS, BLOODBOND KNLS, DRE(XFACTOR KNLS), SCRATCHMADE KNLS, SCHOOLTEACHER, OZZIE STEVENS, COWBOY CANNON, JOHN TOM DOUGH, GAMETIME DOG SUPPLY, BOSSHOG, B&B BUCKSHOT, STEWCOLE KNLS, ANTHONY, FLASHBACK KNL, FULLSKALE KNL, YOUNGIN, BLOODYS KNL, RILANA, PEBBLES, RAHEEM, D, FRED B, FMK, RMP KNL, STEELPULSE KNL, OVERTYME KNL, STILLWATER, ETC... ------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear JournalWow you finally started the mag! GOOD stuff! DUCK-OURSIDE KNLS -----------------------------------------------------------------------Dear JournalThanks for this publication i couldnt stop reading it!I will let my other associates know about to subscribe.EDITOR:youre welcome thats just a sample copy for our website the original version will be out the 15th of every month. COWBOY KANNON -----------------------------------------------------------------------Dear JournalI was a little reluctant to subscibe to say the least but i read and hear only good things about you guys.My subsciption is in the mail,you should start a paypal subsciption payment.Anyway thanks for this publication,MUCH NEEDED to show the REAL from the fake. STEWCOLE KNLS EDITOR:We are comtemplating PAYPAL payments,must be well thought out sir. Dear JournalNice !!!! BOSSHOG Dear JournalGood idea!Glad someone started need a words of wisdom section so old timers etc..can give insight.Plus stay tuned for an upcoming taxidermy service/gamedog museum(AMERICAN PITBULL TERRIER HALL OF FAME) to display your own dogs and view those you always wanted to take a photo with and hear their accomplishments.Dont be surprised when they stop,be surprised when they stay theremore dogman need to take advantage of DNA testing. LOC-TITE MIKE


EDITOR:thanks loc-tite its such a pleasure to talk to you and hear the truth about this sport.We have many plans in store for the ASDJ and will be adding your ideas also. EDITOR: We want to send our condolences out to the folowing knls/dogman and others that are going through hard times....ROOSTER from TN.,MR.CHAVEZ AND Tightgrip Knls (BIG WAYNE) for their recent trouble with the law.Be optomistic and stand strong as soldiers!We will be implementing ways to have funds and support groups on call to assist fellow knls/dogman when times like these appear.The ASDJ wants to let everyone know to turn in this type of info to us through email or mail so we can let fellow dogman know to stay on point and more importantly to assist our fallen soldiers.




Grand Champion List ACE, Super Gnats ABBY, Russ ACES JACKIE, IBM & Blanco AJAX, Big Thickett Knl ANGUS, Stepps ANDY CAPP, R Hall ART, Stinson & Glover ART, Yankee Boys B.B. RED, Coy BADGER, Bloodliners BADGER, Smith & Walton BANJO, Coy BEAR, Corn Pone Knls BEAR TRAP, Old House Knls BELLA, Eastend Knls BIG FOOT, High Energy Knls BISON, Jay & Hardliners BINGO, Sunday's BLACK JACK, JC Shaw BLACK JACK, Garcia BO, M.A.D BOCEFUS, Gonazalez BOOGER, Jones & Holt's BOOKER, Frank & Al's BOOMERANG, B.Davis BRONSON, Rasta Man BUCK, STP BUDDY, ScratchLiners BUDDY, Stubblefield BULL, Jose BUSTER, Scratch & Stitch BUSTER BROWN, Strickly Busns CARLO, Giroux CANDY, Hands CANDY, S.T.P. CANNIBAL CANDY, Millbuster's CHEROKEE CHIEF, Holland CHIEF, Majic Line Pits CHUCO LOKO, Sal's COOL BREEZE, R.E.P. COUNTRY, Pitts CRAZY TURFMAN, Mead DAISY MAE, Boston Blackie DAISY MAE, Trail Drivers DOUBLE TROUBLE, Produce's DUKE, Dock's Pound DUKE, Legion of Doom DUTCHES, Ramrod's GABE, M.A.D GRIP, High' Tech HANK, Burton HELLBEND, Grits HELLCAT, MMM HOPE, L.Lewis HURRICANE HUGO, Greenhorn's IBM, Malik IRONMAN, Pittman JACK, Jackie S. JAKE, Cruse JEREMIAH, Plummer Ron JINX, Cat & Co. JOKER, House's JOEY, RBB JOHN BOY, S.T.P JUBBLE, Wright KING ARTHUR, Captain America KRUEGER, Fred B & JC LEFTY, Bunce LIONHEAD, Shankbone LITTLE JACK, Fergy's LITTLE ROY, Haney LIZZE, American Made Knls LOCO, SNK Knls LUCKY STRIKE, Steve & Co. LUKANE, S.T.P. LUPITA, Mr C & Super Knls MAMMY, Yankee Boys MAYDAY, Southern Knls MIDNIGHT, Jessie R. MISS RAGE, J.Johnson MONGOOSE, Santa MS PANTHER, Diamond Dan MYRA, Hunter's Pound NAILOR, P & P Knls NATE, Trodbuster NIKKI, Ricky B. Pound ONIX, Costa & Miranda


OUTRAGE, True Colors OZO AZUL, Gonzalez P.W., True Blood & Pine Men Pound PEDRO, Snakeman PEPPER, San Peur Knls QUEEN OF HEARTS, Abraham RAMBO, The Bailey's RAMBO, Layne RED EAGLE, Baby Huey RED RIVER CURLY, Bushwacker RODNEY, Havanah Boys ROMEO, Menace Knls ROSCOE, Cal W. ROWDY, Coley SABLE, Suburban Night Paw SAMSON, Rebel Knls SAMSON, S.T.P. SANDY, SoulMan's SATAN, BLP SCHOTZIE, Kamakazee Knls SCOOPY, Allen & Underground SHADY LADY, Rebel Knls SHEP, Sonny SHOTZIE, Slsht SNAKE JR, Bryan's SOLUTION, Head Hunter SPANKY, J.C.K & Coley SPARKY, Rising Star Knls SPIKEY, Beach Boy Billy SPOOKY, Rebel Knls SPORT, Bonney's STAN D MAN, RBB & Havannah STREET SWEEPER, DN TrJ Knl SUBOY, Chaos Knls SUNNY BOY, City Slicks TANK, Tomcat THIRTY FIVE (35), Rushin Knls TINA, Dead Serious Knls TOMMY BOY, Carribean Knls TRIGGER MAN, Soilman TROUBLE, J.Allen TROUBLE SOME, Chappy Pit VIRGIL, D.O.A



Register of Merit List, MALES 19 points Crenshaws CH JEEP Garner's FRISCO 14 points Tant's GR CH YELLOW 11 points STP GRCH BUCK Southern Knls GRCH MAYDAY 9 points Long's WEIRDO White's TAB 8 points WCC Deacon 7 points Giroux BOOGER Finley's CH BO Lee's CH RENO Patrick's TOMBSTONE 6 points Allen's BUTCH Untouchable's CH BUTKUS Mountain Man's CH Homer Patricks HOMER W&P's LITTLE BOOTS LG's CH LITTLE MAN Wildside Knls LUCIFER Ling Limey's NELIS Crenshaws CH OTIS Snakeman's GRCH PEDRO Busenbarks CH RATLER Rebel Knls CH SUNDANCE Rolling Hill Knls CH TAZ Chavis CH YELLOW JOHN 5 points R. Hall's GRCH ANDY CAPP Dave's BLACK POISON Boyle's CH BOLTACTION Rebel Knls CH BUBBA Loposay's BUSTER Kamakazee Knls HUNTER RED DreamTeam CH JESSE JAMES RC/Soso Boys CH FRITZ Hammond's RUFUS Mason's SMILEY Otter's CH TONKA BEAR Bristol's CH THOR O. Steven's TROLL Rebels Knls CH TURTLE Adam's GRCH ZEBO 4 points Stinson/Glover GRCH ART Smith & Walton GRCH Badger Coy's GRCH BANJO INDIAN BOLIO Giroux GRCH CARLO Holland GRCH CHEROK CHIEF Garner's CHINAMAN Giroux CH GUNNER Goner's GARBALDI O.Steven's CH HOMER Phils Ch LITTLE GEORGE Mayfields NIGGER Cherokee Knls OILER JR Larson's RED ED Hardcore Knls REDMAN Smith & Williams REUBEN Mayfields SNAKE Woods SNOOTY


O. Stevens GRCH VIRGIL (4 points continued) Mister K'S TEX 3 points Smith/Walton CH BAD BILLY Patricks BULLYBOY BOD Harris ELI III Thibodeaux EMILE R. Sorrells GATORSON Randy's GONNER Norrod's IRON SPIKE McCollums JESSIE JR Redb's REDDOG B. Sorrells RED JERRY Hargrove's SPANKY Matlock's TRUCK

Carolina Knls CH TERMITE


Register of Merit List, FEMALES 7 points JC Shaw CH Honeybunch 5 points StoneCity AWESOME BABY Road Warriors BOOGER Boyle's LIMITED EDITION B Line LITTLE BITS LG's MISS KIM 4 points Byrd's ANGIE B WCC ASSASSINATOR Lewis CH CATFISH Boyles DIRTY MARY Hollingsworth DOLLY Wright's JILL Boyles LADY UNDERTAKER DreamTeam CH LITTLE BIT McCollums LYDA Hardcore Knls PEPSI I.Jerry's MS POOLHALL RED Patrick's RED BABY Hollingsworth RED LADY Barbwire Knls ROXY Giroux RED PINKY Rolling Hills SAPELO Tomsic's SPIDER Boyles TEA CUP Undertaker Knls MS LEAKY O.Steven's RAMONA King Limey's TUG 3 points TKO Combine's AUTUMS Can Am Boys CH BECKY HardCore Knls BREAKER Mister K's BUP Losco's COLLEEN Man's CRAZY TIPPI Untouchable's DAISY MAE BulldogHeaven's GERALDINE Lee's HANNAH Duprel's JILL Yankee Boys LUCI Ozarks Jim's LUCY Havannah Boys MAGGIE Fitch's MEAN JOLENE Hackman's MISS CHAMP


Deep Game Dogs & Records

NEW RECORD: 6:47 MONTENEGRO'S DZOLE (1xD) vs. AMOR 'S SKAR (2xW, 1xD) Matches over 4 hours: 4:20 Sirmium&Mucak's FRENKY 1xW vs. Pikaso's SIVI GROM 4:15 Shulgin's ALI 1xW vs. SDK's ERICK 4:10 Sole's (Krsta's) CH BLACK JACK vs. Miki's PLUTON 2xW (draw) 4:05 Alfa's CRNKA 2xW vs. Bugarska's GOLDY 4:05 Acevski's BLEK 1xW vs. Vlado's BILI 1xW 4:01 Krnetic's KRDZO vs. Novo Selo&S.Warning's ZIRO Matches over 3 hours: 3:56 Radoje's CANA 1xW vs. Novo Selo's VERNA 1xW 3:47 Alfa's SILVER vs. Pevac's JOE 3:41 Komany' BELA vs. Sinisa's SANI 3:37 Kocani&Bedem Knls' JOCKO 1xW vs. Novo Selo's SEM2xW 3:30 Zelenovic's VUDZA vs. Seki's TITO 3:21 Mica's SEMIC vs. Majkic's TANTOR 3:21 Francuz's C.J. Jr. vs. Jocovic's LUNJO 3:20 Vodopic's REP 1xW vs. Vujovic's BILLY 3:18 Vodopic's REP 2xW vs Bojanic's CH BOBBY 3:15 Zelenovic's DZIMI vs. Rajko's FALKOM 3:15 Ira's BRUNO vs. Amor's AMOR Jr. (draw) 3:15 Montenegro's ZENGA 1xW vs. Brnovic's DEMON 3:10 Bucher Boy's CH KIMBO vs. Francuz's ATILA 1xW 3:10 Yankee's MIKE vs. Bingo Kennels' RAJKO 3:10 Dako&Stole's GIPSY vs. Krta's ARON 3:07 Krca&Secer's GARAVA 2xW vs. Zelenovic's MILICA 2xW 3:05 Piksi's CEZAR vs. Novo Selo's KID 3:05 Red Bull's ROCKY 2xW vs. Hajduk Stanko's THOR Jr. 2xW 3:04 Vodopic's CH JIMMY vs. Floyd's OKI 3:03 Dream Team's BLACK SHADOW vs. Miki (Hac)'s BEN 3:03 Kocani Knls' KALIBRA vs. Cezar Knls' MONA (draw) 3:02 Red Devil & Nebojsa's BLACK JACK Jr. vs. Kolonija's OGI 3:00 Ajkula Kennels' JEEP vs. Banicevic's BELI (draw) 3:00 Pera's SANTANA vs. Trisic's BILI Matches over 2 hours: 2:56 Muggy Line's CH LON vs. Marinko's CH COLORADO (draw) 2:55 Nemanja's BENDZI vs. Bajat's CARLO 2:53 Jevdjo's GAN vs. Nesa's TIR 2:52 Zelenovic's LAKI vs. Aca's SAN 2:50 Krsta's MACHO 2xW vs. M.B.Knls(Frankfurt) ? 2:50 Jevdjo's GAN vs. Srecko's BONKI 2:50 Mujahodzic's RAMBO 2xW vs. Ivanovic's BLACKI (draw) 2:50 Daka&Stole's ZEBO 1xW vs. Saso's BELI 1xW


2:50 2:50 2:48 2:48 2:47 2:45 2:45 2:42 2:42 2:40 2:38 2:38 2:37 2:37 2:35 2:35 2:35 2:35 2:33 2:32 2:30 2:27 2:27 2:27 2:25 2:25 2:24 2:23 2:21 2:21 2:20 2:20 2:18 2:18 2:18 2:17 2:17 2:17 2:16 2:16 2:15 2:15 2:15 2:15 2:15 2:12 2:12 2:11 2:10 2:10

Andrijin&Fajting's SAVON 1xW vs. Hamigo's JESSY 2xW (draw) S.V.S. & Pit Forward's CH.MARSHALL 3xW vs. Ablizin's JIGABULL 2xW, 1xL Red Devil's CH CRAZY ZIKA vs. Mika's MAGIC KID Astor's GRINGO vs. Crni's RAY Erakovic's WOLFY 2xW vs. Trile's DJINA Turtle Kennels' CRAZY BUGZY vs. Savic's BEAT DOG Toske's DJINA Jr. vs. Slobo (Canada)'s LUKA Zeljko's REDY vs. Zelenovic's KOBRICA Ajkula's JEEP vs. Kocani's ? Seki's LITTLE GIPSY vs. Dragan's GEP Jr. Bajca's EMA vs. Savic's ZUTA Floyd's YUMBA vs. Amor Knls' DONA 1xW Floyd's SHEYN 2xW vs. Kocani & Bedem Knls' JOCKO 2xW Montenegro's MALI vs. Marshall Bulldog's LUCKY Bijeljina Boys' SIVI vs. Dule's FRENKY (draw) Miki's PLUTON vs. Milan's BLEKI Vlado's OSKAR vs. Vaso's BUDA Pevac's HOGAR vs. Medic's PRLJAVI HARI N.S.K.'s TORA vs. Mirza's FANI Mladenovic's DAC vs. Markovic's JEEP Sony's MUNGOS 1xL vs. Cile's ? Slave's BULLY vs Laza's PROKA-PROSPECTOR G.M.'s ZIG 1xW vs. Djura's CHARLI (draw) Vucko's SINTER 1xW vs. Djoko's YANKEE Alex' TAM TAM vs. Milutin's MICA Dejo Ivanovic's DEMPSEY vs. Marshall Bulldog's DIBO (draw) Kilibarda's CIGRA vs. Cvetkovic's BETI Milan's CH DAC vs. Jagodina Boys' DINGO Bingo Kennels' CH JOKER vs. Bajat's JOHNSON NS Boys' CRNA vs. Dejan's SONJA Andrijin's CH.LITTLE TORO 4xW vs. Ham's MENGELE (draw) Mrgudovic's JEEP vs. Floyd's STINGER Bedem Knls' KIGEN vs. Djuka & Combat Dog's GROUCHO Virgo Kennels' MUSKI vs. Kici (Lazic)'s CHARLIE Antohin's CANA 1xW vs. Pevac's BELA Dule's APIS vs. Bijeljina Boys' SARENKO Mucenski's LAKI vs. Dzoni's BUCO Dejan's LADY vs. ?'s SARA Savic's POISON vs. Radovic's BRUNO (draw) Saki's HEAD vs. Miljan's DUCK Dr.Didi's DON vs. Srecko's BONKI Dr.Didi & Djura's DON vs. Alex's SIR KAN Daka's ZIKO vs. Krta's SONI Toni's GLAVONJA vs. Zika's VULKAN Djura's CH DON vs. Braca Lukic's SVABA Marshall Bulldog's MARSHALL 2xW vs. Montenegro's LIN Musa's MALA vs. Sulc's TINA Sudza's GANJA vs. Italy Kennels' BUBA Krsta's MACHO 1xW vs. Pevac's ZARKO 1xW Dzigi's KONI vs. Dule's (PO) MALA


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Zelenovic's ARCI vs. Misa Estrada's RED Turtle Kennels' CRAZY BUGZY vs. Bombas' CH ZORRO Muggy Line's MUGGY TED vs. S.T.B.'s LONELY BOY Aca's SAN vs. T. Mislodjin's KLARENS Ira's ZUCA vs. Kontic's LACKY Bagdala Boys' LUCKY vs. Toci's DJAKANTO Diske's CEDA vs. Zlatko's PAKI Dejan's CORKE vs. Dragan's BIBL Balkan Boys' MALA CHEDA vs. Sony Knls' KLEA Kontic's HUR 2W vs. Simonovic's AMOR 2W Bele Vode's MICA vs. Tyson's CHELSEA Vangelis(Balkan Boys') ALF 1xW vs. Panagi's CARLOS Goran's ZULE vs. Joca's KEN Balkan Boys' GILLET vs. Medic's HARI 1xW Double D's MARA vs. Iron Boys' DYNAMITE Bambi's TRIGER vs. Vlatko's BELI Ganac's MOCA vs. G.T.P.'s RAMON Bedem Knls' MRKI MAX vs. Stolar's DECKO 1xW Zvezdara Knls' ABBA vs. Aca's QUEEN Floyd's FLOYD vs. K&G's DERI Novo Selo's CH ZLUNJO vs. Vodopic's RICKY Bele Vode's KUBLAJ vs. Zika's SNOOPY Ljuban's BILLY KID vs. Mica's TIGAR (draw) Sinisa's RAY vs. Kostic's CH ZIKO Kici's CHARLIE vs. Bijeljina Boys' GLAVONJA M&P's BOBO vs. Torcida Kennels' BONGO 2xW Paun Knls' RAUL vs. Tresnja Knls' RED Turtle Kennels' BULLY vs. Dada's ZULE Slovenac's MAJK vs. Roda's SMOKI Floyd's YUMBA 1xW vs. Marshall Bulldog's MARSHALL Jr. Montenegro's TIGRASTA vs. Mikeli's PAPI Malisa's MAK vs. Dragan's MRKI Jovic(Balkan Boys')'s ZEBO vs. Banjo's SUVO 1xW Meksi's CH LAKI vs. Nesko's BUCUK (draw) S&M's TONY vs. Malisa's CRNI Vodopic's JIMMY 2xW vs. Knezevic's DIVLJAK Ira's HILA vs. Ajkula Kennels' LEA Mujahodzic's RAMBO vs. Ivanovic's COUNTRY Macola's RON vs. Cvisic's AMOR Bijeljina Boys' CRNOOKA 1xW vs. Struja's SANA Double"D" ALI BABA 2xW vs. Bruno's OSKAR 2xW Alfa's LUDI MILOJKO vs. Krca&Secer's BOSS Floyd's SHEYN vs. Knezevic's VASJA