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Photoshop Lesson

Create A Paranormal Activity Movie Camera Effect

Hi friends, this is BILAL AHMED SHAIK today in this Photoshop Procedure I will teach u to create a paranormal activity movie camera effect. This is actually a simple and beautiful effect, you can just transform normal image into a freaky image. Ok lets see how to create this eff ect.

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STEP-1 Open the image.

STEP-2 Duplicate the image by pressing CTRL+J. Hide the original layer. STEP-3 Go to Image> Adjustments>Hue Saturation, and apply the following values, this effect will give the image into a slightly bluish kind of effect.

STEP-4 Now again go to Image> Adjustments> Brightness Contrast and apply the following values, Adjusting the brightness and contrast will give a realistic effect needed.

STEP-5 Create a new layer above all the layers, and fill the layer with the color code # 2e6c9c.

STEP-6 Go to Filter menu>noise>add noise and set the noise amount to 10, dont to forget to tick on the Gaussian and monochromatic options.

STEP-7 Again go to filter menu > Blur> Gaussian Blur and set the radius amount to 0.5. This will give a slight grainy and blurry effect to the image.

STEP-8 Once it is done set the blending mode of this layer to OVERLAY and opacity to 80%.

STEP-9 Here in this step we have to create a new pattern, to do that opens a new document with width and height of 10 pixels respectively.

STEP-10 Make the background transparent, zoom in, pick the elliptical marquee tool and make a selection as I have done below, and fill with color black. Once it is done, go to Edit> Define Pattern and name the pattern as per your wish.

STEP-11 Now come back to the tutorial, create a new layer above all the layers, go to Edit> Fill a window will appear and choose the new created pattern and press ok.

STEP-12 Once you have applied the pattern, set the blending mode to OVERLAY, opacity to 70%.

STEP-13 Here in this step will give a blur effect, so that the lines will be blurred instead of having sharp lines, this will give us a realistic effect. To do that go to Filter menu>Blur>Gaussian blur and the set the radius amount to 0.5. This is the how the image will look.

STEP-14 Now select all the layers, group it by pressing CTRL+G, once you have grouped it, duplicate the grouped layer, hide the original grouped layer. Select the duplicate grouped layer, press CTRL+E to flatten the group to one single layer. STEP-15 In this step we will bloat the image a bit, to do that go to filter menu> Distort> Spherize and apply the following values.

STEP-16 In this last step, pick the text tool and add time at the bottom of the image. Thats it we have completed the tutorial, Here is the final preview of the image.

I hope you have enjoyed and learnt some effects; we will be back with yet another good.