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Sydney Carroll Period.

1 12/15/12 The Crucible Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond the measure- Marriane Williamson. In the book The Crucible by Arthur Miller he exemplifies the role in authority. This book indicates how people abused there power during the Salem Witch Trials. Miller hopes to create awareness and empathy so people can understand the pain that the victims endured in the village. Millers overall message about power reveals how people use fear to get authority.

Abigail uses fear to get authority. In the beginning of the book, Abigail threatens the girls in the village. Admonitioning Betty, Mercy, and Mary not to ever speak upon what happened in the woods, Abigail viscously threatens let either of you breathe a word I will come to you in the black of some terrible night and I will bring out a pointy reckoning that will shudder you (12). Abigail is implying that Betty, Mary, and Mercy should never talk about what happened in the woods. Abigail states how she will come to them in the black of some terrible night, which means that she will hunt them down in the dark where know one can find them. When Abigail announces I will bring out a pointy reckoning she intends on humiliating Betty, Mercy, and Mary. Furthermore, Abigail is implying that she will persuade the village to condemn Betty, Mercy, and Mary based off Abigails false accusations. This goes to show that Abigail is using fear to get authority over the girls.

Mary also uses fear to get authority. Towards the middle of the book, Mary states how she played a major role in Elisabeths life. Explaining to Proctor and Elizabeth how she (Mary) saved Elizabeths life, Mary proudly states I saved her life today! I said never see no sign you ever sent up your spirit out to hurt no one, and seeing I do live closely with you, they dismissed it (33). Mary is indicating that if it wasnt for her, Elizabeth wouldnt be alive right now. Mary explained to the court that Elizabeth didnt show any actions of involvement with witchcraft. Clearly, the court believed May because she inferred how close her and Elizabeth are. Even though Mary Somewhat saved Elizabeths life, Mary has the ability to put Elizabeth in jail at anytime. Marys power cause fear in Elizabeth. Therefore, if Mary becomes angry with Elizabeth, she can easily lie to the court with no type of evidence due to her role in authority. Not only do Abigail and Mary use fear to get authority, but Danforth does as well. Throughout the book, Danforth abuses his authority and is determined to get his point across during court. Demanding that Rebecca confesses to witchcraft, Danforth sternly states a person is either with this court or must be counted against (58). Danforth is suggesting that people in the village are required to respect the rules of law or will automatically be charged as guilty. Danforth is also implying that the truth must always be told. However, Rebecca is actually telling the truth but Danforth refuses to believe her due to his reliable sources. This situation brings fear into Rebbeca because telling the truth may have her condemned. Moreover, Rebbeca has no choice but to lie to Danforth about witchcraft because he now has total control over her.

Danforth uses his authority once again towards Corey at the end of the book. Trying to convince Corey to reveal the name of the person who accused Putnam of being a killer, Danforth threatens You will surely tell us the name I have no choice but to arrest you for contempt of this court (59). Danforth is implying that it is Coreys duty to reveal the name of the person who accused Putnam of killing his neighbors for land. Danforth states no choice but to arrest you for contempt, which means that Corey is disregarding evidence that should be taken into consideration. Corey is holding back valuable information and that gives Danforth the right to put him in jail. The only reason why Corey refuses to give the name of the person, who accused Putnam of being a killer, is because he is afraid of his friend possibly going to jail. Therefore, Danforth uses fear to get authority.

Miller exemplifies the power and fear during the Salem Witch trials. Like many different authors, Miller reveals how people use fear to get total power and authority. He goes on by criticizing the authority figures in the book to get his message across about power. In final consideration, Arthur Miller reflects on many issues far as threatening and lying, so readers can be aware of how people used fear to obtain power.