Monroe College is helping Medalliance build its future in the Bronx.

Joanna Polcano, Medical Assistant, Monroe College ‘09

“When I recruit new Medalliance team members, I look for people who are prepared to meet the challenges of a growing community health care company. I know Monroe graduates like Joanna Polcano have what it takes because I’m a graduate too.” Geraldine Maraj-Subnarain, Administrator at Medalliance and Graduate of Monroe College

Geraldine A. Maraj-Subnarain, Administrator, Monroe College ‘07

Association of Proprietary Colleges

The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) makes building a future possible.
For needy students attending New York’s proprietary colleges, TAP is a valuable resource that helps make a college education possible. The Association of Proprietary Colleges urges lawmakers to support continued TAP funding for all students enrolled in degree granting programs. In addition to TAP, real world internships are extremely valuable to students enrolled at New York’s proprietary colleges. The internship program at Monroe College provides students with experience and exposure that often leads to a full-time job.

Last year, 1,600 Monroe students participated in its internship program.

Association of Proprietary Colleges

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