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Inclusion North Bulletin

Issue Number 42
28th May 2013 In this bulletin you will hear about some of the work Inclusion North is doing and information about what is happening across the country.

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You can find out more about the all the work we are doing by following us on Facebook and twitter at: Facebook: Twitter: @InclusionNorth

Training and courses

Tomorrows Leaders 2013 apply now!

Tomorrows Leaders in a leadership course for people with learning disabilities. The course will run from July 2013 until March 2014. It is for people who are already leaders in their area but want to become better at this.

On the course, you will learn about: The history of the self advocacy movement Why services have been designed in the way that they have How government works and policies are made How to get your point over to people What being a strong leader means You will get to meet lots of other people who come and share their ideas and experiences. The sessions will be about having fun as well as working hard. This course is running for people who live in an Inclusion North Member Area in the North East or Yorkshire and Humber. The whole of this course will be held at Hinsley Hall in Leeds.

You will not have to pay anything to come on Tomorrows Leaders and Inclusion North will pay your travel costs. We will also pay your PAs costs if you need support. There is a lot more information about Tomorrows Leaders on the Inclusion North website - If you want to apply you need to send us your application for Tomorrows Leaders by Tuesday 18th June 2013.

Sunderland People First

Is a self-advocacy group for people with learning disabilities and leads the way in developing Accessible Information. They have been making information accessible since 1994. If you would like more information about them or examples of guides they have prepared in easy read contact : or telephone 0191 534 7784

Sing from the Heart

If you can speak you can sing A singing group for people aged 16+ with Learning and or Physical Disabilities. We sing songs from the musicals as well as rock and pop. The group meets on Fridays from 11am to 2pm At Kala Sangam, St Peters House, 1 Forster Court, Bradford.

If you are interested in joining the group please telephone Maralyn Adey on 07770 882404

News and updates from Around the Country

2nd National Personal Budget Survey
In-control has worked with Think Local Act Personal to carry out a survey of people who have a personal budget. More than 3,000 people who have a personal budget and their carers took part and they came from 22 different council areas in the country. The survey showed that a lot of people felt their lives were better because they had a personal budget. A lot felt that they were more independent and that they were supported in a better way and people treated them with more respect. Many said their physical health had improved and that they felt better in themselves and had also more control over the support they could have. Many also said they felt safer inside and outside their homes and had better relationships with paid supporter.

You can look at the report by clicking on this link:

Winterbourne Joint Improvement Programme

The Local Government Association and NHS Commissioning Board have committed themselves to making changes to transform health and care services locally and nationally. They want to improve the quality of care offered to children, young people and adults with learning disabilities or autism who have mental health conditions. They want to make sure that people with challenging behaviour problems get better care.

An easy read guide is available at: 4c0f9b59-b606-4c92-95e7505a7696db2c&groupId=10171 And more information from:

The main aim of this programme is to work with local areas to take quick action to make sure services are safe, local, and personal to the needs of those people using them. This should mean moving away from long stay and large-scale hospital services.

Progress for Providers One year on 17th June 1.30pm to 3.30pm

This is an event for people in Leeds. Last year Progress for Providers in Leeds was launched. This year, again in Learning Disability Awareness Week, Connect in the North is holding an event to hear about the progress that has been made. This will be a chance to celebrate what has been achieved and learn from the challenges which providers have overcome. This free event is aimed at Ist Line Managers. Each organisation may have up to 4 places. These will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so please book promptly. To book you place contact Cathy on 0113 270 3233 or email her at

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