April 24, 2013
ANNOUNCEMENT: Adequate notice of this meeting held the 24th day of April has been provided through resolution adopted by this Board at a meeting held at the Administration and Records Building on February 27, 2013 through electronic mailing of said resolution to the Star Ledger, the Daily Record and the Record, through posting on the County website, and by filing a copy of same with the Morris County Clerk and the Clerk of this Board. ROLL CALL: Director Mastrangelo Deputy Director Scapicchio Freeholder Cabana Freeholder Cesaro Freeholder Grossi Freeholder Krickus Freeholder Lyon SALUTE TO THE FLAG 4:30 p.m. PROGRAM: 2013 Community Development Action Plan Recommendations

Sabine Von Aulock, Director, Community Development Chris Manak, Chair of the Community Development Revenue Sharing Committee (from East Hanover) Mary Ann Cuneo (from Denville) Tim Quinn (from Morris Township) Debbie Burd (from Washington Township) CLERK/DEPARTMENT HEAD REPORTS




FREEHOLDERS’ REPORTS ______________________________________________________________________________ CORRESPONDENCE: None DISCUSSION: ROAD OPENING PERMITS: 13-08 – Zuccaro, Inc. to open Whippany Road at Parsippany Road in Hanover Township for traffic signal upgrades. (not a newly paved road – paved September 2000) 13-09 – Coli Construction Inc. to open Central Avenue in Madison to install a storm drain connection. (not a newly paved road – paved June 1997) 13-10 – New Jersey Natural Gas to open the Boulevard (CR 618) in Mountain Lakes to install a gas main. (not a newly paved road – paved June 2006) CLOSED SESSION: Identify Topic PERSONNEL Labor Negotiations PBA 151: Settlement Discussion Update Health Benefits Review of health care plan benefits for retirees Review of 15/62 policy Review of step policy, existing/potential changes Negotiating approach given the above Personnel Requisitions (if any are in question) APPOINTMENTS One Appointment – Fire Marshal Merger Study

*Additional information about any resolution or ordinance that appears on the agenda can be obtained by calling the office of the Morris County Counsel at 973-829-8060.

The public informal work session of the Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Morris was called to order by Freeholder Cabana at 4:35 p.m. on April 24, 2013 in the Knox Conference Room, 5th Floor, Administration and Records Building, Court Street, Morristown, New Jersey. Deputy Clerk of the Board Susan Allard read the open public meeting announcement as to the scheduling resolution and the publication of notice as required by law. Freeholders In Attendance: Director Mastrangelo (arrived at 5:00 p.m.) Freeholder Cabana Freeholder Cesaro Freeholder Grossi Freeholders Absent: None Staff Present Administrator Bonanni Assistant Administrator Buchanan Clerk of the Board Ketchum Deputy Clerk of the Board Allard County Counsel Dan O’Mullan Assistant County Counsel Bush Others Present: The meeting was open to the public and press  Services such as childcare, job placement job plus program, day care scholarships, summer camp scholarships, children’s programs, and clinical counseling.  Housing such as Hope House’s Operation Fix-It, generators for the Madison Housing Authority, group home upgrades and generators at four special needs group homes. The HOME Investment Partnerships Program award for 2013 is $587,367. This covers:  Funded construction activities for the MC Affordable Housing Corp, Morris Habitat for Humanity (a duplex) and NewBridge Services supportive housing units.  Tenant based rental assistance  First time homebuyer education. The Emergency Solutions Grant award for 2013 is $161,460. This covers:

Freeholder Krickus Freeholder Lyon Freeholder Scapicchio (arrived at 5:00 p.m.)

Director Burd Director DiGiralomo Director Hammond Director Leary Director Pinto Director Roe Digital & Social Media Manager, Carol Spencer

Community Development Action Plan Ms. Von Aulock introduced the members of the Community Development Revenue Sharing Committee participating in the presentation. The Division of Community Development serves seniors, families, the homeless, battered women, children/youth and people with special needs. The Community Development Block grant was cut by 5% compared to last year which is probably due to the sequester. Twenty-nine out of forty-nine applications were recommended for funding at a request of $2.4 million. The estimated amount of 2013 Community Development Block Grant funds is $1,498,043 with anticipated program income of $100,000. The CDBG covers:  Improvements to public facilities, such as paving parking lots, window replacements, electrical service, rehabs of rooms, stairs and wheelchair lifts.  Public improvements such as street paving, water main replacement, improvements to water systems and drainage for lakes.

FREEHOLDER CONFERENCE MEETING – APRIL 24, 2013 -3Freeholder Board and the OIT  Operating costs, case management, family reorganization plan. shelter program, housing for aged-out foster youth, nights of shelter for Jersey Battered  The IT Governance Committee is set to meet on Thursday, April 25th at Women’s Service and a homelessness prevention 10:00 am in the Knox Room. program for the MC Dept. of Human Services.  OIT has realized significant cost The Freeholder Board concurred with the reductions of $73,000 due to recommendations and the action plan will be on elimination of several TLS circuits tonight’s agenda for approval. because of the network upgrade, consolidation of wireless services and ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT continuing elimination of pay phones. May 1 is Law Day at noon-time and the  The Sunday closures at the Library Freeholder Board is presenting a proclamation. will begin April 28th through Labor Day. The next Six-County meeting is Wednesday,  The VITA volunteer tax program at June 5. the Library has had a tremendous increase in the number of residents Because the NJAC Conference starts on helped with tax preparation and a Wednesday, May 8, the next Freeholder work graph showing this trend was shared session and evening meeting had to be scheduled with the Board. on Monday, May 6. That evening at 7 p.m. the Freeholder Board will recognize the honorees COUNTY COUNSEL’S REPORT from the 200 Club. His department has reviewed forty-three resolutions for tonight’s meeting. There The Madison governing body asked that three are eighteen ordinances on the agenda this freeholders be present to meet with them a half evening, nine for introduction and nine for hour before the Freeholder Board’s meeting this public hearing/adoption. evening. Mr. Bonanni has asked the department heads to join the meeting. Mr. Zarillo has advised Mr. O’Mullan that he has filed a notice of appearance with He has asked some critical staff to attend a the BPU on the JCP&L matter. building security meeting to review ways to tighten up security within the facility. FREEHOLDER CESARO He asked the Board to support Senate The State has issued a "Request for expression of Bill 2493/Assembly Bill 3740 which interest" related to the Kirkbride Building on the increase penalties for offenses involving Greystone property. child pornography. The Board concurred to place the support resolution on the The Memorial Day Observance Ceremony will agenda for this evening. take place at noon on May 24 on the courthouse lawn. FREEHOLDER GROSSI She reported that on Monday, April 15 The next Insurance Fund Commission meeting Planning & Development staff participated time was changed on May 6 from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. in a call on residential flood buyouts due to the Freeholder Board work session taking affected by foreclosures of short sales. place that evening at 4:30 p.m. Denville, Parsippany, and Lincoln Park also participated on the call. The delay Assistant Administrator’s Report seems to be coming from the large, nationMs. Buchanan reported on the following: wide banks such as Wells Fargo and Bank  The Facilities Committee will meet on of America. The representative from the Monday, May 13th at 5:00 p.m. in Conference Division of Banking and Insurance agreed Room #547. to reach out to the major banks to identify  St. Clare’s Behavioral Health will have its a point of contact for flood buyout projects dedication at the Central Avenue Complex at each. She will then educate each of (nonprofit mall) on Thursday, May 2nd at these bank representatives and share their 9:00 am. contact information with the municipalities participating in flood  The Office of Information Technology buyouts. Staff has already shared Morris projects currently underway include the audio County’s brochure with the Division of recording system in the Public Meeting Banking and Insurance for their education Room, the new data center, KACE package. Fortunately, Denville has been implementation, Windows 7/ Office 2010 able to close on an additional property that deployment, Morris View Network upgrade, was being held up by these banking issues. Exchange upgrade, security enhancements, specialized reports requested by staff and the

FREEHOLDER CONFERENCE MEETING – APRIL 24, 2013 -4watched regarding tax appeals and county FREEHOLDER LYON A list of upcoming Human Services events for purchasing. May was distributed to each of the freeholders. May is Older Americans month. DEPARTMENT HEADS REPORTS Mr. DiGiralomo noted the Boston and Texas tragic events that occurred in the The Budget Subcommittee is working on staying on target for 2013 and starting to plan for 2014. last week all required police, emergency/ first responder action. With the 200 Club They will now start to review departments honoree ceremony taking place in May we beginning with Human Services and Law & should especially praise these individuals Public Safety. for their dedication and hard work. The equipment that Law & Public Safety has FREEHOLDER KRICKUS received through the grant programs is The first study group committee meeting on the what helps these people improve their Park Police/Sheriff’s Officers merger will take response to these emergencies. place on May 1 at 4:30 p.m. He recently attended three events: The Morris Arts Council at Novartis is celebrating 40 years and has great programs. The Morris County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce breakfast took place at St. Elizabeth’s. He met with Paul Boudreau. They talked about the needs of a number of small manufacturing companies. High end manufacturing jobs are available for people with associate degrees as well as jobs that require masters in engineering degrees. It was interesting to learn that there is quite a bit of aerospace job activity in the northern New Jersey region. These were interesting conversations and he picked up some good ideas as we move into 2014. FREEHOLDER CABANA There are five resolutions on the agenda for Law and Public Safety. The Park Commission reported that two minor forest fires took place recently – one at Schooley’s Mountain and the other at West Morris Greenway in the Townships of Rockaway and Jefferson. A forest management consultant has been retained to develop a plan on how to address the 16 acres of white pine plantation that blew down – over 200 trees were affected. The Park Commission volunteer recognition event is scheduled for May 9 at 6:30 p.m. at the Arboretum. The 50th Anniversary of the Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center will be celebrated on April 27 from 11 – 4. The NJAC Convention is May 9 and 10 in Atlantic City. This is the first year our culinary students from Vo-Tech will compete there in a contest. NJAC is working on a number of pieces of legislation one of which involves nursing homes. There is legislation in the works that should be At 5:00 p.m. Freeholders Mastrangelo and Scapicchio joined the meeting. Freeholder Director Mastrangelo took over chairing the meeting. FREEHOLDER SCAPICCHIO He reported that the courthouse roof should be completed in June. Final items are being completed on the Middle Valley Road Bridge this week. Paving of James Street in Harding will begin in the next two weeks. Freeholder Scapicchio brought up the subject of video conferencing as he would like to start up a dialogue on video conferencing between the police departments, courts and the County Jail. Ms. Buchanan responded that she has met with Chief Kowalski at the jail and will be meeting with the courts to discuss this issue. There are three levels of video conferencing that need to be addressed, one between the municipal courts and the jail; the second between the superior court and the jail; and the third between attorneys and their clients in jail. Freeholder Cabana noted that there is a pilot program in place in Dover. Ms. Buchanan advised the Board that she and CIO Tugman would pursue this and keep the Board apprised. RESOLUTIONS The Board reviewed and discussed the resolutions. Freeholder Mastrangelo would like more explanation on Resolution No. 22 with Dell Marketing. That resolution will be pulled from tonight’s agenda. At 5:15 p.m. Mr. O’Mullan read the following: WHEREAS, pursuant to P.L. 1975 Ch. 231, the Open Public Meetings Act, the Board

FREEHOLDER CONFERENCE MEETING – APRIL 24, 2013 -5Freeholder Lyon made a motion to adjourn may exclude the public to discuss matters as are at 6:32 p.m. Freeholder Scapicchio provided under the Act; and seconded the motion. All unanimously agreed. WHEREAS, said Act provides that this Board exclude the public from the discussion of such Respectfully submitted, matters, NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that this Board hereby excludes the public in order to discuss such matters. The general nature of the subjects to be discussed is as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Contracts – MAIN Contracts – Renewable Energy Contracts Round 2 Personnel – PBA 151 Settlement Update Personnel – Health Benefits Attorney/Client Privilege – Sheriff’s Forensic Training Program Appointments – Merger Study One Appointment for Fire Marshal Respectfully submitted,

Diane M. Ketchum Clerk of the Board

Susan Allard Deputy Clerk of the Board The meeting returned to open session at 6:26 p.m. Those present were Freeholders Mastrangelo, Krickus, Lyon and Scapicchio. Also present were John Bonanni, County Administrator; Dan O’Mullan, County Counsel; Mary Jo Buchanan, Assistant Administrator; and Randy Bush, Assistant County Counsel. Freeholder Krickus asked Administrator Bonanni if the Prosecutor was ready to answer our questions. Administrator Bonanni responded by advising the Board that he had met with the Prosecutor and was provided a list of budget positions that the Prosecutor will not fill in 2013. Freeholder Krickus advised the Freeholder Board that he would not sign any promotional requisitions related to the Prosecutor’s Office. Administrator Bonanni indicated to the Board that the Prosecutor was provided an approved 2013 County Budget and is functioning within that budget. Administrator Bonanni advised the Board that he would schedule a meeting with Prosecutor Knapp to see if any of those positions identified as being vacant in 2013 could remain vacant or be eliminated in 2014. Administrator Bonanni asked that he be provided any other specific questions that the Freeholder Board wished responded to.

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