The following is a sample of recent Witness films and special series available to view online. For the complete overview and range of Witness documentaries please visit: http://english.aljazeera.net/programmes/witness
On the Brink (Short Witness) Behind the scenes at a unique conservation project set up by Maasai farmers to ensure survival of Kenya’s fragile ecosystem and their own culture. ARTSCAPE series Poets of Protest: Ahmed Fouad Negm A poet's view of the changing Middle East. Egypt’s folk hero Ahmed Negm is the “voice of the revolution”, but at 82, will he ever write again? Lover Boys (Short Witness) Internal trafficking of young Dutch girls by socalled 'boyfriends' is a problem for the MoroccanDutch community that Ibrahim is tackling head on. The Next Life (Premier Documentary) Ye Mongmei lost her only daughter in the Sichuan earthquake. Now in her 40’s, can she have another child? An agonizing journey of despair and hope Circus of my Sun (Short Witness) Morocco’s “Circus of my Sun” offers some of the country’s poorest children a positive future and the chance to become top performing stars. ACTIVATE series iProtest Debbie risks her own safety to fight for workers rights in a Chinese electronics factory supplying one of the coolest brands in the world.

documentary.net/english. broadband and IPTV platforms as well as online via aljazeera.aljazeera.net/programmes Independent producers should also always consider how their ideas fit the channel ethos and broader remit. business. the channel now transmits to more than 250 million households in over 125 countries and is available on cable and satellite. arts and entertainment programming can all be explored on our website: http://english. to watch the channel live streaming online visit http://english. Please bear in mind that wherever possible commissioning editors will expect to see examples of previous work. Part of the Qatar-based Al Jazeera Media Network.net/watch_now/ Al Jazeera English programming takes viewers inside global events from a fresh perspective. and talk to the people. English language news and current affairs channel.Launched in 2006.net/watchaje. The full range of current affairs. visit http://english. often overlooked by other media For further information on how to watch Al Jazeera English. Alternatively. Al Jazeera reporters look beyond the centres of power to examine the issues.aljazeera. the Al Jazeera YouTube channel and through mobile phone applications. The channel’s mandate is to deliver journalism that has depth and to provide context for the transformative changes taking place across the globe. . Al Jazeera English is a global 24-hour.aljazeera.

If you have a film you would like us to consider for acquisition. We commission and acquire for the 25’ films and acquire and co-produce for the 48’ films.Witness is the flagship observational documentary slot on Al Jazeera English. with a sense of humour and poignancy. are always welcome. To pitch an idea for Witness or other occasional series.Al Jazeera on Facebook! . With inspirational and provocative stories. and produced. As far as possible our stories are told by local filmmakers about people and events around them. even in the most difficult of subjects. Please keep your pitches to 200 words. character-led accounts. famine. We also consider proposals for other 48’ slots and series elsewhere in the Al Jazeera English schedule. Witness provides an insight into the world’s key global events as they impact on the daily lives of ordinary people. Follow Witness . Al Jazeera English. Both our 25’ and 48’ weekly slots feature compelling stories with global resonance and appeal. please email please email witness@aljazeera. United Kingdom. please send a DVD screener to: Acquisitions. However films which celebrate the human spirit. Our films look at the big issues – war. human rights – from the inside-out.net. London. SW1X 7XW. filmed and edited by teams who operate in the region. Activate and Artscape. and intimate. 1 Knightsbridge.

human rights abuses and the origins of conflicts. The films combine hard-hitting. held up by rigorous. Libya. to the plight of the world’s most vulnerable peoples. Yemen. with a strong narrative and compelling characters. it pursues stories from around the world. 52 weeks a year.People & Power is a multi-award winning documentary current affairs and investigative strand.net.Jeffreys@aljazeera. probing deep into stories of global significance and investigating everything from political and corporate wrongdoing. evidence-based journalism. We have reported from Pakistan to Peru. You will have appropriate experience of working in difficult environments where necessary. Bahrain and Syria. we have been behind the scenes to produce award-winning coverage of the dramatic events unfolding in Egypt. Italy to Nigeria. the USA to Afghanistan. To pitch an idea to People & Power for a half-hour slot. With a new 25’ edition every week. Your story must be original and significant. In the Middle East. Algeria. For your pitch to People & Power to be successful. . please email Diarmuid. You must have established access or be able to explain convincingly how you will establish it. revelatory and incisive television journalism with high-quality filmmaking. you will have already made this kind of film at this level.

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