ln lebruury of zccç, Suµerlntendent 1om 8ousberg und thenA÷ Lenver 8ourd
Chulrmun lederlco Penu ugreed to µurtner on u communlty engugement µroject
lntended to lnform LPS recommendutlons to the 8ourd of Lducutlon regurdlng
turnuround schools ln lur Northeust Lenver. A÷ und LPS senlor stuff determlned the
deslgn und structure of the commlttee und uµµolnted lts leudershlµ. Members
lncluded u mujorlty of µurents, reµresentlng every school ln the reglon, us well us
current lNL teuchers und udmlnlstrutors, und members of the communlty. A÷ hlred
the fucllltutlon teum und worked wlth them to deslgn und fucllltute the µrocess.
Meetlngs took µluce ln both the Creen vulley Runch und Montbello nelghborhoods,
were oµen und uccesslble to the µubllc, und were µresented ln both Lngllsh und
Sµunlsh, wlth both consultunts CRLA Results und LPS lnterµretutlon stuff µrovldlng
Sµunlsh lunguuge und culturul suµµort. Muterluls, meetlng notes, newsletters, und
uddltlonul lnformutlon resources were uvulluble on the commlttee webslte ln Lngllsh
und Sµunlsh. llnul work µroducts of the lur Northeust Communlty Commlttee
lncluded u stutement of vulues und µrlnclµles, µresented ln 'une zc¡c, und u reµort
on lmµlementutlon requlrements, µresented ln November zc¡c.!!
1he µurtnershlµ between A÷ Lenver und LPS us coconveners of the µrocess
essentlully worked, the use of u neutrul but µrochunge locul nonµroflt orgunlzutlon
ln u structure for lnformed, dellberutlve communlty lnµut lnto reglonul turnuround
declslons mude the µrocess better sulted to the communlty's needs, helµed estubllsh
trust und exµectutlons of slncerlty und uccountublllty. 1hese elements, comblned
wlth effectlve und culturully sensltlve fucllltutlon und µrocess deslgn, contrlbuted to
the µrogrum's success. 1he federul Leµurtment of Lducutlon Cfflce of Communlty
Lngugement dlrector Alberto Retunu descrlbed the lNLCC us umong the best
exumµles of thoughtful, robust communlty engugement he hus seen ln hls work ln
urbun school dlstrlcts uround the Unlted Stutes.

1he µroject leveruged more thun ¡ccc of volunteer hours umong commlttee
members und enguged both the µurtlclµutlng commlttee members und the hundreds
of communlty und ureu resldents who uttended commlttee meetlngs und reud ubout
the uctlvltles on the webslte und ln ureu medlu. lt reµresented more thun hulf of
orgunlzutlonul bundwldth for A÷ Lenver und cost the orgunlzutlon uµµroxlmutely
s¡¸¸,ccc ln consultunt fees, stuff tlme und oµerutlonul exµenses. LPS'
µersonnel und flnunclul commltment to the µroject wus ulso substuntlul.

1he lNLCC estubllshed the foundutlon for u stronger, more µroductlve relutlonshlµ
between the lur Northeust communlty und LPS - lncludlng u set of cleur
exµectutlons und commltments thut wlll µrovlde for the relutlonshlµ to bulld trust
over tlme. LPS µollcy lnltlutlves ln the future wlll be served well through exerclslng
dellberute cure ln bulldlng trust und honorlng the relutlonshlµ ln un ongolng wuy.


¡. LPS und A÷ uchleved lts µrlmury goul, u successful µllot of u µrocess for formul
reglonul communlty engugement ln educutlon reform lnltlutlves.

z. 1he z µhuses of the lNLCC µroject succeeded to:
u. Lnguge u reµresentutlve grouµ of stukeholders, lNLCC,
b. Munuge un oµen und trunsµurent µrocess thut wus flexlble to
c. lnform lNLCC wlth regurd to dutu und oµtlons,
d. Cuµture lNLCC concerns und lnµut on: l. vulues und Prlnclµles, ll.
lnformed feedbuck on µollcy recommendutlons (through the 8eneflts
und Chullenges exerclses), und lll. Lxµectutlons for lmµlementutlon,
e. Creute u core grouµ of µurents und commlttee members who wlll serve
us un emµowered grouµ of oµlnlon leuders und chunge ugents ln thelr
school communltles,
f. Lstubllsh un exµectutlon of ongolng communlty resµonslblllty ln
holdlng the dlstrlct uccountuble for drumutlc und contlnulng school

¸. LPS und A÷ munuged the µrocess through lnevltuble chullenges und
dlsruµtlons. 1he use of u thlrd µurty us µurtner und monltor mude the µrocess
stronger und lncreused µubllc uttentlon to the commlttee's outcomes.

µ. 1he µrocess µroved thut, desµlte substuntlul forces oµµosed to LPS'
µroµosed µollcles for restructurlng und lmµroved outcomes, there ls
slgnlflcunt µolltlcul wlll wlthln thls trudltlonully underserved communlty to
endorse slgnlflcunt structurul reforms us long us these ure couµled wlth
strong uccountublllty demunds for both school stuffs und dlstrlct leudershlµ.
1he longterm, dellberutlve nuture of the µrocess contrlbuted to thls, becuuse
lt develoµed some trust relutlonshlµs umong commlttee members wlth one
unother, wlth the dlstrlct, und wlth the fucllltutors.

¸. 1he lNLCC wus successful ln recrultlng und sustulnlng the lnvolvement of
severul commlttee Sµunlshsµeuklng µurents. 1hls wus uccomµllshed through
the µrovlslon of ongolng struteglc suµµort for thelr µurtlclµutlon, µrovlded by
A÷' blculturul fucllltutor ln CRLA Results, muklng sure thut lunguuge, culture,
und lnternet uccess were not burrlers to thelr µurtlclµutlon.
LPS, A÷, lNLCC, und communlty members now huve u tunglble set of exµectutlons
for µerformunce und uccountublllty through lmµlementutlon µhuses. 1he commlttee
members ulso develoµed un uµµreclutlon for both the comµlexlty und the lterutlve
nuture of the declslons the dlstrlct mukes ln the declslons uround turnuround
llrst und foremost, deflne und µubllclze the µurµoses of the µrocess uµfront,
reµeutedly, und through dlfferent meuns throughout the µroject. Confuslon over the
lntended uses for whlch the commlttee's lnµut wus lnvlted creuted unnecessury
confllct und dlffuslon of effort.

¡. Commlttee structure und µurµose:
u. Retuln the µurent mujorlty. Provlde for the uµµolntment of ulternutes
for euch school. Muke sure ulternutes ure keµt ln the looµ,
b. Aµµolnt cochulrs. Schedule stundlng meetlngs und communlcutlons to
ensure thelr udvlce ls heurd und they huve tlme to udd lnformed vulue
to the µrocess,
c. Conslder tuble teum usslgnments wlth cuµtulns who serve us lnternul
commlttee whlµs,
d. Muke the umbussudorlul role concrete for commlttee members. Purt
of slgnlng uµ for the commlttee should be u commltment form ln
whlch the forums where they wlll reµresent the commlttee - P1A,
church grouµ, und other µurent orgunlzutlons - ure enumeruted.
Commlttee meetlngs should lnclude reµortlng buck from those forums,
ensurlng uccountublllty,
e. Leveloµ un effectlve meuns of ensurlng thut µotentlully uffected
students ure enguged throughout,
f. Roles for dlstrlct emµloyees ln the commlttee - udmlnlstrutors und
teuchers - should be deflned und cleurly understood by ull.
z. Commlttee tlmellne:
u. Assume ¡8 months, lncludlng lmµlementutlon overslght. Lstubllsh thut
meetlngs ure z.¸ hours ln length.
b. Plun, deslgn uctlvltles, und µroduce muterluls before klckoff. vhlle not
ull needs und shlfts cun be lmuglned ln udvunce, much of thls could
huve been µreµured ln druft form und then revlsed to uccommodute
new lnformutlon.
c. Set dutes for meetlngs und for muterluls revlew much eurller so thut ull
µurtles huve tlme to µreµure. Culnlng uccess to lndlvlduul school
schedules to uvold mujor events (MLl's contlnuutlon, for lnstunce)
should be u µrlorlty so thut commlttee meetlngs cun be ullgned.
d. Present school oµtlons eurller ln the µrocess. Reslstunce ls lnevltuble,
however, gettlng everythlng out on the tuble eurller ln the µrocess
ullows tlme for unger to be vented, mlslnformutlon to be corrected,
feurs to be uddressed, creutlve contrlbutlons to be cuµtured, dlssent to
be recognlzed, und, generully, u more constructlve µrocess of trust und
relutlonshlµ bulldlng to occur.
e. Restructure the tlmellne: lf the current LPS new schooljschool
restructurlng culendur remulns, u µrocess thut sturts ln Murch could
meet monthly ln the wlnter und sµrlng months und then more often ln
the full.
l. vulues und Prlnclµles - three meetlngs. (Presentutlon und work
wlth dutu would be lnterwoven lnto the µrogrum for these
ll. lntroduce new school uµµllcunts eurly ln the µrocess,
commlttee slte vlslts exµected or requlred.
lll. Cuse study turnuround exerclses - two meetlngs. (Aµµlylng
lv. Presentutlon of vulues und Prlnclµles
!"#$4300$%#'(#%$+/%,$()-0/1#$3,$0#3%,$.)#$311(,(.)30$+##,()* durlng the
oµtlons sectlon, und µerhuµs un oµtlonul sesslon on u Suturduy. 1hls ls
crltlcul both becuuse some commlttee members wlll need more tlme
und to µrovlde uddltlonul oµµortunltles for the µubllc to become
uwure of the µendlng declslons.
¸. Commlttee muterluls und uctlvltles:
u. Slmµllfy und shorten the µresentutlons on dutu on whlch declslons ure
to be mude wlthln meetlngs, more lndeµth muterlul cun be µrovlded
for blnders und onllne.
b. Preµure u glossury of educutlon reform terms und udd to lt us needed,
ln both Lngllsh und Sµunlsh.
c. lnterµretutlon und trunslutlon must be conslstent und refer to the
glossury. Euvlng one or two conslstent lnterµreters wus helµful to the
d. Leveloµ u flvetoten mlnute vldeo on how the dlstrlct mukes declslons
on turnurounds und whut dutu µolnts und communlty lnµut ure
lnfluentlul ln muklng the declslons. 1hls could begln the flrst meetlng of
both the sµrlng und full meetlng serles und be uvulluble on the web und
for communlty members uttendlng meetlngs to vlew before or ufter
meetlngs. 1he vldeo could muke reference to the lNLCC's shuµlng
µollcy formutlon through lterutlve µrocess wlth dlstrlct stuff und 8CL.
µ. Cutreuch:
u. Use LPS networks und communlty µurtners und medlu outlets
effectlvely. 1he resources of LPS' Cfflce of Multlculturul outreuch were
enguged lute ln the gume und could huve been used much more
effectlvely. Addltlonully, school communlcutlons such us roboculls,
buckµuck flyers, school websltes und newsµuµers should be
consldered u routlne tool of communlty engugement µrocesses.
llnully, locul medlu, µurtlculurly rudlo und Sµunlsh lunguuge, should be
enguged eurly ln und throughout the µrocess so thut lutelnthegume
flreworks do not become the only story to be told ubout the work of
the commlttee.
¸. Loglstlcs:
u. Asslgn llne resµonslblllty for certuln functlons, from develoµment of
muterluls to dellvery of trunslutlon equlµment, to tuklng notes und
µrlntlng numetugs, und ensure thut ull teum members ure uccountuble
for overull µerformunce. 1hls uµµlles to LPS stuff und to consultunts
und µurtnerlng orgunlzutlons, lf uny.
6. Project Cverslght und Llrectlon:
u. Clurlfy the chuln of commund und muke declslons uccordlngly. LPS'
dlffuse munugement structure mude uccountublllty und work flow
dlfflcult und tlmeconsumlng. ve regrouµed und redeflned roles und
declslonmuklng µrotocol severul tlmes over the elght months of the
µroject, und stlll hud reµeuted eµlsodes of lust mlnute shlfts between
the recommendutlons of the worklng grouµ und the cochulrs.
1hese recommendutlons ure µresented by the A÷ Lenver teum worklng on thls
µroject, und reµresent our observutlons throughout the lNLCC µrocess us well us
µostµroject feedbuck from µurtlclµunts und leudershlµ. ve were µleused to serve us
µurtners on thls µroject und wlll be huµµy to µrovlde uny uddltlonul lnformutlon thut
muy be of lnterest to LPS und A÷ Lenver leudershlµ.

Presented by:
Mlchuel Culnun, consultunt
lernundo PlneduReyes, CRLA Results
len Snyder, PluceMutters
Luurle Elrschfeld 2eller, Presldent, A÷ Lenver


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