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Axis Exam Preparation Guide

Axis Certification Program

1. Introduction
This guide is a resource to help you prepare for the Axis Network Video Exam. Here you will find the following topics: > What is Axis Certification Program? > Exam details > Recommended exam preparation

2. What is Axis Certification Program?

The purpose of the Axis Certification Program is to help individuals and companies prove their competence and skills in network video surveillance.

Who should take the Axis Network Video Exam?

The certification is open to anyone looking to show their competence and skills in network video. The exam has been developed specifically for system designers and professionals in technical sales roles.

For how long is the certification valid?

The certification is valid for 24 months, with regular re-certification.

What are the benefits of being an Axis Certified Professional?

> The Axis Network Video Exam serves as a comprehensive knowledge indicator of the latest network video technologies, solutions, and best-practice design and implementation techniques. > Axis Certified Professionals are highly regarded by their peers and colleagues for their competence. They are recognized by system architects and consultants who are specifying Axis Certified Profes- sionals in large projects. > Axis certification is a unique differentiator for end customers when selecting their video surveillance integrator. > Upon certification, individuals receive an: - Axis Certification Program certificate - Axis Certification Program membership card - Axis Certification Program logo Axis Certification is now a requirement for Axis Solution Partners. Read more here:

3. Exam details
The Axis Network Video Exam is an advanced computer-based test offered at Prometric testing centers at the price of $150 USD. Axis Network Video exam is available in selected countries. For more information visit: To find the closest Prometric testing facility, please visit:

Practical information

How do I schedule an Axis Network Video Exam? There are three options for scheduling an appointment to take the test on Prometrics website.

> Online > On-site at your local test center > Calling Prometrics Regional Registration Center What information should I be prepared to provide when I schedule my exam? When you schedule your appointment, you should be prepared to provide any of the following information. The personal information you state will be used for creating your certification membership card and diploma. > The name used to schedule your appointment must exactly match the name shown on your identification at the testing center on the day of your exam. At a minimum, the identification must be a valid, government-issued ID that shows your name in the English alphabet, your signature and your photograph. > Your Social Security, Social Insurance or Prometric Testing I.D. (SP#) Number > Contact phone numbers - If there is a problem, we will use these numbers to reach you > Mailing address - Please provide the address to which you would like your certification package mailed > Exam number and title - (AX0-100-Axis Network Video Exam) > E-mail address - Correct e-mail information is required for registration - If you are a partner - State your Partner Pages login (e-mail address) - If you are not a partner - Register to MyAxis ( and schedule your testing appointment using your MyAxis login (e-mail address) - Axis abides by anti-spam laws > Method of payment ( asked-questions/Pages/payment.aspx) What identification is required on-site at the testing center? For the Axis Network Video Exam, you must have two valid forms of ID, one with a photo and both with your signature. Forms of primary ID must be original, non-expired (valid), photo-bearing, signaturebearing, and government-issued. Please visit: for more details. Can I reschedule or cancel my appointment? Your test appointment can be cancelled and/or rescheduled through the Prometric Web site until 7 pm one business day before testing. Failure to cancel or late arrival will result in forfeit of payment. Including credit card, voucher and cash payment. Axis Network Video Exam details > Exam title: Axis Network Video Exam > Number of test questions: 70 exam questions and a short section of optional, unscored demographic questions > Test duration: 105 minutes maximum - The exam timer does not start until you view the first exam question > Certification: Axis Certified Professional > You may not access any resources or references during the exam > You will be required to show identification before taking the test Question types on the test > Multiple choice - Single answer - Multiple answer > Matching What is the Score Report? You will get a printed version of your score report at the test center, after you have finished the exam. The score report includes information about whether you have passed or failed the exam and an indication of your performance per knowledge area. There will be no detailed information about passed and/or failed questions.

Calculation of the exam score The passing score for Axis Network Video Exam is 600 points out of 800, and a scaled score is used, starting at 200 points. The score per question depends on importance and difficulty level. If you fail one of the alternatives, or do not answer all, you will get 0 points. No points are deducted for incorrect questions, or if you do not answer a question.

4. Recommended exam preparation

Exam content
Start by reviewing the exam outline. The exam is based on knowledge in the five areas presented in the table below. Weight specifies the importance and frequency of questions from each knowledge area in the exam.

Knowledge area

Photographic knowledge Industry standards


Network video technology

Compression algorithms Lens technology Intelligent video Basic networking



Network security Transmission methods System design considerations Camera placement


System design

Bandwidth and storage influencers Axis' system design tools Axis' naming convention Axis product line


Axis product knowledge

Axis camera's capabilities Axis software solutions Solutions by industry Hardware installation Software installation



Focusing techniques Maintenance



In order to pass the test it is important that you are well prepared. Axis Communications Academys broad offering includes everything you need to know to pass the Axis Network Video Exam, and more. To make it easier for you to prepare, we have listed all relevant trainings and resources for system design and the certification program in this guide. In addition, we offer a certification learning track on: Hands-on experience with the technology is recommended to successfully pass the Axis Network Video Exam. We recommend you to start preparing by studying Axis technical guide to network video on which will give you a good overview. Classroom training to expand your technical competence Axis offers the following classroom courses to help you prepare for the exam. Network Video Fundamentals The Network Video Fundamentals is a comprehensive course, covering the essentials of network video. Topics such as basic camera installation, image usability, bit rate optimization and video analytics are explored in theory lessons combined with hands-on labs. Video Encoder Technologies The Video Encoder Technologies is a technical course that will familiarize you with Axis encoder offering. Topics such as installation, how to optimize the use, and which encoder to choose for each site and situation are explored in theory lessons combined with hands-on labs. Designing Network Video Solution The course covers many important aspects of designing a network video surveillance system. Topics such as surveillance goals, camera placement, video analytics, network performance and storage solutions are discussed. All theory presented is put into practice in a comprehensive lab session. Axis Certification Program Preparation Course Axis Certification Program Preparation Course is a one-day, instructor-led class that is designed to prepare you for the Axis Network Video Exam and give you an indication whether you are ready to take the exam right away or if you need to study and prepare further. It is recommended that you have attended Network Video Fundamentals training or have equivalent knowledge before signing up for the course (available in some regions). Visit to find a classroom-based course near you. Online courses anytime, anywhere Stay updated on Axis product portfolio, services and network video solutions. Axis Communications Academy gives you the opportunity to learn from online courses, tutorials and guides anywhere in the world at any time. Our in-depth courses cover a variety of topics including system design, services and specific network video products. We recommend that you take the following online courses to prepare for the exam: > Introduction to Networking > Introduction to Imaging > Tools and Resources for System Designers > Troubleshooting Axis cameras > Axis Naming Convention > AXIS T8414 Installation Display > Low light solutions in network video

Visit to take an online course, free of charge. Guides & Tutorials Via Axis tutorials and guides you can stay current with the latest technology and product information from Axis without ever leaving your office. Axis has a broad range of tutorials and guides to specifically address your needs and help you prepare for the exam: > Technical Guide to Network Video > Perfect Pixel Count > Image Quality > Top Ten Installation Challenges > Site Survey Considerations > Ten Reason to Switch to IP-based Video The total offering of Axis tutorials are available here: Test your knowledge In the document Sample questions for Axis Certification Program you can find examples of Axis Network Video exam questions per knowledge area including study recommendations. Visit to find Axis sample questions.

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