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Meet the team
Our vision, your opportunity
Our roots as a solely student-operated publication go back to the ‘90s. We were founded in March of 1998 as a feature-based magazine to inform readers of the unique personalities, events, and traditions that define the University’s special heritage. As the internet grew, we sought to expand our readership and impact on the University by building a website. Throughout our history, our goals have been clear: provide the UNC community with a unique lens through which to view itself, its community and beyond. Our goals are still the same, but 2007 marks the birth of a new Blue & White, led by passionate editors with an innovative vision for a bolder, more community-driven magazine. Central to that vision is a physical transformation--a one-time occurence in which you can play a part. In February, Blue & White will join the ranks of the glossy covers and full-color magazines and assuredly garner more attention on the racks than ever before. Content-wise, we’re aiming not only for increased readership but increased loyalty. The glossy cover and colored pages will draw the readers in, but the stories and the opportunity to contribute and shape the magazine’s direction will keep them coming back. With new features like the commUNITY calendar, which any student, faculty member or local business can add to (for a fee), and Musings, where UNC’s creative writers are invited to contribute their latest work, we’re sure that Blue & White will be the magazine on everyone’s minds--and lips. The Blue & White is the University’s most widely read student magazine. As the organization continues to impact the students, faculty, and friends of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, there has never been a better time to join the Blue & White team and claim your stake in the Chapel Hill market. Thank you for your time and consideration,

Amy Guyer Editor-in-Chief

Robin Hilmantel Managing Editor

Kelly Giles Art Director

Amy Vallario Ads Manager


blue & white 2007 media kit

blue white will be &
the perfect fusion of campus and community.

With new leadership, fresh ideas and a modern look,

Fast Facts
established published distribution pages/issue campus population 1998 8 issues/year campus-wide 32 27,951


blue white. Promoting you. &

In 2007 we will: Î distribute 2,000 copies per month to 25 locations across UNC’s campus and the greater Chapel Hill community Î expose your advertisement to readers for the longest time by leaving Blue & White on the stands for a full month Î do at least one publicity event each month to distribute the magazine to new readers Î print your ad in color on glossy, professionallooking paper Î increase our website’s average of 1,300 hits per month by launching a new site in February with added features, interactive content and weekly updates Î hold contests on our website, Î increase reader participation with a new focus on reader-donated content

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blue & white 2007 media kit


in every issue blue& ’s editorial incorporates white
the good, the bad, the ugly
editorials highlighting the best and the worst of UNC and Chapel Hill

from the bell to the well

Giving staff members practical journalism and management experience.

coverage of news and events affecting both current students and alumni

musings pit stop

creative writing submitted by our readers one of our readers’ favorites--a comedicinterview with a random pit-sitter

sports shorts

brief stories covering all of UNC’s many sports teams, supplemented by interesting factoids

uh-huh, nuh-uh

two writers argue the pros and cons of a controversial issue in a conversation-like article

A mix of in-depth investigative pieces, creative writing and opinion columns.
a tear-out calendar including both campus and Chapel HIll events


sometimes funny, sometimes serious, two writers pick topics and speak their minds


whether they’re hard-hitting or human interest, these are the four biggest stories of the month

alumni profile

a look at life after UNC

dashboard confessional

a new addition sure to be a huge success: readers share their dirty little secrets

from the editor

a short and sweet introduction to the month and the issue’s contents


blue & white 2007 media kit

all aspects of Chapel Hill life.

Special Issue: CTOPS
What is the CTOPS issue? The CTOPS Issue is specifically created for incoming freshmen attending Carolina’s orientation program to help them get acquainted with life at UNC. Past features include: Î History of the Duke Rivalry Î How to Alleviate Home Sickness Î Advising 101 Î 10 Things to do before Graduation Î Why UNC is #1 Î A Walking Guide to Chapel Hill Benefits of CTOPS advertising: Î our magazine will be distributed to the students and parents that attend each of the 13 CTOPS sessions Î every incoming freshman is required to attend a 2-day CTOPS session Î content lends itself to inclusion of many local businesses and services Î advertisers have the unique opportunity to be the first Chapel Hill brands presented to new students and their parents

7,200 freshmen and parents flooded Chapel Hill in the summer of 2006.

2007 Spring Calendar
Issue February March April CTOPS (Summer) Space close January 19 February 16 March 19 April 20 Materials close January 24 February 21 March 21 April 25 On sale February 2 March 2 April 6 May 11

*Please note that the above dates are for planning purposes only. Please confirm all closing dates with our advertising manager.
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blue & white 2007 media kit


strategically positioning you
35,000 buyers
Who are they?
Î 52% women Î 45% between 18 and 29 years old Î 25,000 students between the ages of18 and 25 from families with a median annual income of $97,000 Î over 90% of students are involved in community service and 60% participate in the arts Î 10,000 faculty and staff with combined annual income of over $1 billion

35,000 buyers
Where do they live?
Î 48% of students rent an apartment or home Î 39% of students live in campus housing Î 20,000+ students and staff live within Chapel Hill city limits Î 64% of UNC employees and 73% of UNC students live in Chapel Hill, Durham or Carrboro


blue & white 2007 media kit

Statistics taken from the 2005 Chapel Hll Data Book and Daily Tar Heel Market Statistics Survey

in front of 35,000 qualified buyers each month.

35,000 buyers
Where do they shop?
Î 70% of students list Franklin Street and Southpoint as their top destinations Î 81% of students have shopped at Wal-Mart within the past month Î UNC’s Student Stores, Eckerd and Border’s are also among the most frequentlyshopped stores

35,000 buyers
What do they buy?
78% of students recently bought pizza 67% of students recently ate at a deli 58% of studentsrecently visited a coffee house 56% of students recently purchased an item from a video store Î 46% of students recently bought ice cream or yogurt Î 31% of students recently bought something at a bakery Î Î Î Î
blue & white 2007 media kit

Call 301.642.0238 • email • visit


sponsorship opportunities
Print Advertising
¼ Page H 3.5 x 7.5 Calendar space ½ Page V 3.5 x 10 ¼ Page V 3. x 4.5

Full Page 7.5 x 10

½ Page H 7.5 x 4.5

2 line maximum, 15 characters/line

back cover inside front cover inside back cover full page half page quarter page tear-out calendar space

$ 300 $ 250 $ 200 $ 150 $ 100 $ 75 $ 50

Return on investment
most valued placement--readers see ad without opening the magazine ad seen immediately upon opening magazine lets you leave the last impression on readers good coverage on a full page within the magazine noticeable while audience is reading affordable coverage within the magazine’s content readers will see the ad even after they’re finished with the magazine; only eight available

*Advertisers wishing to purchase more than one advertisement can get additional ads at a discounted rate of 10% off the original list price.

Ad Artwork Formats
.PDF Î pdf - images @ 300 DPI/resolution Î CMYK color mode Î all fonts imbedded .TIF Î tiff @ 300 DPI/resolution Î CMYK color mode Î flattened .EPS Î eps - images @ 300 DPI/resolution Î CMYK color mode Î all fonts made into outlines .JPG Î jpeg @ 300 DPI/resolution Î CMYK color mode Î file quality max of 12

Design Assistance
Once you commit to an ad, Blue & White will provide up to one hour of free design assistance. We can offer further assistance at a rate of $40 per hour, charged in fifteen-minute increments.


blue & white 2007 media kit

Online Advertising
Website sponsorship on Blue & White’s website, are designed to maximize your product’s exposure, providing accurate referrals (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) to your business and facilitating outreach to an expanding audience.

Web Banner Î duration: 1 month Î cost: $100

Web Sidebar Î duration: 1 month Î cost: $50

Call 301.642.0238 • email • visit

blue & white 2007 media kit


Amy Vallario, Ads Manager 301.642.0238

new year new image new magazine


blue white &

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