The Cast: Narrator: Shamini Chinese: Yi Bin, Jia Xi, Amanda Non-Chinese: April, Deepa, Lavisha Principal: Alex

Random extra people: Alex, Felicia, Pamela, Charmaine, Leah Ministers of F&B: Alex, Felicia Host: Alex Judges: Pamela, Charmaine, Leah Sign-carrier: Ammani Props needed: 6 hats/caps for 6 peeps 6 aprons for 6 peeps 1 ‘Friends Forever’ sign for 6 peeps 2 signs for restaurants Kitcheny stuff (knives, ladles, wooden spoons, whips, bowls, saucepans etc) for 6 peeps 2 placards for Ministers of F&B 3 scorecards (9, 10, 10) for judges 3 tables and chairs for judges The Story [Scene 1] Setting: Singapore School of Culinary Arts, Graduation Day, 6 peeps standing together awaiting graduation speech Principal walks in, makes a speech, walks out. 6 peeps throw their hats/caps into the air, cheer, make a pact to set up a successful restaurant together and be friends forever. Exit stage right. [Scene 2] Setting: Chinese on stage Chinese discuss how sucky the other races’ food is and decide to set up their own restaurant. Exit stage right. [Scene 3] Setting: Chinese restaurant, Chinese are in their restaurant, cooking

Non-Chinese enter stage left. and finally make the first move and start talking to insulting each other. accuse Chinese of setting up a restaurant without them. talks some more crap and moves to stage left. Non-Chinese enter stage left. countries participating in the finals.. 6 peeps make their way over to Ministers of F&B. 6 peeps are standing at stage right Host walks in. Extra random people walk past and both restaurants fight for patrons. they learn how to get along together again. Host talks more crap while announcing the winners. link arms. bow and walk out. Judges taste the food and give comments. the two groups making sure they stand as far away from each other as possible.Non-Chinese enter stage left. Graduation Day. [Scene 4] Setting: Ministers of F&B standing stage centre. Exit stage right. Exit stage right. [Scene 6] Setting: Singapore School of Culinary Arts.friends? Peeps 2-6: FOREVER! Peep 6: For real this time. 6 peeps start cooking. argue. 6 peeps cheer as host and judges exit stage left. and at the end of two months have become close again. However. Non-Chinese exit stage left. Ministers of F&B announce that they have decided that they will be sending the three chefs from each restaurant to an international cooking competition and walk off. set down a sign with their store name and start cooking. [Scene 5] Setting: International cooking competition. as time goes by. 6 peeps look at each other.. and when the host announces that the time is up. 6 peeps standing together awaiting graduation speech Everybody walk in. introduces judges. say. judges are seated at stage left. Chinese exit stage right. declare that they shall set up their own restaurant which will be more successful and popular and walk out the same way. HAPPY RACIAL HARMONY DAY!!!. then hold up the scorecards. . serves up the food to the judges. looking impatient Chinese enter stage right. talks some crap. Peep 1: So.

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