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S 1 THI TUYN SINH VO LP 10 MN TING ANH - Thi gian 60 pht I.

.Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest.(1d) 1. a. heart b. near c. dear d. hear 2. a. about b. south c. youth d. count 3. a. polluted b. nominated c. celebrated d. loved 4. a. environment b. provide c. drip d. pipe 5. a. humor b. hour c. highland d. hand 6. a. pesticide b. prevent c. reduce d. reuse 7. a. flow b. row c. know d. now 8. a. addition b. tradition c. eruption d. question II. Supply the correct form of the verbs in the brackets(2d) (do).at 9.30 last night. 2.If you have some money, Whatyou (do)..with it. 3.Do you mind (close).the windows? It is very cold 4.I suggest (save) in the kitchen. 5.I wish I (have) ..more time to finish the test now. 6.They made their living by (catch).fish in the oceans. 7.I ( not write) Liz for three months. 8.Nga enjoys (walk)in the morning. 9.Look! The birds (teach)..their children to fly. 10. Minh used (cry)much when he was a very little boy. III. Finish the second sentences so that it has the similar meaning to the first.(2d) 1.Lan doesnt have enough money so she cant buy a new dictionary ( Because Lan . 2.They have just sold that house. ( That house. 3. What a pity! I cant help you now. (I wish I . .. 4. Why dont we spend money on research into solar energy? Nga said Nga suggested. 5. Do you like learning English? She said to me ( She asked me . 6. Unless you study harder, you will fail your exam. ( If you dont study harder, 7. Someone stole my bicycle yesterday. ( My bicycle was 8. Mr. Brown has a car. He often goes to work by bus. ( Although.. 9. I like reading books . The books tell us about different people and cultures. ( I like reading book which. 10. I cant go on working now said Barry. ( Barry said that IV.Read the following passage and then answer the question below.(1d) Environmental pollution is a term that refers to all the ways by which man pollutes his surroundings. Man dirties the air with gas and smoke, poisons the water with chemicals and other substances, and damages the soil with too many fertilizers and pesticides. Man also pollutes surrounding in other various ways. For examples, people ruin natural beauty by scattering junk and motor vehicles that fill the air with disturbing noise. - Answer the questions. 1. What makes the air polluted? .. 2. What makes the water polluted? - 3. How does the man damage the soil? . 4.How do people ruin natural beauty? 5.Should you do something to protect our environment?

.. V. Use the correct form of the following words (2d) 1. She sent her best wishes for my future_______. (happy) 2. ________are trying to find out new stars. (science)) 3. We are proud of us _______(friend) 4. This______ has written manystories for children (write) 5. This is the biggest______in the city .(build) 6. He',ll never forget his happy_______(child) 7. Peter is an _____member of our club. (act) 8. We like going in his car as he is a______driver. (care) 9. AIDS is a_____disease. (danger) 10. If we ____________ the water, a lot of fish will die ( pollution) VI.Make the sentences using the words given.(2d) 1.I/ happy/ because/ I/ just/ receive/ your letter. 2.I/ live/ countryside/ North/ Vietnam. 3.A new school/ will/ build/ in my village/ next month. .. 4.The life here/ quiet/ peaceful/ and people/ friendly . ----------------The end-------------- S 2


Cu 1: Chn cu ( ng vi A,B,C hoc D ) thch hp vi cu sau: They havent cleaned the streets this week. A. The streets havent been cleaned this week. B. The streets has been cleaned this week. C. The streets have been cleaned this week

D. The streets hasnt been cleaned this week Cu 2 : Chn t/cm t thch hp (ng vi A,B,C hoc D ) hon thnh cu sau: They wish theya new house. A. will have C. had B. have D. would have had

Cu 3 : Chn cu (ng vi A,B,C hoc D ) thch hp vi cu sau : They have worked in that factory since 2001. A. They have started to work in that factory in 2001 B. They started to work in that factory in 2001 C. They have worked in that factory in 2001 D. They worked in that factory since 2001 Cu 4 : Xc ng t hoc cm t c gch di cn phi sa cu tr thnh chnh xc : John used to studying hard when he was a child A B C D

Cu 5 : Chn t thch hp hon thnh cu : Tom plays soccer very well,..? A. does he C. did he B. doesnt he D. didnt he

Cu 6 : Chn t thch hp hon thnh cu : My car..yesterday. A. is repaired C. was repaired B. has been repaired D. can be repaired

Cu 7 : Chn t thch hp hon thnh cu : She asked me where I..that car. A. will buy C. can buy B. bought D. buy

Cu 8 : Chn t/cm t thch hp hon thnh cu : I want to.that course. A. attendance B. attended

C. attend

D. attendant

Cu 9 : Chn cu thch hp vi cu sau : It was such a boring film that she fell asleep A. The film was so boring that she fell asleep B. The film was such boring that she fell asleep C. The film was so that she fell asleep D. The film was so boring to she fell asleep Cu 10: Chn t/cm t thch hp hon thnh cu : Millions of Christmas cardslast month. A. send C. are sent B. were sent D. sent

Cu 11 : Chn t hoc cm t thch hp hon thnh cu sau : Tom.his hair cut twice a month. A. has C. get B. will have D. have

Cu 12 : Chn t m phn gch chn c cch pht m khc cc t cn li : A. honest C. whom B. home D. house

Cu 13 : Chn t thch hp hon thnh cu sau : If you want toyour English, we can help you. A. improving C. improved B. improvement D. improve

Cu 14 : Chn t thch hp hon thnh cu sau : He failed to give..reasons for his absence from shool. A. suiting C. right B. satisfactory D. inadequate

Cu 15 : Chn t thch hp hon thnh cu sau : I wish longer. A. could stay B. stays

C. can stay

D. will stay

Cu 16 : Chn t m phn gch chn c cch pht m khc cc t cn li : A. brother C. death B. either D. breathing

Cu 17 : Chn t/cm t thichs hp hon thnh cu : Please phone this number for more.. A. informatively C. information B. informative D. inform

Cu 18 : Chn cu thch hp vi cu sau : Its a pity; I cant play the piano. A. I wish I couldnt play the piano B. I wish I could play the piano C. I wish I can play the piano D. I wish I play the piano Cu 19 : Xc nh t hoc cm t c gch di cn phi sa cu tr thnh chnh xc : That novel, which written by a well-known writer, should be read. A B C D

Chn t thch hp in vo ch trng trong on vn sau, t cu 20 n cu 29 : ..(20).six oclock yesterday evening, the River Thames burst its banks and flooded a wide area. By nine oclock the floods had reached the town of Dorchester. The main street was soon(21).3 feet of water. Fire engines arrived quickly to pump away the water, but heavy rain made their job very(22).Mrs. Willow, a .(23).nearly 80 years old, and living alone in her cottage, was trapped upstairs(24).three hours. Finally, firemen were able to rescue her with ladders and a small(25).. My cat, Tibbles, stayed with me all the time, said Mrs.Willow. She(26).me a lot. She sat with me, so I didnt feel afraid. The rain has finally stopped, the river level is falling and the weather forecast is good, (27). the floods have done a great deal of damage. Luckily, nobody was(28).or injured. Chief Fire Office Hawkins(29).reporters, but it will take a long time to clear up the mess. Cu 20 : Cu 21 : A. under Cu 22 : A. easy Cu 23 : A. girl Cu 24 : A. for Cu 25 : A. ship Cu 26 : A. worried B. until B. over B. clean B. child B. during B. car B. bored C. to C. through C. quick C. man C. while C. boat D. at D. between D. difficult D. lady D. through D. bicycle

C. frightened D. helped

Cu 27 : A. also Cu 28 : A. burnt Cu 29 : A. said

B. but B. cut B. spoke

C. therefore C. drowned C. asked

D. so D. scratched D. told

Cu 30 : Chn t thch hp hon thnh cu : He cant drive and.his brother. A. so cant B. neither can C. so can D. nor cant

Cu 31: Chn t/cum t thch hp hon thnh cu sau : My sister is studying hard..her exam. A. at B. to C. in D. for

Cu 32. Chn t thch hp hon thnh cu sau : He couldnt go far because he was afraid of.. A. flying C. to fly B. be flying D. being flying

Cu 33. Chn t thch hp hon thnh cu sau : Tim go fishing with his father when he was young. A. was used to C. used to B. is used to D. has used to

Cu 34 : Chn t m phn gch chn c cch pht m khc cc t cn li : A. peasant B. advise C. buys D. forks

Cu 35 : Chn t/cm t thch hp hon thnh cu sau : 8 pm last night ? A. was you doing C. have you been doing B. were you doing D. are you doing

Cu 36 : Xc nh t/cm t c gch di cn phi sa cu tr thnh chnh xc : That is the house which he was born and grew up . A B C D

Cu 37 : Chn t/cm t thch hp hon thnh cu sau : I wish A. is being B. are C. is D. were

Cu 38 : Chn t/cm t thch hp hon thnh cu sau : I asked him if me. A. can B. was C. will D. could

Cu 39: Xc nh t hoc cm t c gch di cn phi sa cu tr thnh chnh xc : I told Helen not forget to send her parents my regards. A B C D

Cu 40: Chn t/cm t thch hp hon thnh cu sau : How many stampssofar? A. did you collect C. have you collected B. do you collect D. will you collect Fifty-seven.

Cu 41 : Chn t m phn gch chn c cch pht m khc cc t cn li : A. hour B. hear C. hat D. hit

Cu 42: Xc nh t hoc cm t c gch di cn phi sa cu tr thnh chnh xc : Peter and Tom plays tennis every afternoon with Mary and me . A B C D

Cu 43: Xc nh t hoc cm t c gch di cn phi sa cu tr thnh chnh xc : Learning a foreign language are easy for young children. A B C D

Cu 44 : Chn t/cm t thch hp hon thnh cu sau : It seems difficult for us..abroad at the moment. A. went B. gone C. to go D. go

Cu 45: Chn t m phn gch chn c cch pht m khc cc t cn li : A. choice B. chess C. chemist D. church

Long ago a lot of people thought that the moon was a god. Other people thought it was just a light in the sky. And others thought it was a big ball of cheese! Then telescopes were made. And men saw that the moon was really another world. They wondered what it was like. They dreamed of going there. On July 20, 1969, that dream came true .Two American men landed on the moon. Their names were Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin. The first thing the men found was that the moon is covered with dust. The dust is so thick that the men left footprints where they walked. Those were the first marks a living had ever made on the moon. And they could stay there for years and years. There is no wind or rain to wipe them off. The two men walked on the moon for hours. They picked up rocks to bring back to the earth for study. They dug up dirt to bring back. They

set up machines to find out things people wanted to know. Then they climbed back into their moon landing craft. Next day the landing craft roared as the two men took off from the moon. They joined Micheal Collins in the spaceship that waited for them above the moon. Then they had set up. And they were off on their long trip back to earth. Behind them they left the plains and high mountains of the moon. They left the machines they had set up. And they left footprints that may last forever. Cu 46 : The story tells.. A. who had left footprints on the moon before the two men landed there . B. about the first men to walk on the moon men found footprints on the moon. D.what the men brought back from their trip to the moon. Cu 47 : A telescope. A. makes faraway things seem closer. B. makes many of mens dreams come true. C. turns the moon into another world D. makes balls of light seem brighter. Cu 48: The men brought rocks and dirt from the moon because .. A. they might sell them to scientists. B. they wanted to keep them as souvenirs. C. people wanted to use them to learn about the moon D. they wanted something to show they were there. Cu 49 : The American machines will almost likely stay on the moon until.. A. rain and wind destroy them B. a storm covers them with dust C. they become rusty and break to pieces. D. someone takes them away Cu 50 : The next people who go to the moon most likely could A.find that dust has wiped off the two mens footprints B. leave the first set of footprints on the moon. C.Find the places where Armstrong and Aldrin walked. D.Find that the machines have disappeared.

-------------The end-------------- S 3

THI TUYN SINH LP 10 THPT MN THI: TING ANH Thi gian 60 pht I. Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that best fits the blank space in each sentence. (2.5 pts) 1. ______there have been many changes in his life, he still remains a nice man to everyone. A. However C. Because B. Despite D. Although

2. She complains noisily about anything______ she doesnt like. A. what C. about which B. that D. whose

3. You seem to be quite good ______ physics. A. for B. about C. at D. to

4. Our house needs to be______. A. painting B. paint C. painted D. paints

5. If you saw a UFO, what______ you do? A. will B. would C. can D. did

6. Would you like a glass of green tea? A. No, lets not. C. No, thanks. B. No, I dont. D. No, I wouldnt.

7. Mr Long often goes swimming______ Sunday . A. in B. on C. until D. at

8. Were good friends. We ______ each other since we were in primary school. A. know C. have been known 9. We wish you______. A. good luck B. congratulation B. have known D. knew

C. happy

D. enjoy yourself

10. The final match of EURO 2008______ on June 30th. A. will be occurred C. happening B. takes place D. is going

II. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others. (0.75 pt) 1. A. exactly C. exercise 2. A. change C. choose 3. A. waited C. needed B. example D. examination B. champion D. toothache B. erased D. ended

III. Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that needs correcting (0.75 pt) 1. Can you help me with my homework? I wish I could but Icouldnt. A. Can C. homework B. with D. couldnt

2. The new film has been attracted a lot of people all over the world. A. The new film C. a lot of people B. has been attracted D. all over the world

3. We want to spend our holiday in a villa by the sea and enjoyingsea food. A. our holiday C. enjoying B. by D. food

IV.Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that best fits the blank space in the following passage(2.0 pts) Every year many people in the world learn English. Some of them are young children. (1) _______ are teenagers. Many are adults. Some learn at school, and some learn in evening classes. A few learn English by (2) _______ or just by (3) _______ to the language on television or among their friends. Most people must work hard to learn English. (4) _______ do all these people want to learn English? It is difficult to answer that question. Young children learn English at school to study better at their subject. Many adults learn English because (5)______ of their useful for their work. Teenagers often learn English for their (6) ______ studies, because some of their books are written (7) ______ English at college and university. Other people learn English because they want to read English newspapers or magazines for (8) ______ and entertainment. (1) A. The others C. Another B. Others D. Each other


A. them C. themselves

B. their D. theirs B. speaking D. hearing B. How D. Where B. it is D. of being B. higher D. fuller B. at D. with B. example D. information


A. listening C. talking


A. What C. Why


A. they are C. there is


A. taller C. better


A. in C. by


A. equipment C. transportation

V. Read the passage, then decide if the statements that follow are True - False. (1.0 pt) My name if Phil. Im from Canada. Im living in a flat in HCM city, where I am taking a Vietnamese course. Its my first time abroad. I am sharing the flat with another student called Dev. We have known each other for just some months, since we entered the class. Dev is from Germany. We study in the same group. Dev had studied Vietnamese before he came here. So he can speak a little Vietnamese. We go to class in the morning, so in the afternoon we have time to work in groups. Dev helps me a lot not only in my study but also in my daily life. We often practise speaking Vietnamese and do our homework together. Thanks to his help, I have made big progress in speaking and listening as well. Last week we had a test and I did a really good job. Our papers will be returned tomorrow. And I hope that we will get good marks. Im very happy to have a friend like Dev. 1. This is the first time Phil has been in a foreign country. 2. Dev, Phils new friend, is Canadian. 3. Phil can now speak better Vietnamese then Dev can. 4. In Phils opinion, Dev is a helpful friend. VI. Use the correct form of the word given in each sentence. (1.0 pt) 1. There are a lot of 2. He felt 3. She drives 4. Teachers now give more at tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh city. (SIGHTSEE) because he lost the match. (DISAPPOINT) , so she has never caused an accident. (CARE) to their students in classroom activities. (FREE)

VII. Rewrite the sentences so that they are nearest in meaning to the sentence printed before them. (2.0pts)

1. The children are excited about going to the circus. => The children are looking ____________________ 2. She talks too much in class. => I wish____________________ 3. When did you start learning English? => How long____________________ 4. The teacher said, Let us elect Ha Long Bay to be one of the World Wonders. => The teacher suggested that Ha Long Bay ____________________

---------------The end--------------