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Board of Supervisors

March 17, 2009

The meeting was called to order by Kathleen Doran-Norton at 7:00PM. Present were supervisors Leif Knecht and Glen Castore, treasurer, Brad Pfahning, zoning administrator Jim Braun and clerk, Pam Petersen. The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all present. The agenda was approved with some changes and additions. Motion by L Knecht, second by G Castore, motion carried. K Doran-Norton summarized for residents in attendance some of the issues between Bridgewater Township and the City of Dundas in regards to the Annexation Agreement in the Annexation Reserve District. The minutes from the Feb. 10, 2009 meeting were read and approved with some changes. Motion to approve by G Castore, second by L Knecht, motion carried. Road Maintenance, Dennis Brown. Dennis would like to use all three companies he received bids from due the strengths of each in regards to gravel type and trucks used for each area needing the material. Dust control; Dennis will use the same two companies he has used in the past. Dennis and David will coordinate with these companies. Motion made by L Knecht to accept the three bids, with an option to use a fourth company if deemed necessary for the road leading to the landfill. Second by G Castore, motion passed on the section for the 3 bids. There will be action on the last part at a future meeting. Road Signs: D Brown has been gathering information on the new reflectivity signage. L Knecht made a motion to approve the purchased of the higher grade diamond material. K Doran-Norton seconded the motion. K Doran-Norton would like Dennis to gather more information on the differences between the two types of material to ensure we get the best product for the money. Dennis affirmed he would come back with more information. G Castore made a motion to amend the motion due to Dennis going to a seminar to gather more information. L Knecht made a motion to proceed, second by G Castore, motion carried. Bridgewater Township Planning Commission- Discussion of changing the makeup of the commission by not having a member of the City of Dundas on the commission, but adding a supervisor at this time. The supervisor would only vote in the case of a tie vote on that commission. K Doran-Norton made a motion to adopt the resolution, 1

second by L Knecht. Discussion: G Castore feels it would move the commission along faster with fewer changes at the last minute by having a direct conduit to the board. L Knecht added an addition to the resolution, subject to annual review of the placing of a member of the City of Dundas back on the commission. Motion passed unanimously. It became Resolution 2009-6. The board also passed Resolution 2009-5 which is outlining the township’s position on the annexation agreement and the position of the Dundas Planning Commission in holding the authority for that area. L Knecht made a motion to approve, second by G Castore, motion passed unanimously. K Doran-Norton; Overview of inconsistencies from the annexation agreement to the ordinances between Dundas and Bridgewater Township that Dundas has written to bring forward for the Annexation Reserve District. There was then an open phone call with Peter Tiede in relation to the ARD ordinance from Dundas. P. Tiede recommends a meeting with Dundas to resolve the differences of opinion. Saturday, April 4 there will be a Public Meeting regarding the Highway 19 management and safety concerns with a representative from MnDot. The meeting will be held at the Bridgewater town hall starting at 10:00AM. Wednesday March 26 will be a Public Hearing concerning Excavation/ Extraction and TEPP permits for gravel mining. Members from the Cannon River Watershed Partnership will be attending the work session on March 24 to talk about the stream inventory. The Board of Audit for year ending 2008 was approved with a motion by L Knecht, second by G Castore, motion carried. Meeting was adjourned at 10:00PM with a motion by G Castore, second by L Knecht, motion carried. Respectfully submitted, Pam Petersen, Clerk



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