In order to attract the attention of their patrons, Chaos Champions have to perf orm great and terrible deeds

. They sacrifice enemies and allies alike for their ambitions and risk their demise at the hands of both their foes and gods. The fe w that manage to avoid death and spawndom are changed beyond recognition.[4][5c] While Daemon Princes come in various shapes, most are of hulking stature, displa ying numerous mutations such as horns and wings. Even more notable are the super natural powers they wield, some of which are associated with their patron god.[5 c] What they maintain of former selves are the driving ambition and ruthless cun ning which helped them earn their ultimate reward.[2] In ce of ng the 41st millennium, most Daemon Princes hail from the ranks of the Chaos Spa Marines, warriors with the capability and motivation to slay the populations entire worlds, although the oldest managed to ascend during the savage age lo before mankind left ancient Earth.[5c]

Daemon Princes rule supreme over mortal Chaos followers and are usually granted reign over a Daemon World of their own.[2][3] Despite this, it is not uncommon f or them to leave the material plane completely and join a daemonic legion in ord er to serve as right hand of a mighty Greater Daemon. For all their rank and pow er however, real Daemons commonly regard them as inferior due to their human ori gin.[5a][6] Daemon Primarchs Fulgrim, Daemon Primarch of the Emperor's Children The most infamous of the Daemon Princes come from the traitor Primarchs that tur ned against the Emperor during the Horus Heresy.[7] These powerful beings are st ill revered by the very Legions they corrupted millennia ago, even though it is uncommon for them to personally lead them forth from their Daemon Worlds. Instea d they prefer to fight against their enemies within the Eye of Terror, leaving t he direction of their Legions to their loyal minions and Champions.[5c] Notable Daemon Princes Main article: List of Daemon Princes Fulgrim - Primarch of the Emperor's Children. [7] Perturabo - Primarch of the Iron Warriors. [7] Angron - Primarch of the World Eaters. [7] Mortarion - Primarch of the Death Guard. [7] Magnus the Red - Primarch of the Thousand Sons. [7] Lorgar - Primarch of the Word Bearers. [7] Tallomin - the "Prince of Daemon Princes". [1] Doombreed - ancient servant of Khorne. [1] Uraka Az'baramael - ancient servant of Khorne.[16a] Bubonicus - ancient servant of Nurgle. [9] Ghargatuloth - Daemon prince of Tzeentch[17a]. Known as the "Prince of a Tho usand Faces".[17b] Mamon - Daemon Prince of Nurgle known as the "Arch-corrupter" of Vraks.[16b] "The Warsmith" - unidentified Warsmith of the Iron Warriors, ascended to dae monhood after conquering the planet of Hydra Cordatus. [10] Sindri Myr - Sorcerer of the Alpha Legion and advisor of Lord Bale. Ascended to daemonhood by using the Maledictum.[12] Kor Megron - Daemon Prince of the Word Bearers. Ascended to daemonhood on Rh odax.[13] Kernax Voldorius - Strikemaster of the Alpha Legion[19] Azariah Kyras - Daemon of the Maledictum. Daemon Prince of Khorne and former chapter master of the Blood Ravens. Ascended to daemonhood on Cyrene. [14] M'kar - Formerly Maloq Kartho, a Dark Apostle of the Word Bearers Traitor Le gion; ascended to Daemonhood after being slain by Remus Ventanus during the Word Bearers' surprise attack on Calth, during the Horus Heresy.[15] Nemeroth - Sorcerer-Lord of the Chosen of Nemeroth Warband. Ascended to Daem

onhood on Graia before fighting Captain Titus of the Ultramarines.[18] Images 2nd edition Daemon Prince (metal)[20] Daemon Prince (metal) Sculpted by Juan Diaz A Daemon Prince from Dawn of War[12] Nurgle Daemon Prince (metal) Sculpted by Seb Perbet .