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BA (Hons.

Module Code Module Title OUGD303 FINAL MAJOR PROJECT




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SUBMISSION DEADLINE: WEDNESDAY 29th May 2013 11.00 1.00pm
RATIONALE I wish to focus primarily on editorial layout design, branding and specialist printing and book craft, to create a significant body of work. I am driven by a passion for making a significant change through ethical design practice. I want to create work I am happy with, but is also considered, precise and maintains integrity. My goal for the FMP is to have a comprehensive body of quality work ranging the different disciplines I am interested in and base my practice around. I want to challenge my abilities and create work to a professional standard exploring print traditional and commercial. I would also like to explore a range of branding for different clients I feel this is a major focus of who I want to be as a designer and the work I want to produce. As well as the previous I would like to work within areas that I enjoy and excite me to produce creative out comes to specific problems. Areas such as music, theatre, the arts and the creative sector. I feel the creative challenges I have set my self have been answered thoroughly by the briefs I have chosen, adapted and picked up throughout the FMP process.



Staff Use

All work must be clearly presented and labelled with the brief title, your name and any other appropriate information. Please include a printed version of each brief and separate the work appropriately. Your end of module evaluation should be posted to your Final Major Project blog. by the stated Deadline Submitted Brief 1 Titled: Brief 4 Becci Short Branding.

Brief 2

Titled: Brief 5 Crash Blossoms.

Brief 3

Titled: Brief 6 Yearbook.

Brief 4

Titled: Brief 8 UTC.

Brief 5

Titled: Brief X10 Prospectus.

Brief 6

Titled: Brief 1 Just Draw Luke.

Brief 7

Titled: Brief 7 YCN.

Design Context Title Statement of intent Project File Evaluation

Titled: Brief 9 Design Context.

Title and Brief Summary include a short rationale for each brief identifying why you chose it, what was the focus of the brief and how long you spent on it.

Design Context

Titled: Brief 9 Design Context. An investigation into the studio, the culture of a studio and the work of a diverse range of graphic design and creative agencies. With a focus on print, layout design, binding and book making this is where I feel my practice is therefore the publication must reflect my practice with the production as well as the content. This is a project that has ran through the FMP, with the main body of primary research taking place before Easter, with the main design of the publication coming in the weeks after.


Titled: Brief 4 Becci Short Branding. A live branding and identity brief for a current third year photography student, create a comprehensive identity. Becci Short a 3rd year photography student who needs an identity to promote herself and her work as a fashion photographer. A branding based investigation into promotion and photography with a focus on print, web, and distribution. This is a client lead brief. The promotion of Becci as a photographer will be a personal identity suitable for attracting prospective clients or employers, within the creative and fashion sectors. This project has ran along the entire FMP as it has been live it has had constant and changing demands that need to be accommodated for. This brief has enabled me to concentrate on branding, given me the opportunity to work

with a real client and realise there needs and wants. This may not always be the same as mine; this might involve compromise and change.


Titled: Brief 5 Crash Blossoms. A live branding and identity brief for a local band to create an identity for an upcoming album. The Crash Blossoms, who are about to produce their first album. I have been asked to create the identity for the album and subsequent tour. A print based investigation into album art, design for promotion and branding with a focus on music, distribution and awareness. The brief will consist of the identity for the album and subsequently a large range of print and screen based collateral to promote and create awareness for the tour. This brief was done in a 2 month period with some preparatory research coming before this period the period started from March Again a live brief this project has given me the opportunity to work with a client but with this brief I have had almost free rain and creative freedom. The brief has also allowed me to experiment with different materials and printing methods.


Titled: Brief 6 Yearbook. A publication brief for a course at Leeds College of Art, create a two-part publication PDF and print. The aim of this brief is to create the 2013 yearbook for Art and Design, the course team have chosen option 2 which is a part print and part screen yearbook. The yearbook will predominantly be PDF; this is a comprehensive document and will be undertaken in a group as collaboration. This will be a print and screen based investigation into documenting, promoting and celebrating the success of the graduating year, focusing on branding, awareness and distribution. The yearbook brief in one way or another has ran long and thin through the entire module this again like previous briefs is live and therefore dictates we dip in and out of the brief when necessary. The yearbook brief is a great opportunity to collaborate. It is also a great opportunity to get more experience designing for screen as well as commercial print.


Titled: Brief 8 UTC. A live branding brief for a theatre company based in London, re-brand an existing company to bring it up to date and bring the brand inline with the ethos of the company. A branding investigation into the arts with a focus on printing, Print finishes and web. This brief is an opportunity to create a significant body of work with a focus on specialist printing. The UTC brief started much later than the other briefs as I dropped a couple of briefs in favour of briefs more suited to my personal rationale. But once the brief had started it

again due to the live nature of it ran long and thin. It was based on when I would receive feedback via email from the company. The UTC brief is a project allowing me to expand my knowledge of web design as specialist printing this is another brief where I get to understand the client designer relationship more.


Titled: Brief X10 Prospectus. A publication and concept brief for Leeds College of Art, to create the identity for the 2014/15 prospectus, along with the design ready for commercial print. A publication, identity and print brief with a focus on concept collaboration and design. The brief is a large collaboration in terms of leasing with members of staff at all levels throughout the college as well as students and the other members of the design team. The project in its initial stages was not very labour intensive (pitching) but once confirmed we would be the design team the pace picked up and a significant amount would be required each week. The prospectus is a brief where I get to really push the boundaries of my printing knowledge with opportunities for comitial print, it is also a collaboration brief as well as being a huge design and layout job this is one of the most interesting and significant briefs to be a part of.


Titled: Brief 1 Just Draw Luke. Just Draw Luke is an interactive based brief exploring the integration between screen, print and hand crafted elements, it encourages networking, interaction and collaboration. A screen and print based investigation into interaction and social networking with a focus on collaboration. This will be a collaboration brief that with several print and screen based deliverables. The project was established in the first few weeks of the FMP and was worked on for approximately 4 weeks.


Titled: Brief 7 YCN. Competition brief to create a range of greetings cards that could be sold commercially, an identity brief with print elements. The Greetings Cards YCN Competition brief. A print based investigation into obscure holidays and calibrations with a focus on print and stock choices. This brief is a way for me to really explore commercial printing and have fun with what I am doing while having the opportunity to create work for a nationally recognised design competition. This brief was again picked up at the start of the module and completed in 4 weeks in time for external submissions.

Additional Comments Briefs 2 and 3 have been dropped.