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it requires serious modernisation at present time estimated from 6 to 16 billion dollars. The detailed list of the priority scientific projects for the Ukrainian gas turbine compressor manufacturing was made by the HTTP://WWW.GTT. Artem Khalatov — Institute of engineering thermal physics of National Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine he Ukrainian gas transportation system has been developed for over 50 years. mainly to replace over 200 outdated gas compressor packages.GAS TURBO TECHNOLOGY ANALYTICAL REVIEW Modernisation of Ukraine gas transportation system: the problems of new gas compressor package development Dmitry Kostenko — VNIPITransGAZ. The greatest cost will be used for modernisation and construction of compressor stations. One of the most important problems of the Ukrainian gas transportation system modernisation is the development of the reliable gas turbine drive to equip the gas compressor package with high operating life (up to 150 thousand hours). The Ukraine is among six leading countries in the world performing the complete cycle of designing and manufacturing of gas turbines rated from 1. 2] shows it is efficient to use the gas turbine engines with combined or simple cycle with further cycle sophistication for the Ukrainian gas transportation system.5 to 110 MW. Gas compressor packages designed around gas turbines equipped with the centrifugal compressors (with the capacity T over 82% in the Ukrainian gas transportation system. Thus the priority task is the attraction of the Ukrainian engine-building companies to the programme of the Ukrainian gas transportation system modernisation. etc. The following companies are included to the infrastructure of the Ukrainian gas turbine compressor manufacturing: ZoryaMashproekt (Nikolaev). Vyacheslav Romanov — Sumy Frunze NPO. for updating of gas pipeline linear sections and gas underground storages.3% (ZoryaMashproekt) and the simple cycle AI-312 rated at 12 MW with the efficiency of 38% (Ivchenko-Progress). Sumy Frunze NPO. The specified developments are carried out at the expense of the company internal funds without state support. with the capacity up to 87% in the Russian system) are used to transport gas to main gas pipelines with the diameter 700…1420 mm in Ukraine and other CIS countries.RU/EN Digital issue 3. Ivchenko-Progress (Zaporozhye). The highly efficient advanced industrial gas turbine engines are developed based on the Concept at present time: the combined cycle GTD-16R rated at 16 MW with the efficiency of 40. More than 50–year operating experience of gas compressor packages designed around gas turbines operated at main gas pipelines confirmed the high efficiency and reliability in operation. Turboatom (Kharkov). 2011 2 . The detailed analysis presented in the Concept of gas compressor package modernisation [1. The approach to use the foreign equipment to modernise the Ukrainian gas transportation system will form the dependence from the foreign manufacturer because the spare part purchasing as well as the servicing and maintenance will require serious cost practically equal to the cost of the basic equipment.

78 MW)). The analysis performed in the work [4] shows that the combined operation of the gas compressor package and the gas pipeline are more important than the drive efficiency.0 MW (70. — JMS 620GS – NLS (gas piston engine).0–3.33 g/kWh. There are many piston gas compressor packages with the average capacity of 1. — Wartsila (gas piston engine).02–0. The piston gas compressor packages driven by the combustion engines and the integrated engine compressors are used in the Ukraine mainly at pipeline branches with the diameter of 700 mm maximum as well as at underground gas storages where the high compression is required. The small capacity of gas turbine and gas piston compressor packages within the gas transportation system of the USA is provided by the fact that the gas transportation system consists of gas pipelines of small diameter and the distribution network.5 MW.85 MW (2. The piston gas compressor packages are widely used in the USA mainly at the high pressure gas pipelines of small diameter. — DR-12 (gas engine compressor). The following conclusions can be made using the table. the specified characteristics of a gas piston engine are 8–25 kg/kW. Each piston gas compressor package is rated at 3 MW maximum (10GK.25)•10–2 m3/kW.GAS TURBO TECHNOLOGY Commission on industrial gas turbines and electric drives by the Department of power engineering physical-technical problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine [2]. the total power of piston gas compressor packages installed at the Ukrainian gas transportation system is less than 3%. At station conditions there is the non-linear connection between the gas 3 Figure. 6688 engines were with the capacity of 0. as for the combustion engines the characteristics are (0. The high efficiency (over 40%) and long service life (up to 200 thousand hours) are mentioned.25–1.285 MW in the gas transportation system of the USA (5400).5–2.5–2.RU/EN The average capacity of gas turbine compressor packages at the Ukrainian gas transportation systems is 9. It is interesting to note that 4825 engines rated from 0. HTTP://WWW. the cost of maintenance and repair is also high.0 kg/kW of the installed power. — Jenbacher (gas piston engine). the lubrication oil flow is high (0. The analysis of the world market development shows [3] the total order of the gas piston engine in the world for the mechanical drive was 6851 engines in 2007–2008. It can be seen from the table the gas transportation systems of the USA and the Ukraine differ.6 times higher than in the USA (3. the experience shows the application of the specified packages is not efficient at main gas pipelines at the power over 3 MW. while the gas transit prevails over consumption within the Ukrainian gas transportation system. For gas turbine engine the characteristics are (0. Specific weight and overall characteristics of gas turbine engines. The overall characteristics of the gas turbine engine are also better. 2011 .06)•10–1 m3/kW. — Ivchenko-Progress (gas turbine engine).1–0. The specific weight characteristics of a gas turbine engine are 0. gas piston engines and gas compressor packages — GPA-Ts-6. The specific weight characteristics of the gas piston engines are 25…40 times worse then the specified characteristics of the gas turbine engines and packages (figure). 10GKN). — Deutz (gas piston engine). The question is raised in several works with the reference to the USA experience on the application of combustion engines to drive the natural gas compressors at main gas pipelines.0 MW and only 154 engines were within the range of 2. the power varies from 1 to 5 MW. Thus it is not correct to justify the application of the combustion engines at the compressor stations within the Ukrainian gas transportation system by the experience obtained in the USA.25–0.GTT. — Zorya-Mashproekt (gas turbine engine) Digital issue 3. The non-failure operating time is 10…15 times less than the non-failure operating time of gas turbine compressor.4%) were ordered in the North America where the gas pipelines of the small diameter are widely used compared to the West Europe countries where only 930 engines were ordered. MK8. The piston gas compressor packages were widely used at the early stage of the Ukrainian gas transportation system development.3 gas compressor package.

Though only 7–10 gas compressor packages are operated used for 15–18%. units Total capacity. The payback period to transfer the Ukrainian gas transportation system for application of the electric driven gas compressor packages is about 10 years. as for the «gas pipeline — gas turbine drive» system efficiency it is 85–88% [4]. The electric driven gas compressor packages rated at 3–7 MW are used in France where the large quantity of the electric power is produced at nuclear powerplants.285 6939 1000 473 5292 3. etc.GTT. billion m3/year % of the transportation volume Number of compressor stations Compressor station average capacity.5 5660 144 1. 2011 .85 6. Though there are no main gas pipelines within the gas transportation system of France. As follows from the table the number of the electric driven gas compressor packages in the USA is insignificant.) shall be mastered for the wide application of the electric driven gas compressor packages within the Ukrainian gas transportation system.6% of the total capacity of gas Comparative characteristics of gas transportation systems of the USA and the Ukraine Gas transportation Gas transportation system (the USA) system (the Ukraine) Total length Transportation volume.3 no data 36. The average efficiency of the system «gas pipeline — combustion engine drive» is about 79%. MW Gas turbine power range. billion m3/day Capacity of the largest compressor stations. If the characteristics of the gas turbine drive and the gas pipeline are compared it can be seen the operating characteristics are practically the same. the specified packages are installed in the regions with severe ecological requirements (noise. the system consists of short gas pipelines of small diameter connected to the united gas transportation system.263 182 469 69 4620 9.3 295. billion m3/year Fuel gas flow.GAS TURBO TECHNOLOGY flow through the gas pipeline and the compressor pressure ratio. 158 electric driven gas compressor packages with the total capacity of 820 MW (14. The electric driven gas compressor packages with the adjustable speed can be used at the compressor stations of the HTTP://WWW. billion m3/day Total capacity (N) of gas compressor packages. 16 and 25 MW with the adjustable speed produced by the foreign companies (Siemens AG. 6].000 km 194* 4.78 1. units Number of compressor stations with gas turbine compressor packages. units * 300. MW Total capacity.RU/EN Digital issue 3. For the reliable operation of the electric driven gas compressor packages the electric power supply of the first category is required (using two independent power supplies) complicating significantly the package operating conditions. MW Number of gas compressor packages with electric drive.92 1200 1. Thus the application of the electric power can be non–efficient from the point of view of full utilisation of the fuel chemical power.5 122. MW Electric drive Total power (N).3 5400** 1. ABB.34 73 7. At the same time piston gas compressor packages driven from the combustion engines operate at conditions far from optimal characterised by constant flow at pressure ratio change. NOx and COx emission) making about 1% of the total gas compression packages.000 miles 540 15. At the existing price ratio for the natural gas and the electric power the large-scale application of the electric driven gas compression packages in the Ukraine can be justified only if the fuel gas price is 450 dollars for 1000 m3 [5.34-26. MW Average capacity.8 2.53* 2.3-25 828 160 ** — Average for 2006-2007 — 2/3 of piston gas compressor packages were installed before 1970 4 compressor packages installed at compressor stations within the Ukrainian gas transportation system) are installed within the Ukrainian gas transportation system. For that reason the gas turbine drive operates within the wide range of the gas flow through the gas pipeline at optimal conditions. MW Gas turbines Number. MW Piston gas compressor packages Number of piston gas compressor packages Average capacity.233 124 12.353. The production of the electric motors rated at 12. Transresch. It shall be remembered the system efficiency (heat and power powerplant — power line — compressor station — electric driven gas compressor package) is only 26–27%.

. the design shall meet API 617 standard requirements. 20-22.812-15-21 MPa. Khalatov A.E. The modern compressors for the Ukrainian gas transportation system shall be designed for the pressure of 5. 5. The piston. #4. 34. p.A. Ternopol.. At present time Sumy Frunze NPO develops GPA-Ts-12. Pismenny O.A.A. #26 (705). the pressure ratio of 1.2-3-5. The advantages of the hydrodynamic control can be seen for the drives rated over 700 kW. Kostenko D.RU/EN booster compressors is necessary for the production of low-pressure gas fields and providing the fuel gas to the gas turbine powerplants. Kostenko D.. 7. 2008.. The compressor design shall include the magnetic bearings with digital control as well as tandem dry gas seals. 3-9. simple operation.35-1. The hydrodynamic control using the adjustable hydraulic couples and hydraulic transformers is the alternative to the frequency control of the electric driven gas compressor package.E. Paton B. Pismenny A.A. 4. The centrifugal and screw compressors are preferable. Botsula A. Gailloreto G. pp.P. Bileka B.5 billion kWh annually. The attention of the Ukrainian government to the problems of gas turbine compressor manufacturing is very important because it remains competitive at the world market.5 MW.07. 52 p. centrifugal and screw compressors can be used. 6.5R electric driven gas compressor package with the adjustable speed rated at 12. significant reduction of the workplaces and decrease of contributions to the county budget.S.5-1.E.2008. etc.L... The Concept (project) of the state scientific-technical programme of the advanced industrial gas turbine engine development for gas industry and power engineering//Messenger of the National Academy of Science of the Ukraine.S.. small required area. Pismenny A. Kurz R. 12.127.S. The basic advantages are: low cost.7-2. Krasilov. In particular the application of the electric drives is efficient at Kiev – West of Ukraine gas pipeline (Berdichev. Voith hydraulic clutches (Germany) were used by Gazprom (Russia) at two STD-12500 packages installed at Cheboksarskaya KS-22 compressor stations providing the reduction of the electric power consumption by 15. Paton B. Khalatov A.. #47 (726). The development of small capacity HTTP://WWW. 20-23.5-9. Paton B. December 2008. Will the gas turbines help overcoming the Ukrainian power system problems?//Zerkalo Nedely. References 1.E..6-7. Kostenko D.. Pipeline compression: recipes vs. Parapheinik V. The absence of the state support can result in the loss of the industry leading position.25-1. Khalatov A. #7.2008. pp. etc. The modern gas compressor packages are preferable to install in the individual buildings without the wall between the gas turbine engine and gas compressors.. Due to the absence of the state support the development is slow..GAS TURBO TECHNOLOGY Ukrainian main gas pipelines in the regions with the excess electric power production.A.D. Brun K. Industrial gas turbines engines for the Ukrainian gas transportation system//Zerkalo Nedely.. Kiev.A. Khalatov A. high reliability. Rogatin compressor stations) [7]. 2011 .. The specified development can be made by Sumy Frunze NPO. Mechanical Drive Order Survey//Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide.. 12. It is the first oil–free electric driven gas compressor package equipped with magnetic bearings of the electric motor and compressor and dry gas seals of the compressor rotor and frequency control. 2009. pp.A.A. centrifugals//Turbomachinery International. September/October 2008. DGK-30 centrifugal compressor is developed at Ivchenko-Progress at present time. Khalatov A. For the compressor stations of underground gas storages where the pressure ratio is varied within the wide range at the modes of gas injection and bleeding it is required to develop the centrifugal compressors with parallel–serial operation. Industrial gas turbine engines for the Ukrainian gas transportation system: the current state and the problems of development//Power engineering and electrification. 5 Digital issue 3. 2. Concerning the efficiency the frequency control and hydrodynamic control are similar though the application of the climate control is necessary for the frequency control. 3. Paton B.. 2008. Compressor stations of the Ukrainian gas transportation system: Concept of gas compressor package drive modernization.GTT.

The introduction of the first line compressor facilities is planned for 2011. The place where the compressor station is built has difficult geological engineering conditions.4-150N (P-130) main hot-water boiler produced by IK ZIOMAR. The construction prime contractor is Promstroy. One of the most complicated parts of the construction was piled foundation building of the gas compression packages.TURBOnews Foundation construction and the main technological equipment assemblage is finished at Portovaya compressor station The unit on gas treatment for transportation. Portovaya compressor station will provide gas transportation for the distance of about 1200 km in Nord Stream pipeline. 2011 6 Commissioning works at Vnukovo gas turbine powerplant Gas turbine powerplant main equipment consists of two SGT-800 gas turbines produced by Siemens with KUV-60/150 (P-129) heat recovery systems produced by IK ZIOMAR and two KV-G-81. The powerplant was constructed by Intertechelectro – New Generation group of companies. The engineering infrastructure of the station enables installation of the package with the capacity up to 110 MW. HTTP://WWW. Portovaya compressor station construction The third power package can be built at Noyabrskaya combined cycle powerplant The necessity of Noyabrskaya CCPP enlargement is caused by a permanent electricity shortage in Tarko-Salye – Noyabrsk service area. The powerplant commissioning eliminated the power shortage partly at Noyabrsk service area and met the growing demand for electricity and capacity of oil and gas companies of the region. Gas compression packages produced by Rolls-Royce are mounted: six units with Trent 60 DLE gas turbine drives rated at 52 MW and two units with RB211 DLE gas turbine drives rated at 27 MW. construction and assemblage works — in January 2010. p ro d u c t i o n – operating unit. The compressor station total capacity is 366 MW.RU/EN . they were permitted for application by Rostekhnadzor. heat capacity is 95 Gcal/h. Digital issue 3. The construction of bypass line for gas supply to Nord Stream gas pipeline is close to its finish. as well as reliable and uninterrupted heat and power supply of Noyabrsk consumers. KTs-1 and KTs-2 p o we r p a c k a g e s .GTT. Gazprom invest Zapad is the project owner. Noyabrskaya CCPP was commissioned on November 19. 2011 the gas turbine rotor speed reached 1320 rpm driven by an electric starter that corresponds to the rotation speed of gas-air duct ventilation. the capacity is to be increased up to 366 MW by the end of 2012. At present the stage of gas turbine cold set–up is being finished: on February 18. T h e p re p a r a t o r y wo r k s o f Stroygazconsulting subdivision and contractors started in the third quarter of 2009. Two combined cycle packages based on PG 6581 gas turbines rated at 42 MW produced by GE Energy are installed in the main building. machinery and repair shops and other facilities are built at the compressor station now.6 MW. operating pressure is 220 atm. 2010. passed complex testing and are in operation. Karat RSK is the main testing and commissioning company. The works are fulfilled by Karat RSK specialists together with MOEK operating personnel under the supervision of Siemens experts. Stroygazconsulting is the prime contractor. The «hot» adjustment of gas turbine units is planned in the nearest future at Vnukovo gas turbine powerplant. a branch of Mospromstroy. there are no compressor stations similar to it in Europe. The installed electric capacity of the powerplant is 122. Now the group of companies Intertechelectro – New Generation is studying the possibility of building the third power package with maximum usage of the existing site and gas and electricity supply.

1 – 2. 2010 till January 16. The investment projects at Kirovskaya TETs-3. The main differences between CORVET-2500 and PAES-2500 power packages: — exhaust gases discharge in safe direction — heat and sound insulated structures — built–in automated fire– extinguishing and gas control system — the power package distant control from the operator’s working place HTTP://WWW. According to the contracts Power Machines will provide supervision. CORVET-2500 power package is installed at auxiliary powerplant site of Novo-Pelymskaya compressor s t a t i o n c l o s e t o t wo e x i s t i n g PAES-2500 transportable automated power plants. Prior to the acceptance testing C O R V E T . 180 MW generator and its excitation system.5 billion roubles (without VAT). Each set consists of GTE-160 gas turbine.3 MW and with short–term load in the range of 100 kW – 2. the customer’s personnel training. The power package is connected to 6/10 kV open distribution device of auxiliary power plant. New life of PAES-2500 Operational and acceptance testing of CORVET-2500 equipment set were held in January 2011 as part of production equipment prototype of CORVET-2500 gas turbine power package.5 MW including load rise of 700 kW and load drop to 2000 kW. participation in individual testing as well as complex approval and guarantee testing. The equipment supply will start in the third quarter of this year and will be finished in the third quarter of 2012.52 MW. CORVET-2500 gas turbine power package 7 Digital issue 3.RU/EN — the human factor influence is excluded at all stages and modes of work — the operation doesn’t require the constant presence of the personnel in the gas turbine powerplant rooms. 2011). gas turbine control system and air filtration system. preliminary and operational testing (pilot operation lasted from August 2. Vladimirskaya TETs-2 and Novobogoslovskaya TETs heat and power plant include the installation of new PGU-230T units with the electric capacity of 220-230 MW at the existing powerplants. It meets modern requirements of Rostekhnadzor. Izhevskaya TETs-1. Gaznadzor and Gazprom to gas turbine powerplants and is economical. 2011 .GTT. The equipment producer was chosen according to the result of the competitive purchase. The compressor station belongs to Gazprom transgaz Yugorsk. The project of this type will be realized at Permskaya TETs-9 heat and power plant. GTE-160 turbines allow a planned transfer from steam to combined cycle due to sequential scheme of gas turbine introduction into the existing part of the heat and power plant. The fuel gas is supplied via a new gas pipeline. During the pilot operation CORVET-2500 gas turbine power package worked steadily with continuous load in the range of 1.2 5 0 0 p o we r p a c k a g e successfully passed a full cycle of start–up and commissioning. the total cost of contracts is over 5. Vladimirskaya TETs-2 (TGK-6). Permskaya TETs-9 and Novobogoslovskaya TETs (TGK-9) heat and power plants. CORVET-2500 equipment set is developed according to the technical task issued by Gazprom transgaz Yugorsk in July 2009 and approved by Gazprom.Power Machines will supply the equipment for five heat and power plants of KES-Holding Power Machines signed a number of contracts for the supply of equipment to Kirovskaya TETs-3 and Izhevskaya TETs-1 (TGK-5). New power packages will be built as part of KES-Holding investment programme. Holding capital overhaul of PAES-2500 powerplants with the use of CORVET-2500 includes the possibility of using main equipment of PAES-2500 for its remaining life. During the acceptance testing the reliable work of the power package in all load modes from 80 kW to 2. It is produced by MPP Energotekhnika in Saratov.

arranged to the angle of 300 staggered to the suction surface profile. The specified factors influences negatively on the film cooling efficiency of the suction surface. 4) variants was performed using the following formula: Tgas – Twall . Due to the division the optimal outlet parameters as well as the film on the suction and pressure surface were provided. cone and radial (figure 2). The vane front cavity was divided into two cavities T Figure 1. Twall — total temperature in the wall layer in the selected section at the distance of x/D from the perforation holes. 2011 8 .GAS TURBO TECHNOLOGY HEAT PROTECTION Development and comparative analysis of design solutions concerning the efficiency of the turbine vane cooling quality Stanislav Sendurev. Vane with modified design: 1 — vane body. 2 — deflector. Tair — cooling air total temperature at the deflector inlet.GTT. The length of the suction surface and impossibility to make perforation at the suction surface outlet the nose are also negative factors. The turbulence model is SST. 4 — low pressure cavity (figure 1): the high pressure cavity (on the pressure surface) and the low pressure cavity (on the suction surface). the calculation scheme is High Resolution. The comparative assessment of the film efficiency at various perforation (figure 3. Finally it can result in the overheating and irreversible suction surface deformation. Besides the investigation concerning the application of perforation in the last row on the suction surface was performed. To carry out CFD 3D viscosity analysis the 3D calculation procedure based on Navier-Stokes mean equation solution using the finite volumes with implicit integration algorithm within ANSYS CFX 12. The main problem of the suction surface cooling is the difficulty of film formation in the specified area due to the high gas flow (about 400 m/s) as well as the high pressure difference between the cooling air and the gas flow (over 10 kg/cm2). (1) Θ= Tgas – Tair where Tgas — total gas temperature at the NGV inlet.1 software was used. the pressure difference between the cooling air and the gas flow also increases.RU/EN Digital issue 3. the gas flow at the suction surface is increased (up to 400 m/s) in the area of the highest curve. Alexey Tikhonov – Aviadvigatel he vane suction surface is the area where the reliable cooling is difficult to provide. the initial time increment is 10–5 s. 3 — high pressure cavity. where x is the distance between the section and the HTTP://WWW. The investigated perforation row consisted of 42 holes with the diameter of 0. The profile of modern gas turbine vanes is curved.65 mm. Three variants of the holes were investigated — round.

The radial holes are 10–15% more efficient than the cone holes at the distance up to 30d at the same cooling air flow (figure 6). It was determined the application of the shaped holes results in the increase of the film cooling efficiency up to 30% at the average compared to the round holes at the same cooling air flow (figure 6).RU/EN 9 Digital issue 3. It was also shown that the cooling efficiency of radial and cone holes is practically the same at proper geometry parameters. Scheme of hole arrangement: a) round holes b) cone holes. though the film efficiency on the shaped holes is 30–35% higher than the efficiency on the round holes. b) cone holes. Distribution of the film efficiency to the vane suction surface: a) round holes. Diagram of the film efficiency distribution b) с) Figure 4. The detailed analysis of the shaped hole application using various geometry parameters at flat plates was carried out (figure 5). c) radial holes Figure 5. Cone (left) and radial (right) perforation holes HTTP://WWW.1 software).GTT. 2011 . c) radial holes Figure 3. though the specified holes a) a) b) c) Figure 2. Due to the shaped holes the air flow through the perforation is increased by 7% compared to the round holes. The analysis was carried out using the 3D calculation procedure based on NavierStokes mean equation solution using the finite volumes with implicit integration algorithm (ANSYS CFX 12.GAS TURBO TECHNOLOGY perforation row and D is the perforation hole diameter.

GTT.e. At the distance over 30 perforation hole diameters the cooling efficiency at the same cooling air flow doesn’t differ either using radial or round holes. Examples of positive and negative influence using the shaped holes Figure 8. figure 9). cone and round holes Figure 7. Dependence of the vane suction surface film cooling efficiency from the distance to the last perforation row Digital issue 3.e. the shaped holes cannot be used at any mode. 2011 10 are more complicated in manufacturing. The vortex flow formation also depends probably on the outlet parameters. it is impossible to use the holes with high depth if the vane wall is thin (≤ 1 mm). The conclusion was also made that to solve the problems of film cooling efficiency using the mathematical simulation the high–digital grid of the wall area is required. It is efficient to adjust the hole parameters to Red Line operating mode because it is the critical mode to the temperature (the engine operates at maximum mode under severe conditions at the end of the service life). The carried out investigation showed that to get Y+ parameter (dimensionless speed near the wall) value of 2 maximum it is necessary that the height of the first mesh in the prismatic HTTP://WWW. If the engine operating mode is changed the cooling efficiency at application of the shaped holes can be increased or decreased compared to the round holes.RU/EN . i. The radial holes of the most optimal configuration among the investigated variants concerning the design of the last perforation row were assessed at the suction surface of the turbine vane of the first stage. It shall be noted the possibility of the shaped hole application is limited by the vane wall thickness. It was detected that compared to the round holes the film cooling efficiency increased by 13% at the average (figure 8) and the film temperature decreased by 80 °C at the average at the distance up to 30 perforation hole diameters (about 17 mm. i.GAS TURBO TECHNOLOGY Figure 6. It was determined that depending on the hole geometry the vortex flow can appear in the hole expanding area changing the cooling air flow and influencing considerably on the plate cooling efficiency both positively and negatively (figure 7). Distribution of the adjusted film cooling efficiency to the flat plate for radial. Among the investigated hole variants the optimal cooling efficiency was at radial holes with the depth of 5 or 6d (depending on the thickness of the vane wall) and the hole outlet angle of 15°.

the application of the heat protection coating can result in the significant decrease of the film cooling due to the increase of the cooling air outlet angles. Though it shall be noted that among the negative factors of the heat protection coating influence only the decrease of perforation hole square is considered (10% of the hole square filling was considered in the calculations). One of the problems to be solved for introduction of the shaped holes is the application of heat protection coating. where the cooling air outlet angles are large. Temperature field in the midsection of the turbine vane of the first stage with heat protection coating (left) and without heat protection coating (right) HTTP://WWW. The simplest variant of the perforation hole filling was Figure 9. b) radial holes Figure 10. As for the perforation rows located at the vane suction surface. where the cooling air outlet angles are small.GAS TURBO TECHNOLOGY a) b) layer shall be 0.RU/EN 11 Digital issue 3. It can be applied for the leading edge and the pressure surface. Due to the application of the heat protection coating the vane temperature can be decreased considerably: the maximum temperature can be reduced by 100…130 °C.1 mm. the average temperature — by 50…70 °C (figure 10). 2011 .GTT.005 mm maximum and the number of layers shall be 8 minimum at the total height of the wall area of 0. The pictures of the cooling air outlet from clean holes and the holes with heat protection coating on the flat plate are presented in figure 11. Distribution of the total temperature to the vane suction surface: a) round holes.

At the distance over 20 mm the temperature of plate with heat protection coating is by 5 °C higher at the average than the temperature of plate without heat protection coating. Figure 12. 2011 12 HTTP://WWW. Efficiency of the plate film cooling with heat protection coating and without heat protection coating Digital issue 3. To eliminate the negative influence of heat protection coating application it is recommended to perform the laser treatment of the perforation holes after applying the heat protection coating or the machining of the filled holes. between the heat protection coating and the plate were made. The thickness of the heat protection coating is 0. Cooling air outlet from clean holes (right) and holes with heat protection coating (left) on the flat plate simulated in the calculations: the heat protection coating was applied evenly near the perforation holes changing the cooling air outlet angle but not penetrating into the holes (the square of perforation holes was not changed). It can be seen that the efficiency of the film cooling for the holes with heat protection coating is 5-15% less at the average to the plate length.GTT.RU/EN .GAS TURBO TECHNOLOGY Figure 11. Thus the conclusion can be made that the application of heat protection coating to the vane suction surface decreasing the square of perforation holes and increasing the cooling air outlet angle can result in the increase of the suction surface temperature. According to the calculation results the application of heat protection coating increased the plate temperature by 10–15 °C at the average at the distance up to 20 mm from the perforation hole row. The calculations at flat plates considering the heat exchange between the air and the heat protection coating. Thus the heat protection coating forms the stage at the perforation hole outlet. The distribution of the film cooling efficiency for the row of clean holes and the row of holes with heat protection coating is presented in figure 12.2 mm. It is planned to make the combined gas-dynamic and thermal calculation of the turbine vane of the first stage with the applied heat protection coating and shaped perforation holes to get more reliable assessment of the vane thermal state.

At present time the electric power for the remote fields is produced by local diesel powerplants. The gas turbine powerplant will cover the electric power demand of Urnenskoye and Ust-Tegusskoye fields (East hub of Uvat project) as well as contribute to the problem of the casing head gas recovery. The construction site is about 30. lightning rod. flare system.RU/EN 13 Digital issue 3. The gas turbine powerplant is the power complex including the gas turbine powerplant building. At the end of December the first turbines were put into commercial operation.GTT. 2011 . assembly and commissioning of the gas turbine powerplant rated at 20 MW for Ust-Tegusskoye field. the load increase was 3. air compressor station. The construction of the powerplant second stage is planned. The casing head gas separated from the oil at the central collecting station will be used as the fuel. The equipment operated in standard mode in accordance with specification.000 square meters. The construction is planned immediately after commissioning of the powerplant first stage. synchronisation and load division of GTU #1 and GTU #2 gas turbine packages is adjusted. The own gas turbine powerplant will allow using up to 95% of the produced casing head gas. The basic equipment includes four Taurus 60 gas turbine packages each rated at 5. fuel gas receivers. the draining system. The finishing construction stage started in December 2010: the commissioning of the electrical and manufacturing equipment as well the gas turbine and compressor equipment carried out by Solar and Toromont specialists is finishing. The turbines were load-tested. condensate tanks. emergency DES-1600 kW diesel power station. the fuel gas preparation system. The parallel operation. The equipment purchase is discussed. sewage system.5 MW.7 MW produced by Solar Turbines. floodlight towers. HTTP://WWW. etc.TURBOnews NG-Energo put into commercial operation the gas turbine powerplant for TNK-Uvat NG-Energo finishes the works on the general contractor contract concerning the construction. gas separators. The first two turbines were started–up.

Installation supervision and commissioning of the supplied equipment as well as field maintenance will be held by ENERGAZ specialists. all systems’ operability will be tested and adjusted at partial and nominal loads. The commissioning is planned for March 2012. A single shaft combined cycle power package rated at 400 MW based on SGT5-4000F gas turbine (V94. In 2010 two similar units were supplied to the heat and power plant as well as a fuel gas treatment unit used for cleaning and metering the compressed pipeline gas.4 MW and further supply to the gas turbine. The construction of new packages is held as part of the large-scale investment programme of OGK-4 and E.ON international concern. P o w e r p l a n t commissioning is planned for the fourth Booster compressor station unloading quarter of 2011. The commissioning of new power packages is planned for 2011. Then steam pipes will be cleaned with steam blowing with turbine generator operating at no load. ENERGAZ will supply equipment for Syzranskaya heat and power plant EGSI-S-350/1600 WA gas booster compressor produced by ENERPROJECT was delivered to the powerplant construction site at Syzranskaya heat and power plant (Volzhskaya TGK).3A) produced by Siemens AG is being built at Yaivinskaya state district power plant. The production and supply of Ural-4000 gas turbine power plant to the site are planned for November this year. Automatic fire–extinguishing system and two booster compressors will be supplied together with the gas turbine power plant. HTTP://WWW. that is the main share-holder of the company. Trading house LUKOIL plans to order three similar gas turbine power plants for the same deposit in the following three years.S. The final stage will be the complex testing that will confirm the readiness of the power package to operation.GTT. PGU-235 combined cycle plant includes two Frame 6FA (PG6111) gas turbines produced by General Electric with the electric capacity of 80 MW. The combined cycle power plant will be commissioned in the third quarter of 2011. Surgutskaya GRES-2. Digital issue 3. installation supervision. After that the power package will be synchronized with the power system. 2011 14 Aviadvigatel will supply Ural-4000 gas turbine powerplant to Ilichevskoye field Aviadvigatel and Trading house LUKOIL signed an agreement for the supply of a gas turbine powerplant rated at 4 MW in February 2011. New power packages at Surgutskaya GRES-2 The construction is held by ENKA Insaat ve Sanayi A. The construction is held by the international consortium headed by GE and Gama. the branch of OGK-4 is simultaneously building two PGU-400 combined cycle packages (#7 and #8) on the base of 9FA gas turbines produced by GE Energy. The modular booster compressor unit will be used for natural gas compression to the pressure of 3.TURBOnews The first hot start of the constructed combined cycle power packages took place at Surgutskaya GRES-2 and Yaivinskaya state district power plants The first hot start is one of the most important stages of start–up and commissioning works. All the constructed objects are at the stage of hot start-up and commissioning. The powerplant will operate on casing head gas at Ilchevskoye oil and gas field (Kungur town) belonging to LUKOIL-Perm.RU/EN . According to the contract Aviadvigatel specialists will provide equipment delivery. start–up and commissioning works and the customer’s personnel training. (Turkey). assemblage inside the blocks.

2011 . The powerplant owner is ArmRosgazprom. The compressors will supply fuel gas to three General Electric gas ENERPROJECT double-stage booster compressors 15 turbines rated at 46. This in its turn guarantees reliability of fuel gas treatment in HTTP://WWW.6 MW. f i e l d supervision. ENERPROJECT booster combustor station will provide uninterrupted fuel supply for the new power package of Yuzhno-Sakhalinskaya TETs-1 heat and power plant Two EGSI-S-400/1200-130/1200 WA double-stage compressors of fuel gas produced by ENERPROJECT will be supplied to the constructed 4th power package of YuzhnoSakhalinskaya TETs-1 heat and power plant (a branch of Sakhalinenergo). auxiliary buildings and constructions. The powerplant rating after the modernization will be 431 MW. The new equipment commissioning will significantly increase the share of the powerplant at power generation market of the Republic of Armenia and electricity supplies to nearby countries.RU/EN productivity and pressure as well as chemical composition and purity. A similar ENERPROJECT booster compressor station is effectively operated as part of new PGU-115 combined cycle plant at Kvadra heat and power plant in Voronezh.IPTs-NG finished the work on the modernization project of the powerplant # 5 at Razdanskaya heat and power plant The specialists of Engineering — project center New generation issued the design documentation on the powerplant main building to the customer. the drawings of the electrical–technical parts of the main and auxiliary equipment secondary control wiring of protective equipment system and emergency control schemes. Powerplant #5 reconstruction includes the modernisation of the steam package rated at 300 MW in the combined cycle unit with the exhaust discharge of GT 13E2 Alstom gas turbine rated at 160 MW to 300 MW steam boiler unit. constructional and technological concepts on the main. The units have a peculiar feature: the gas is compressed in two stages.GTT. It provides stable operation of ENERPROJECT compressor station in the whole range of suction pressure changes. that is after compression at the first stage the gas is passed to the second stage without intermediate cooling. Teploenergomontazh is the contractor for the works on K-300-240 steam turbine unit produced by LMZ. The following works were finished: preparation of the main electrical scheme. Installation drawings of the main and auxiliary equipment were prepared and passed as well as architectural. The main Razdanskaya heat and power plant contractor for construction– assemblage works on competitive base is Teploenergostroymontazh. control systems. that provides simultaneous supply of all necessary budgeted and consumable materials. The volumetric capacity of the booster compressor station will be 42. Each booster compressor station will be modular. start–up and commissioning works as well as booster compressor stations in the operation process will be provided by engineers of ENERGAZ (Russia) that is part of Swiss industrial holding ENERPROJECT group.900 m3/h. E q u i p m e n t d e l i v e r y. Digital issue 3. Now IPTs-NG specialists hold designer supervision of progress of works on power package modernization.

2011 16 the considered assumptions are specified during the experimental data collection. The concentration field in the longitudinal section of mixing area channel Digital issue 3. The application of the specified technology allows importing the configuration from CAD systems and changing the information with the finiteelement analysis. The simulated flows include the stationary and non–stationary. One of the main problems during the development of advanced gas turbine packages is the designing of low emission combustors. the combustion flows and the flows with free surface. Mikhail Gutnik. The longitudinal section of low emission combustor Figure 2. The strict requirements specified to the combustor designing include the fuel combustion intensification. FlowVision software designed for simulation of 3-D liquid and gas flows in technical and natural objects as well for flow visualisation using the computer graphics is applied in the All-Russian Thermal Engineering Institute. low–compressed and non–compressed liquid and gas flows. Vasiliy Vasiliev. Anatoly Tumanovsky – All-Russian Thermal Engineering Institute he mathematic simulation of combustor operation is widely used now. reduction of toxics formation at design HTTP://WWW. The use of various turbulence models and adaptive analysis grid allows simulating the complicated liquid flows including the spinned flows.RU/EN .GTT. The longitudinal section of annular mixing area (one of the variants) Figure 3.GAS TURBO TECHNOLOGY LOW EMISSION TECHNOLOGY The mathematic simulation of low emission combustors at development and adjustment Ludmila Bulysova. Due to the mathematic simulation the influence of design and operating factors on the combustor basic characteristics can be investigated. FlowVision software is based on the finite-volume method of hydrodynamics equation solution with the application of square adaptive grid with local mesh. Mikhail Gutnik. The subgrid configuration definition is used to adjust the curved configuration with increased accuracy. However the absence of the basic information concerning the operating process the application of the received experimental data during the manufacturing results in the increase of the volume and periods of adjustment works. the improvement methods can be developed thus decreasing the volume of the experimental researches. compressed. The mathematic simulation is the advanced method though the calculations are complicated and T Figure 1.

formation of optimal temperature field at the combustor outlet and cooling of the flame tube and gas collector walls.GAS TURBO TECHNOLOGY and transient modes. The principle of air-fuel mixture combustion at the engine operating loads from 50 to 100% is used in most low emission combustors. The numerical analysis of the spinning device and fuel supply pipes relative position was carried out. The numerical simulation was used to solve the problem of efficient blending of fuel and air to get the homogenous mixture. the fuel is supplied through the holes in the fuel supply pipes. Thus the scope of works on the development of new-design combustors and adjustment of the operating processes was significantly increased. The mixing degree was estimated in the section at the combustor head mixing area to the mean square deviation value of methane concentration to the flow and square of the investigated section: Table 1 Table 2 σ= √ ∫ (f – fk)2 • ρ • Vn •dS s — . The low emission combustor mixing area consisting of the annular channel. spinning device and the fuel supply pipes is presented in figure 2. The air is supplied to the annular channel. 2011 . The homogenous mixture is combusted for the engine operating load from 50 to 100%. ∫ ρ • Vn •dS s The calculation results of three variants are presented in table 1.GTT. The methane concentration fields in the investigated section and methane concentration mean square deviation values designed to the flow and to the square are also given.RU/EN 17 Digital issue 3. Due to the application of such fuel combustion scheme NOx emission is low because the mixture combustion temperature is 1300…1500 °C maximum. Variants 1 and 3 with the pipe arranged before the spinning device were the best HTTP://WWW. Thus the low emission combustor head (figure 1) is divided in two areas: the pilot area where the principle of fuel diffusion combustion is used and the mixing area fired from the pilot area where the air-fuel mixture is prepared to supply to the low emission combustor.

The dependence was calculated as a result of numerical experiment used to determine the channel length values efficient for proper mixing. The methane concentration mean square deviation value was investigated in the channel cross sections starting from the spinning device with the pitch of 0.12 0.06 0.GAS TURBO TECHNOLOGY mixing degree 0. 0 Figure 4. The values of methane concentration mean square deviation in both variants are similar.02 0 2 4 6 number of annular channel sections. 2011 18 HTTP://WWW. n σ mixing degree 0.5 the mixing area annular channel section.1 σ 1 0. The methane concentration fields in the investigated section at the head mixing area outlet and methane concentration mean square deviation values designed to the flow are also given.08 0.1 0.08 0. The methane concentration field in the air to the height of the preliminary mixing area channel was determined at the next stage.04 0.04 0.GTT.001 0 2 4 8 10 12 26 4 14 16 18 6 20 NOx.RU/EN . a) b) Variant 6 with the corresponding arrangement of the holes at the fuel supply pipes was selected as the best variant after carrying out the numerical investigations.01 0.02 0. The channel presented in figure 3 was selected for investigation.nppm number of annular channel sections.12 1 0.01 0. The length of the preliminary mixing area was also defined using the mathematical simulation. The numerical investigation results of the hole arrangement at the fuel supply pipes are presented in table 2. c) Figure 6. Dependence of mean square deviation value of methane concentration in the investigated section from NOx emission value at combustor gas collector outlet concerning the air-fuel mixture mixing.06 0. flow field in the longitudinal section (b). Though analysing the methane concentration fields it can be seen the basic difference in variant 1 is axial. Dependence of the air-fuel mixture mixing degree from the mixing channel length Figure 5. The arrangement of the fuel supply pipes relative to spinning device of variant 1 shall be considered for the further low emission combustor adjustment. in variant 2 — radial.001 0 0. temperature field in the longitudinal section (c) received at the calculation of gas turbine nominal mode with 5% of fuel supply to the pilot area Digital issue 3.1 0.1 0. The dependence of methane mean square deviation value from the mixing area length is presented in figure 4. Design area section (a).

5 mm. d = 22 mm and n = 1.3 n = 4.234 n = 2. two variants are presented in figure 7. d = 18 mm and n = 1.GTT. d = 18 mm. n = 2. The temperature difference calculated to the formula (Tmax out. d = 17. number and arrangement of the mixer holes are presented in table 3. – Tinl. Five variants of mixer hole arrangement were considered. all parameters as during the engine operation except the combustor inlet pressure). n = 2.13 The field comparison shows the reliability of data received via the design and possibility of investigation and adjustment of temperature fields at the combustor outlet using the mathematical simulation. The influence of the operating 19 Digital issue 3.RU/EN а) b) Figure 7. – Tin) . d = 20 mm 1. Another example of the numerical simulation application is the formation of the required temperature field at the combustor gas collector outlet using the mixer holes at the low emission combustor flame tube. The simulation of the operating process is made to the volume air flow.) is also given.GAS TURBO TECHNOLOGY The quality of the air-fuel mixture supplied to the combustion area influences significantly NOx concentration. d = 20 mm. Variant 5 was tested at the All-Russian Thermal Engineering Institute test bench. Low emission combustor mixer hole arrangement Table 3 Mixer hole number and diameter Temperature difference Өout.23 n = 2. The expected NOx emission can be assessed to the specified dependence knowing the design value in the given section at low emission combustor operation at the load close to the engine load of 100% considering the basic fuel (over 90% of the total) is supplied to the mixing area. HTTP://WWW.29 n = 2. 2011 . The dependence of methane concentration mean square deviation value in the investigated section of the design model from NOx emission values received during the experimental researches of the same variants at the low pressure test bench of the All-Russian Thermal Engineering Institute is presented in figure 5.5 mm 1. The temperature field values at the outlet received via the design and experiment are given in figure 8. d = 25 mm 1. The temperature field was measured in the gas collector outlet section using 20 thermal couples located in 5 rows each of 4 thermal couples.e. The design area section for the investigation of mixer hole arrangement and the flow and temperature fields in the longitudinal section received at the calculation of the gas turbine nominal mode with 5% of fuel supply to the pilot area are given in figure 6. d = 16 mm 1. The results of numerical investigations of temperature fields in the section at the combustor gas collector outlet depending on the value. n = 2. At the initial stage of development and adjustment the combustors are tested at the atmospheric pressure test bench. Qвых = (Tmidl out. d = 21. d = 22 mm 1. Variant Temperature field designed using FlowVision software n = 6. combustor inlet temperature and excess air factor (i.

78 2.GTT.2 1 40.RU/EN . % 30 5 30 5 P. The carried out numerical investigations confirmed that the reverse flow area is reduced at change of the low emission combustor operation from atmospheric to the working pressure (though the combustion product weight in the areas does not change significantly).. b) received via the numerical investigations а) b) pressure on the processes is very important to assess for the further low emission combustor adjustment.1 7. Temperature field values at the combustor gas collector outlet: a) received via the design experiment. The results of flow field. The design investigation results of recirculation area characteristics and NOx concentration for the low emission combustor with the operating parameters corresponding to 100% of the engine load at various operating pressures for two variants of fuel distribution between the central – pilot area and the mixing area are given in table 4: — 5% of fuel to the central area. kPa 111 111 849 849 Lmax.8 7 Digital issue 3. ppm 26. — 30% to the central area.87 9. 2011 20 HTTP://WWW. the development of design solutions to reduce NOx concentration at operating modes and CO concentration at transient modes. the assessment of the flame tube wall temperature. mm 80 84 70 4 Mrecirc./Bfuel total. The calculations were made in the low emission combustor longitudinal section at the operation under the atmospheric and design pressure. The present data are necessary for further analysis of the flame stability and control at the combustion of lean homogenous mixtures. The numerical simulation examples specified above show the reliability of assessment concerning the processes of lean air–fuel mixture mixing and combustion as well as the efficiency of the numerical simulation application for the optimisation Table 4 Bfuel cent. mm 175 172 155 150 Hmax.GAS TURBO TECHNOLOGY Figure 8. NOx concentration is increased. the length of fuel combustion field is decreased considerably. The application of the numerical simulation contributes to the problem solving. temperature field and non-combusted fuel field calculation are presented in figure 9. % 3.46 NOx.

Kiev. Tumanovsky A. Gas turbine engines and the environment protection. 2009. Peter Habisreuther. NOx. 2002. Design and experimental investigations of low emission combustor for gas turbine packages//Abstracts of the scientific seminar The low emission combustors for gas turbine packages: development experience..RU/EN 21 Digital issue 3. problems and outlooks. 2. 1983.. 4. Sea and Air GT 2009 June 8-12. % — temperature difference coefficient at the gas collector outlet.A. involved into the recirculation.. 2004. Bfuel cent. Moscow.. Matthias Kern Chair of Combustion Technology. #6(21). °C — average temperature at the gas collector outlet. Bulysova L. Engler-Bunte-Institute University of Karlsruhe (TN) Paris Fokaides. Mrecirc. mm — maximum height of reverse flow area. Gutnik M. Florida.G. Symbols and abbreviations Qout. 36-37. reduction of the volumes.. periods and cost for the combustor adjustment. pp. References 1. Tumanovsky A. USA. CIAM – All-Russian Thermal Engineering Institute. Hmax. Taver. fuel combustion field (c) in the low emission combustor longitudinal section packages//Gas Turbo Technology. P = 111 kPа P = 111 kPа P = 111 kPа HTTP://WWW. Nikolaos Zarzalis Chair of Combustion Technology.GTT. The possibilities of high temperature low emission combustor development for stationary gas turbine 100% Ne 30% of fuel to the central nozzle 5% of fuel to the central nozzle а) P = 849 kPа b) P = 849 kPа c) P = 849 kPа Figure 9..A.G. Gutnik M. mm — maximum length of reverse flow area. Khristich V. Vasiliev V. 38-40.N.. Lmax. pp.D. F — mean square difference calculated to the square at the mixing area outlet.N. Proceedings of ASME Turbo Expo 2009: Power for Land. % — maximum gas mass.GAS TURBO TECHNOLOGY of the design parameters. ppm — nitrogen oxide emission. 3. Orlando. temperature field (b). Flow field (a). out. Tekhnika. Engler-Bunte-Institute University of Karlsruhe 2-DOMAIN-1-STEP-KINETIK TURBULENT REACTION MODEL FOR THE SIMULATION OF A LIFTED SWIRL FLAME. 2011 . — fuel supplied through the diffusion channel relative to the total fuel supplied to the combustor.

The general project is developed by Zarubezhenergoproject. detailed engineering. The new power package commissioning solves the pressing problem of electricity shortage in St.86/0. 2011 22 VO Technopromexport held the development of technical–and– economic assessment of PGU-450 powerplant construction at Yuzhnaya TETs-22 heat and power plant. A bit over three and a half years passed since contract signing. Gazpromenergoholding (100% affiliate of Gazprom). The main equipment of the combined cycle powerplant includes two GTE-160 gas turbines and T-125/150-7. equipment supply and assemblage.4 steam turbine produced by Power Machines. it covers energy demands for the development of the industrial–commercial complex of the ringway. HTTP://WWW. construction works.TURBOnews PGU-450 combined cycle plant at Yuzhnaya TETs-22 heat and power plant (TGK-1) was commissioned In a month after VO Technopromexport (that is the prime contractor of the construction) successfully finished complex 72–hour testing of the new power package.GTT. ceremonial equipment commissioning took place on April 8. 2011.Petersburg and Leningrad region. Main technical–economic parameters of the power package completely meet the ones stated in the technical–and–economic assessment of the project and contract documents. The new power package with the electric capacity of 450 MW and the heat capacity of 350 Gcal/h corresponds to modern international technical and ecological standards and will operate with the efficiency of 51%. increases the reliability and expands heat supply in the city southern regions. The construction of the new power package at Yuzhnaya TETs-22 heat and power plant is one of the priority projects of TGK-1 territorial generating company investment p ro g r a m m e t h a t wa s re a l i s e d with the support of the controlling s h a re h o l d e r o f t h e c o m p a n y. two Pr-228/47-7. precommissioning works and personnel training in proper time. It reduced the amount of construction material and works at main building erection.RU/EN . The main building of the new power package The technology of gas turbine assemblage without application of cranes was used for the first time in Russia.62-515/230 produced by Podolsky machine– building plant. Combined cycle plant machine room Digital issue 3.

It is realised as part of subprogramme «The efficiency increase of fuel and energy complex of Yaroslavl region on base of cogeneration power industry development» which is part of a regional programme on energy-saving and energy-efficiency increase of Yaroslavl region for 2008-2012 with the perspective till 2020. GP 50/10 b r i d g e c r a n e i s p re p a re d f o r assemblage. 2011 . a drummed oil storage. Wall panels and roofing are installed at the main building of the combined cycle plant. was established on April 11. Gas and steam turbines with generators. equipment supply. The electricity generation will be increased by 390 million kW•h a year which is 5% of the regional consumption. The powerplant mains are constructed on the site.8 %. Combined cycle plant commissioning is planned for 2012. The combined cycle plant will include four gas turbines single rated at 8 MW (Saturn – Gas turbines). gas booster compressors. Tutaevskaya combined cycle plant is a pilot project in one of six federal projects in the sphere of energy efficiency — Complex small power generation. The combined cycle plant for Vologodskaya heat and power plant will consist of PG 6111FA gas turbine rated at 75 MW produced by General Electric.RU/EN 23 Digital issue 3. 25% of them will be invested by Yaroslavl generating company and 75 % will be obtained as credits. a cooling tower have been delivered to the construction site. The roof is also mounted on the electrotechnical building as well as its floors and ceilings. It will accomplish design. Besides. The heat recovery system is to be delivered in April 2011. assemblage and adjustment. 2011 to realize the project. construction.110 MW combined cycle plant is built at Vologodskaya heat and power plant Intertekhelektro is continuing construction of a combined cycle plant at Vologodskaya heat and power plant. the heat recovery system foundation is built. an 100% affiliate. Future combined cycle plant sketch HTTP://WWW.7 billion roubles. two steam turbines (Kaluga turbine plant). The main building of the constructed combined cycle plant Yaroslavl generating company will build PGU-TES-52 combined cycle plant in Tutaev (Yaroslavl region) Tutaevskaya PGU. Territorial generating company # 2 is the construction owner. The powerplant commissioning is planned for 2012. the energy capacity reserve will be created for the development of industrial park at the existing site of Tutaevsky motor plant. a 35 MW steam turbine produced by Kaluga turbine plant and a heat recovery system produced by Austrian Energy & Environment. two turbine generators (Electrotyazhmash-Privod). The prime contractor for the combined cycle plant construction is Saturn – Gas turbines. The gas turbine foundation is finished. The works on building foundations for outer facilities of the powerplant started. Tutaevskaya combined cycle plant construction cost is 1. The project is realised as state-private partnership. a heat-recovery boiler (Energomash (Belgorod) – BZEM). These are a gas treatment unit. Tutaevskaya plant commissioning will reduce the energy deficiency of Yaroslavl region by 4. a cooling tower.GTT. block transformers.

The specific costs plan to be limited from 360 to 240 g/kW•h. But in July 2010 the contract was cancelled. Iskra-Turbogaz will supply gas compression packages for Kanchurinsko-Musikhinskiy underground gas storage complex The company received an order for the supply of one GPA-10PKhG-01 Ural gas compression package in December 2011. operational testing of turbines at the new powerplant commissioning. the branches of TGK-11. The customer is Gazprom transgaz Ufa. Previously six GPA-10PKhG-01 Ural gas compression packages were produced and supplied to KanchurinskoMusikhinskiy underground gas storage complex. Stroytransgaz was chosen as the general contractor of the first stage of powerplant construction according to the results of the contest held in 2009. It will influence significantly on the electricity production cost.14 MW minimum produced by GE Energy. 2011 24 . its commissioning is planned by December 2012. The project value is estimated at 10 billion roubles. The expected time of the work end is the second quarter of 2012. KES-Holding investment project in Berezniki includes commissioning of a combined cycle plant totally rated at 230 MW consisting of two gas and two steam turbines. Alstom will supply equipment for Molzhaninovka combined cycle plant The company signed a contract with Russian company Resad to supply GT13E2 gas turbine for the first stage of construction of Molzhaninovka powerplant nearby Moscow. It will be the first project in Russia with application of GT13E2. The project is realized as part of the investment contract with Moscow government for providing electricity and heat to municipal housing in perspective development of Molzhaninovskiy district (Moscow) and Planernaya industrial zone with specialised productional area of Prom City Moscow-North. According to the contest conditions of the project EMAlyans will supply the power island of the package including two gas turbines single rated at 31. The project is financed by Vneshekonombank Development Bank. The turbine supply is expected in the second quarter of 2011. reduction of harmful influence on the environment. The agreements with the customer — Gazprom tsentrremont — are made.1 MW in condensation mode. As part of cooperation with KES General Electric will provide the equipment technical support. 4. Emission will be also reduced. assemblage. Digital issue 3. material and equipment supply. The total number of Alstom GT13E2 gas turbines on the world market is 144 units. Now the companies hold legal proceedings. The expected total cost of the project will be over 2 billion roubles. The new power unit efficiency will be 51%. The main contractors are ISKOM and Omskenergoremont. reduction of electricity deficiency in Solikams-Bereznikovsky electric center and replacement of outdated generating equipment. Gas turbine units will be placed in the new building behind the main one. They started construction– assembly works on the second stage of preparing the construction site. HTTP://WWW. In January the design documentation for PGU-90 combined cycle plant construction was passed to the state expertise. practical training of Russian personnel. GPA-10PKhG-01 unit will include GTU-10P gas turbine produced by PMZ (supplied by Iskra-Avigaz) and NTs-10PKhG Ural centrifugal compressor developed and produced by NPO Iskra. The packages were produced in 2007 and supplied in 2008. two dual– circuit heat recovery systems produced with Nooter/Eriksen license and a steam turbine with electric capacity of 25.RU/EN Iskra-Turbogaz plans to start the commissioning at Gryazovets compressor station Iskra-Turbogaz was the tender winner to carry out the commissioning of GPA-12-06 gas compressor packages #3. precommissioning and commissioning of the main and auxiliary equipment.GTT.TURBOnews EMAlyans will supply main equipment for Omskaya TETs-3 powerplant The company became a winner of the open contest held by TGK-11 for reconstruction and supply of the main equipment for the realization of the project «PGU-90 combined cycle plant construction for Omskaya TETs-3». The company must provide the construction. including design. The equipment supply started to Bereznikovskaya combined cycle plant Two Frame 6FA gas turbines with the installed capacity of 80 MW each produced by General Electric successfully passed factory test in France and were shipped to Russia. It is supposed that commissioning of PGU-90 will influence positively on the technical–economic parameters of the powerplant. The project realisation goals are: heat and electricity production efficiency increase. The gas compressor packages include gas turbines designed around PS-90GP-1 engine produced by Perm Engine Plant and NTs 12S/56 compressors produced by Iskra.

The contract details are determined with the customer. Ural NTs16DKS/100 compressor Iskra-Turbogaz will be the contractor to carry out the commissioning works at Urdoma compressor station Iskra-Turbogaz will perform the commissioning of GPA-16DG gas compressor packages #1. The reconstruction of Lyalinskaya compressor station is continued The first Arlan GPA-16 gas compressor package was commissioned and started under the reconstruction of compressor shop #4 at Lyalinskaya compressor station of Nizhneturinskoye department (Gazprom transgaz Yugorsk). Iskra also developed and produced NTs16DKS/100 Ural compressors used in the packages. The packages consist of DG-90L2. Two GPA-16DG gas compressor packages are produced for Urdoma compressor station in 2010. It is planned to start the gas compressor package assembly in February 2011. performs the package assembly at the main compressor station of Sakhalin-KhabarovskVladivostok gas pipeline. GMT-100-01 gas–oil heat exchangers (Gazkholodtekhnika).Two Ural GPA-16M-10 gas compressor packages are assembled for Sakhalin-KhabarovskVladivostok gas pipeline compressor station Iskra-Turbogaz.1 engine (ZoryaMashproekt) and NTs-16M compressors (Iskra). The packages are equipped with GTU-16P gas turbines. The package rated at 16 MW produced by Saturn-Gas turbines was designed around AL-31ST gas turbine drive produced by UMPO. 2.RU/EN Digital issue 3. the control systems designed around MSKU-5000-01 (Sistema-Servis). the supplier and manufacturer of Ural GPA-16M-10 gas compressor packages. 2011 . The package designer is Iskra.GTT. HTTP://WWW. The customer is Gazprom tsentrremont.

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