Experience Summary
• Overall 13 years of expertise in software industry. • 9 years of software Development in various domains ranging from simple application to enterprise application development of which the later four were major applications. • Interaction with US, UK, Norway and German clients for the smooth functioning and execution of projects. • Diligent planning and execution of n-tier architecture. • Corporate trainer to many prestigious clients in java and SAP(ABAP). • Guest faculty to several training institutions in Hyderabad. • Meticulously implemented OO Design in several large scale applications. • ERP based implementation to two of our clients. • Successfully trained many students and helped them to understand projects through real time applications. • Handled 58 academic projects including IEEE projects for students. • Customized Content Development for Java at academic and corporate Level

Corporate Training Clients
CTS,HCL, Srikari Impetus Solutions, Reflection Technologies, Solix Enterprise Solutions, Capgemini

Current Status
Working as freelancer(Corporate and retail training) in java from past 20 months.

Experience Profile
Company: Designation: Duration: Impetus Solutions(India) Pvt. Ltd. Project Coordinator 2005-2010

Title: Client: Duration: AIRGAS Inventory System AIRGAS March’2009-Till Date

Title: Client: Duration: Role: Team: Bit Secure Management Console(BSMC) R S Solutions Pvt. It has more than 10000 outlets spread across the same base. Admin can start the scanning process from the server for all the systems and know their status and generate a report to the management. Hibernate and core java which takes the audio files from the REST API and does the manual transcription. store it as xml file and parse the xml files using java web services. BS was written in vc++ and client requested the console to be written in java.5 to 3 lakhs lines of code. REST API in turn takes the audio footage from the IVR system and convert them into audio files which is the data to RMT. System Administrator need to check all the systems every week and do the maintenance task and it became a major maintenance issue for the admin. Title: Client: Duration: Role: Team: Reqall Manual transcription(RMT) Apple Feb’2007-Dec’2008 Project Leader 6 RMT is a web based application developed in J2EE using JSF.5 lakhs lines of code. AIRGAS Inventory System is a re-engineered project implemented in MS Visual Studio which was hit hardly by slow performance and inconsistent data representation as the code shooted upto 2. BS was written successfully cleaning the system from more than 64500 related hazards the systems were facing. My Roles and Responsibilities include understanding the whole workflow and functionality of AIRGAS and restructuring the system and later was responsible for testing the complete application for functional behavior with the project manager and Technical head. But the main hurdle lies in its maintenance. ICE Faces. Nov’2008-Feb’2009 Project Leader 7 Bit Secure(BS) is a wrapper class implementation in vc++ on an already existing anti-virus. .Role: Team: System Architect and functional Consultant 10 AIRGAS is the major supplier of various types of gases and chemicals in North America and Europe. BSMC came to the rescue of admins. My role was to take the data from the BS. Ltd. We successfully reduced the code to 1. BSMC is a console attached to the server from where the admin can check the status of the system.

analyzes and reports the emission of green house gases and other substances from the atmosphere and helps in controlling the environment. Company: Designation: Duration: Pokarna Garments Systems Manager Jun’2001-Nov’2003 . The major challenge was designing the user interface as the client provided the templates and wanted to implement the same in java. JSF. My role was to write the business logic as it was tedious and meticulous work. South Africa so far. Major challenge was proper implementation of call back mechanism across the branches in India. User Interface was designed using multimedia products and business logic was written in EJB backend being post-gres. HEAT is a J2EE implemented application which measures. being the number of tables involved were 141. Brazil. provided to ICICI bank for managing large customers queuing long for their turn to arrive thus reducing the pressure on bankers and easing banking operations for the customers. ICE Faces and implementing the same in RMT. My Role was to architect the implementation of the mechanism and meticulously cross check the team writing the code and behavior. Title: Client: Duration: Role: Team: Harmonized Emission Analysis Tool(HEAT) ICLEI Nov’2004-May’2006 Senior Programmer 5 HEAT is a project initiated by ICLEI with US Financial Aid. Title: Client: Duration: Role: Team: Dynamic Queue Management(DQM) Tyche April’2006-Dec’2009 Project Leader 7 DQM is a web based solution. It is so far implemented in India.Apart from designing the application my role include training programmers for Hibernate. implemented in MS Visual Studio. Major challenge was selection of the team for the job to be accomplished.

My role was to create software which links all the departments and machinery. Miscellaneous Projects Small projects ranging from 2-3 months that were handled are• • • • • Fleet Planner American College of Radiology(ACR) WOW Survey Matrimony Portal Value Networks Comp-U-Learn Trainer cum Junior Programmer Nov’1998-April’2001 Company: Designation: Duration: . It manufactures 1500 shirts per day with sophisticated machines imported from Germany and Japan. It is now maintained by 5 employees. All the high end systems were networked to computers to their respective and decision making departments. Is a 200 crore company with diversified activities.Pokarna Ltd. This application was implemented in J2EE and takes care of all the logistics as well as other decision making departments.It has started a garment factory in Hyderabad.