Compliance Assessment Questionnaire

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Compliance Assessment Questionnaire for SM
1. Is Log Book being maintained with respect to the following:  List of key customers (50 Doctors)  Monthly Activity plan  Action Plans (District wise)  Hospital Project working along with Performance and

Call entries

2. Are Key customers being visited once a month? 3. Either Three Consecutive days working is being done in the field with each ADM / DSM in a month. 4. Three days working reports are being prepared and submitted

to NSM/ GM after last call?
5. Are Monthly Reports being prepared and submitted?

6. Has he / she maintained the complete record of his /her

ADM/DSM:  Monthly Itinerary  Field Visit Reports  Monthly Reports  Feed Back Reports (i.e RTM's, Ward meeting's, CD Shows, Laptop presentations, Camps and Other Marketing Strategies.) 7. Either he is ensuring the implementation of marketing strategies and SMS of his team? 8. Make a reconciliation of working days (Time in the field %) call entries , SMS and other reported data

Compliance Assessment Questionnaire for ADM /DSMs
9. Is Log book being maintained with respect to key customer’s

list, call entries and manager’s comments / Signatures? 10. At least three consecutive days workings is being conducted in the field with each SPO(according to 10 step approach)
11. Field Work Reports are being prepared and submitted to Sales

Manager immediately after the last call

DPRCs and SMS? 23. Is He / She maintaining the following record: (a)SPO’s Daily Call Reports (b) Three Days Working Reports 17. Ward meeting's. 13. Laptop Presentations. Is list of 200 doctors available in the log book and have frequency of visits as per criteria defined by the Company. Make a note about Planned Vs Conducted of the following:  RTM  WARD MEETINGS and  CAMPS 16.T Deptt. Is Doctor’s Permanent Record Card (DPRC) of 200 doctors available and being maintained by the SPO? . Follow Up Reports are being prepared and submitted within ten day after the event (i. Either he/ she and his / her team ensuring SMS to I. Log Book. 24. 19. and get reports thereof? 15. 14.e RTM's. Make a reconciliation of working days (time in the field %). Conduct physical count of samples / promotional items held in hand and it should be reconciled with balances reflected on DCR and GS Form. Call entries with SPO working and with SMS Compliance Assessment Questionnaire for SPOs 18. Are Daily Call Reports (DCR) being maintained by the SPO with respect to day’s objective. Are monthly action plans along with DSM/SM and GM comments available in log book and Call entries also being recorded? 20. Make a reconciliation of call entries with Daily Call Reports. calls / sample distribution entries and number of chemists visited? 21. CD Shows. Three Days Working Reports. Has He / She maintained Three Days Working Reports? 22.12. Monthly activity reports (Monthly Report) are being prepared and submitted to SM by the end of each month. Camps and other Marketing Strategies).

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