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The Cloud Imperative for Systems Integrators

The Evolution of the Traditional SI Model

Significant cost and complexity of IT outsourcing models have been challenging business productivity of Systems Integrators (SI). Not only do SIs face increased competition and margin pressure, but demands for IT mobility, increased upgrade cycles and multi-screen availability are customer requirements that SIs have to comply with in order to maintain their revenue base. Flexible contracting relationships of pay as you grow licensing based on actual usage, instead of long term licensing investments, are also increasingly popular as cloud awareness grows.

Dont get left behind!

Deploying a cloud services strategy offers SIs the opportunity to address their core customer base with cloud services which are relevant, timely and cost-effective. By integrating cloud services portfolios into their core business, Systems Integrators can:

Reduce costs of services delivery and management Better manage data centre resources through multi-tenant services deployment and virtualisation Deliver private or hybrid cloud services from a single, automated platform Ensure customer satisfaction through mobility and consistent technology refresh

Success from the Cloud

Deploying a cloud services portfolio as an integrated business solution is not a simple task. In order to effectively drive sales and services take-up, the System Integrator must consider the following:

Deliver SaaS, DaaS, and IaaS from one provisioning platform to shared multi-tenant and private dedicated platform instances Maximise investment in data centre and host components of services portfolio locally Give customers ability to self-manage services profiles and portfolios reduce operational overhead

Neostratus Solution
Cloud Services ManagerTM
Neostratus in-house developed, fully customizable provisioning and administrative platform

Enables unlimited number of services integrated into one, seamless portfolio Facilities customer self-care and empowerment Provisions services from shared and private cloud setups with pay as you go service licensing or utilizing licence mobility for
existing contracts

Partner Cloud Solution

A unique cloud setup enabling private, locally-hosted, and 3rd partycloud services all provisioned from SIs data centre

Neostratus Business Model

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Cloud Brokerage
Neostratus is dedicated to helping partners become successful cloud service providers by acting as a trusted cloud services broker. The company assists systems integrators, telcos and data centres in implementing their cloud strategies extremely quickly with proven results. Neostratus Cloud Brokerage solutions offer partners the ability to build ecosystems which connect their customers to a wide variety of solutions, capitalising on the business and financial benefits of the cloud.

About Neostratus
Neostratus capabilities as a cloud provider enable SIs to become cloud brokers from either their own data centres or from our own in Budapest. Our speed of deployment for 3rd party and legacy applications enable our partners to respond to almost any requirement in timescales that will ensure that customers are able to rapidly benefit from the cost savings and flexibility that business now demands. Furthermore, we are able to assist in the consultancy and technological design needed to build the private or hybrid clouds that some enterprises and public sector clients will demand. Based on a three-pillar operating model, Neostratus offers cloud products, cloud services and advisory streams which deliver bespoke, flexible and scalable cloud strategies for partners. Neostratus services currently satisfy 25+ partners across 15+ countries, covering an addressable market of over 70 million people, including consumers, SOHOs, SMEs and large enterprises with a variety of IT needs.

As the IT Outsourcing industry gets used to the benefits of cloud computing, businesses will depend upon the services of a skilled and trusted System Integrator as a partner to help them configure the right combination of computing environment that addresses their business needs, in the most cost effective manner without compromising on performance and security - Cloud Computing World 2011

According to the demands of our customers in terms of safe data management as well as efficient prices and tailored services we continue to extend our portfolio. With our partner Neostratus we will provide individual, nonstandardised cloud solutions at attractive prices for single services as well as entire IT infrastructures and will carry on to open the market for small and medium sized businesses Dietmar Taurer, Head of Sales and Marketing, ACP Group.

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