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Overview: TLEX fosters personal clarity, social connectedness, and organizational cohesion for personal and team culture

transformation. With greater personal calm and clarity, participants feel more connected to teams and the organization, resulting in intrinsic motivation, creativity, and enthusiasm at work. TLEX is a 12-16 hour workshop that includes experiential techniques, group processes, and guiding principles. Rationale: GE Executives and employees continually navigate complex and dynamic situations, managing fragile relationships with stakeholders and changing demands and information. These situations can aggravate stress and agitation, putting pressure on individuals and teams. Stress brings with it negative emotions like anxiety, frustration, or hopelessness, which can interfere with the ability to perceive situations with clarity and objectivity and make sound decisions. Stress also brings fatigue and burnout, which lead to underperformance, low motivation, and poor outcomes. When social connections among employees are weak or tenuous, such pressure and stress can fragment teams, break down communication and threaten organizational culture. Employee wellbeing is the foundation for fostering agile and creative minds that can problemsolve and adapt to change; cohesion and deep social bonds can buffer team breakdown during challenging times. Organizational success requires investment in employee resilience and team cohesion. Approach: Transformation is a deeply personal experience that catalyzes imagination, intuition, and creativity. When transformation stems from wellbeing and authentic social connection, it allows leaders to more clearly perceive and observe people and situations as they are. Imagination, intuition, and creativity arise naturally from a relaxed, calm, and clear state of mind. Through meditation, breathing, and yoga, TLEX fosters in participants a calm and centered state of mind, a high degree of self awareness, greater creativity, and an ability to connect with others and organizational goals naturally. The program has been designed to give leaders increased dynamism and create change agents with the ability to drive innovation and sustainable impact from a state of personal mind-body wellbeing.

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Understanding how the mind, breath, and body are all connected together to work in the NOW. To see the results of medical tests being performed and how

the process is improving the mind and body, is a great motivator for anyone to start the process. It helped me learn about breathing, yoga and how we can redure stress. Thank you this was so awesome I enjoyed this program, it's been awhile since GE Healthcare has run group programs ie Statistic programs in the 1980's, French culture, Six Sigma etc, programs that created/reinforced a corporate culture, together as a group, not online, in cubicles as now. It maybe a stretch for some people to accept this program but there are people in GE that it could be a real life changer/improver. Maybe a requirement for Managers, then a trickle down. Ed Lingo 212000940 Please consider offering this program to all employees. Maybe via referral by HRM or medical? I think that meditative techniques can be very powerful and have a positive effect. The offering of this training is very positive and progressive step on the part of GEHC. I hope that there will be some further actions to help encourage and support the continuation of this practice to enhance employee health, wellness and improve performance and leadership. It was a wonderful two day program that was enlightening and will be so valuable on some many levels. It could be beneficial if group practices are regularly organized within the building. Thanks, Zhanyu I feel that the illuminate program has helped me to evaluate & prioritize the various aspects of my life. It has given me a framework to improve my energy and increase my capacity to handle the demands in my work & personal life. I look forward to continuing this practice and reaping the benefits of it. Its a great program with really helpful tips and tools. I was really surprised to know that the solution to all our complex problems could be so simple and just a breath away. It was also very interesting to understand the science and research behind the study - it just goes to prove that the practice has been tried and tested and has been found very successful and I personally did notice the difference. I absolutely loved it! I would definitely recommend that people experience this for once cause words do no justice in explaining the experience. It just needs to be felt from within which can only be achieved if you go through the training. I felt great after this two-day program and look forward to integrating the breathing/meditation/yoga practice into my daily routine to help me stay centered, focused, and stress-free in my personal and professional life. Thank you for the opportunity!

I have been practicing most of the techniques taught in the sessions. I was taught this in a traditional setting in India and am able to guide small groups. Please let me know how I can help as this is a topic very close to my heart.

This program caused and interesting change in perception and gave a great deal of knowledge regarding the operation of mind and body. Also, it left us with a toolbox of methodologies to further explore self mastery; while reducing stress and preventing disease. Good Job!

TLEX, GE, Freiburg, 6th -7th May 2013 What are the three things you appreciated most about the TLEX Program? To hear opinions of colleagues; sharing from the trainers; practical exercises Very well executed exercises / tasks; open and friendly atmosphere; experiential exercises Practical exercises; presenting the subject, by giving a complete perspective Professional training, time management, program; practical exercises; open atmosphere Friendly trainers; easy to understand teaching style Practical exercises (breathing techniques); good teaching style; team work and brainstorming rather than theoretical lecturing Theory and practical exercises in good balance; Possibility to integrate learned things in daily life; teamwork Practical exercises; time management; atmosphere Time to reflect; instructions to practice; sustainable implementation Immediate implementation of the breathing exercises; very good discussions of the topics, including Skype meeting with Dr. Fahri; very competent instructors The clear explanations, enough time to repeat the exercises and experience their impact; friendly, fun-loving coaches sharing their enthusiasm. Linking theory and practical experience; self-mastery; impressive impact of breathing techniques and yoga Open learning environment; mix of theory / science and technical / practical exercises; quiet atmosphere What are the three most important takeaways from the TLEX Program for you? Breathing techniques, yoga, wellness is the basis for all Thoughts finally define our fate; breathing exercises; effect of breathing exercises on body, mind and soul Knowledge; implementation of practical exercises Breathing; mindfulness; living in the present moment Breathing affects the emotions; relaxation; yoga does wonders; Everything is

possible Breathing influences the mind, body and emotions, practical breathing exercises; to take care and listen to myself Emotions significantly influence our actions; the power of breath; practical tools for daily life Breathing affects emotions and vice versa; to master myself is the key to coping with stress; thoughts lead to actions to habits, to personality, to fate Thoughts leads to actions; breathing exercises; self-reflection broadens the horizons The knowledge of breathing techniques; yoga affects various functions of the body, such as immune system There are many ways to influence the quality of life one of them is breathing techniques; looking for new ways in life. Breath is linked with emotions. Thoughts become, actions, then habits, then personality and fate. Same actions lead to the same results - new actions lead to different results. Breath as an energy source; thoughts lead to destiny; "Here and now" as a quality indicator for happiness What would you say to someone considering participating in the TLEX Program? (Please Note: Your testimonials, if chosen, will be included in our marketing materials, including website) You can move your emotions from negative to positive A very good program to feel better and be able to work more effectively Just do it! If you want to be more happy at work and in your life and willing to open for new experiences then you are ready for the TLEX program. And if you do not want all that, then you are ready for it more than ever! Two days that can change your life forever. Recommend. Be open for it! Easy to implement and easy to integrate into daily life. Just do it! Simply do it and see what will happen! Very good, illustrative program that shows you how to reduce stress level and improve the well-being through breathing techniques. I highly recommend it. Its very helpful. Its fun. I promise you will never be the same after this program. TLEX gives and access to traditional ways of how to relax.