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Name: Nabil Jazli Bin Jazlan

Class: 3S
Date: 14 April 2009

Factor Affecting Rate of Transpiration (Wind)

Aim: To study how wind affects the rate of transpiration

Problem Statement: Is the rate of transpiration affected
by wind?
Hypothesis: Windy condition increases the rate of
transpiration in plants.
Fixed variables: Size and type of plant, light, humidity,
temperature and time.
Manipulated variable: Presence of Wind
Responding variable: Rate of transpiration and
difference in weight of the apparatus
Materials and apparatus: Young balsam plants of
similar size with the same number of leaves, cooking oil,
cotton wool, water, conical flask, stopwatch, fan and
beam balance.

1. Two weight potometers are setup.
2. Take the initial reading of the beam balance.
3. Place Potometer K under room condition as a control
4. Place Potometer L near a fan. Switch on the fan.
5. Take the final reading of the beam balance after 2
6. Results are tabulated and the rate of transpiration is

Initial Final reading The
reading (g) (g) difference in
Potometer K 31.8 31.6 0.2
Potometer L 31.8 31.1 0.7

Interpreting data:

• Calculation

Potometer K:
Rate of transpiration = 0.2g/2 hours
= 0.1g/hour

Potometer L:
Rate of transpiration = 0.7g/2 hours
= 0./hour

• Relationship between manipulated variable

and responding variable
The stronger the wind, the faster the rate of transpiration.
The presents of wind, the facts of the rate of