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Dlaja Covindan
Sri Sankara Dlagavaiµada
(Englisl iranslaiion ly S.N.Sasiri}
(Tlc foni uscd for ilc Sanskrii ic×i is DFH Dcvanagari. Tlis foni can lc
downloadcd for frcc fron www.larala.con}

Dlaja Covindan is onc of ilc nosi µ oµular works of Sri
Sankara. Tlc csscniial icacling convcycd ilrougl ilis work is
ilc nccd for culiivaiing an aiiiiudc of dciaclncni iowards all
worldly naiicrs and inicnsc dcvoiion io Cod. Tlcsc iwo arc
ncccssary cvcn for lcading a laµµy lifc in ilc world . Tlcy arc
also ilc nosi inµoriani rcquisiics for scckcrs of Sclf -
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1.Worsliµ Covinda, worsliµ Covinda, you d cludcd onc! Wlcn
ilc cnd is ncar, knowlcdgc of grannar will noi savc you.
Noic. '¹|¸7¹|¯|` docs noi ncan 'fool` or onc of dcficicni iniclligcncc. Ii ncans
'onc dcludcd ly naya inio idcniifying oncsclf wiil onc`s lody, nind and
scnscs`. Wc arc all in rcaliiy ilc infiniic Dralnan, lui, lccausc of
ignorancc of ilis iruil wc ilink of oursclvcs as ilc lody-nind conµlc×.
Tlis wrong noiion is wlai is callcd 'londagc` in Vcdania. In ilis scnsc
cvcn ilc nosi iniclligcni lunan lcing is a dcludcd µcrson uniil lc
rcalizcs ilc iruil ilai lc is nonc oilcr ilan Dralnan. Tlc iranslaiion of
ilis word as 'fool` docs noi lring oui iis rcal vcdaniic scnsc in ilc
µrcscni conic×i.
Tlc c×µrcssion 5¬¯¯| ¬¯¯'| is iakcn fron ilc grcai grannarian Panini`s
lisi of vcrlal roois in Sanskrii. Ii is uscd lcrc io rcµrcscni ilc suljcci of
grannar. Ii slould noi lc concludcd ilai Sri Sankara dccrics ilc siudy
of grannar. On ilc oilcr land, knowlcdgc of grannar is csscniial for
undcrsianding ilc uµanislads and Sri Sankara`s Dlaslya. Hcrc
grannar siands for all worldly knowlcdgc. Tlc Mundakoµanislad says
ilai ilcrc arc iwo kinds of knowlcdgc÷ilc liglcr and ilc lowcr. Tlc
lowcr knowlcdgc includcs ilc four Vcdas, ilc scicncc of µronunciaiion,
ilc codc of riiuals, grannar, ciynology, ncirc, and asirology (including
asironony}. Tlc liglcr knowlcdgc is ilai ly wlicl ilc Innuiallc
(Dralnan} is rcalizcd. Tlc lowcr knowlcdgc is ncccssary for all worldly
µurµoscs, lui ii is only ilc liglcr knowlcdgc ilai will dclivcr onc fron
ilc coniinuous clain of lirils and dcails. Tlis is ilc idca convcycd ly
ilc siaicncni ilai knowlcdgc of grannar, ilai is, ncrc worldly
knowlcdgc, will noi savc you fron sansaara. So onc slould sirivc io
aiiain Sclf-knowlcdgc.
¹|¸7 ¯|¯|l¯ °|¯||¯|¹|¯|¯'||
¬¯¹ -|äl7 ¹|¯|l-| l¯|¯|¯'||¹||
¯|¯¯|-|-| l¯|¯|¬¯¹||¯||¯|
l¯|¯| ¯|¯| l¯|¯||¯¯| l¯|¯|¹|¦¦³
2. O dcludcd onc, givc uµ your craving for wcalil. Makc your
nind frcc fron dcsirc and fill ii wiil ilc ilougli of Dralnan.
Dc laµµy wiil wlaicvcr you gci as a rcsu li of your µasi
aciions (karna}.
¯¯¯¯|| ¹||¯|| ¹||¯|¯|7|¹|¦
¹|¯|l-| l¯|l¯|¯¯|¯| ¯||¯ ¯||¯¹|¦¦ª
3. Do noi lc infaiuaicd ly ilc fcnininc lody. Fcµcaicdly
rcnind yoursclf ilai ii is only nadc uµ of flcsl, fai and sinilar
l¯|l7 ¯¯||°¯|l-|¹||¯|¯|-¯|
¯||¬¯ 7||¬¯¯¯| ¯| -|¹|-¯|¹|¦¦×
4. Lifc is as inµcrnancni as waicr droµs on a loius lcaf. Know
ilai ilc wlolc world is in ilc griµ of discasc, sorrow, and cgo.
-¯||¯|l¯|¯|¯|l¯¯||¯| ¯ñ¯·¦
¯|%||=|¯|l¯| ¯|¯|¯¯¯
¯||¯|| ¬¯|¯l¯| ¯| ¯|¯7l¯| ¯|¯¦¦'
5. A µcrson`s fanily lovcs lin only as long as lc is allc io
carn noncy. Aficrwards, wlcn i lc lody las lcconc wcak, no
onc in ilc lousc cvcn cnquircs aloui lin.
¯||¯|¯¯|¯|¯|| l¯|¯|-|l¯| ¯¯
¯||¯|¯| ¯|¯7l¯| ¬¯7|¯| ¯|¯¦
¯|¯|¯|l¯| ¯||¯|| ¯¯|¯||¯|
-||¯|| l¯|-¯|l¯| ¯|l-¹|¯| ¬¯|¯|¦¦¤
6. As long as ilcrc is lrcail in ilc lody, µcoµ lc in ilc lousc
cnquirc aloui lis wclfarc. Oncc ilc lrcail las lcfi, cvcn ilosc
wlo wcrc dcµcndcni on lin arc afraid of lis dcad lody.
Tlc vcrl 'lillyaii` is in ilc µlural. So ilc word 'llarya` ncans noi only
wifc, lui all dcµcndcnis.
¹°|¹|¯|°| -||¯|¯| l¯|¯¯|
¯||l-¯| ¯|¯|· -|¹|¯|7|· -|¯¯|¹|¦
¯|¯||¯l¯| °|¯|-|¯|| -||l¯|·
-|¯|¯|¯|| l¯|l¯¯|| ¯|l¯|·¦¦´
7. Fcncnlcr ilai wcalil is always cvil; ilcrc is noi ilc
sliglicsi iracc of laµµincss in ii. For ilc ricl ilcrc is fcar cvcn
fron ilcir sons; ilis is ilc rulc cvcrywlcrc.
¯||¯|-¯||¯|¯| +¯|5|-|ñ¯·
¯|¹'|-¯||¯|¯| ¯|¹'||-|ñ¯·¦
¯|¯ ¯|8l'| ¬¯|¯l¯| ¯| -|ñ¯·¦¦·
8. Tlc clild is cvcr inicni on µlay; ilc young nan is infaiuaicd
wiil ilc oµµosiic sc×; ilc old nan is cvcr inncrscd in lis
worrics; Nonc cvcr ilinks of ilc suµrcnc Dralnan.
¬¯| ¯| ¬¯|¯¯|| ¬¯-¯| ¯|¯|·
-|-||¯|¯¯|¹|¯||¯| l¯|l¯|¯|·¦
¬¯-¯| ¯¯| ¯|| ¬¯¯| ¹¯||¯|·
¯|¯¯| l¯|¯¯|¯| ¯|l¯¯ -||¯|·¦¦ª

9. Wlo is your wifc? Wlo is your son? Tlis norial world is
vcry sirangc i ndccd. To wlon do you lclong? Wlcrcfron lavc
you conc? O lroilcr, µondcr ovcr ilc iruil of all ilcsc.
-|¯-|¡¯¯| l¯|--|¡¯¯|
l¯|--|¡¯¯| l¯|¹||¯¯¯|¹|¦
l¯|¹||¯¯¯| l¯|%|¯|¯|¯¯|
l¯|%|¯|¯|¯¯| ¯||¯|¯¹|lñ¯·¦¦"¤
10. Associaiion wiil ilc good l rings aloui dciaclncni
iowards worldly µursuiis. Dciaclncni lcads io frccdon fron
dclusion. Fron frccdon fron dclusion ariscs consiancy of ilc
nind (in ncdiiaiion on ilc suµrcnc Dcing}. Consiancy of ilc
nind lcads io lilcraiion cvcn wlilc alivc.
¯|¯|l-| ¯|¯| ¬¯· ¬¯|¹|l¯|¬¯|¯·
7|¯¬¯ ¯||¯ ¬¯· ¬¯|-||¯·¦
ê||'| l¯|¯| ¬¯· ¯|l¯¯||¯|
7||¯| ¯|¯¯| ¬¯· -|-||¯·¦¦""
11. Wlai lusiful cnjoyncnis can ilcrc lc wlcn onc is vcry
old? How can ilcrc lc a lakc wlcn ilc waicr las dricd uµ?
Wlai followcrs can onc lav c wlcn onc`s wcalil is c×lausicd?
Oncc ilc uliinaic Fcaliiy is known, low can ilcrc lc worldly
lifc any norc?
¹|| ¬¯¹ °|¯|¯|¯|¯||¯|¯|¯|¯|
¯¯l¯| l¯|¹|¯||¯| ¬¯|¯|· -|¯|¹|¦
¹||¯||¹|¯|l¹|¯¹|l¹|¯| l¯¯¯||
¯|8¯|¯ ¯¯| ¯|l¯|7| l¯|l¯¯¯||¦¦"³
12. Do noi lc laugliy lccausc of wcalil or fricnds or youil.
Tinc dcsiroys cvcryiling in a iwinklc. Civc uµ aiiaclncni io
ilis world wlicl is noiling lui Maya and aiiain io ilc siaic of
Dralnan ilrougl knowlcdgc of ilc Fcaliiy.
l¯¯|¯||l¹|¯¯|| -||¯| ¯||¯|·
l7|l7|¯¯|-|¯¯|| ¯|¯|¯|¯||¯|·¦
¬¯|¯|· +¯|5l¯| ¯|¯7¯¯||¯|-
-¯|¯l¯| ¯| ¹|¯|¯¯||7||¯||¯|·¦¦"ª
13. Nigli follows day, cvcning follows ilc norning, winicr and
sµring rcµcai ilcnsclvcs. Tinc µlays and ilc lifc is running
oui. Dui ilc forcc of dcsircs ncvcr l csscns.
¬¯l°|¯|| ¯|¯||¬¯¯'|-¯|¯|·¦
14. Tlrougl ilis louquci of iwclvc vcrscs was insiruciion
givcn io a sclolar in grannar ly ilc lcarncd Sri Sankara
Dlagavaiµada. (Tlc iwclvc vcrscs arc ilosc siariing fron ilc
sccond vcrsc. Tlc firsi vcrsc is an iniroduciion}.