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Amazing Alumnus

Archie Shepp (BA 59) receives the

Goddard Award for Excellence.
A host of talented alumni and international
performers play the Haybarn Theatre.
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summer calendar For information on all programs and events |
Waves lap at the shore of the Puget Sound, situated
just below Goddards campus in Port Townsend, Wash.
Meet the Port Townsend staff members on page 16.
4 Discover Goddard Day,
Plainfeld, Vt.
15-June 22 Climate
Change Art Exhibit, Goddard
Art Gallery, Montpelier, Vt.
18 Alternative Media
Conference, Plainfeld, Vt.
18 Combustible Cabaret/Digital
Vaudeville, Plainfeld, Vt.
23-26 Outreach Event: AERO
Conference, New York, N.Y.
24 Outreach Event: Info Session and
Performance at Chhandayan Center
for Indian Music, New York, N.Y.
30 Global Lens Film Series,
Port Townsend, Wash.
1 Damien Echols Reading &
Book Signing, Plainfeld, Vt.
1-5 2013 Clockhouse Writers
Conference East, Plainfeld, Vt.
5 WGDR/Goddard Concert: Garifuna
Collective, Plainfeld, Vt.
12-19 EDU Residency, Plainfeld, Vt.
12-20 MFAW Residency,
Port Townsend, Wash.
15-18 GEAR Conference, Plainfeld, Vt.
26-Aug. 2 MFAIA Residency,
Plainfeld, Vt.
27-Aug. 3 EDU Residency,
Seattle, Wash.
9 Bread & Puppets The Birdcatcher
in Hell, Plainfeld, Vt.
13 Global Lens Film Series,
Port Townsend, Wash.
13-15 Board of Trustees
Meeting, Plainfeld, Vt.
22 WGDR/Goddard Concert:
Sierra Leones Refugee
All Stars, Plainfeld, Vt.
25 Great Small Works Traveling
Toy Theatre, Plainfeld, Vt.
28-July 5 MFAW Residency,
Plainfeld, Vt.
9-16 MA HAS Residency, Plainfeld, Vt.
9-16 IMA Residency, Plainfeld, Vt.
23-30 Undergraduate Program 1 (UGP1)
Residency, Plainfeld, Vt.: BAS, HAS, IBA
25 Outreach Event: UCLA Writers
Faire, Los Angeles, Calif.
20-27 MA PSY Residency,
Plainfeld, Vt.
20-28 Undergraduate Program
Residency, Port Townsend, Wash.:
20-28 MFAIA Residency,
Port Townsend, Wash.
4-11 Undergraduate Program 2 (UGP2)
Residency, Plainfeld, Vt.: BFAW, IBA
8 Cornelius Eady Reading & Goddard
Mini Lit Fest, Plainfeld, Vt.
18-20 150th Anniversary Homecoming
Weekend, Plainfeld, Vt.
19 Discover Goddard Day
CloCkworks spring | summer 2013 3
mAnAGinG Editor
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goddard College
123 pitkin road
Plainfeld, VT 05667
p 866.614.ALUM
f 802.454.1174
clASS/proGrAm notES
Clockworks is goddard Colleges
semiannual community magazine. We
encourage submissions of news from
alumni, faculty, staff and students.
printed on recycled paper
with soy-based ink.
2013 goddard College
clockworks Spring/Summer 2013
arlier this spring, I participated in
a panel discussion called Reinvention of
Higher Education; Reinvention for Whom?
sponsored by the Chronicle of Higher Education
at the American Council on Education conference. The
discussion, attended by college presidents from across
the United States, was a critical reminder of our urgent
need to respond to the new demands for accountability,
afordability and relevance in higher education.
Colleges now face extraordinary fnancial pressures,
coupled with rapidly changing technology. Learners now
operate in an age of unprecedented access to information
and bodies of knowledge. With the advent of Massive
Open Online Courses (MOOCS) as one example of how
higher education is responding to the call for accessibility
and afordability, there has been much debate about their
potential to democratize education on the one hand, or
further exacerbate a growing educational divide on the other.
MOOCs are a current innovation; they are educational tools. Content-delivery tools,
however, need to be held within a framework that takes responsibility for contextualizing
information with the direct experience that forms the basis of knowledgethe relationship
between the knower and the known. That framework is at the heart of progressive
education, and that is why Goddards voice is needed, now more than ever, in these national
conversations about reform. For example, Goddards model of delivering education in
the community, as we are doing in our Seattle Education program, ofers a much needed,
innovative response that I believe is the next iteration of progressive education and an
antidote to what ails higher education.
Designed and founded in response to a request from bilingual education students, the
Seattle EDU program was founded in the Columbia City neighborhood, one of the most
ethnically, culturally and linguistically diverse zip codes in the nation. Faculty work closely
with students and community stakeholders to deliver the program in the community centers,
local agencies and social halls that comprise the campus. It is a dual-language, multi-
cultural program that supports learners as they to continue to work, parent and develop
education in their own community. It is a learner/learning-centered, community-based model
that honors and embraces place, family, culture and the arts. It is low-residency, responsive,
fexible, afordable, and accessible to urban working adults.
The Seattle EDU program is the reinvention I believe we need. It is a clear demonstration
of Goddards commitment to progressive education, and a clear commitment to social change
that aligns with the Goddard mission. As educator Paulo Freire said, Knowledge emerges
only through invention and reinvention, through the restless, impatient, continuing, hopeful
inquiry that human beings pursue in the world, with the world, and with each other.
Let the reinvention continue, with Goddard at the heart of it.

Barbara Vacarr, PhD
Goddards model of delivering education in
the community, as we are doing in our Seattle Education
program, offers a much needed, innovative response.
2 events Calendar
3 From the president
5 College Briefs
11 On Air: WGDR Briefs
18 Alumni Portfolio
20 Class notes
29 Faculty/staff notes
32 in memoriam
33 In Remembrance:
Walter Butts,
34 Goddard in
the world
7 Creative Communities
Legendary saxophonist Archie Shepp (BA 59)
and a host of international performers draw
crowds to the Haybarn Theatre.
by brent hallenbeck,
burli ngton free Press
12 Q&A with Paul Molyneaux
Paul Molyneaux (IBA 97) came to Goddard
a fsherman and left a writer and advocate.
by dusti n byerly (ba ruP 01)
14 Academic Partnerships
goddard reaches into the community to meet
the needs of 21st-century students.
by John odum (ba 97 98)
16 welcome to port Townsend!
meet the staff members of the low-residency
program in Port Townsend, Washington.
by darrah cloud, mfaW faculty
28 Creative Weavings of Art
A Goddard student brings graduates and
students together for a new arts festival.
by Ji m sable, Pri smati c Producti ons, i nc.
submit your news!
Send your news and notes to Goddard College,
Clockworks Editor, 123 Pitkin Road, Plainfeld,
Vermont 05667, or to
4 CloCkworks spring | summer 2013
CloCkworks spring | summer 2013 5
Plainfeld Campus Goes Fiber optic
three-year project that involves information
Technology, Facilities and our Internet service provider is
coming to fruition: a new fber optic internet connection at the
Plainfeld campus. Workers dug a trench in front of The Manor
in December, above, to bring fber optic data transmission
into campus. The new connection, which goes live this
spring, will be 15 times faster than the current connection.
Goddard Gallery
in montpelier
oddard is showcasing
local artists at a pop-
up art gallery in downtown
Montpelier. The gallery is a
welcome presence for goddard
in montpelier and is a great
way to reconnect with the
community and alumni. From
May 15June 22, the gallery
will host 350.orgs Multi-Media
Climate Change Exhibit, with
an artist reception on June 7
during Montpeliers Art Walk.
Stop by the gallery at
54 main Street, wednesdays
and thursdays from 12 to
5 p.m., and fridays and
Saturdays from 12 to 7 p.m.
storyphone recordings now online
eplete with photos and commentary by Jonathan
Katz (BA RUP 71), two new Storyphone stories are
now available online. Listen to ruth Greenwold deming (BA
RUP 6466) tell her tale of coming-of-age in the 1960s at, or larry reiner (BA RUP 56) share his
memories of Goddard in the 1950s at
to record your own memories of Goddard, call the
Storyphone at 1.802.230.4702. (Storyphone has a 3-minute time
limit, so be prepared to speak at the beep!)
what is GeAr?
he Goddard
education alumni
Retreat, or GEAR, is the
education programs
professional development
initiative that began last July
thanks to a group of alumni.
The 2nd annual GEAR is July
1518 at the Vermont campus.
This years unconference
theme is progressive education
in Action: Passions and
Challenges. There will also
be roundtable conversations
with fellow alumni and current
students, an advisory session
with program Director sue
Fleming, and a chance to earn
a certifcate for 20 hours of
professional development.
learn more and register
echols Coming to
mFAw residency
amien echols will
read from his bestselling
memoir, Life After Death,
on July 1 at the Plainfeld
campus. Convicted of murder,
echols spent nearly 18 years
on death row before his
release in 2011. His story is
featured in the documentary
flms Paradise Lost and
West of Memphis. A Q&A,
reception and book signing
will follow the reading.
this event is free and open to
the public as part of the mfA
in creative writing programs
Visiting writers Series.
college briefs
Kitchen wins Award
hef paul somerset
received a local food
sustainability award from Food
Works at Two Rivers Center.
He has brought the Plainfeld
campus to almost 80% local
foods, with a goal of becoming
100% locally sourced.
watch a video about the
sustainable food program at
Vermont staff
members unionize
he Vermont staff is
now part of United Auto
Workers Local 2322, based in
Mass., which already represents
the Colleges faculty. The vote
was held via secret ballot on
January 23 at the Plainfeld
campus and conducted by the
National Labor Relations Board.
we look forward to
engaging in a constructive
dialogue with union
representatives to preserve
and improve a positive
work environment for
staff at Goddard College,
says President Vacarr.
Unfamiliar Picnic,
an exhibit last
December at the
pop-up gallery
in Montpelier.
6 CloCkworks spring | summer 2013
college briefs
Design-build update
n many tanGible ways, goddard
is moving forward to bring the
design buildings back to life. With a
$4,000 grant from the National Trust
for Historic preservation and generous
alumni donations, architect David
sellers recently completed organic
Architecture at Goddard College,
a report recommending next steps
for a participatory, education-based
renovation of the buildings.
President Barbara Vacarr is meeting
with alumni whose experiences with
buildings led to careers in architecture
and building, and a grant from the
Block Foundation is allowing goddard
to hire staff to continue planning and
outreach to alumni, potential partners
and community members. Plus, a
community arts partnership, Central
Vermont Arts, recently formed to help
expand community ties and interest in
reviving these buildings as arts spaces.
the projects success depends on you!
to get involved, call 802.322.1767 or
sustainability report
shows marked Progress
ince Goddards sustainability
team formed in 2007, the College
has made great strides in energy
effciency and reduced carbon
emissions. The Vermont campus used
4,178 fewer gallons of heating oil in
FY 2012 than in FY 2011 and reduced
emissions from electricity by half a
ton. Plans are underway for a wood
chip boiler to heat the campus. Similar
biomass and woodchip facilities at
other colleges have reduced the use of
heating oil by 90 percent per year.
read the full report at
Alternative media
Conference on may 18
n 1970, the historic Alternative
Media Conference brought 2,000
guests to goddard and changed a
lot of lives. Now, 43 years later, the
college is holding another Alternative
Media Conference to honor its 150th
Anniversary. Featured speakers include
Thom Hartmann, Ellen Ratner, Maxie
C Jackson III, and Andi Zeisler, among
others. Along with keynotes, TED-
style talks, and an evening program of
Combustible Cabaret/Digital Vaudeville,
Larry Yurdin (BA RUP 67) a coordinator
of the original conference, will give
a presentation on the 1970 event.
wgDr kicks off the conference on
May 17 with special live programming
of the Thom Hartmann show with
guest U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders.
register for the conference at
Got old t-shirts from your Days at Goddard?
send in a photo of your old goddard College T-shirt to be added to
a collection of T-shirt designs throughout the ages! we will start an
album on Facebook and as part of our 150th Anniversary.
Send your photo as a JpEG to
of Alumna
anis ian,
daughter of the
late Pearl Fink (BA 80), has won the
2013 Grammy Award for Best Spoken
Word Album. Respected competitors
included Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama,
Ellen Degeneres and Rachel Maddow.
Janis autobiography, Societys Child,
took home the award. Congratulations,
Janis! In memory of her mother Pearl,
Janis and her brother established The
Pearl Fink Scholarship at Goddard.
never made a Gift to
Goddard? Game on!
n anonymous donor has
offered Goddard $5,000 for the
Annual Fund if we can fnd 50 new
donors by June 30, 2013. Wont you
join our new donor challenge? Help
us meet our goal of 50 new donors
by June 30, 2013. We accept online
donations at
for more information, contact lauren
moye, chief advancement offcer, at
Gamelan Finds new Home
n february, Gamelan sulukala
moved to its new home at the pratt
Library in Plainfeld. Named Sulukala by
Dennis Murphy (faculty, 67-81), Goddards
frst teacher of this unusual assembly of
instruments, Goddards gamelan is the perfect
vehicle to engage students in the sensibility
of another culture. Kathy and Steven Light
(BA RUP 75) are holding open gamelan
rehearsals on Wednesdays from 7 to 9 p.m.
to get involved:
Hip Artists in residence
his sprinG, Sierra Leone's Refugee All
Stars return to the Plainfeld campus
as Artists in Residence. They played a
sold-out show at the Haybarn Theatre last
September, part of the WGDR/Goddard
College Concert series. The 7-person band
will rehearse on campus for a month as they
prepare to record their new album this June.
A second concert is scheduled for June 22.
tickets and more info at
Burlington Free Press staff writer
reprinted with permission
Goddard Fuels the Plainfeld Arts Scene
oddard College President Barbara Vacarr presented Archie
Shepp (BA 59) with an award for excellence just before
his Jan. 19 concert in the Haybarn Theatre, introducing him as
a true legend not just in the world of jazz but in the black
arts movement of the 1960s. When it was Shepps turn to
speak, he returned the favor with praise for his alma mater.
Article available in print only
CloCkworks spring | summer 2013 7
y stay at goddard was a
transformative experience. It changed my
entire life, the 75-year-old saxophone
player said moments before he and his quartet would
take the stage. It opened up a world for me.
Shepp took the train from the heart of Philadelphia
in 1955 to the small campus 10 miles east of Montpelier.
He arrived on a full scholarship to study pre-law, but
was so enthralled with the schools adventurous arts
curriculum that he became a theater major. He wrote
plays and poetry, became a social activist and fell into
music, eventually playing with jazz greats John Coltrane
and Cecil Taylor and earning recognition as one of the
major players in the avant-garde jazz world of the 60s.
The campus of shingle-sided buildings tucked in
the woods just west of the village of Plainfeld grew as
the back-to-the-land hippie movement of the 1960s
took root, with free-thinking, creative types leaving
the cities in search of a simpler life in rural Vermont.
Reuben Jackson, an English teacher at Burlington High
School and jazz DJ on Vermont Public Radio, said at
Shepps appearance that the cab driver who brought
him to campus in 1975 called Goddard Little Moscow
in reference to the colleges left-leaning reputation.
The small school ran into fnancial trouble and
eliminated its 125-student residential undergraduate
program in June 2002. Students continued to attend
under Goddards low-residency program, but
only for a few days at a time rather than entire
semesters. The campus presence that made Plainfeld
a haven for freewheeling creativity began to fade.
Shepps concert is the latest sign that Goddard,
and by association Plainfeld, is alive and well. Vacarr
is overseeing an artistic renaissance permeating the
campus and the town. The college presents monthly
concerts at the Haybarn and is involved in a new
organization called Central Vermont Arts thats seeking
to strengthen the creative scene in and around Plainfeld.
So much for the talk of the past decade
that Goddard College is dead.
I dont think that conversation is happening
anymore, said Kris Gruen, a Goddard graduate
whos director of the campus radio station and co-
presenter of the colleges concert series. Theres
a lot of energy and alumni celebration.
An artistic history
You could argue that tiny Plainfeld (population
1,243) is the epicenter of the Vermont arts scene.
Starting with Shepp, just about anyone with Vermont
ties whos known nationally in the arts-and-
entertainment world passed through Plainfeld at some
signifcant point in their formative creative years.
Phish is known for starting in Burlington at the
University of Vermont, but three of the four band
members fnished their studies at Goddard and the
one who didnt, Mike Gordon, has said he had his
transcendent musical experience at a Goddard gig.
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals are based in Waitsfeld,
but the rockers recorded Nothing But the Water at the
Haybarn Theatre and wrote in the liner notes to their
breakthrough album that the 1868 building provided a
creative force that was greater than all of us combined.
Playwright David Mamet and actor William H. Macy
burst out of Goddard before earning Pulitzers and Oscar
nominations. Goddard alumnus Jay Craven became one
of Vermonts top concert promoters and has directed
flms starring Michael J. Fox and Kris Kristoferson.
Creative social agitators Bread & Puppet Theater left
New York City in the 1970s and spent a few years in
My education at Goddard
inspired a fusion of
the soul and intellect.

Article available
in print only
8 CloCkworks spring | summer 2013
Plainfeld at the invitation of Goddard before moving to
their now-legendary home in the Northeast Kingdom.
Plainfeld lacks the urban cache of Burlington, the
hip energy of Brattleboro and the artsy reputation of
Bennington. But it has the credentials, and the history.
Its a very open, tolerant and progressive place,
said Art Schaller, a professor of architecture at Norwich
University who attended Shepps concert with his wife,
Anne Schaller. Thats important in our times. Schaller
is happy that Goddard is back in the concert business.
Its bringing to Vermont a seminal jazz great, he said
of Shepp, which is amazing because were so remote.
The Goddard godsend
Plainfeld and environs had next to nothing arts-wise
when Mary Azarian and her then-husband, Tom Azarian,
moved to the area in 1963, she said. The native of suburban
Washington, D.C., said they were on their own back-
to-the-land trip in those days. Gradually, like-minded
creative people began to join them in central Vermont.
Azarian began her career as an artist in the mid-
60s, starting with woodcut note cards and posters as
well as decorative pillboxes. She became best known as
an illustrator of childrens books, winning the genres
prestigious Caldecott Medal in 1999 for her book about
famed Vermont photographer Snowfake Bentley.
Goddard College has been a big part of Mary
Azarians life throughout her 50 years in central
Vermont. Goddard was an unlooked-for godsend
when we frst moved here, in so many ways, she said
as she made soup and pies on a recent Thursday in the
kitchen of her home fve miles outside of Plainfeld.
The familys pipes froze soon after moving to the
area, Azarian said, so they went to Goddard for showers.
They attended concerts on campus ranging from a show
by banjo legend Earl Scruggs to fddle conventions that
drew out-of-town friends for weekend-long parties. The
Azarians three sons were just the right age to enjoy
Bread & Puppets performances in the 70s. Azarian
listens regularly to WGDR, the 40-year-old campus radio
station with a devoted public-radio-like following.
She was dismayed to see Goddard slide into
relative obscurity, and shes thrilled to see the campus
return to the public eye. Now 72 years old and a self-
proclaimed solitary artist, Azarian has ventured
to Plainfeld for a pair of performances at Goddard
in the past few months one by West African
guitarist Bombino and another by Bread & Puppet.
It was really faltering, Azarian said. Goddard
was a huge asset in this area, and its going back
that way after years of almost not existing.
Rallying around the arts
Kris Gruen welcomed the crowd to Shepps concert,
noting that many of the nearly 400 people crowding
the Haybarn Theatre were Goddard alumni. Theres
a real calling of the tribe here tonight, he said.
Gruen is part of that tribe, having graduated
from Goddard in 1997. Much like Shepp, he attended
Goddard with no plans to pursue music.
I couldnt play a bongo, he said, adding that he
was oversaturated by the musical world as the son
of renowned rock n roll photographer Bob Gruen.
But after taking a class in New Orleans traditional
music with professor Don Glasgo, he left Goddard on
track to become a professional musician. Along with
his duties as the director of WGDR and co-presenter
of the colleges concert series, Gruen is a singer-
songwriter fnalizing plans for his third album.
Music surrounded Gruen at Goddard. He remembers
going to concerts by jazz heroes Lester Bowie and Kermit
Rufns and missing one by a then-obscure folk-punk
BRINGING DoWN ThE houSE An eclectic mix of artists has graced the stage of the Haybarn Theatre in recent
years. From left, the folk-rock group Session Americana played on Feb. 22; Debo Band brought its Ethiopian pop
music to Plainfeld on March 30; and Birds of Chicago performed North American roots music on Nov. 1.
Article available
in print only
CloCkworks spring | summer 2013 9
musician named Ani DiFranco who
played within a circle of 14 listeners at
the Haybarn. Gruen was at Goddard
at the same time as central Vermont
trumpeter Brian Boyes, who was part
of the jazz-funk band viperHouse
that a decade and a half ago was on
the verge of becoming the next big
musical export from Goddard.
As lively as the artistic scene was, it
covered a more serious fnancial strain
that threatened Goddards survival.
I had no sense that the college was
at any point of change, Gruen said.
He spoke over dinner on a recent
Thursday night at Positive Pie on Main
Street. With him was Meg Hammond,
the Goddard events manager who with
Gruen presents the concerts on campus.
Hammond was co-owner of the
Langdon Street Caf and recalls after
opening that music venue and social
gathering space in Montpelier in 2004
that customers would express their
dismay at Goddards recent cuts. She
also noticed the pool of potential
employees at the caf start to dissipate
with the loss of residential students.
Vacarr, who became Goddard
president in 2010, was a frequent
customer at the Langdon Street
Caf, according to Hammond, and
a big supporter of the arts. The caf,
which closed almost two years ago,
was nearing its end when Gruen and
Hammond began reviving the long-
standing concert series at Goddard.
They staged their frst show in the
Haybarn in September 2011 with Luisa
Maita, a Brazilian singer signed to
the Vermont-based world-music label
Cumbancha thats run by Plainfeld
native Jacob Edgar. Hammond said
some of those who attended met up
with fellow members of the Goddard
community they hadnt seen in 25 years.
They followed that concert with
one by internationally known Vermont
folksinger Anas Mitchell, wife of
Noah Hahn, who was a co-owner
of the Langdon Street Caf with
Hammond. That concert sold out.
It was really exciting to see the
community want to come, Gruen said.
Goddard is not only raising its public
profle through the concerts, the college
is hosting renowned choreographer Liz
Lerman as a visiting artist this spring.
Previous administrations at Goddard
built the low-residency program into a
stronger position, Gruen said, and Vacarr
took that a step further by introducing
the community to the fact that the college
remains important to the community
artistically and fnancially. She said,
This place has to matter to the place
its sitting in, Gruen said of Vacarr.
He and Hammond share that
philosophy. As a creative-economy
advocate, Hammond said, I realized
other areas have ski resorts we
have Goddard College.
As a creative-economy advocate,
I realized other areas have ski resorts we have Goddard College.
GloBAl flAvoR Left, Omara Bombino Moctar, an internationally acclaimed Tuareg guitarist and singer-songwriter,
performs at the Haybarn Theatre. Right, President Vacarr with Archie Shepp, who received the Goddard Award for Excellence.
Goddards concert history
From its earliest days in Plainfeld,
goddard has been a place for
people to come to hear live music.
Here is a small list of notable
music events spanning 50 years:
1945 Violinist Ernest Eniti
1963 Violinist Florence Embretsen
playing a 1650 Amati
violin, old Time Fiddlers
Association, Musicians John
Cage and David Tudor
1965 Premiere of Map Room,
a performance art piece
by robert rauschenberg
1966 An Impolite Evening with
Paul Krassner, a noted
counter-culture fgure
and satirist
1967 Amsterdam University
string Quartet
19711973 Blue Oyster Cult, Randy
Newman, Earl Scruggs, Savoy
Brown, Patti Labelle and the
Bluebells, Black Sabbath
1976 martin mull in concert
1980s phish springfests
1989 phish at sculpture Building
1995 Chopin under the stars
concert by Jon nakamatsu
Article available
in print only
10 CloCkworks spring | summer 2013
A New Pair of Shoes
rogramming at WGDR, long defned by lack of formal
direction and support, is now ft for a new pair of shoes
to walk down Goddard's renewed academic road.
In 2010, college leaders began to envision WGDR as a more deeply
integrated component of its academic programs. The result of that
re-envisioning is an innovative evaluation and assessment program
called the Self Directed Inquiry (SDI), which began on March 1.
The sDi combines the aims and values of the Colleges
mission, its programmatic criteria and its strategic plan, with best
community radio practices set forth by the national Federation
of Community Broadcasters and the national Center for media
Engagement. The program was developed collaboratively
with the support of the Programmer Advisory Committee
and the greater WGDR programmer community at large.
As part of the SDI, every programmer now submits a study/
show plan and self-evaluation, and participates in an annual
review. The goal is for the SDI to support and monitor the growth
and practice of each programmer while improving the listeners
experience with more focused and intentional programming.
wgDr Briefs
inaugural Column
n-Air is a new standing feature in Clockworks
magazine. Thank you to Training Coordinator
Jackie Batten, Programmer Support Coordinator
Leah Xylona, and WGDR Director Kris Gruen for
compiling these notes. Look for the next On-Air in
the next issue, or tune in for real at 91.1 FM Plainfeld,
91.7 FM Hardwick, or stream live at
WGDR was established in 1973 as a unique, college-
based community radio station serving the central
Vermont region from the Goddard campus in Plainfeld,
Vt. WGDR/WGDH now operates as a true hybrid radio
station, supported both by the college and surrounding
communities. Over 60 local volunteers contribute to each
weeks broadcast, providing music, news and public affairs
Training Program News
he training program welcomed 12 new
programmers to the wgDr/wgDH
community in the last year. In November,
the station partnered with Cabot Arts to broadcast
A Day in the Life, a Beatles-focused radio
documentary series produced by Cabot High
School music students. This project inspired a
revamped version of wgDr/wgDHs Community
Based Learning curriculum. Now, under the
guidance of an experienced programmer, students
create radio segments covering a wide range of
topics, including music, flm and current affairs.
students present their segments and learn on-air
broadcasting techniques mid-semester, and complete
the semester by taking the programmer exam.
Below, wGdr training coordinator Jackie Batten
talks with a group of cabot high School students on site in
the stations production studio.
Joining the Sound Cloud
gDr has joined and is now archiving
shows and interviews on sound Cloud
(, an audio social
networking site where a global community of
listeners comment, interact,
and learn more about all of
the radio programs produced
at Goddard. On Feb. 14,
woman stirred radio host
merry gangemi interviewed
Davida Singer, who is
nominated for the 2013
Lambda Poetry Award.
listen to merry Gangemi
on woman Stirred
radio, plus lots of
other archived shows at
CloCkworks spring | summer 2013 11
Aul MOlyNeAux ReAChed OuT TO uS last year in response to a question we asked
in our winter annual appeal. The question was Where would I be without Goddard?
In addition to his gift to the Annual Fund, Paul included a brief answer to our question.
Intrigued by his story, I followed up with him. Read this interview to learn how Paul, after years as
a commercial fsherman, came to Goddard, studied writing and literature, and became a successful
writer and advocate for sustainable aquaculture, and how this brought his family closer together.
dustin Byerly: can you tell me a
bit about your background?
paul molyneaux: After graduating from high
school I worked in the commercial fshing industry.
In the late 80s, I quit the industrial fsheries and
moved to Downeast Maine where I read Wendell
Berry, Masanobu Fukuoka and other sustainable
agriculture thinkers. I tried to apply the principles of
human-powered food production to fsheries. I built
a dory, an ocean-worthy rowboat, and worked along
the coast under sail and oar power. All was going
well until the fsheries I relied on, periwinkles and
sea urchins, took a downturn and I saw the pattern
of depletion repeating itself. I knew I had to do
something diferent, and I thought it was time to write.
dB: how did you fnd Goddard?
pm: I just headed west on Route 2 until I came to
the sign that said, Goddard Collegehahaha!
A neighbor of mine had gone to Goddard
and told me about it. I had an appreciation for
education, but not for institutions, or sitting inside,
and so Goddard seemed like the perfect place
for me. I inquired for information but could not
Alumnus Spotlight
with Paul Molyneaux (IBA 97)
Paul Molyneaux
sails with his
children, Asher
and Oona, left.
Posing with his
wife, Regina
Grabrovac, and
their kids in
front of the log
cabin theyre
building behind
their home in
East Machias,
Maine. The
family is working
to create a
peaceful living
space without
12 CloCkworks spring | summer 2013
aford to go. Then, in 1995, the federal government
launched the Fishermens Retraining Program.
I qualifed and was able to go to Goddard.
dB: what was your experience at Goddard like?
pm: I was something of a purist when I went to
Goddard. At the time, I had no credit cards, no
telephone and no e-mail. I lived in a 16-foot diameter
yurt in the middle of 30 acres. I didnt have a vehicle
worthy of the trip, so I hitchhiked to the residencies.
Residencies were by far the best part of any semester. For
those eight days, I indulged in orgies of ideas, bouncing
of all the amazing people. Then I would go home and
type all my work on a manual Royal typewriter.
I worked with [former faculty member] Rob Tarule
(MA GGP 83) and enjoyed him immensely; he was just
what I needed in the shift from fsherman to writer.
My fnal semester, I worked with [former faculty
member] Beth Parkhurst, the jewel of my Goddard
experience. Working with Beth was like working
with a Zen master who would only speak to me in
kans. She would say, You missed something. I
would say, What? She would say no more. Drove
me crazy, but wow, she pushed me to dig deep into
stories to question all assumptions. Writing is a gift,
and Beth taught me how to use it with skill, and most
importantly, how to unearth the truth of a story.
dB: did your Goddard education
help you in your career?
pm: Coming out of Goddard I intended to write novels.
A year after I graduated, I was writing Outdoor
columns for The New York Times, had my frst book ofer,
and was supporting my family as a writer. In 2003, I
won the Alicia Patterson Journalism Fellowship. In
2005 I published my frst book, The Dorymans Refection.
Following that, I used my aquaculture research to
lay the groundwork for my second book, Swimming
in Circles: Aquaculture and the End of Wild Oceans. In
2007, I won a Guggenheim Fellowship, which funded
a trip around the world in search of sustainable
fsheries. So yes, I think Goddard helped fuel all that.
dB: looking back, what does your
Goddard education mean to you?
pm: Goddard gave me the best educational
experience of my life: self-directed, yet demanding.
dB: A lot of your writing and research
has focused on sustainable fsheries and
aquaculture. Since you frst started looking
into this subject, how have things changed?
pm: Nothing fundamental has changed since I started
looking into this. When people talk about sustainability,
the frst thing to do is identify what they are trying to
sustain: economic growth or cultures and ecosystems.
My books get into this more deeply, but essentially the
drive to sustain economic growth through industrial
fsheries and aquaculture, the kind of food production
that fts the multinational business model, depletes
resources and destroys cultures. The speculators
in these businesses often rely on start-up subsidies,
particularly unlimited clean water, and the ability to
pass risk on to the public and the voiceless wild species.
A disproportionately small amount of the available
money goes into research for truly sustainable and
proftable aquaculture such as land-based aquaponics
and online marketing development to aid artisanal
fshers. But these projects are moving forward.
dB: what do you see as some of
the biggest challenges?
pm: Changing what we believe. Belief
often seems impervious to logic.
dB: i know that you just had a new book published.
could you tell us a little bit about the book?
pm: When I couldnt publish my third fsheries book,
I started having many personal issues fnancial,
marital, etc. My son, Asher, age 7 at the time, asked if
we could hike the Appalachian Trail (AT). I said, we
could think about it. We did, and on March 9, 2010, a
few days before his eighth birthday, we set out to thru-
hike the AT. My wife took my place with him for 260
miles, and my daughter joined us for 600 miles, and
after seven months on the trail we scaled Mt. Katahdin.
My son is the youngest Mainer to hike the AT.
Upon our return, I wrote down the story. I asked
him to do a drawing for every day we were on
the trail, and now, three years later, we are about
to set out on a book tour for A Childs Walk in the
Wilderness, illustrated with 40 of Ashers drawings.
This is my frst book that is not about fsheries,
and it is doing very well. And, rather than my
writing separating me from my family, as it
has often done, this work the trail, the book,
everything has brought us closer together.
Paul enjoys his
1997 graduation
from Goddard,
above, third from
left. Residencies
were by far the
best part of any
semester, he
recalls. For those
eight days, I
indulged in orgies
of ideas, bouncing
off all the amazing
people. Then I
would go home and
type all my work
on a manual Royal
Check out Pauls
new book in the
Alumni Portfolio
on page 18.
CloCkworks spring | summer 2013 13
meeting the needs of 21st-Century students
s the global economy and the
information culture evolve, meeting the
needs of students in higher learning
settings has also been forced to evolve.
Goddard College has been at the forefront
of the distance learning revolution since
1963. Now, the college is at the forefront of
academic partnerships collaborations with
an array of organizations and educational
institutions that take the classroom directly into
communities and professional workplaces.
In Game Changers, a collection of essays
published by Educause, Daniel Pianko and Josh
Jarrett suggest that breaking up the iron triangle
of access, quality outcomes and education costs is
crucial for the future of higher education, and that
academic partnerships such as those undertaken
by Goddard are the means to that end.
According to Pianko and Jarrett, the best of
these partnerships appear to be simultaneously
expanding access, improving quality and
delivering fnancial sustainability.
Curricula based on academic partnerships have
particular appeal for nontraditional students a rising
demographic already served by Goddards educational
paradigm. According to U.S. Department of Education
estimates, up to 75 percent of currently enrolled
postsecondary students are defned as nontraditional,
with distance education courses accounting for an
estimated 12.2 million enrollments nationwide. Already
a leader in distance learning,
Goddards early start on
emphasizing academic
partnerships make Goddard
particularly well-suited
to meet the needs of the
21st-century student.
Partnership Manager
and Admissions
Counselor Heather Labor explains, students can
bring in credits theyve earned in other professional
training programs and apply them toward a
bachelors degree at Goddard. A partnership
like this, she says, honors their work outside the
classroom. It says, this is equal to college credit.
Labor cited the example of the Birthwise partnership.
Students who train at Birthwise, a midwifery school in
Maine, can earn up to 45 semester credits for their work
there, which are applied to meeting degree requirements
in programs such as health arts and sciences.
Along with the benefts to students and the college
itself, the partners providing similar professional
training see the advantages on their side as well.
Kate G. Stephenson, executive director of Vermonts
Yestermorrow Design/Build School, notes the easy
academic synergy between the two institutions.
We have had a number of students over the years
who have taken courses at Yestermorrow while also
studying at Goddard through their IBA program,
and with the launch of their BA in Sustainability
studies, there seem to be more students interested in
exploring issues of sustainability related to the built
environment, Stephenson observed. Yestermorrow is
not a degree-granting school, which, adds Stephenson,
allows some of our students the opportunity to
pursue a bachelors degree through Goddard.
Academic relationships are not limited to
other academic institutions. Labor took particular
pride in a new partnership with the Franklin
Central Supervisory Union in Vermont.
We are going into their school district and
ofering a three-credit course where educators
are doing individualized study and getting a
grasp on what we do at Goddard so well.
Labor explained that the enthusiasm isnt limited
to the student educators. The administrators there
have been so supportive. Theyre excited about
this its a diferent way for them to ofer professional
development. For Goddard, its wonderful, she says.
Educators can take the course four times and then
bring 12 credits into Goddards Education Program.
On the other side of the nation, Erin Fristad,
Watch a video of Erin Fristad talking
about Port Townsends partnerships
14 CloCkworks spring | summer 2013
director of West Coast academic and
public partnerships, notes their numerous
partnerships with regional community
colleges such as Shoreline Community
College, Everett Community College,
Peninsula College, and the beginnings of
conversations with community colleges
in northern California. In addition, she
points out the expansion of what she terms
resource, or programming partnerships.
Those are partnerships with
the Madrona Mind/Body Institute,
the Port Townsend Marine Science
Center, and the Port Townsend Film
Institute, for example. Partners, claim
Fristad, who, through their areas
of expertise, enhance programming
opportunities for Goddard students.
Fristad explained, Madrona Mind/
Body faculty certifed in Nia, in partnership
with our faculty, taught an applied
physiology class for our students, so it was
a real collaborative experience. And last
September, The Marine Science Center
taught our new undergrads a workshop
called The Perversion of Plankton and
the Secret Life of Barnacles. It was a
hands-on class where students collected
specimens and worked in the lab. It was
one of many collaborations available to
students during our frst undergraduate
residency here in Port Townsend.
The potential for academic and
resource partnerships are everywhere.
Port Townsend School of Woodworking
co-founder Tim Lawson recalls the easy,
organic way in which his institutions
partnership with Goddard took shape.
The Goddard residency site and the
Port Townsend School of Woodworking
are both located at Fort Worden State
Park. Both organizations have been active
in the development of Fort Worden as a
lifelong learning center, and I worked
with Erin in the Fort Worden Partners
group. There was a lot of conversation
about how we could work together and,
in a clif-top walk, Erin and I started to
explore the idea of a sculpture jam.
To Lawson, the pairing is a natural ft.
As Goddard started to explore a wider
array of partnerships, he recalled, it
was natural that we signed a transfer
credit agreement for the graduates of
our 12-week woodworking foundation
course. The primary beneft of this has
been a signifcant jump in the credibility
of the [woodworking] school.
Academic partnerships are also
afording students greater opportunities
for cross-cultural learning, as well as
furthering each institutional partners
own goals for enriching their curricula.
The Northwest School of Wooden
Boatbuilding has a series of lectures
they provide for their students, and,
according to Fristad, theyre interested
in inviting the Goddard community
and students to come to those events.
A faculty member in our MFA in
Goddards East and
west coast partners
Birch Tree Center
Birthwise school of midwifery
Bon Appetit
Brookdale Community College
Camden County College
Community College
of Vermont
everett Community College
Franklin Central
supervisory union
institute for integrative
lordes institute of
Holistic study
madrona mind/Body
national elevator industry
education program
peninsula College
port Townsend Film institute
port Townsend marine
science Center
port Townsend school
of woodworking
portland institute for
Contemporary Art
rowe Camp and
Conference Center
shoreline Community College
Teacher institute at
La Academia
Vermont Center for
integrative Herbalism
warren County
Community College
Yestermorrow Design/
Build school
hElPING hANDS Jenna Schmitz (BA HAS 13), a graduate of the Birthwise
Midwifery School in Maine, works with a traditional birth attendant in an outreach
program she initiated in Haiti.
see Partnerships, page 31
designed by Tim Lawson, from
the Port Townsend School of
Woodworking, used at Goddards
Fort Worden learning center.
CloCkworks spring | summer 2013 15
erin Fristad, Director of west Coast
Academic and Public Partnerships
Erin was working on a fshing boat in Alaska when she was
reached by land: Goddard College was calling; they wanted her
to set up a campus in Port Townsend and run it. Her response?
Well, youll have to wait until salmon season is over!
And that is how Goddards occupation of Fort Worden
essentially began.
Erin graduated from the Vermont campus in 2003 with her
MFA in poetry. Back home, she attended a meeting of alumni
in Seattle, at which then-president Mark Schulman expressed
interest in bringing Goddard to the Northwest. Goddard
accepted many students from the area but they rarely enrolled
because of the distance from Vermont. If the students couldnt
get to Goddard, Goddard would come to the students.
The Port Townsend community has embraced Goddard, due
mainly to Erins eforts: We dont serve education to people: we
ask them what they want and need then we create it with them.
In the midst of all this, Erin has managed to keep
publishing her poetry in numerous anthologies, and she
recently published a chapbook titled The Glass Jar.
Joyce Gustafson, operations manager
Before coming to Goddard, Joyce worked as special assistant
to the director of the University of Californias Education
Abroad Program, which included oversight for the international
exchange program on 10 UC campuses in 40 countries. She
also served as director of development for Direct Relief
International, a disaster relief organization based in Santa
Barbara, Calif., that provides medical assistance to people
afected by poverty, disaster and civil unrest around the world.
She served on the board of the nonproft, Friends of Tibetan
Poets, artists, sailors, bakers, landscape architects, organic farmers and techies:
Meet the staff of the low-residency program in Port Townsend, Washington.
to Port Townsend
16 CloCkworks spring | summer 2013
Womens Association, an organization she helped found 25 years
ago. She has also worked with tsunami survivors in Sri Lanka
and Thailand, and with underserved street kids in Brazil.
An avid sailor, Joyce has spent years at sea including several
extended ocean passages with her husband. Joyce has held a
100-ton U.S. Coast Guard Masters license for three decades.
Whenever she hears the foghorn at Fort Worden, she sighs
with relief that shes sailing The Help Desk instead of a boat.
3 Agnes Figueroa-martinez, it specialist
Agnes passion for all things techie started as early as 8 or
9 years old. To her mothers chagrin, she dismantled practically
every electrical device in the house to see how it was built
and how it worked. A self-taught geek with over 15 years of
experience, she managed IT operations at Bellevue College in
Washington, and she teaches online in addition to her work at
Goddard. Agnes lives with one foot in her native Puerto Rico,
taking care of her parents, and another in her beloved Seattle.
Says Agnes, in between panicky students whove lost work
in the catacombs of the Internet: Instructional technology,
which goes beyond the how-to tech training and moves
into the applied use of technology in pedagogyis what Im
very passionate about. I like the challenge of fnding the best
tool or way to adapt a tool to a particular curricular need.
I very much enjoy the rewards of that aha moment.
Gloria Lamson, student Life Coordinator
Glo is an artist when shes not helping students locked
out of their rooms while standing in their towels. She
creates temporary site-specifc installations in nature and
architectural environments, which she documents with
photographs. She holds an MFA in arts and consciousness.
What motivates her in her artwork? I am moved to use
art-making to weave together what is within me, with what
is around me. Interested in bringing art to life, I look to
the process of art to shape, hold and/or carry that which
is begging my attention. For me, it is a most profound and
intimate way to dialogue with my life and the world.
5 Carmiel banasky, residency Assistant
Carmie grew up in Portland, Ore. She earned her BA in creative
writing from the University of Arizona. After college, she worked
on the Kerry campaign in Oregon for six months. Burned out
and disappointed, she moved to Mississippi, where, for two
years, she tried to start a Planned Parenthood BC clinic.
Since earning her MFA from Hunter College in
2010, where she studied with Colum McCann, Nathan
Englander and Peter Carey, shes been working at Goddard
and writing at artist colonies across the country.
Her secret? She makes a killer molasses cookie.
Christopher robinson, residency Assistant
Chris grew up in the Seattle area, playing video games,
skateboarding and reading sci-f novels. He earned degrees
in English and philosophy at the University of Washington,
fell in love with poetry on a study abroad program in Rome,
then taught ESL, both in Seattle and in Seoul, South Korea,
and performed in a hip-hop group. He holds an MA in creative
writing from Boston University and MFA in poetry from
Hunter College. There, he met famed memoirist and Goddard
alumna Mary Karr (MFAW 79) and became her assistant.
Chris writing has appeared in The Missouri Review,
Alaska Quarterly Review, Kenyon Review, and elsewhere.
Last year he was a fnalist for the Yale Younger Poets
Prize. His secret wish is to have Ezra Pounds hair.
Julie miles, Academic services specialist
A landscape architect in Seattle for the past 15 years, Julie hails
from Maryland, just outside of D.C., and spent her childhood and
early adult years exploring the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern
states. She has a BA from Dickinson College and a master of
landscape architecture from the University of Virginia.
She has three kids and loves hiking and kayaking in
Port Townsend with her family. She is currently reading
Rambunctious Garden: Saving Nature in a Post-Wild World.
8 marc Gordon, integrated enrollment specialist
Marc moved to the area right after 9/11. He and his wife have
two wild yet gentle boys and a small organic blueberry farm
and artisan cidery ( where they own and operate
a guest cottage/vacation rental called the Huckleberry House.
Marc travels the Northwest meeting alumni, faculty and
transfer counselors at regional community colleges, and most
importantly shares with prospective students the incredible
opportunity that Goddards Port Townsend site ofers. The
reason he walks so slowly? Im steeped in the gravity of life
9 Lori margaret, student Life Coordinator
Lori recently left Goddard to pursue other interests, but her
contributions were a tremendous help to the Port Townsend
site, right from the time she started in 2007 when Goddard
frst launched the MFAIA program. Her role evolved in
conjunction with program growth and she contributed greatly
to the development of a student services department.
Lori was part of the Goddard team in Seattle and supported
the launch of the BA & MA in Education Program there. She
was key, through her tireless eforts at community building
and well-honed skills as a logistics wizard, to the development
see Port townsend, page 27
CloCkworks spring | summer 2013 17
alumni portfolio
Joshua Amses (BFAW)
Raven or Crow is both an
adultolescent noir and
a story of mistakes rooted
in the ambivalence
of being young and
without direction.
Fomite Press, 2013
a cREativE
appROach tO thE
Harry Y. Chaucer
(BA RUP 72)
A Creative Approach
shows that schools
can cultivate genius while ensuring
that all students realize the core skills
that are crucial to all citizens.
Rowan & Littlefeld, 2012
Phil Duncan
(MFAW-WA 11)
Raised from the grave
by the shadowy fgure of
Dr. Blankenship, Yancey
Muncey is now back in
high school, hanging out
with his best friend, and making plans
for the upcoming Halloween carnival.
RainTown Press, 2012
giRltRuth fROM
thE BElly
Stacey Ginsburg (IMA 08)
Girltruth from the Belly is
a coming of age memoir
that Stacey worked
on while in the IMA
program at Goddard.
Bone Soup Press (and, 2012
REtuRN tO fiRst
Budd Hallberg
(MA GGP 80)
This examines the
events that have caused
the United States
to depart radically
from its foundational roots.
AuthorHouse, 2012
Mystic fOOl
Andy Hill (IBA 08)
A spirited romp
across Southeast Asia,
Mystic Fool follows the
exploits of a young
man, led by alchemy
and alcohol, as he
explores the inner and outer planes.
CreateSpace, 2013
Imogen Holding
(MA PSY 13)
Nevada is the darkly
comedic story of Maria
Grifths, a young
trans woman living
in New York City and
trying to stay true to
her punk values while working retail.
Topside Press, April 2013
BEautiful sNaRE
Laurie (Wagner Buyer)
Jameson (MFAW 01)
Beautiful Snare, the frst
book in the Spirited
Women Series, weaves
the mysteries of love,
loyalty and war into
a compelling and
timeless tale. Seven Oaks Publishing, 2012
wiNgs, wORMs,
aNd wONdER
Kelly Johnson (IMA 12)
This book, which
grew out of Johnsons
graduate thesis at
Goddard, is a guide
for creatively integrating gardening and
outdoor learning into childrens lives.
1984 Printing, 2012
siMply MuRdER
Chris Mackowski
(MFAW 01)
Simply Murder
recounts the Battle
of Fredericksburg,
fought Dec. 13,
1862, and includes
information and insights
about the battlefeld itself.
Savas Beattie Press, 2012
thE ONE i
lEft BEhiNd
Jennifer McMahon
(BA 91)
Haunting and
harrowing, The One I Left
Behind ofers enthralling
suspense but also so
much more: a richly
poignant tale of the families were born
into and the ones we build ourselves.
Megan Abbott, author of Dare Me
William Morrow, 2013
falliNg Off
thE wiNd
Richard Meibers
(MA 75)
A modern version
of a Joseph Conrad
adventure. Meibers has
created an engaging tale
of life on a Caribbean
island where his challenges refect
our own. -Dwight Harshbarger
Martin and Lawrence Press, 2012
thROugh MultiplE
Stephen R. Merriman
(BA ADP 79)
This book presents
a panoramic,
approach to the treatment of
Dissociative Identity Disorder, from
pre-diagnosis through fnal integration,
covering all stages along the way.
Four Rivers Press, 2012
a childs walK iN
thE wildERNEss
Paul Molyneaux
(IBA 97)
A funny, poignant,
clear-eyed account of
Pauls and his sons
modern-day wilderness
adventure: thru-hiking the Appalachian
Trail over the course of seven months.
Read how they handled fooded trails,
snowy weather, bear country, steep
climbs, temper tantrums and getting lost.
Stackpole Books, 2013
18 CloCkworks spring | summer 2013
Carla Occaso (MFAW 11)
A collection of short
stories and essays from
New England depicting
the joys, pitfalls and lies
that make up childhood, parenthood,
pet ownership, family, aging and death.
Self-published, 2012
shaMaN Of thE
fRiENd Of thE
Richard Proescher
(BA ADP 81)
What happened to the
Lost Colony? In this novel, the world of a
Native American culture is revealed at the
time of frst contact with English people., Inc., 2013
sO yOu waNt
tO BE a lEadER
Al Restivo (MA 85)
This book helps
established leaders
enhance their
understanding of
leadership and mentors
prospective leaders.
Silver Thread Publishing, 2012
MaKaRa: a NOvEl
Kristen Ringman
(MFAW 08)
A novel about Fionnuala,
a part-human, part-seal
deaf woman who falls
in love with Neela, a
hearing woman in India.
Handtype Press, 2012
thE siN EatER
aNd OthER stORiEs
Elizabeth Frankie
Rollins (MFAW 01)
An adulterous husband,
the bubonic plague,
and growing tails:
damage sufuses the
evocative stories of this debut collection.
Queens Ferry Press, 2013
Jennifer Semple
Siegel (MFAW 94)
Memoir Madness covers
Jennifers psychedelic
days in Hollywood, her
return to Sioux City,
Iowa, her involuntary
incarceration at a mental health facility,
and, fnally, her escape to Pennsylvania.
Ban My Book Publishing, 2012
aNd aMERica
Charlene Smith (MFAIA)
This is an authorized
biography about the
long and complex
relationship between Nelson Mandela
and the United States. This is one of three
books Charlene published in 2012.
New Africa Books, 2012
Jessamyn Smyth
(MFAW 04)
In this short, intense
poetry collection a
winner in the New
Womens Voices Series
competition Jessamyn
Smyth writes about something very like
love/but harder to escape.
Finishing Line Press, 2013
gaspaRd aNd cEcilE
Robert Soule (RUP 47)
A fctionalized account
of the life and times of
Gaspard Duifopruggar,
whom some still credit
as the creator of the
modern violin.
Traford Publishing, 2012
accEss tO thE
fOOd systEM
Camille Tuason
Mata (IMA 09)
This is an analysis of
the barriers minority
communities face in accessing healthy,
fresh foods in Oakland, Calif.
University Press of America, 2013
yOu shOuldNt
call ME MOMMy
Susan Tsui (MFAW 10)
A story about the difcult
journey of self-discovery,
one that explores the
power of truth over
illusion and the meaning
of a mothers love.
Onieros Press, 2012
ONE way ticKEt
David Tucker
(MFAIA 04)
This collection of
powerful short stories,
told with wit and
sensitivity, challenges
us to examine our
own lives and the
personal choices we make.
Bookland Press, August 2012
alumni portfolio
Send in your new books
Have you published a book recently? send it to Clockworks, 123 Pitkin Road,
Plainfeld, VT 05667. Please note that because of the volume of publications we
receive, we give preference to the most recently published books.
CloCkworks spring | summer 2013 19
class notes
SEnd uS
your nEwS
To submit
a note, send
an e-mail to
peter b. liveright (Jr 41, ba 43)
of Lutherville, Md., is still working
at age 91! Watch a video interview
with him at
Joseph levine (Jr 51, ba 53) of Mill
Valley, Calif., is learning yoga at age 82
and was interviewed on The California
Report on Dec. 19 (
Jane mink rossen (ba 54) of
Charlottenlund, Denmark, turned
80 on Dec. 7, 2012. She is still writing
and publishing in ethnomusicology.
gale robin greenleaf (6465 and
6768) of Brunswick, Maine, married
and moved to Austin, Texas, went
back to school at St. Edwards New
College in 1988-89, attended graduate
school at University of Texas (UT) for
journalism and American studies,
and taught technical writing in the
engineering department at UT for 10
years. She is now retired and living in
Maine with her dog and three cats.
Jerome mintz (ba rUp 65) of Roslyn
Heights, N.Y., the founder and director
of Alternative Education Resource
Organization (AERO) hopes youll
join him for the 10th Annual AERO
Conference this year at the LIU Post
University in New York City, from May
2326. Visit
Jim roos (ba rUp 64) recently
celebrated his 82nd birthday with his
wife Karen (Rexford) Roos, their sons
and families and many dear friends. He
is currently taking a memoir writing
course and recalls that coming to
Goddard in 1951 was an outstanding, if
not the outstanding, event in his life.
Judith arcana (ma ggp 78)
of Portland, Ore., is one of seven
Oregon poets whose work will be
installed on 9- by 9-foot panels
printed with nature images at Kaiser
Permanente Westside Medical Center
in Hillsboro. The exhibit is the result
of a competition to create poems for
the new hospital, and the winners
were chosen for best matching Kaiser
Permanentes interior design theme,
Tranquil Relief Through Nature.
edwina austin (ma ggp 73)
of Rutland, Vt., is still working as
a clinical instructor at Castleton
State College.
lucinda stowe baker (ba rUp 75)
of Baltic, Conn., has been exhibiting
her works of art in museums all over
the world, with solo and group shows
primarily in China, Canada and the
United States. Her 19-year-old son
is also an artist. She visited fellow
classmate tamara berdofe (ba rUp
75) and husband Dane; says Lucinda of
Tamara: she hasnt changed a bit after
38 (ahem) or so years! She has also
reconnected with alumni on Goddards
alumni Facebook page; take a look at
claudia bates-physioc (ba rUp
75) of Midlothian, Va., is ending
her career as a social worker on a
happy note, helping to create families
for those seeking international
adoptions. She and her husband
Richard are now empty nesters.
renee beck (ba rUp 73) of Berkeley,
Calif., worked with teens and their
families at Holden High School,
formerly Contra Costa Alternative
School, for 32 years as clinical director.
She is a licensed MFC, has a private
practice in Shadow & Dreamwork
in Berkeley, and supervises trainees
from the California Institute of
Integral Studies. She has co-authored
The Art of Ritual and would love to
connect with Goddard folks. Visit
her website at
tasha J. bonfanti-balsom (ba rUp
75) of Lexington, Mass., runs a large
family day care program with 12
children enrolled and seven teachers
on staf. She also runs the nursery care
program at Follen Community Church
in Lexington. Learn more about it at
margaret holston cheatham (ba
rUp 73) of Birmingham, Ala., is still
working with the Retired Teachers of
Alabama and is the chairperson of the
legislative committee.
sara church (ba rUp 73) of
Minneapolis, Minn., is still drawing
and painting, and she teaches art to
around 700 elementary school students
per week. She recently became a
frst-time grandmother.
pamela sue cloutier (ba rUp 76) of
Kennebunk, Maine, stopped by the
Vermont campus in September 2012
and says it has much improved! She
and her husband Bob created a free
dental clinic in Biddeford, Maine, in
2008, and it is still running strong
thanks to volunteers.
laurel s.d. colimon (ba rUp 71) of
Ossining, N.Y., retired in June 2011 from
her job as a transitional specialist and
teacher trainer for the New York City
schools. She now enjoys travel, music,
friends and family in her retirement.
ralph e. culver (ba rUp 74) of
Burlington, Vt., received the 2012
Anabiosis Press Poetry Chapbook Prize
for his collection, Both Distances. His
poem, For the Last Catamount, was
nominated by The Worcester Review
for a 2013 Pushcart Prize. His son
Jason, who was born on registration
day of Goddards 1973 summer
trimester, turned 40 on May 1.
Vince dipersio (ba rUp 76) of
North Hollywood, Calif., produced
and directed the documentary The
Kennedy Detail, which was nominated
for an Emmy last year. His new series,
Bomb Patrol Afghanistan, follows a Navy
Bomb Disposal Unit through its entire
deployment and was nominated as
Best Limited Series by the International
Documentary Association.
20 CloCkworks spring | summer 2013
Deborah (MA GGP
77) and Philip
Zuchman (MA GGP
73) of Philadelphia,
Pa., presented their
exhibit, Walk in
the Woods, in
February at the
Old City Jewish Art
Center. Deborah
gave a painting
demonstration and
Philip discussed his
work and signed
copies of his book,
Summer on the Hill.
Above, by Deborah
The Sentrees, oil
on paper, 30" x 22."
helen l. Foster (ba rUp 79) of Santa
Rosa, Calif., is in her ninth decade
of taking courses in art, science
and literature. She also recently
passed her registration renewal for
her nurses license in California.
david h. Frank (ba rUp 71) of
Guilford, Conn., was a featured potter
in the Shoreline Arts Trail Open Studios
Weekend held November 1718, 2012.
eva Freund (ma ggp 79) of
Vienna, Va., published her article,
The Evolution of IEEE Std.
2012, in the American Society
Quality Software Divisions
journal, Software Professional 0.
ann goldman (ba rUp 74) of Red
Bank, N.J., just sent her youngest of
to college in January.
Kathleen m. Kern-pilch (ma sbpat
79) of Bratenahl, Ohio, has retired
after 30 years as an art therapist
with the Art Studio - Metro Health
Medical Center. She currently runs
programs for inner city children at the
St. Jerome School and for seniors at
the Metro Health extended care. She
serves as a Reiki practitioner for pain
management related to spinal cord
injuries and for oncology patients.
She is also an honorary member of
the Buckeye Art Therapy Clinic.
deborah nadoolman landis (ba
rUp 73) of Beverly Hills, Calif., edited
Hollywood Costume and curated the
exhibition of the same name at the
Victoria & Albert Museum in London.
The exhibition ran from Oct. 20, 2012
through Jan. 27, 2013 and showcased
over 100 of the most iconic movie
costumes from across a century of
flmmaking, including the gingham
pinafore and ruby red slippers worn
by Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. To
see photos and learn more about
the exhibition, go to and
search for Hollywood custume.
roger norman leege (ba rUp 71,
ma ggp 75) of Venice, Fla., retired
as CTO of the Tolland Public School
District after 40 years as a teacher
administrator. Since then, he has
worked as a digital artist, doing
photography, collage and mixed media.
His work was included in Photography
by Design at the Darkroom Gallery in
Essex Junction, Vt., which ran through
Jan. 4. Says Roger, Id very much
like to hear from 1968-71 RUPs and
1975-76 Boston Regional GGPs who
remember the old days.
steven light (ba rUp 75) of
Marshfeld, Vt., helped move the
gamelan Sulukala to its new home
in the Pratt Library in February.
Steven and Kathy Light are
holding open gamelan rehearsals
on Wednesdays from 7 to 9 p.m.
susan lynn price (ma ggp 75)
of Kenmore, Wash., received a
master of science in nutrition at
Bastyr University. She is a practicing
Certifed Nutritionist in Seattle and
Issaquah. Susan is married to Steve
Gins. She is looking for classmate
beverly gordon (ma ggp 75).
annellen simpkins, phd (ma
ggp 74) and her husband
taught a workshop in January on
Neuroscience for Clinicians: Brain
Change for Stress, Anxiety, Trauma,
Moods and Substance Abuse. The
workshop, presented in Burlington,
Vt., Manchester, N.H., and Portland,
Maine, was sponsored by PESI/CMI.
glennette tilley turner (ma ggp
79) wrote Fort Mose: And the Story of
the Man Who Built the First Free Black
Settlement in Colonial America, which
won The Golden Kite Honor Book from
the Society of Childrens Book Writers
and Illustrators. She also received the
2012 Wilber H. Siebert Award from the
National Park Services Underground
Railroad Network to Freedom for her
steadfast dedication and commitment
to the Underground Railroad.
Jill Watts (ma ggp 77) of Worcester,
Mass., published two books: A St.
Lucian Inspired Fairy Tale and Stories
from Piaye: the World Through the
Eyes of the Children. She wrote both
while serving in the Peace Corps
from 2010 to 2012. Proceeds from
the books go to the childrens school
in St. Lucia. Both of the books are
available on
marianne r. Weil (ba rUp 74) of
Orient, N.Y., was a featured guest
on the WNPR-CT Faith Middleton
show on Nov. 20, 2012. She is an
assistant professor of sculpture at
City University of New York College
of Staten Island. Visit her website
avrum geurin Weiss (ba rUp 74)
of Atlanta, Ga., published his second
book, Change Happens: When to Try
Harder and When to Stop Trying So
Hard, in 2011.
mark c. helmke (ma ggp 81) was
a press and policy adviser to Indiana
U.S. Senator Richard Lugar and gained
international recognition for his work
in the Philippine democratic revolution
and the end of the Apartheid regime
in South Africa. He helped start an
international consulting frm that
grew from fve to 450 employees. He
worked in Ukraine and Russia after
the breakup of the Soviet Union.
After 9/11, he returned to the Senate
Foreign Relations Committee to work
on arms control, public diplomacy,
and climate change. He is now a
professor of strategic communications
at Trine University in Angola, Ind.
David Hofberger (BA ADP 81) of
Arnold, Md., is serving as the facilities
manager for all eight chapels at the
United States Naval Academy.
anita mendes-lopes (ba adp
81) of Hancock, N.H., received a
masters in social work, University of
CloCkworks spring | summer 2013 21
class notes
Connecticut in 1987; case management
from 1987-1995; psychotherapy
from 1995-2009 and does voluntary
work on committees that involve
issues of racial, social, and economic
justice. She is currently retired.
nancy anne miller (ma gV
88) of Washington, Conn., is a
Bermudian poet, and has a Master
of Letters from the Univ. of Glasgow.
Somersault, a poetry collection
about Bermuda, is forthcoming from
Guernica Editions in 2013. She is a
MacDowell Colony Fellow and teaches
poetry workshops in Bermuda.
lorilee schoenbeck (ba has 86),
of Burlington, Vt., came back to the
Plainfeld campus during the spring
2013 residency and gave a public
presentation entitled Bringing
Complementary & Alternative
Medicine to the Mainstream.
lauren shea-sillars (ba adp 80)
of Santa Fe, N.M., is restarting her
8-year-old business, Organize LLC,
which she began near Princeton, N.J.,
as Organize of Santa Fe, LLC. Her
three children are now grown: the two
eldest are working in architecture and
fashion advertising, and the youngest
is a student at Warren Wilson College.
gregory J. speck (ma ggp 80) of
Rensselaerville, N.Y., retired from
teaching high school English and is
now playing music full-time in the
New England region and in New
Orleans, La.
leatrice Weiss-miller (ba adp
8081) of Levittown, Pa., is saddened
by the recent losses of her daughter,
sister, mother and a close friend. She
notes that their spirits remain with her,
and she gives thanks to Goddard for
remaining a living spark within her.
Jennifer Fargo (ba rUp 98) of North
Berwick, Maine, recently branched
out and took over a foral design
business in southern Maine. She
and her husband, Jim Fargo, moved
to Sugarloaf to work and ski for the
winter. Their three children, Caspian
(10), Gracie Mae (7) and Piper (2), love
being on the mountain, skiing and
arlene hampton (ma edU 96)
of Jersey City, N.J. is enjoying her
retirement from Hudson County
Community College.
John hiller (iba 95, ima 97)
of Alexandria, Va., retired from
the Smithsonian and changed
from cinematography to fne art
landscape photography. His work
is shown regularly at the Del Ray
Artisans Gallery in Alexandria,
where he is a member of the gallerys
board of directors. You can fnd
his photo stream on Flickr.
scott Kerner (ba rUp 9699) of
Montpelier, Vt., is a co-owner and
co-founder of Three Penny Taproom
in Montpelier, which was just named
a top 100 Beer Bar in the country for
the third year by Draft magazine. He
was also interviewed on WCAX-TV.
andre souligny (ba rUp 98)
of Roxbury, Vt., works as one of
Vermonts two designated prisoners
rights investigators through the
Ofce of the Defender General. He
and his partner Heather Holter (ba
rUp 95) homeschool their three
wondrous daughters, and Heather still
volunteers at WGDR.
pauline e. bartolone (iba 01)
of Davis, Calif., is a health care
reporter for Capital Public Radio in
david r. behling (mFaW-Wa 08)
of Albert Lea, Minn., wrote and
published his article, NRA Blew an
Opportunity to Lead on Guns, in the
Albert Lea Tribune on December 28, 2012.
Karin m. bolender (mFaia 07) of
Albany, Ore., explores intra-species
relations through performance, video
and various forms of narrative. Since
2010, she has enjoyed association with
artists and anthropologists of the
Multispecies Salon, including deanna
pindell (mFaia 11). Recent projects
have appeared in New Orleans, New
York, San Francisco, Czech Republic,
and Australia, and her essay, R.A.W.
Assmilk Soap, will be featured in
Multispecies Salon: Gleanings from a
Para-Site in 2014. She recently moved
to Oregon where she continues a
long-term collaboration with emily
stone (mFaia 08) and gathers fresh
inspiration from Goddards Portland
alumni community.
Jordon d. bosse (iba 06) of Auburn,
Maine, just earned a master of science
in nursing education from St. Josephs
College of Maine. He is a staf nurse at
St. Marys Regional Medical Center and
an adjunct clinical faculty member at
the University of New England.
Jeanne K. cosmos (mFaW 11) of
Natick, Mass. taught 11 diferent
English, writing and psychology
classes in 15 weeks at three local
colleges. She also taught Spies in
Novel and Film and Mystery Writers
at Brookline Adult Education and is
revising her own work.
The Canoe Expedition for Maine Girls,
the graduate thesis project of Kirstin
edelglass (ma edU 02) of Marlboro,
Vt., thrived for six summers (20022007)
before evolving into what is now Camp
Chewonki for Girls near Mt. Katahdin.
Karen engelmann (mFaW 09)
of Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., has been out
on a book tour with her historical
fction novel, The Stockholm Octavo.
GET A lIfT Lee Lipsitz (BA GV 87) of Orange, Conn.,
broke two American Powerlifting Association world
records at the 2012 CrossFit Games. She deadlifted 320
pounds to beat the world record 305 pounds for her
age and weight division.
22 CloCkworks spring | summer 2013
ralena gordon (iba 08) of Nederland,
Colo., presented her photography
exhibit and fundraiser, The Empty
Places: Americas Historic Mental
Institutions Fundraiser, with
special documentary-in-progress
screening on Oct. 26, 2012 at Salto
Cofee Works in Nederland. Her
photos capture abandoned mental
hospitals, a project she started as
her thesis at Goddard in 2007. Learn
more at
roz grossman (ma has 09) of
Burlington, Vt., received third-year
funding from the Victoria Bufum
Endowed Fund to teach the workshop
Mindfulness Tools for Health and
Wellness for cancer patients and
caregivers at Fletcher Allen Health Care
in Burlington. The workshop is based
on Jon Kabat-Zinns Mindfulness-Based
Stress Reduction Program. Roz is
owner of The Neshamah Center. Learn
more at
richard J. hodgson (iba 01, ima
07) of Midland, Texas, is doing
free workshops at senior citizen
meetings. He is attempting to publish
a book of poetry, The Gathering,
and has started writing a novel.
Cara L. Hofman (MFAW 09) of
New York, N.Y., lectured at Oxford
University this year as part of their
Global Scholars Symposium. Her novel,
So Much Pretty, has been released in
the United Kingdom and translated
into Portuguese and French. This
spring, she is a writer in residence
at Air Le Parc Project and Research
Center in Toulouse, France.
terry holmes, sr. (ba edU 00)
of Virginia Beach, Va., earned his
MEd from Regent University and
is the evening school principal at
Granby High School in Norfolk, Va.
shawn Kerivan (mFaW 06) of Stowe,
Vt., and chris millis (mFaW 07) of
Saratoga Springs, N.Y., presented a
panel at the 2013 AWP Conference in
Boston: Story Autopsy: How I Wrote
a Novel in Three Days And Then
Adapted It Into a Movie Starring Billy
Crystal. Millis adapted his prize-
winning novel, Small Apartments, into
an independent dark comedy that
premiered at SXSW 2012 and was
released by Sony Worldwide Pictures in
2013. The cast co-stars Dolph Lundgren,
Johnny Knoxville, James Caan and Billy
Crystal, among others.
david mandel
(ma psy 03) of
Canton, Conn., traveled
to Singapore last November at the
invitation of the Ministry of Social
and Family Development and the
Singapore Police Force. He spoke
at their National Family Violence
Networking Symposium and gave
an interview on family violence to
Good Morning Singapore, the national
morning news show that reaches
across the Pacifc to large audiences
in China, Japan, the Philippines,
Australia and New Zealand.
tara b. meyer (ba rUp 01) of
Montpelier. Vt., is a family nurse
practitioner who recently joined the
Giford Health Center at Berlin, Vt.
donnelle mcgee (mFaW 08) of
Turlock, Calif., has a prose piece,
Her Time with Beethoven, in the
2013 California Prose Directory. His
poetry will be in upcoming issues
of SLAB Literary Magazine and Brain,
Child, and his poetry manuscript,
Naked, has been accepted for
publication by the independent
publishing press, Unbound Content.
academic programs A KEY TO THE ACRONYMS
ADP: Adult Degree Program
BA: Bachelor of Arts
BAS: Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability
BFAW: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing
EDU: Education Program
G-C: Goddard-Cambridge Program
GEPFE: Experimental Program in Furthering Education
GGP: Goddard Graduate Program
GS: Goddard Seminary
GV: Goddard Five (all programs from 81-91)
HAS: Health Arts & Sciences Program
IBA: Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies
IMA: Master of Arts in Individualized Studies
JR: Junior College
MA: Master of Arts
MAT: Masters in Art Therapy
MFAIA: Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts
MFAIA-WA: Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts
in Port Townsend, Wash.
MFAW: Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing
MFAW-WA: Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing in Port
Townsend, Wash.
PSY: Psychology & Counseling Program
RUP: Residential Undergraduate Program
SBC: Sustainable Business & Communities
SBPAT: Summer-Based Psychology in Art Therapy
SE/Sum: Social Ecology/Summer Programs
oSCAR WoRThy Silver Linings Playbook, a flm adapted from the novel by Matthew Quick (MFAW
07), received eight Oscar nominations this year, including Best Picture, Best Actor (Bradley Cooper),
Best Actress (Jennifer Lawrence), Best Supporting Actor (Robert DeNiro), Best Supporting Actress (Jacki
Weaver), Best Director (David O. Russell), and Best Adapted Screenplay (David O. Russell). Jennifer
Lawrence won for Best Actress! His new novel, The Good Luck Right Now, has been purchased by
DreamWorks Studios. Matthew is affectionately known by friends and family as Q.
CloCkworks spring | summer 2013 23
class notes
susan oriley (ma edU 09)
of Williamstown, Mass., is an
international service volunteer
with Rural Literacy Project. She has
worked in many locations, including
Venezuela, Nicaragua, Tanzania,
Ecuador, the United States, and most
recently, Mexico. She will be returning
to La Manzanilla, Mexico, to work
with the foundation La Catalina to
start a public library, the frst in the
area. She has two beloved young
grandsons, Zinedine and Augustus.
emiry s. potter (ba rUp 03) of
Burlington, Vt., received a master of
arts in clinical mental health counseling
with a concentration in addiction
and substance abuse from Antioch
University, New England in 2011.
gretchen rae (iba 05) of
Shokan, N.Y., has been promoted
to watershed educator for the
new Ashokan Watershed Stream
Management Program.
Kristen ringman (mFaW 08) of
Johnston, R.I., along with allison
polk (mFaW 12) of Washington,
D.C., gave a reading on March 8
at the AWP Conference in Boston,
How to Catch a Pair of Flying
Hands: a Reading by Deaf Writers.
david J. robson (mFaW 06) of
Wilmington, Del., had his play
Assassin presented at the Great Plains
Theater Conference in 2012.
Forrest stephen roth (mFaW 04)
of Lafayette, La., graduates in May
from the University of Louisiana-
Lafayette with a PhD in English.
peter p. saunders (mFaW 02)
of Chatham, Mass., edited Silent
No MoreUnlocking the Voices of
Older Poets, an anthology of 52
poets from 50 to 97 years old.
gunner scott (iba 09) of Jamaica
Plain, Mass., has been executive
director of the Massachusetts
Transgender Political Coalition for the
last fve years. He led the legislative
campaign that resulted in the passage
of the Transgender Equal Rights bill
in the Massachusetts legislature in
2011. He has written articles on LGBTQ
equality and transgender issues for
Boston Phoenix and Bay Windows. He
also co-authored a study and follow-
up article in the American Journal of
Public Health on transgender health in
Massachusetts. In addition to his social
justice activism, he is also passionate
about saving wild lions from extinction
and captivity and advocates with the
Obama administration for lions to
be added to the Endangered Species
Act. Find him at
gail south (mFaW 05) of
Charlottesville, Va., was a fnalist for
her work, The Solitude of Memory, in
the PEN/Bellwether Prize for Socially
Engaged Fiction in 2012.
erin tittel (iba 03) received her
master of accountancy degree and the
Master of Accountancy Outstanding
Graduate Award from Golden Gate
cathy nolan Vincevic (ima 07)
of Deerfeld, N.H., is director of
The Gordon-Nash Library in New
Hampton, N.H. Her recent works
include: saltaction with Mari Novotny-
Jones at Lumen 2012, Staten Island;
Low Concept: Experimental Theater
at Mobius; part of The Art of the
UnGrand #3 curated by Jane Wang;
100 Years at Boston University; and
rabbit, rabbit, a solo performance
with a plastic didgeridoo, voice
and flm projector. Learn more at
cory Wanamaker (mFaia 02) of
Prague, Czech Republic, received
a Fulbright Fellowship to England,
followed by three years in Moscow,
where he worked as an educator
and artist. He currently lives in
Prague and curates Airy Hill Studios.
Learn more at
r. scott youmans (ima 05) of
Morton, Pa., is working toward
ordination as a Universalist minister
in the MDiv program at the Starr King
School for the Ministry.
Kim brown (mFaW-Wa 11) of
Roswell, Georgia, and dulcie Witman
(mFaW-Wa 11) of Topsham, Maine,
created a new literary journal, Minerva
Rising. Issue 1, Beginnings, was
released in September, and Issue 2,
Winter, in December. The third issue,
Rebellion, is due out in May.
teresa mei chuc (mFaW 12) of
Pasadena, Calif., had an interview with
Rattle in December about her familys
fight from war-torn Vietnam and her
new book of poetry, Red Thread.
Mary Pacifco Curtis (MFAW-WA
12) of Los Gatos, Calif., published
an article on in
December. Her poem, Between
Rooms, appeared in the summer 2012
Naugatuck River Review.
robert descoteaux, Jr. (ma
psy 12) of Lewiston, Maine, is
an ACT Team Clinician at Tri-
County Mental Health Services.
Kathleen iwanowski (mFaia
10) moved to Denver, Colo., to be
closer to family. Her work includes
grant writing with fellow alumna
Grace Anne Alfero (MFAIA 10);
teaching art appreciation at Columbia
Southern University; and being a
nurse with Evercare Hospice and
Palliative Care. She plans to publish
a book on her daily mandalas.
elizabeth Jamar (iba 09) of New York,
N.Y., had an exhibit in Southampton
last July titled Fiberworks: Traditional
Techniques in Contemporary Form.
In October, the book American Sewn
Rugs: Their History with Exceptional

REvoluTIoNARy PoET Award-winning poet
Synnika Lofton (IBA 04, MFAW 06) of Chesapeake, Va.,
just released his second single, Televised Revolution.
Read more about Synnika and watch a performance at
24 CloCkworks spring | summer 2013
loCAl MovEMENT Brian Boyes (BA RUP 95, MA EDU 11) of Plainfeld, Vt.,
directed The Saturn Peoples Sound Collective, a 20-person band, in concert in
December at the Haybarn Theatre at Goddard as part of the Local Spotlight Concert
Series. Brian is pictured at center. Learn more about his work at
Examples was released, by Jan Whitlock
with Jamar. Jamar is also a docent
at the Pollock-Krasner House and
Study Center in East Hampton.
Kelly Johnson (ima 12) of Neptune
Beach, Fla., has been traveling the
country presenting her book, Wings,
Worms, and Wonder: A Guide for
Creatively Integrating Gardening and
Outdoor Learning Into Childrens Lives.
She has built a business around the
book, including book events, school and
community garden workshops, school
garden consultations, and blogging.
The short flm Undercover EM, written
and directed by mike Kinnie (mFaW
13) of Sackets Harbor, N.Y., was a
featured short at the Kingston Film
Festival in Kingston, Ontario. Mike
and his wife are opening a B&B on
Wolfe Island in April; they plan on
hosting writers retreats, among other
things. Visit
Jordan laney (bFaW 10) of Vilas,
N.C., married mandolinist Aaron
Ramsey, who recently released his
solo album Gathering. Laney receives
her masters in Appalachian Studies
from Appalachian State University
this May. Her graduate work has been
presented at the Appalachian Studies
Associations annual conference and
the Global Initiatives Conference
hosted by UNC-Chapel Hill.
liz latty (mFaW 12) of Oakland,
Calif., was a 2012 Lambda Literary
Fellow and attended the annual Retreat
for Emerging LGBT Writers last July.
Jennifer mackenzie (mFaW 13)
of Wilmington, N.C., is teaching
advanced screenwriting to graduate
students in the Film Studies
Department at the University of North
Carolina, Wilmington this spring.
burney carl marsh (mFaW 12) of
Statesboro, Ga., is teaching writing
at Georgia Southern University.
In January, he released his edited
anthology, The Best of Clapboard House.
caroline mason (ma psy 12) of
Asheville, N.C., passed the four-hour,
200 question National Counselor
Exam and is one step closer to
becoming a Licensed Professional
Counselor Associate.
thomas palmer (mFaW 13) of
Denver, Colo., published his essay, A
Little Thing, at Connation Press: An
Online Artifact.
Jai (Julie) richards (ma psy 10)
of Saskatoon, Canada, published her
thesis manuscript article, Giving
Voice to the Trans Community on GID
Reform in the DSM-5: A Saskatchewan
Perspective, in the Canadian Journal of
Counselling and Psychotherapy.
icess Fernandez rojas (mFaW
12) of Shreveport, La., had a fction
piece, Beginning, published
last September in Minerva Rising.
bill rosenthal (mFaW 12) of Pacifc
Palisades, Calif., fnished a writing
stint for Showtimes Nurse Jackie. He
also completed Greetings From Home,
his frst Internet series, available at
Kiera sauter (iba 13) of West
Danville, Vt., performed Subluxation:
A Partial Dislocation at the Haybarn
Theatre in December. The show was
a one-time performance of dance and
spoken narrative choreographed and
produced as part of her thesis. It
featured Vermont dancers Candace
Fugazy, Chelsea Palin, Nathan
Burton, Isadora Snapp, Kara Lake,
Genevieve Pellman and Debbie New.
lizz schumer (mFaW 13) had two
poems in the September 2012 issue
of Wordgathering. Her short story,
Remedial Reading, was included in
the inaugural issue of Limn Literary &
Arts Journal, founded by Will mallon
(mFaW 11). Schumers Terminal
Central, part of her thesis memoir,
Neely Cohen
(BA HAS 12), of
Peterborough, N.H.,
won Food Networks
Sweet Genius
dessert competition!
Her episode,
Twinkling Genius,
aired on Dec. 13.



CloCkworks spring | summer 2013 25
class notes
lIvING SIMPly Aldo Lavaggi (IBA 10) of Saugerties,
N.Y., offcially moved into his tiny house, above, last
summer. He started building it in March 2010 while
he was still a student. The house is 7 by 16 feet and
has solar panels, no running water or Internet service,
and a composting toilet. He gave a talk to a class at
Columbia-Greene Community College on living simply
and shrinking ones environmental footprint.
will be included in the 2013 compen-
dium from Robocup Press, run by
tamryn spruill (mFaW 12). Her
Lessons From My Parents will appear
in a new collection from Familius Press,
which is due to be released in May.
Jonathan matthew smucker (iba 12)
authored chapters in two books: one
in We Are Many: Critical Refections on
Movement Strategy from Occupation to
Liberation and seven in Beautiful Trouble:
A Toolbox for Revolution. Learn more at
carolyne st. clair (ma edU 12)
of Key Biscayne, Fla., fulflled her
dream of returning to the Navajo
Indian reservation to conduct
faculty development training and
in-class coaching at the Atsa Biyaazh
Community school in Shiprock, N.M.
Keisha thorpe (mFaW 12) will
be a monthly contributor to Identity
Magazine (
under her pen name, Cassia L Rainne.
Flour, a web series she helped to
produce, direct and act in, is an
ofcial selection in LAWEBFEST IV.
Learn more at
lynne esther Vanderpot (ma psy 12)
of Housatonic, Mass., is pursuing her
PhD in practical theology with a focus
on spirituality and healthcare at the
University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Her
dissertation will explore the long-term
efects of antipsychotic medication on a
persons spiritual life. She was a guest
blogger for the MA in psychology and
counseling program at
lisa Wells (bFaW 12) of Iowa City,
Iowa, was interviewed on Late Night
Debut to talk about her essay collection,
Yeah. No. Totally. She holds a Provost
fellowship in poetry at The University
of Iowa Writers Workshop.
chelsea Werner-Jatzke (mFaW
13) of Seattle, Wash., was one of 12
writers selected as a 2013 Jack Straw
Writer. Learn more at
peter Wieczorek (ma edU 11)
of Clear Lake, Wisc., was named
director of Northwest Passage High
School, a charter school and leader
in progressive education focusing on
project-based learning, experiential
education, and expeditionary learning
in Coon Rapids, Minn.
In November, Lida Winfeld (MFAIA
11) brought her one-woman dance and
spoken word performance, In Search of
Air, to Brown University. This dance
and theater performance, developed in
part while a Goddard student, is based
on her experience growing up with
a learning disability. Read more and
watch the video at
Amy Woodruf (MFAIA 11) of New
Orleans, La., staged her original solo
show, Moon Cove, a ghostly multimedia
folktale about her Acadiana ancestors,
in New Orleans last fall. In January she
appeared in the title role and designed
and built seven historical costumes for
The Insanity of Mary Girard, presented
in New Orleans by Theatre Louisiane.
current students
Kyle bella (mFaW) of San Francisco,
Calif., wrote Traveling Through
Time and Embracing Queer History,
published on Hufngton Post on Feb.
12. Read it at
sarah cedeo (mFaW) of Brockport,
N.Y., had a poem published in the
Bellevue Literary Review and a poem
published in the anthology Love Rise
Up. Her short story, Fledgling, has
been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.
douglas craig (mFaW) of Oxford,
Mo., had his short story, Elemental
Love, and two poems, excerpted from
his thesis, accepted
for publication in
the 2013 Wayne
Literary Review.
Justin hall
(mFaW) of San
Francisco, Calif.,
edited the new
comic, No Straight
Lines: Four Decades
of Queer Comics,
which was
featured on NPR
ron heacock (iba 12, mFaW)
of Portland, Ore., had short stories
published in Elohi Gadugi Journal,
PaperTape Magazine, Connotation
Press (an on-line artifact) and the
Limn Literary & Arts Journal special
horror and Halloween edition.
26 CloCkworks spring | summer 2013
david henderson (mFaW) of
Rochester, N.Y., presented his
solo play, The Gay Fiancee (ne
Steal the Moon), last September
at the inaugural First Niagara
Rochester Fringe Festival.
brianna Johnson (bFaW) of
Bloomington, Minn., had excerpts
from her manuscript, Fire Sale,
published online by Tarpaulin Sky.
chukwuweike nwabukwu
(mFaW) of Brooklyn, N.Y.,
taught a Capoeira Angola
workshop last January at
the Haybarn Theatre.
thomas park of (mFaW)
Warrenton, N.C., published a
chapbook, Park Town: New and
Collected Poems. He published
two poems in the spring issue
of The West Trade Review,
and he founded the Artists
Market in Warren County.
ti randall (mFaW) of
Wilmington, Del., was selected
for Toe Good Poetry's literary
mag for his tanka series these
hands, which have never held
a knife, held a gun, have held
andrea savage (ba edU) of
Capitola, Calif. was interviewed and
featured on
shae savoy (mFaW) of Seattle, Wash.,
published a poem in the 2012 edition of
Paper Nautilus. Two of her poems will
appear in WeMoon 2014.
Jef Simonds (MFAW) of Castleton,
N.Y., had a story published in Pif
charlene smith (mFaia) of Cam-
bridge, Mass., published a Smartphone
app, South Africa Travel: The Rainbow
Nation, through SutroMedia in San
Franciso, which ranked it as one of
their top 10 apps of 2012. She won the
Harvard bookstore essay competition
for The Lost Cat, published in
New England Essays in October. She
addressed the National Press Club in
Washington, D.C., on Nov. 26 on The
Life and Legacy of Nelson Mandela.
rosemary Urato (mFaia) of
Hillsborough, N.H., created a
mural at the Hillsboro Waste
Transfer Station to create
awareness and inform the
community of how important it
is to reduce, reuse and recycle.
Her artwork can also be seen in
conservation areas.
carlos mason Wehby (mFaW)
of South Hadley, Mass., had a
fction piece selected as a fnalist
in the Modern Grimmoire:
Fairy Tales, Fables and Folklore
competition and will be
published in the forthcoming
Modern Grimmoire Anthology.
trisha Winn (mFaW) of
Beaverton, Mich., had a lyrical
prose piece published in Elohi
Gadugi; a nonfction piece
published online by Citizens for
Decent Literature; and a vignette
published by TOSKA. Peninsula
College Press will publish her
critical work, Ecofeminism
and Cultural Memory in Joy
Harjos Poetry: Writing in
The Enemy's Language,
in its inaugural journal.
mimi yahn (iba2) of Putney,
Vt., had her article on bullying
published in the winter issue of
Encounter: Education for Meaning and
Social Justice. Mimi wants to thank
her advisor, Bobby Buchanan, for all
his assistance and support in writing
the article during her frst semester.
castle yuran (mFaW) of Norfolk,
Conn., is featured in The Registered
Citizen. She will teach a writing course
at University of Connecticut-Torrington
as part of her teaching practicum.
class notes
port townsend, continued from page 17
of the Community Campus in the Columbia City
neighborhood. Her contribution enabled Goddard
to successfully deliver a revised and rejuvenated
low-residency model set in an urban location.
Lori gracefully supported hundreds of students in
their transformation at Goddard. For every community
member, she has been available with a generous ear and
thoughtful questions. She also knows how to organize
one righteous ping-pong tournament! Good luck, Lori!
10 Joe walden, residency Assistant
At the time of press for this article, Residency
Assistants Joe and Evie Walden were soaring
over the Pacifc on wings they built themselves
as Skysailors extraordinaire. More on them when
they land in a future issue of Clockworks!
hISToRy IN ThE MAKING Robert Ruffn
(MFAW) of Mobjack, Va., above, presented
his play, Kiss My Little Girls1861:
Coming Home, in Yorktown, and Kiss My
Little Girls1862: The Healing Child, in
Gloucester, to commemorate the Civil Wars
150th anniversary. The Cook Foundation
commissioned him to write a childrens
musical about the life of Pocahontas.

CloCkworks spring | summer 2013 27
Creative Weavings of Art
Goddard Student Brings Students and Graduates Together for New Arts Festival
or 150 years, Goddard graduates have
assimilated into the creative weavings of
art across the world. With interdisciplinary
art, numerous artistic felds are interwoven to create
new and innovative ways to live in the world. When
John Ollom (MFAIA 14) formed his non-proft
company in 2003, he wanted to support the strength
of the diversity of the arts, but never realized that
his growth as an artist would include so many past
and present artists from the Goddard community.
For the past 10 years, Johns company, Prismatic
Productions, Inc./Ollom Movement Art, has
been presenting summer programs for artists in
Northampton, Mass. These intensive programs have
often exposed movement artists to other art forms
to help incorporate related concepts into their work.
Guest faculty and artists have come from the felds
of visual art, poetry, flm, music, voice and musical
theatre. The inclusion of these artists as part of the
learning experience has been the highlight of the
program. This year, Suzanne Scott (MFAIA 01) and
Lynne Constantine (MFAIA 14) will be ofering a
special workshop on art aesthetics, bringing their
fresh perspectives of art as it relates to culture
and queer and second-wave feminist theory.
To celebrate the culmination of 10 years as a non-
proft, Prismatic Productions, Inc./Ollom Movement
Art is presenting its frst arts festival. Featured in the
program will be Antidote: A Performative Dinner
Above, a scene
from Antidote:
A Performative
Dinner and
by Dana
Heffern (MFAIA
12). Right,
the cover of
John Olloms
book, Internal
The Ollom Art Summer Program runs from
Aug. 310, and the Ollom Art Festival takes
place Aug. 910 on the Smith College Campus
in Northampton, Mass. For more information
about the summer program or the Ollom Art
Festival please visit
or like them on /ollom.Art.
and Installation, by Dana Hefern (MFAIA 12),
which was presented at Goddard Colleges Plainfeld
campus in July of 2012. By completely immersing the
observer and participant into the life of a diabetic
during an everyday meal, this experiential work
educates the viewer about Type I diabetes.
John Ollom and his company of movement
artists will present Prisoner of My Projection, based
on his graduate research combining Jungian depth
psychology, dance, movement art and surrealism.
Lighting design and special efects created by
Barry Whitfeld (MFAIA 14) and a unique fabric set
designed and produced by Chriztine Foltz (MFAIA
14) will invoke the unique world of this work. The
festival will also include flm, movement arts, fne
arts, class demonstrations and a book reading.
In addition to bringing all this creative
work into the world this summer, John will be
starting his G5 (fnal semester) at the time of the
festival. He will graduate in February 2014.

28 CloCkworks spring | summer 2013
faculty & staff notes
danielle abrams (mFaia) rejoined
Goddard as a faculty member in
the MFAIA-Vermont Program.
rick benjamin (mFaia) has been
appointed State Poet of Rhode
Island by Gov. Lincoln D. Chafee.
He teaches a course on Poetry
and Community Service at Brown
University and is on leave from
Goddard this spring.
ryan boudinots (mFaW) novel,
Blueprints of the Afterlife, was a
fnalist for the Philip K. Dick Award.
deborah brevoorts (mFaW)
new play The Comfort Team, about
military wives during the surge
of Iraq, premiered at the Virginia
Stage Company in Norfolk, Va. Her
play, The Velvet Weapon, a backstage
farce about democracy, received a
stage reading in the NJ Playwrights
Contest Festival at William Paterson
University. Deborah has been
commissioned by the Virginia Stage
Company to write Homestead, a new
play about Martha Washington.
rebecca browns (mFaW) two
short pieces, Breath and Love
Poem, have been translated by
Lise Honneaux, and were published
in September in Kunsttijdschrift
Vlaanderen, a Flemish art magazine.
Her story Heaven, translated
by Motoyuki Shibata, will be
published in the paperback edition
of Translation Classroom.
laiwan (mFaia-Wa) received
a BC Arts Council Visual Arts
Award for 201213 to create a series
of drawings and music graphic
scores for internationally renowned
clarinet virtuoso Lori Freedman. As
board chair for Grunt Artist-Run-
Center in Vancouver, she curated
and produced the Eclectic Cabaret,
a fundraiser with performances by
rosalyn tate (mFaia 12) and stacy
dawson stearns (mFaia 12), as
well as Laiwans own rock band.
Jan clausen (mFaW) has two
poems, Veiled Spill #2 and Veiled
Spill #8, in the Adanna Literary
Journal special issue on Women and
War. Her poem Ghazal: For Us
was accepted by Theodate, the Hill-
Stead Museums poetry journal.
darrah cloud (mFaW) and her
team for their musical, Makeover,
will be going to the University
of Iowa this fall for an in-depth
page-to-stage workshop. Her play,
Our Suburb, will be produced in
the 201314 season at Theatre J
in Washington, D.C. And Whats
Bugging Greg? was published in 2012,
after winning the Macys Theatre
for Young Audiences Award. All of
Darrahs made-for-television movies
re-ran on Lifetime last fall.
Kenny Fries (mFaW) has written
the libretto for The Memory Stone,
a chamber opera commissioned
by Houston Grand Opera, which
premiered at Asia Society Texas
in Houston on April 9. Scored for
shakuhachi, 21-string koto, string
quartet, and four singers, the
libretto explores the invisible bond
between two women who have
been afected by the devastation of
Japans earthquake and tsunami.
dr. tracy garrett (psy)
was a presenter at the 44th
Annual Association of Black
Psychologists Conference
last July in Los Angeles. Her
presentation introduced
participants to the basic
elements of NTU (Harmony,
Balance, Authenticity, and
Interconnectedness). NTU
is a Bantu term that loosely
translates into life force or
essence of life.
bea gates (mFaW) was
a presenter on a tribute
panel about Adrienne Rich at the
Association of Writers & Writing
Programs Conference in March. She
will teach a workshop, Creating
Character, Using History, in
Assisi, Italy this summer with Art
Workshop International.
gale Jackson (mFaia) completed
her PhD, bringing together a
lifetime of work in womens studies
and the study of Africa, with the
sacred song performance and
publication of Put Your Hands on
Your Hips and Act Like a Woman:
Song, Dance, Black History and Poetics
in Performance. Her Bridge Suite
project was published in The African
American Review, and some selected
poems in Artists and Infuence. Gale
has expanded her Ehecatal Olin
Kenny Fries
(MFAW) wrote
the libretto for
The Memory
Stone, a
chamber opera
by the Houston
Grand Opera.
ExPERIMENTAl ART dr. wendy phillips (pSy) photograph,
Dance of the Bulls, was part of a month-long group show in March at
Soho Photo Gallery in New York City. The exhibition, called the Krappy
Kamera, featured the work of international photographers who work
with experimental cameras. Another photo was selected for exhibition
in the National Competition at Soho last August. Wendys paper,
Double Personality: The Relationship Between Human and Animal
Tono in Chautengo, Guerrero, Mexico in 2005 was published last fall in
Anthropology of Consciousness.
Dance of the Bulls, by Wendy Phillips
CloCkworks spring | summer 2013 29
Learning Studio Collaboration
with a series of writing
workshops and one-to-one
sessions this spring.
bhanu Kapils (mFaW)
work is currently featured in
Review of Contemporary Fiction,
Los Angeles Review of Books,
CutBank, Galatea Resurrects #19,
and New York Quarterly Review.
Kapils work also appears in
three new anthologies: The
HarperCollins Book of English
Poetry by Indians, Ill Drown
My Book: Conceptual Writing by
Women and The Sonnets.
susan Kims (mFaW) Brain
Camp, the 2010 graphic novel
she co-wrote with Laurence
Klavan, was selected as one of
the most popular paperbacks
for young adults by YALSA,
the young adult division of the
American Library Association.
Her short story, Recurrence,
was sold to the British horror
magazine, Black Static.
Jake Klein (it) joined
Goddard as an IT support
specialist in Plainfeld in
October. Jake is the son of
Goddard neighbor, farmer
and alumnus Joey Klein (MA
SE 95) and former Goddard staf
member Betsy Ziegler.
michael Kleins (mFaW) new book,
The Talking Day, was reviewed by
the Los Angeles Review of Books and
on HufPo. His poems, There is
where my sympathy comes to an
abrupt end and What happened,
were accepted for publication in
Court Green.
samantha Kolber (advancement,
mFaW 14), outreach coordinator
and managing editor of Clockworks,
is engaged to Christopher Pyatak
of South Newfane, Vt. A June 29
wedding in southern Vermont is
Jeanne mackins (mFaW) new
novel, Lightfall, will be published
by NAL in 2014. She has also been
invited to give a workshop at the
annual Historical Novel Society
Conference in Florida, and she is
reviewing books for their journal.
micheline ahoronian marcom
(mFaW) has been named a USA
Rockefeller Fellow for 2012. Her 2004
novel, The Daydreaming Boy, won the
2005 PEN/USA Award for Fiction,
and in 2006 she received a Whiting
Writers Award.
douglas a. martins (mFaW)
Italian translation of his novel
Outline of My Lover appears on
the Indie For Bunnies list of Best
Books of 2012. His story, Other
Residences, Other Neighborhoods,
appears in Best Gay Erotica 2013.
rogelio martinezs (mFaW-Wa)
play Tang/Laika was workshopped
by Asolo Rep as part of their Ignite
Festival, with a public reading
held in April. New Yorks Atlantic
Theater Company did a
public workshop of his play
Elk Cloner last year.
John mcmanus (mFaW)
received a 2013 Creative
Capital Literature grant
for his novel about the gay
refugee community in Cape
Town, South Africa. Two
excerpts from his novel, The
Cultivationists, were published
in Fiddleblack and Plots
With Guns. He completed a
Ucross Foundation Literature
Residency in December,
and this summer hell be a
resident artist at the Djerassi
Resident Artists Program.
Also, he is a fction judge
for the 2012 Best of the
Net Awards and the 2013
Delaware Press Association
Writing Awards.
Julie miles joined Goddard
as the new academic support
specialist in Port Townsend
in January. Julie received her
BA from Dickinson College
and her Master of Landscape
Architecture from the
University of Virginia.
caryn mirriam-goldberg
(ima) is fnishing her four-
year term as poet laureate of Kansas.
The Kansas Humanities Council
adopted her long-term project to
keep the poet laureate program
alive, in spite of the dissolution of
all state funding for the arts. Caryn
gave a keynote on writing and
healing at Walter Reed Military
Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.,
and two readings at Brookdale
Community College in Lincroft,
N.J. Brookdale, which has a transfer
partnership with Goddard.
Jen morin (iba 11, admissions),
of Colchester, Vt., joined Goddard
as an admissions counselor in
Plainfeld in January. She works
with the Vermont campus
undergraduate programs: IBA, BAS,
BA HAS and BFAW. Jen previously
was an employment services
coordinator for Northwestern
Counseling and Support Services.
faculty & staff notes
ARTISTS DoWN uNDER Andrea Parkins
(MFAIA-VT) had her multi-diffusion audio
work, Faulty (Broken Orbit), featured in
the MADA Gallery at Monash University in
Melbourne, Australia. The exhibition, With
Hidden Noise, was curated by sound artist
Stephen Vitiello and featured works by
Vitiello, Pauline Oliveros, and others.
30 CloCkworks spring | summer 2013
Jill muhr (hr) joined
Goddard in December as
director of human resources.
Jill is a long-standing human
resources professional who has
held leadership roles at the Vermont
League of Cities and Towns and the
New York Historical Society. She
most recently served as director
of operations at HR Sentry.
monica nelson (library), library
assistant at the Eliot D. Pratt Library,
came to Goddard last March.
Previously, she worked at Naropa
University at the Allen Ginsberg
Library in Boulder, Colo., and
worked with her partner in their
permaculture plant nursery in
Pennsylvania. She currently lives in
Burlington, Vt.

Victoria nelsons (mFaW, bFaW)
book Gothicka was published by
Harvard UP in 2012. She gave an
interview on the novel with John
Morehead of Theofantastique.
Victoria is contributing a chapter
to the companion volume for the
British Film Institutes national
series on the Gothic later this year.
The playwright Sibyl Kempson
published a two-play volume,
The Secret Death of Puppets and Ich,
Krbisgeist, as an homage to Victoria.
richard paneks (mFaW-Vt)
The 4% Universe: Dark Matter, Dark
Energy, and the Race to Discover the
Rest of Reality received the 2012
Science Communication Award
from the American Institute of
Physics. Richard delivered lectures
in Chile on his book and gave talks
at venues including the Hayden
Planetarium at the American
Museum of Natural History and the
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for
Astrophysics. He co-authored The
Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the
Spectrum, a Publishers Weekly top 10
notable science book this spring.
michael sakamoto (mFaia-Wa)
and ruth Wallen (mFaia-Vt) are
now program co-directors of the
MFAIA program: Michael directs
the Port Townsend site, and Ruth
directs the Vermont program.
Richard Shramm (SBC), above, a
beloved member of the Sustainable
Business and Communities program
since 2008, retired in February.
Richard frst taught at Goddard from
19911998 and was instrumental
in creating the Goddard Business
Institute, which he directed from
19931995. Read about his work at
paul seligs (mFaW program
director) third book, The Book of
Knowing and Worth, will be published
in January 2014. He was flmed for
an HBO documentary by flmmaker
David Sauvage, and he appeared
live on Martha Stewart Radios Life
Coaching with Sophie in December.
The audio rights to his latest book,
The Book of Love and Creation, have
been sold to Gildan Media.
darcy steinke (mFaW) gave
a reading at the American
University of Paris last July.
maia stone, of East Montpelier,
Vt., joined Goddard in October
as the administrative assistant in
the Presidents Ofce. Previously,
she taught English as a second
language in Mexico and Germany
on a Fulbright Grant. Maia is a
graduate of Kenyon College.
eva swidler (iba, bas,
has) published a chapter on
environmental history in the
new book Greening the Academy:
Ecopedagogy Through the Liberal
Arts. She also published an article,
The Personal and the Political:
Redux, in the December Routledge
journal, Capitalism Nature Socialism.
Janet sylvesters (bFaW program
director) poem Sea Smoke, was
featured on the New Hampshire
Arts Council website.
continued from page 15
Interdisciplinary Arts programSeitu
Jones, a boatbuilder in the
Minneapolis areatook a design from
one of the folks at the Boatbuilding
school and had Goddard students
build it. The Boatbuilding school
has since expressed interest in Seitu
presenting to their community,
to bring his interdisciplinary
arts perspective, and study of
boatbuilding in Ghana, to help their
students develop an international and
multicultural understanding of the
role of boatbuilding in the world.
Developing both new and
existing partnerships can only
lead to more diverse educational
options for students.
Were looking at the community
and seeing who would be good
partners for us to align ourselves
with, Labor notes. Its a good way
to be involved in the communities
that students are coming from, and
also support our own programs. I
think well see some really innovative
developments in the next few years
as we go forward with this process.
From the other side of the
partnership, Lawson agrees that
the potential from this institutional
symbiosis is tremendous. I see
the relationship deepening and
expanding in the futurethe
Woodworking School is committed
to sustainable and environmentally
sound practices and use of materials,
which resonates with core values
at Goddard. Im hoping that
we can leverage our focus as a
specialist school to ofer students
at Goddard the opportunity to
learn and understand the values
of traditional craftsmanship, and
how to learn with their hands.
As the demands placed on
institutions of higher learning
continue to shift and develop in the
years to come, its clear that through
its academic partnerships, Goddard
College will continue to not simply
follow and respond to these trends,
but to lead the way in building the
new paradigms that will defne higher
education for generations to come.
CloCkworks spring | summer 2013 31
marshall c. marsh anders
Jr. (ba adp 79) a retired music
teacher, pianist and church organist,
died on Nov. 15 at age 90.
Jane hanna auch (ba rUp 69) a
resident of New York City, died on
Nov. 3, 2012.
robert c. barab Jr., (ba rUp 67) died
on Feb. 27, 2011 at age 68. Robert was an
award-winning fne art photographer
who traveled the world to fnd beauty
and share it through his images.
robert b. bretzfelder (ba rUp 52) who
worked for the U.S. Bureau of Economic
Analysis as a writer and analyst and
then co-owned a photography service,
died on Oct. 15 at age 83. His friends
will remember him as a fast-minded,
entertaining eccentric who was Goddards
Community Chairman from 1951-52.
david brown (ba rUp 1976-78) died on
Sept. 14, 2012.
sharon Jean bruce (ba rUp 73) died on
Nov. 10, 2012. Her family asks that you
remember her creative and resourceful
spirit, beauty, dramatic fair, poise, love
of horses, grace and generous heart.
robert a. gauthier (gepFe 1976-
77) died on Nov. 29, 2012, at age 68.
Karl o. haupt (gJc 48) died
on Oct. 16, 2012, at age 88.
Joanne homer (ba 79), beloved wife
of Dixon Bain, died on April 17, 2012, a
few weeks shy of her 60th birthday.
richard olf (ba rUp 73, ima 95) died
on Jan. 18.
lyold Jake Katz (ba rUp 72) died
on March 3. He graduated from the
Roosevelt School in Stamford, Conn.,
and after Goddard, received his MBA
from Northeastern University. His
philosophy, often expressed, was
a short life and a merry one.
david J. pitkin (ma 90), retired teacher
and author, died on Feb. 13. David taught
for over 25 years in Saratoga Springs and
was a numerologist, spiritual counselor
and religious education teacher. He
helped establish a paranormal research
and educational group in Saratoga
during the 1970s. Upon his retirement,
he wrote Saratoga County Ghosts and then
eight more books in that genre, most
recently Ghosts of the Northeast in 2002.
He created his own publishing company,
Aurora Publications, in Chestertown.
geraldine a. pixley (ba 1968-70) died
on Jan. 10.
lynn schneider (ba adp 75) a resident
of Millbrook, N.Y., died on Dec. 12, 2012,
at age 62. Lynn practiced as a Jungian
psychotherapist for over 30 years both
in Millbrook and the Upper West Side.
david h. siegle (ba rUp 68) died
on Jan. 30. He was a long-time teacher,
newspaper columnist and musician.
cheryl suzanne spiese (ma has 02)
died on Feb. 12, at age 65. She earned an
MA in German at Rice University and an
MLS at the University of Pittsburgh. She
continued her education later in life when
she obtained her third masters degree
in health arts and sciences at Goddard.
doris a. steele (ba gV 92)
died on March 3, 2010.
patricia ann groening (ba adp 75)
died on Jan. 14, at age 69. She earned her
BFA in painting with top honors from
the Pacifc Northwest College of Art in
Portland in 1991. Her art is represented
by the Augen Gallery of Portland, Ore.
Jean Wassell (ma g-c 79) died on Aug.
6, 2012. Jean was a tireless advocate for
voiceless and underserved populations.
She was a lifelong activist who spent
her life fghting for social justice.
muriel Wiessner (ba adp 66), an
intrepid community organizer, animal
lover and avid skier, died on Nov. 21,
2010, at age 95. Muriel was instrumental
in the banning of billboards in Vermont
in 1968, working to pass the law that
gave scenic beauty a higher priority than
commercial roadside messages. After a
life dedicated to conservation, Muriel
donated her land to the Stowe Land Trust,
preserving it for future generations.
nancy nan dunn Wolcott (ba adp
74, ma ggp 90) died at age 90 on Jan.
8, after a life of varied pursuits: as a
mother of six, a nurse, an organizer of
4H Clubs, a school volunteer, a member
of The Voluntaires singing group, and
a world traveler. She attended Goddard
and UVM late in life and earned her
PhD from The Union For Experimenting
Colleges and Universities in 1978.
former Education faculty Member Kenneth l. Bergstrom Dies at 64

enneth Bergstrom passed away
on Feb. 1, following a long illness.
ken taught during the 1990s
at both goddard and union institute and
University. He loved doing Courage
work and facilitated years of Courage
to Teach retreat cycles.
He lived in massachusetts until
coming to Vermont in 1967 to earn
his BA at Middlebury College. He
later earned an MEd and Certifcate of Advanced
Graduate Study at the University of Vermont,
and a doctoral degree in leadership and policy
Studies. He taught middle grades in Vermont
schools for 15 years and was a founding member
of the Vermont Middle Grades Professional
Development Collaborative. Throughout his
career, Ken published many articles and book
chapters. He was generous with both his time
and resources, and he was always there to help a
neighbor, colleague, friend or family member in
need. He volunteered with Hospice Programs for
many years, and also belonged to a mens group,
which was a great source of strength for him.
Ken lived a life full of love for his family, many
beloved friends, colleagues and students. He
leaves a lasting impression on everyone who
has known him and will be greatly missed.
32 CloCkworks spring | summer 2013
walter Butts died peacefully at home on easter sunday after
a brief battle with cancer. Walter was New Hampshires Poet
Laureate and an advisor at Goddard. While we will dearly miss
the man himself, we are fortunate to be able to present an
interview that Walter gave just a few weeks before his death.
In it, he talks about his early infuences, shares writing advice,
and proclaims that poetry is essential to the human condition.
editor: do you remember your
frst poem? how old were you
when you wrote it?
WB: Both my parents were avid
readers, and as a child I was exposed
to both classic and contemporary
literature. I remember reading
Whitman early on, which eventually
led me to Emerson, Melville, and other
writers. I dont remember those poems
I wrote in early childhood, but when
my father passed away when I was 19,
that memory of course stayed with
me, and eventually I wrote a poem
about the event, which led to several
other narrative/lyric poems.

editor: who or what most inspires
and infuences you in your writing?
WB: I think of poetry as an
assimilation of circumstances between
the poet and the natural world. Paying
attention to ones environment and
place in it can lead to imaginative
leaps that might not have occurred
otherwise. While Ive always been
an eclectic reader, probably my most
signifcant literary infuence has
been the poet Richard Hugo, whom
I began corresponding with in the
1970s. His work was the subject of
my graduate thesis, Paradox and
Authenticity in the Confessional Style:
The Self as Persona. Other poets
who have informed my work over
the years include William Matthews,
Philip Levine, B. H. Fairchild, Emily
Dickinson, Sharon Olds, and too
many others to include here. And of
course, advising in the BFA in Writing
Program at Goddard ofers ongoing
inspiration and helps sustain my own
writing, which Im very grateful for.
editor: what writing advice do you
most often give to your students?
WB: Read across a broad range of
literature to inform your own choices.
Be willing to follow the poem beyond
your original intent, toward some
new discovery through revision. Pay
careful attention to word choice. Think
about how language, diction, syntax
and form might function in your work.
editor: do you have a favorite
advising moment?
WB: Ive had so many revelatory
advising moments it would be difcult
to select one. For me, those moments
most occur when, in conversation
with a student their enthusiasm for
whatever topic were discussing is
obvious, as is their passion for writing
and genuine engagement with the
individualized learning process. Their
writing truly matters to them!

editor: what do you love about
advising at Goddard? what are the
WB: I love the opportunity to interact
both formally and informally with
students. The residency provides a
rare opportunity for students and
faculty to form a unique community,
Poetry will always be essential
A life Well lived
walter Butts was born in upstate new York
and most recently lived in Manchester,
N.H., with his wife, the poet S Stephanie.
He was an associate professor of english at
Hesser College for 11 years and taught at
Goddard for fve years. He will be missed
by his daughter Amy and her husband Chris
Brand, his beloved granddaughters Chloe
and Catherine edwards and riley Brand of
Rochester, NY, and by many poets, artists,
students, friends and admirers.
Cathedral of Nervous Horses:
New & Selected Poems
Radio Time
Sunday Evening at the Stardust Caf
Movies in a Small Town
Assorted chapbooks
poetry winner at the 2011 new england
Book Festival
Winner of the 2006 Iowa Source Poetry
Book prize
Finalist for the 2005 Philip Levine Prize
in poetry from the university of
Recipient, Massachusetts Artists
Foundation Award
Recipient, two Pushcart Prize nominations
leading to sustainable one-on-one dialogue
during the semester. Challenges include
occasional breakdowns in communications
and packet submission exchanges.
editor: what do you think is the role of
a poet in todays world?
WB: I agree with Keats that poetry should be
an ongoing soul-making task. If thats the
case, poetry will always be essential to the
struggles and joy of the human condition.
In Remembrance: Walter Butts
Faculty Member, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Writing
and Individualized Bachelor of Arts Programs
September 12, 1944 March 31, 2013
CloCkworks spring | summer 2013 33
Goddard in the
always knew i wanted
to make a consistent
living as an artist with
a serious, professional
career in mainstream
American theater. A lot of
people in my feld advised
me to seek assistantships
on Broadway, but I was
not interested in moving
to New York, traveling
constantly, getting an
agent, or working with
famous people.
when i graduated from
Goddard in 2011, I was
struggling as a freelance
director, and I wondered if
I should take that advice.
However, my Goddard
education taught me to
tolerate uncertainty, to fnd
community in unexpected
ways, and to value process.
I was also infnitely blessed
to work with faculty
advisors Kira Obolensky,
Jackie Hayes, Ju-Pong Lin,
and Anne de Marken,
who helped me work
more lightly and nimbly,
stepping away from some
of the ponderousness i had
previously associated with
making theater.
my time at goddard
reinforced that its possible
to fnd joy not only in
my own art practice, but
also in being a sensitive
and passionate audience
member, critic, colleague,
administrator, mentor,
subscriber, donor, co-
conspirator, advocate,
agitator, or dinner party
The summer after
graduation, I received the
Theater Communications
Group (TCG) Future Leaders
Fellowship a two-year
grant (with salary and
benefts!) to work with
the underground railway
Theater in Cambridge,
one of the best
parts of the award has
been the opportunity to
connect with other grant
recipients around the
country through TCG, the
national organization for
the American theater. It
is inspiring to witness the
many unique ways that
other young artistic leaders
are forging their paths. I
am proud that together
we are leading the charge
toward a more diverse
and inclusive theater feld.
we are also organizing
ourselves through google
docs and conference calls,
another great skill i learned
at goddard!
As I come to the close of
my grant period this spring,
im not even tempted to
consider moving to new
York. Im very grateful for
the consistently vivid and
meaningful reverberations
of the MFAIA program
in my life, and I look
forward to continuing my
connection with goddard
for years to come.
megan sandberg-Zakian (mfaia 11), at left, is a
theater-maker and current recipient of a theater
communications group future leaders grant to
spend two seasons at central square theater in
cambridge, mass., collaborating on a constellation
of development and production projects engaging
artists and audiences. i am interested in how stories
that are frequently told and re-told may shape civic
and community life, says megan. in moments when
our community experiences intractability, viciousness
or despair, how can our narratives be re-framed
or expanded to support movement, dialogue and
vitality? learn more about megan at
leading the Way
interdisciplinary arts alumna receives fellowship to produce
theater connecting social justice and the arts to the community.
fRoM ThE DIRECToRS ChAIR Scenes from plays directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian. From left: the Boston
premiere of In the Red and Brown Water at Company One; Danny Bryck in No Room For Wishing, a docu-play about
Occupy Boston, at Central Square Theater and the Boston Center for the Arts; Kami Smith and Maurice Parent in The
Mountaintop, about the last night of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., at Underground Railway Theater in Cambridge, Mass.
34 CloCkworks spring | summer 2013
Goddard Gave To Me...
ixty-four years after graduating from
Goddard College, I am still grateful
for my education. Goddard is, and has
always been, a progressive, experimenting
college, pioneering programs such as the
nation's frst low-residency adult degrees,
programs for single mothers, and innovative
partnerships. Goddard addresses the needs of
students who are looking for education that is
not cookie-cutter, but that integrates learning
and livelihood.

Thats Why I Give

Supporting Goddard is an extension
of my familys interest in progressive
education. Thats why I continue to give to
Goddards Fund for Experiments and New
Initiatives, which my late husband Richard
and I established.
Join me in making a gift to
Goddard. Use the envelope in this
magazine or give online at

- Lois Sontag
Trustee Emeritus
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150th Anniversary Homecoming Weekend
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october 18-20, 2013
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Goddard College

oin us this fall
to celebrate the 150th
Anniversary of the
founding of Goddard College!
This will be a good opportunity
to reconnect with the
entire Goddard community.
Reminisce with old friends,
and meet new ones.
We are thrilled to welcome
back all classes, graduates and
non-graduates for this 150th
Anniversary Homecoming
Weekend. Get ready for
homecoming activities such as:
Historic campus tours
Award ceremonies
Farm-to-table meals
Music and performances
Storyphone showcase
Gamelan concert
Bread & Puppet Theater
Workshops and much more!
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