Center for Puerto Rican Studies

Hunter College, CUNY

Fall 2012 EvENTS

Open HOuse

viDeO COnferenCe


Open House Centro is happening!
Centro staff, former Hunter students and grad students will be on hand to answer questions from Hunter students about opportunities at Centro for work-study, jobs, internships and topics relating to areas of study in research, data, statistics, marketing and media. Wednesday, september 19, 1–3 pm Hall of Fame, West Building Lobby

Digital Resources in Puerto Rico
Highlight of digital resources from University of Puerto Rico campuses available to librarians, teachers, researchers and students on line. friday, november 16, 10 am–12 pm est Hunter College, Room TBA Co-sponsored with University of Puerto Rico


Meet tHe AutHOr

Vito Marcantonio and the Puerto Rican People: Solidarity and Progress
november 28, 6–8:30 pm Presenters: Gerald Meyer, Edgardo Meléndez Jeco_b28_f05_0001.tif Moderator: Gil Fagiani Performance pieces by Roberto Ragone and LuLu Pascale Hunter College, West Building, Faculty Dining Room, 8th Floor

Blessing La Política: The Latino Religious Experience and Political Engagement in the United States
Discussants: Carlos Vargas-Ramos, Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo, Samiri Hernández Hiraldo Wednesday, October 3, 2012, 6–8:30 pm Hunter College, West Building, Faculty Dining Room, 8th Floor

viDeO COnferenCe

COnferenCe — sAve tHe DAte

10th Biennial Conference: Puerto Rican Studies Association
More than 200 active participants on over 60 panels will focus on a wide range of topics. Wednesday — sunday, October 24–28, 2012 Presenter: Puerto Rican Studies Association University at Albany, SUNY For conference pre-registration and registration information: http:/ / On-site registration only after September 15. On-site registration fees applicable.

”Posters, Part II: Teaching and Learning about Puerto Ricans in the United States”
Educators in a variety of locations will participate in the video conference structured around a series of eight posters and related timelines on the history of the Puerto Rican emigration. Posters will include photos. thursday, December 6, 2012, 10 am–12 pm est Hunter College, North Building, Room C105 Co-sponsored with University of Puerto Rico

Events are subject to change. For update information, visit us at or call 212-396-6545. Centro events are live streamed from our website. Centro events are free of charge and open to the public. Centro Events receive generous support from The New York City Council.

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