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Implements and maintains the IMS system Being fully conversant with safety documentation and emergency procedures

s Assists in the preparation of emergency response plans, procedures and drills Provides advice to line managers/supervisors on safety related matters Assists the GM- Ops & Strategy in conducting timely QHSE audits and its documentation Responsible for providing guidance to all QHSE staff Ensure that Local Policy Statements/ Risk Assessments are produced Review and develop health and safety policies, procedures and guidance, in keeping with best practice and make recommendations on their implementation and application Identify non compliance and initiate corrective measures

Provide training for staff in relation to Health and Safety policies, practice and procedures Propose, implement and monitor measures necessary to comply with HSE Legislation and Codes of Practice Carry out or arrange workplace safety audits and ensure that any remedial recommendations are implemented Maintain accident statistics, analyze trends and propose and take remedial action where necessary Investigate or arrange for all accidents and near-misses be investigated, prepare report of findings, including recommendations to prevent recurrence and implement approved course of action Co-operate with visiting health, safety and environmental officers as required Provide the GM- Ops & Strategy with monthly reports on non conformance incidents, accidents, health hazards, suggested improvements, costs and other safety initiatives. Conduct QHSE briefing meetings with supervisors to keep abreast of any potential hazards Liaise with the maintenance manager for monitoring the quality of operations Assist the management in the fulfillment of its obligations, statutory or otherwise, concerning prevention of personal injuries Maintain a safe working environment Ad hoc work related to operations as requested by the management from time to time.

Accountabilities and Authorities (QHSE)

- Responsible for overall safe work practices at projects sites. - Identifying and reporting any unsafe, hazardous act, source and situation. - Deal with all matters concerning Quality, health, safety and environment and to arrive at practicable solutions to problem encountered in consultation with QHSE personnel. - Carry out health and safety survey and identifying causes of accidents. - look into any complaint made on the likelihood of imminent danger to the safety and health of the workers, and suggesting corrective measures - Accountable for compliance with legal and customer requirements.

Lead and coordinate SHE related activities to ensure legal and corporate compliance Impart safety orientation, safety training, reporting and promotion of QHSE best practices Perform job site safety compliance inspections including hazard analysis, safe work procedures, written reports and recommendations. Lead regular walk through inspections and audits of c area; visit with the crews and subcontractors to ensure safe work practices; Iinvestigate all accidents and near misses with the trade superintendents and required foremen and crew; accompany all safety, health, and insurance inspectors on walk through tours; and ensure all documentation is completed according to corporate and outside safety processes and procedures. Implements company Health, Safety and Environmental Process Procedures and develop, improve local work instructions to comply with legal and corporate requirements. 2.Coordinate all SHE CAPEX program Complete Loose Prevention and other safety related projects identified by the auditors and the safety committee. Ensure that communication about the projects with personnel and contractors are executed in such a manner that integrity, honesty, and ethics are prevalent in all exchanges both verbal and written. Participate in daily (at a minimum) project safety related discussions with the Plant Manager, Job Sponsor, Contractor Site Manager, Site Manager, and Job Monitors 3.Support for Department Lead SHE employee committee, in making sure that the team takes ownership of the health and safety of their assigned area and help departments achieve safe operations within their area of responsibility. 4.Accident/Incident investigation and prevention Receive and properly investigate accidents, near-miss incidents, dangerous occurrences to determine their causes and make recommendations for improving recurrence prevention and controls. Maintain a system for recording, reporting and investigating injuries, accide nts and dangerous occurrences. Provide statistical summaries to the Health, Safety and Environmental Committee and draw attention to significant trends and occurrences. Reports the data to the platform 5.SHE Training Work closely with the MENA SHEQ Manager and Department Managers for Occupational Health and SHE training needs and nomination of trainee; Ensure that new employee and other new workers (contractor or temporaries) are inducted, as per the SHE Induction Guidelines. 6.Work Environment and ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 Maintain and improve ISO 14000 and 18001 standards; Ensure that all measuring instruments are properly maintained and calibrated following agreed schedules and responsibility. Update the records as required. Audit processes to ensure all unit operations follow standard and best practices as specified in the product safety

guidelines, ISO 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2004 Ensure staff working areas are risk assessed and planned; and monitor that office equipment and machineries purchased are appropriate and meet the safety standards. Initiate projects that respond to waste and cost reductions, operational efficiency, maintenance of high level of suppliers quality performance and quality control reliability Ensure Fire emergency plan and emergency response teams are maintained in good order and fire drills are carried out on all their premises. Develop and maintain working relationships with local fire departments, law enforcement officials, and identified occupational physicians. Comply with companys Return-to-Work policy. Complete SHE KPI and prepare meeting for discussion for Management Review

Design and develop a overall HSE strategy, plan as well as procedures and manuals for the company Oversee that all construction site activities are compliant with the best safety practices Design, develop, and assist in implementation of program elements/tools to ensure compliance with local and OSHA regulations and applicable company requirements Provide technical and regulatory expertise in developing HSE continuous improvement processes and determining needed follow up activities associated with HSE incidents, agency inspections, and/or internal/external audits Create strategic HSE annual operating plans, assess field location performance in relation to the HSE vision/plan, and determine necessary course corrections in order to achieve plan Conduct periodic site visits and HSE activities such as training/auditing/assessing to ensure ongoing compliance with regulatory agency requirements and internal HSE procedures Lead projects related to overall HSE strategy development, organizational design, external reporting, key performance indicators, benchmarking, business process redesign, and internal HSE policies and standards Develop and perform risk assessments and assist in the implementation of effective physical and/ or behavioral control measures. Recognize and verify the effectiveness of in-place control measures Identify unsafe equipment operation and conditions while demonstrating knowledge of appropriate corrective action for unsafe conditions or equipment use Participate in the development of leading and lagging Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that deliver best in class HSE performance and demonstrate a high level of urgency around needed HSE paradigm culture shift change Analyze key HSE data and help develop prevention plans to address process or risks gaps. Think strategically and ensure HSE Performance plans are timely, achievable, and performance based Exercise a leadership, coordination, and communication role with the internal HSE organization, other business partners such as Engineering, Human Resources, Operations, and GTM businesses to drive continuous HSE improvement across the organization Define and analyze data trends and HSE performance to ensure that the right priorities are identified and acted upon for the organization. Coach leaders at all levels within the organization and use strong influencing skills around HSE goals/values and that a strong HSE culture ensures business productivity targets can be met

Assist field locations in development of a corrective action plan to address root basic causes and management system weak-spots through the use of industry-recognized cause analysis techniques Oversee and lead direct and indirect reports

To direct and control all the activities of the Safety Division QF in a safe and cost effective manner to enable the Foundation to meet its objectives and fulfil the targets Objectives. To act as an adviser to the management in all aspect of safety including accident prevention, fire outbreak prevention, protection and management of emergency situations. To assist the management in development of Qatar Foundation safety policies & standards Prepares plans and sets goals and objectives to continuously improve the overall QF safety performance. To encourage safety consciousness, commitment and active involvement from employees and contractors to meet the objectives of the QF Safety

1. Identify conditions or actions that may cause injury, illness or property damage (hazard recognition). 2. Identify and assess safety and health risks associated with equipment, materials, processes, facilities or abilities.

5. Control the hazardous materials by ensuring that the dangerous chemicals and other products are procured, stored, and disposed in a way that prevent fires, exposure to or harm from these substances. 6. Protect the environment by controlling hazards that can lead to undesirable releases of harmful materials into the air, water or soil. 7. Investigate accidents and incidents based on witness interviews, site inspections and collection of other facts and evidence.