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Civil War and Reconstruction Timeline Project Directions: Either with a partner or individually, you will complete a timeline

containing the major events of the Civil War and Reconstruction. You will use resources online, as well as from your textbook. Requirements: Timeline: 1. Must contain each of the major events listed on this handout. 2. Must address the essential information listed on the handout. a. Follow the directions listed under each event. 3. In addition to the essential information listed on your handout, you must come up with 2 other Civil War/Reconstruction events of your choice to include on the timeline and provide a brief description of each, containing a minimum of 3 sentences. 4. For each item on your timeline, you must include an image. You should use a combination of maps, photographs, drawings, and political cartoons, etcetera. Mechanics: 1. The information on your timeline should be neat and organized in a logical manner. 2. The information on your timeline should be free from spelling and grammar errors. 3. The information on your timeline should be presented in a creative way. Research: 1. You must use and cite at least 3 credible sources in a works cited that will be attached to your timeline. 2. Your textbook will count as a source. 3. You must find at least one other book (or other nonInternet source) in addition to your textbook. 4. You may use the Internet; however, you should be sure that your Internet sources are credible. WIKIPEDIA IS NOT A CREDIBLE SOURCE. Use of time: 1. You are expected to be on task and working the entire class period. You will be graded daily on a 100-point participation scale. 2. There will be plenty of time in class to finish your work, so use your time wisely. a. Any work you cannot finish in class by the due date, you will be marked down for. b. It is up to you (and your partner, if you have one) to decide what work, if any, will be done outside of class.

Mrs. Norris, 2013 Adapted from

How to Present Your Information: Timeline Poster Fold-out Accordion Book 3-ring Binder Reference Book (Nonfiction book) Childrens book Mobile Pocket Poster Comic Book Free choice BUT it must be approved Events on the Timeline: First shots at Fort Sumter First Battle of Bull Run Battle at Fort Henry The Battle of Shiloh The Fall of New Orleans Seven Days Battle Bloody Antietam; Battle of Antietam Emancipation Proclamation Battle of Gettysburg and Picketts Charge The Siege of Vicksburg The Battle of the Wilderness Surrender at Appomattox Lincolns Assassination For Each Event: 1. Image 2. Beginning date 3. Commanding officers for each side; important people (military leaders, soldiers) involved in the event 4. Summary of the key action in the event 5. End date 6. Outcome: Who won the battle? Was a treaty signed? Was this event a turning point in the war? What were the casualties for both sides? Did anything

significant happen because of this event? Important Vocabulary: definition and image or map Anaconda Plan Border States Sectionalism Slavery Thirteenth Amendment A Confederate Soldier A Union Soldier The 54th Massachusetts African American Soldier Biographies: Abraham Lincoln Robert E. Lee Ulysses S. Grant Frederick Douglass Harriet Tubman George McLellan William Tecumseh Sherman John Wilkes Booth For Each Biography: Image Birthdate (For the specific people) Date of their death The role in the Civil War Textbook Information You Must Include: Strengths and Weaknesses (PAGE 483) Confederate Strategy and Union Strategy (PAGE 484) Life in the Army; Hardships of Army Life (PAGEs 488 - 490) Changes to Military Technology; Weaponry (PAGE 491) War Affects Society (PAGES 507 - 511) Costs of the War; Consequences of the War (PAGES 520 - 523) Mrs. Norris, 2013 Adapted from

Mrs. Norris, 2013 Adapted from