28 west 20th street
A DJ booth and full bar round out the ground floor inside the 20th Street space, equipped with booths and banquettes for hundreds. “We really don’t want a club,” Mr. Baruch said, however. “They come and go, can be done in five years, done in two years. We want a restaurant that’s going to be there and make a name for themselves—even though it’s built out as a club, you have the hard bones for a restaurant.” The cellar was excavated to make way for 12-foot ceilings. The elevator would open up to a large party room, and the cellar houses two bathrooms with four stalls each “In the lower level, because it’s high ceilings, it would be nice to have the option of having a lower-level bar, cocktails, whatever, to have the extra space to bring private parties down there,” Mr. Burach said. “So it’s a good opportunity for private parties and a big entertaining room as well.”

When Winick Realty quietly began marketing a pair of high-end retail spaces at 28 West 20th Street eight months ago, potential suitors lined up quickly with hefty offers. The properties, which can be combined for a total of 12,000 square feet, once housed a nightclub and are packed with lounge and amenity spaces. It’s been used as the backdrop for several big-screen productions, but while the sleek interior is fit for a range of high-end uses, with ceiling heights hitting 16 feet, the ownership group is waiting for a tenant who is not only willing to hit the competitive asking rents but carry a reputation that will brand the building and prosper for years. “We have the luxury of not only looking for the dollar, but we want the experience,” Winick broker Ross Burach told The Commercial Observer last week, confirming that “big name restaurants” have put in offers, but also that he’s “marketing to fitness use, health club use … really everyone,” as long as they fit the bill. Mr. Burach sat down with The Commercial Observer for a sneak peak on the lay of the sprawling retail condo. 01
The building is “Class A,” exemplified by the 19th Street lobby, Mr. Burach said. “It’s a really nice office building,” he said. “You walk in and you’re surprised. There’s a fountain in there with koi fish.”


The upstairs kitchen includes a stove and grill, though a walk-in box was removed to make room for an updated version. Winick can make special arrangements to reserve a private elevator entrance on 20th Street. The elevator would have access to upper levels as well. An expansive lobby opens up to a 2,279-square-foot banquet space on the ground floor of the 19th Street space. The floor plan approximates the number of tables and the look of the space with tables and chairs. “Those come in and out, but that’s usually how we send the floor plan to the people who want to see what it would look like with tables for an event,” Mr. Burach said.





The façade along 20th Street is the “traditional cast-iron front that you see in Flatiron,” Mr. Burach said. “It’s black right now. And the rest is concrete. It’s six floors. It’s nice, there’s no signage. There would be three flagpoles like everybody else. It’s really traditional—what you’d see in Flatiron and 20th, 19th, 17th and 18th.” A hatch will be constructed in the middle of the façade for deliveries and interior mobility, he added.

04 Cellar

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