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May 29, 2013
The third season of free weekly
tours at the South Dakota Gover-
nor’s Mansion will begin next
First Lady Linda Daugaard
said she and the Governor are
happy to again open the home on
the shore of Capitol Lake to the
“This home was built not only
as a place for governors and their
families to live, but also as a
South Dakota showcase for others
to enjoy,” Mrs. Daugaard said.
“We are pleased to welcome those
who wish to take the tour.”
Tickets for mansion tours must
be obtained in advance from the
Pierre Chamber of Commerce.
Beginning June 5, weekly public
tours will be conducted each
Wednesday in June, July, and
August (with the exception of
July 3; no tour that week because
of the pending July 4 holiday).
The 30-minute tours, for
groups up to 30 people, will begin
Attorney General Marty Jack-
ley today warned consumers to
watch for emails that claim to be
from the Walmart Corporation,
but are actually scams designed
to obtain personal identifying in-
formation. The Attorney Gen-
eral’s Consumer Protection
Division has received many ex-
amples of these email messages
from across the state. The email
claims that a recent purchase
from walmart.com was
being processed and shipped to
another address.
“Consumers using online shop-
ping should be on the lookout for
scam artists trying to obtain their
personal information for identity
theft,” said Jackley. “Avoid unso-
licited emails and the links that
are attached and take the extra
step to contact the retailer di-
rectly with any questions.”
The true Walmart website is
www.walmart.com, but the look-
alike sites which use a few differ-
ent keystrokes, such as
Governor’s Mansion tours to resume
Attorney General’s office warns of phishing
scam targeting shoppers
at 10 a.m. CDT, 11 a.m., 1 p.m.,
and 2 p.m., and will be conducted
by volunteers, including the First
Public tour tickets, at no
charge, must be obtained in ad-
vance and will be available only
from the Pierre Chamber of Com-
Those people interesting in at-
tending a tour should call the
Chamber of Commerce at 605-
South Dakota’s Highway Pa-
trol used the Memorial Day travel
weekend to kick off “Obey the
Sign and Avoid the Fine,’’ a sum-
mer-long safe-travel campaign.
The campaign is an initiative
to reduce highway crashes and in-
crease safety on South Dakota’s
roadways, says Col. Craig Price,
superintendent of the Highway
Patrol. The kick-off weekend in-
cluded a high-visibility saturation
patrol on Monday, Memorial Day.
“Our statistics show that
speeding, impaired driving and
other hazardous moving viola-
tions are major contributors in
crashes, injuries and deaths on
our highways,’’ Price said. “We
kicked off our safety campaign on
Memorial Day weekend to get the
maximum public awareness of
the need for safety on the road-
Speed and alcohol will be the
top two targets for the enforce-
ment campaign this summer,
Price said. The Highway Patrol
believes that focus will have the
largest impact on reducing fatal
“Obviously, we will be enforc-
ing all the other traffic laws,’’ he
said. “That’s the reasoning behind
the ‘Obey the Sign and Avoid the
Fine’ campaign slogan.’’
Highway Patrol troopers work
in teams and will partner with
other law enforcement agencies
when opportunities arise, Price
said. Monday’s saturation patrol
had virtually all uniformed troop-
ers on the highways.
In addition to enforcement, the
summer safety campaign will use
social media for public education
and will partner with the State
Department of Transportation for
permanent and portable message
boards with safe-driving mes-
sages on the interstates and other
high-traffic areas in South
“wallmart”, are set up to redirect
consumers to bogus websites.
Once redirected to the fraudulent
site the consumer will be asked to
disclose personal information
such as social security or bank ac-
count numbers.
If you have been a victim of one
of these scams or need any addi-
tional information contact the At-
torney General’s Consumer
Protection Division at 1-800-300-
198 or consumerhelp@state.sd.us.
Highway Patrol Campaign:
‘Obey the Sign, Avoid the Fine’
Drew Vance of Faith High
School has been named recipient
of the $1,000 Golden West Schol-
arship for 2013. 
Drew was selected by the
school for a number of merit-
based qualities including leader-
ship, academic achievement, civic
and extracurricular activities,
and the motivation to serve and
Some of Drew’s activities have
included cross-country, oral inter-
pretation, basketball, track and
drama. He has spent time volun-
teering as a coach for summer
youth basketball camps and
works part-time at Faith Live-
He plans to attend the South
Dakota School of Mines and Tech-
nology and major in civil engi-
The Golden West Scholarship
is an annual award established to
help promote educational oppor-
tunity for students within the
Golden West service area. Nearly
500 scholarships have been
awarded by the Wall-based tele-
phone, internet and cable televi-
sion Company since Golden
West’s scholarship program was
established in 1999.
Drew Vance receives
Golden West Scholarship
Tearnee Nelson ... split 2nd place in pole vault at the State Track Meet in Sioux Falls on May 24th-
25th. Photo courtesy of Tawn Nelson
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part, without the written consent of the publishers.
To the Editor
Commoditization of  the United
States cattle industry
I recently read a report by one
of our cattle market analysts, who
tried to identify what issues
and/or policies had damaged the
cattle industry the most. Great
question ... with an exploding
population that needs to feed it-
self, one would certainly wonder
why the United States cattle in-
dustry is contracting.
The analyst identified two
such issues, but he also exposed
the extremes that such folks as
himself, certain industry groups,
and some of our more social
media will go to distort the facts
and create smoke screens to ac-
complish their socialistic agenda.
The article states that “manda-
tory country of origin labeling
(COOL) for fresh meat products”
has “added billions of dollars of
costs to the livestock and meat in-
dustry.” WOW – billions! Some-
body needs to tell him that COOL
has only been in effect since 2009
and that even the packers and re-
tailers couldn't come up with a
figure that ridiculous.
Then he goes on to say that the
blame for COOL lies squarely
with a “tiny minority of livestock
These are the same tactics
used by our monthly Beef En-
quirer-like publications that we
get for free to create public record
to try and show a lack of producer
support. The problem is that –
when you look at all the local and
state Farm Bureau, Farmers
Union and cattlemen's groups –
you will find overwhelming pro-
ducer support for mandatory
He then goes to say, “Surveys
showed consumers didn't care
about labeling.” WOW, I believe
what we have seen reported is
just the opposite with multiple
surveys showing consumer sup-
port for  COOL.
And then he finishes up by say-
ing that USDA (United States
Department of Agriculture)
“changes will only increase dis-
crimination against foreign born
livestock.” Not sure what changes
he’s talking about, but the ones
submitted by USDA to come into
WTO (World Trade Organization)
compliance are designed to re-
duce the discrimination practice
yielded by U.S. packers in an ef-
fort to kill COOL. I still think
what the packers did bordered on
anti-competitive and discrimina-
tory practices ... a heck of a thing
to witness in this country.
I point this out on COOL not
because I believe anyone really
buys into these distortions, as we
all understand the extremes
these folks will go to and certainly
they have lost their credibility
with the average U.S. cattle pro-
ducers. Rather, I point this out
because these are the same peo-
ple and groups that told you in
the late ’80s and the ’90s that you
need to learn to compete in a
global market; however, they op-
pose you identifying your product.
They also told you that your com-
petition was poultry and pork and
not imports.
That’s interesting, because it
was recently announced that the
National Pork Producers Council
and the Cattlemen's Beef Board
have been working in partnership
for nearly two years to provide
more “consumer-friendly” names
for 350 new and older cuts of beef
and pork under URMIS (Uniform
Retail Meat Identity Standards)
with some of the pork cuts adapt-
ing beef names. Now while some
of this appears good, other
changes have the potential to re-
duce and confuse beef sales. For
example, no longer is it just pork
chops; now it will be ribeye chops,
porterhouse chops, and New York
chops. So when the young house-
wife walks up to the meat counter
to buy a “ribeye” for her loved one,
she will be asked by the meat re-
tailer, “pork or beef?” She may
then very well ask the perceived
professional, “What do you sug-
I imagine the response by the
retailer will depend on which
product gives him the most profit,
along with his own biases.
I understand why the pork
folks went for this, but here’s the
problem for U.S. cattle producers.
These meat cut names, while not
trademarked brand names, act
very much like brand names for
the beef/cattle industry. Con-
sumers are familiar with these
terms in beef and relate those
names to such things as flavor,
tenderness and quality. Histori-
cally, consumers have made deci-
sions based on these names, they
have become the brand-like name
of each cut, and you don’t conspire
to let your competitor use your
brand name!
It is well understood that
brand names simplify shopping
and aid in processing of informa-
tion about products; however,
these types of changes complicate
meat buying decisions   for con-
sumers and compromise beef’s
ability to separate itself in the an-
imal protein market and promote
itself. As the EBAC noted, “Peo-
ple recognize brand and attach a
certain intrinsic value to the
product because of its name” like
ribeye, New York, porterhouse, T-
bone – those names kind of make
your mouth water, don’t they?
Another marketing expert goes
on to say, “Do NOT underesti-
mate the power of name brands.
This power can be so compelling
to your buyers that they may be
blinded to all other purchase con-
siderations.” But not now, not
with beef. No wonder Patrick
Fleming of the National Pork
Board said it will aid the con-
sumer’s “decision-making on pork
by adapting beef nomenclature
for pork.” In other words, they
will sell more pork ... at beef’s ex-
So, as we look to answer the
question of what issues and/or
policies have done the most dam-
age to U.S. cattle herd, I would
have to say the destructionist
trade policies of some of our in-
dustry groups and our social
media, who have had no problem
sacrificing U.S. producers for
trade liberalization, as well as the
social commoditization and stan-
dardization of our industry and
the fading product identity in the
animal protein domestic and
global market; instead of concen-
trating on differentiating between
our products, we are blurring the
/s/ Leo McDonnell
Note: Leo McDonnell ranches
in Montana and North Dakota
and helped to grow the family
business, Midland Bull Test at
Columbus, Mont., into the largest
genetic cattle performance test in
North America.
Faith Community Health Center
Starting Monday May 13th, 2013 the
Faith Community Health Center will be open
from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm on Mondays only:
New Hours of Operation:
Monday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday - Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Verna Schad, CNP – Monday - Thursday
Peggy O’Connor, CNP – Monday – Friday
David Rollason, PA-C -
For appointments call:
605-967-2644 or 1-800-584-7668
May 29, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 3
email us at
Sr. Citizens Menu Sr. Citizens Menu
Gov. Daugaard’s
Infinite Variety in South Dakota
It has been said that South
Dakota is the land of infinite va-
riety. Our weather in the past
month has certainly proven that
to be true.
Fortunately, the description of
our variety also extends to South
Dakota’s geography. We are home
to wide-open grasslands and
lakes, mountains and streams,
and the beautiful, flowing Mis-
souri River.
Because of our diverse land-
scapes, a wealth of state parks
are scattered across South
Whether you are interested in
a day at the beach at Sandy Shore
near Watertown, a fishing trip at
Indian Creek by Mobridge or a
getaway weekend in our beautiful
Black Hills, let South Dakota’s
parks be your host this summer.
Few states can compete with
the number of options that our
state park system provides to
South Dakotans and those who
visit us, and we will continue to
improve. This year, we enacted a
bill that created our first new
state park in 41 years – Good
Earth State Park, at the Blood
Run National Historic Site in Lin-
coln County.
The new park will be located
near one of South Dakota’s fastest
growing areas, southeast of Sioux
Falls. The beautiful scenery will
be preserved for visitors to enjoy
for years to come. I invite each of
you to visit South Dakota’s
newest state park.
As you make your Memorial
Day and summer vacation plans,
I hope you will consider exploring
the beauty in our own back yard.
In fact, this weekend is Open
House weekend from Friday
evening through Sunday (May 17-
19), where all state park entrance
admissions are free.
In addition, May 17-19 is free-
fishing weekend, allowing all
South Dakotans to fish from Fri-
day through Sunday license-free.
These events coincide with our
celebration of Kids to Parks day,
a national promotion linking our
young people with the great out-
This weekend, and all year
round, making arrangements to
camp, hike, hunt or fish has never
been easier. Our citizens can now
visit www.campsd.com or down-
load the South Dakota Outdoors
smartphone app to get directions,
book a campground, buy a hunt-
ing or fishing license or just learn
more about all that our state park
system has to offer.
I think you will be pleasantly
surprised at what you find here in
South Dakota.      
Summer travel should not
mean pain at the pump
Families will soon be packing
up their cars, pulling out the
maps, and jumping on the road to
enjoy the beautiful summer
weather in South Dakota.
Tourism is the number two indus-
try in South Dakota, so we under-
stand the implications that
higher gas prices mean not only
for our own summer plans, but
also for the plans of thousands of
other families hoping to enjoy
some summer fun in our state.
Increases in gas prices across
South Dakota and surrounding
areas of the Midwest continue to
squeeze American families and
small businesses who are still
dealing with a historically slow
economic recovery. The financial
pain of high gas prices is not lim-
ited to filling up our own vehicles.
The price of gasoline is driving up
the cost of goods and services
each of us rely upon. For example,
the price to transport everyday
household goods is higher due to
increased gas prices; these fuel
costs are passed on to the con-
sumers in the form of higher
prices. The high gas prices also
impact the state’s number one in-
dustry—agriculture. Farmers
and ranchers, who rely on the use
of tractors, combines, and other
equipment, also feel the pinch of
the higher prices for gasoline and
diesel fuel.
Instead of working together to
help lower the cost of gas for all
Americans, the administration
and Senate Democrats continue
to turn a blind eye to the problem.
It is time for Congress to get seri-
ous about creating jobs and low-
ering energy prices. Projects like
the Keystone XL pipeline will
help provide a more efficient dis-
tribution of Bakken oil to refiner-
ies across the Midwest and will
help create nearly 20,000 jobs.
Additionally, while oil and gas
production is booming on private
lands, it continues to lag in fed-
eral areas and some of our most
promising offshore areas remain
off-limits. America is beginning to
take hold of its energy future, but
without the right policies coming
out of Washington, consumers
will continue to feel pain at the
pump throughout the year.   
As South Dakotans gear up for
another season of baseball games,
camping trips, and summer vaca-
tions, I will continues to push for
responsible access to all domestic
sources of energy that will help
lower prices and increase Amer-
ica’s energy security.
Sen. John Thune’s
Weekly Column
All meals served with milk and
bread. Menu subject to change
without notice.
Wed., May 29: Sweet & sour
pork, Steamed rice, Oriental veg-
etables, Grape juice, Apricots
Thur., May 30: Roast beef,
Mashed potatoes & gravy, Har-
vest beets, Peach crisp
Fri., May 31: Taco salad,
Fresh fruit, Dinner roll, Pudding
Mon., June 3: Hamburger on
bun, Potato salad, Lettuce leaf
w/tomato slice, Cooked apples
Tue., June 4: Baked fish,
Oven browned potatoes, Parsley
carrots, Plums, Oatmeal fruit
Wed., June 5: Spaghetti
w/meat sauce, Peas, Tossed salad,
Peaches, French bread
Thur., June 6: Baked chicken,
Creamed potatoes, Baked squash,
Fri., June 7: Stroganoff casse-
role, Stewed tomatoes, Cucum-
bers in vinegar dressing, Jello
Bring in your prescriptions and have them filled locally
3 Easy Ways
1. Have your physician fax in your prescription to our pharmacy
2. Bring us your empty refill bottle
3. Call Vilas wi th your physician and prescription information
It’s That easy. Fai th’s full-service pharmacy is here
to serve you – PH: 605-967-2123
Please bring in your new insurance cards when you fill or
transfer your prescription!
Vilas Pharmacy &
Healthcare Store
PH: 967-2123, Fai th, SD
Page 4• May 29, 2013 • The Faith Independent
Marcus News
By Vicky Waterland
qea'-e |ae|ted te ¡e|a
0eaa¡s & Jaaet Feraau
|a ce|eé-at|aq t0e|-
45tb Wedd¡ag Aaa¡versary
Saturday, Juae S, 2013
Aea Tade-aeed Cemmaa|tq Ceate-
·Supper at 6:00 p.m. ~ Please BSVP
6t5-754-6244 e-
·0aace at 7:30
Ca-d· maq ée ·eat te:
I647t 227t0 St.
Aea Tade-aeed, SØ 5776I
Ae g|jt· J|ea·e.
Last week’s news
Bev Hudson said, “Everyone
who came into church Sunday
morning was smiling.” There’s
nothing like a good rain to put a
smile on the faces of people who
are so dependent on the earth and
the weather. Judging from what I
see on my computer rainfall
amounts varied. Mrs. Joe Rose
from north of Eagle Butte near
Green Grass had pictures of the
hail in drifts like snow. Lucy
Knight reported her mom in the
Cherry Creek, Red Scaffold area
had 5 inches of rain and the
draws were running. We had an
inch and ,10 as of 11 Sunday
morning. Bub and D’Anne
Thompson must have had more
than two inches judging from
their puddles and mud. Linda
Howie at White Owl, reported 2 ½
inches in the rubber feed tub and
I think they got more later. Bon-
nie Timmons Trask said they had
2.5 inches of rain between Marcus
and White Owl and Glen King
had 9 tenths of an inch. Val
Hlavka said a half inch last night
and a quarter inch today!   I be-
lieve the entire state of South
Dakota is heaving a big sigh. Isn’t
the sound of rain on the roof a
wonderful thing to hear after
such a dry time. Thank you God
for answering our prayers.
There will be a wedding
shower for Emily Wicks and
Thane Escott at the Marcus Hall
Friday evening, May 31. It will
start at 6:30 with a potluck sup-
per followed by the shower.
Everyone is invited. Guys, you
best come along and enjoy the
food and swap stories. I was sup-
pose to put this in last week but
forgot about it so I need to apolo-
gize to Kay King and to Emily
and Thane.  It also missed again
because this news seems to have
hit cyberspace last week! Two
weeks in a row isn’t good!
There will be (was) a cleanup
at the White Owl Cemetery,
Thursday May 23rd at 5:00 P.M.
Harold made it and tells me there
was a good group of workers!
Last Monday after Addie Boyd
Weyer’s service I talked to Vera
Dutton. She wanted to add a few
things about the Municipal Build-
ing in Faith. Vera tells me that
the lot it’s located on belonged to
Charles and Pearl Kirkpatrick
who ran a garage at Bixby before
they moved to Faith. After mov-
ing to Faith, Charles Kirkpatrick
had his garage where the Munic-
ipal Building and the former
Jones Barbershop are located.
Somehow we got a little off the
subject but Vera also told me that
the parsonage at Prairie Home
was once the Hoffman house that
sat at Bixby. Marilyn Thompson
McDermott also wrote me about
the Municipal Building and I took
the liberty of copying her email.
“Guess I'm taking over for Cullen
but when I read in your column
about needing/wanting history on
the municipal bldg. I felt Cullen
telling me 'someone' should fill
her in. Anyway, I remember the
building as always having been
built by the WPA. I was surprised
it was put in the same era as the
hospital as it had to have been in
the 30's. I have so many memo-
ries of that building, the smell,
the library, later the jail, the graf-
fiti in the awful public restroom,
snake dancing through the bar
before Homecoming. I still feel
uncomfortable having a 'drink' in
there when it was always a 'men
club' in my youth. The municipal
building being TWO stories was a
REAL building, like the school.”
I'm sure you are finally enjoy-
ing Spring and I hope the 'water'
is plentiful and the prairie green!
Thank you to both ladies for
sharing their memories about the
Municipal Building. I guess it
never occurred to me that some-
thing else had stood at that spot.
All that I have ever known it as
was the Municipal Building.
Thinking of that brings to mind
the old building that houses
Haines Trucking on Main Street.
I remember Shirley Jean Votja
Butler and my mom talking about
the days Shirley Jean worked
there at McCormick’s and sold
candy. Is that the right name
Jean? Is there anything anyone
would like to share about that
building and the businesses that
it has held? I’d love to hear about
This week’s news
For Lord knows what reason,
the Marcus News was not all in
last week. Consequently I'm in
trouble with half the country
cause I missed the Escott/Wicks
shower notice again. If they could
they'd fire my butt. I wouldn't let
my son-in-law, Robert go get ta-
bles from the Marcus Hall be-
cause I thought the shower was
last week so he's not impressed
and my husband said,"You only
put in 3 paragraphs of
news...what's wrong? Did you for-
get?" Gee guys I make so much
money doing this you'd think I'd
try harder, huh? Oh well, here
goes again!!
I'm sitting at my computer as
the thunder is rumbling. We had
a quarter of an inch last night
and have been receiving sprinkles
every now and then. Things are
looking much better but we still
need the run off water to fill
creeks and dams.
Tis branding season and the
smell of smoke and burnt hair
fills the air.
Chad King branded last week
and Robert Wondercheck and
Allen Waterland branded Satur-
day. I hear via the grapevine that
Cody Weyer branded last week
also. Bub Thompson is branding
tomorrow, Tuesday. Just imagine
all the neighbors in the area and
you probably know who was at
each branding. If a food critic
wants to eat good country cookin'
nows when he should be around.
Val Hlavka, Lacey and Quirt
Wondercheck, and I attended the
graduation/baby shower for
Shayna Cody at Fort Meade Sat-
urday, May 25.
Sunday, Robert and Lacey
Wondercheck and boys drove to
Gillette, Wyoming to attend the
graduation of Robert's nephew.
Well, we'll see who I tick off
this week. Got any news call me
at 985-5318.
A summer kids’ event called
Kingdom Rock will be hosted at
Faith Church of Christ from June
10th to June 12th. At Kingdom
Rock, kids participate in memo-
rable Bible-learning activities,
sing catchy songs, play team-
work-building games, make and
dig into yummy treats, experience
epic Bible adventures, collect
Bible Memory Buddies to remind
them to stand strong, and test out
Sciency-Fun Gizmos they’ll take
home and play with all summer
long. Plus, kids will learn to look
for evidence of God all around
them through something called
God Sightings. Each day con-
cludes with Fanfare Finale – a
celebration that gets everyone in-
volved in living what they’ve
learned. Family members and
friends are encouraged to join in
Kids at Kingdom Rock will join
an international missions effort to
share God’s love with children in
Kingdom Rock is for kids from
Pre-school through Junior High
grade and will run from 6:00 pm
to 8:00 pm each day with the hay
wagon leaving at 5:30.
For more information, call 605-
748-2222 or 605-967-2526.
Faith Church of Christ invites
children to Kingdom Rock:
Where kids stand strong for God
May 29, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 5
Notify The Faith
Independent of your
change of address before
moving or as quickly as
possible, so as not to
miss a single issue.
Opal News
By Kay Ingalls
Faith News
By Loretta Passolt
Monday, Faye Fees made a
trip into Sturgis for and eye ap-
pointment and stopped by to visit
her mother, Margie Ingalls.
Marlin and Ethel Ingalls drove
to Enning school on Monday to at-
tend Grandparents Day with
great grandson Buddy Howie.
Dan, Glenn and Margaret Fo-
gelman were in Rapid City on
Tuesday as Margaret had some
eye surgery, then returned on
Wednesday for a check up.
Dwayne and Zona Vig took
Hope Vig to Rapid City on Tues-
day so she could drive Merle Vig
home from his week of being hos-
pitalized due to blood pressure
problems. Dwayne and Zona then
drove to Deadwood for a mineral
meeting that lasted until
Wednesday noon. That evening
they attended the visitation for
Dean Allen in Sturgis and then
spent the night with Keith and
Sue Keffeler. Sue made a wonder-
ful birthday breakfast for Zona
and all before Dwayne and Zona
went to Dean's funeral services.
John and Carmen Heidler
were in Faith on Monday and
Tuesday trying to help Corky
with the remodeling project on
Dorothy Heidler's bathroom.
Wednesday, John and OJ had a
branding to go to and Carmen
went to Rapid City to pick up
some more things for the bath-
room project and then stopped by
at the visitation for Dean Allen
before she came home.  Thursday
was branding day for the Heidlers
and back to Faith on Friday  to
help there.  OJ and Chip Heidler
were both in some to help, too.
Corky took off Saturday morning
for his home in North Dakota.
Faye Fees went into Faith on
Wednesday to have her car get a
oil change and to visit with
her  friend, Gladys Peterson.
Later that day Rick Albers called
on Faye.
Howard and I went to Sturgis
on Thursday to attend the funeral
for Dean Allen, then on to Rapid
City for an appointment and pick
up new glasses for both of us.
Marlin and Ethel Ingalls were in
Rapid City that day, also.
Linda Reeve Farnham and
traveling friend, Mary, arrived
this week for a visit with her dad
Lisle and brother Mike Reeve.
Spud and Bernice Lemmel
made a trip to the Hills on Friday
to decorate graves and keep ap-
pointments. Their granddaughter
Brittni Lemmel has spent a few
days visiting  Spud and Bernice
and lending a helping hand.  This
weekend they went to Ft. Pierre
for the baptism of Brad Lemmel's
little baby.
Saturday morning, a group of
helpers gathered to mow and trim
the Opal Community Cemetery.
Saturday morning, Dwayne
and Hope Vig helped Merle Vig
move his cow/calf pairs and then
Dwayne and Zona drove to
Gillette, WY for a family gather-
ing.  Sunday morning, the family
grew the congregation by nearly
30 people, then attended Colter
Keffeler's graduation from Camp-
bell County High School.  After
the Open House for Colter,
Dwayne, Zona, Paul and
Cheyenne Winkler and family,
JT, Kelsey and Brixie all drove to
their homes through some very
heavy fog.
Walter and Diane Fees went to
North Platte, NE for a family re-
union of Diane's mother’s side on
Saturday.  They came home on
Monday to check home out, then
headed for Aberdeen where Wal-
ter is scheduled for shoulder sur-
gery on Tuesday.  Jason and Jake
Fees were at the Fees ranch on
Sunday to do some farm work.
Jason also stopped in to visit Faye
and change a water filter for her.
Marlin and Ethel Ingalls
joined the crew of branders at the
Paul and Debbie Delbridge ranch
on Saturday.  Sunday, they went
into Faith for the party for
Richard and Barb Isaacs for their
50th wedding anniversary.
Rod, Tracy, Jason and Justin
Ingalls were in Faith on Sunday
afternoon to tackle the forest of
grass in their town house yard,
then attended the party for
Isaacs's as well.
Howard and I left early Sun-
day forenoon for Sturgis. Visited
Margie Ingalls, then with Freda
Wilson and Wayne and Joyce Si-
mons, then joined the rest of the
Simons siblings for our May gath-
ering. We also celebrated Vern Si-
mons’ birthday so Lyle and
Juanita Delbridge and their fam-
ily (short Chet) all joined us as
well as other guests. 
School election is coming up on
June 4th and I think the polling
place is still at the Opal School.
Call me if you have any questions.
Reminder that Faith Stock
Show is coming faster than we
think and so is the parade.  Tracy
Ingalls is once again the contact
person and she would like to hear
from you as soon as possible with
an entry and the theme is “My
Hero/Heroes” so can cover a large
The grass certainly shot up
this past week after the recent
rain. I think it grew 6” or more in
just a few days! Temperatures re-
mained in the 50s and 60s most of
last week. Skies were mostly
overcast until Thursday when the
sun finally made an appearance.
But along with the sun came lots
of wind, sucking the moisture
right back out of the ground! Fri-
day was overcast most of the day
and looked like it could rain at
anytime. Saturday it rained again
making for a wet Memorial Day
weekend. Saturday’s storm in-
cluded a tornado watch for our
area, but thankfully, nothing de-
veloped. We had a big storm hit
around 12:30 that night and
poured hard for about 45 minutes
giving us 1” of rain, with plenty of
wind, thunder and lightning and
a little pea sized hail. I don’t
think an inch is right, though.
The reporting equipment is out at
the airport and there can cer-
tainly be a big difference in three
miles! Red Lemmel on the edge of
town had 2” and that sounds
more like it for as hard as it
rained! We got another inch Me-
morial Day.
Eldora Fischbach spent several
days at their house in Rapid City.
She came home Thursday to at-
tend the funeral of our cousin,
Rick Hoffman, in Lemmon that
afternoon. Paul and I, nor Dave
There were a couple celebra-
tions in town over the Memorial
Day weekend. Richard and Barb
Isaacs children hosted a party for
them in honor of their 50th an-
niversary. Alice Maier had a
surpise birthday party for hubby
Earl on Friday night. I’m not sure
how you keep a party a secret in
a small town, but she evidently
did! Congratulations to all!
We received the following
email from Marie DeKnikker the
end of last week saying, “I’m
bursting at the seams to tell you
this news!!!!”
I’ve been trading at Bi-Mart in
Weiser, ID since we moved here.
Lately, it has been more frequent
as I go there to develop my many
pictures! Debbie, the clerk and I
get along famously. We always
chat but yesterday was differ-
ent!!! She said that her son lived
in Cambridge. I was curious as to
what his name was. One thing led
to another, and I asked her what
her last name was. She replied
that her maiden name was “Over-
acker”! I said, “Overacker” we had
some living in my hometown of
Faith. She said that was where
her dad was from. We continued
to talk and she mentioned Aunt
Sally. I asked where she lived and
she said Howes. “HOWES” that is
near where my parents lived. I
asked her what Sally’s last name
was and she said Hlavka!
“Hlavka” I know them! I learned
that David was her father and he
passed away at age 49! We both
agreed that this is a very small
world and exchanged hugs, again!
I (Marie) received an email
from my classmate, Lois Naslund
Doyle in response to a forward
about German music!  She men-
tioned the country dances, Wayne
Cannon and Sis Kovarik  I could
only associate an accordian with
Wayne, but I bought a saxophone
and took lessons while in college,
because of my admiration and en-
joyment of Sis’ saxophone music.
It turns out that Lois bought an
accordian and learned how to
play it because of Wayne’s music.
I became a teacher because I was
blessed with model, Sally Nelson.
I can only say, “I am proud to pay
tribute to these wonderful peo-
The Faith Stock Show Parade
theme this year is: “My Hero/He-
roes”. Anyone wanting to have an
entry in the parade can call Tracy
Ingalls at 748-2273.
Congratulations to our state
track meet medalists! Tearnee
Nelson tied for 2nd in pole vault
and Caden Smiley tied for 7th in
high jump. Congratulations to all
the qualifiers!
School is out for the summer,
so that means the swimming pool
will be opening soon, maybe this
week, weather permitting!
Remember that even though
school is out, the library is still
open every weekday morning
from 9:00 until 1:00. Besides
books they also have movies you
can check out. I see on the school
calendar the Summer Reading
Program started yesterday, Tues-
day, and runs for a couple
months. It is every Tuesday and
Thursday from 9-11. There is a
puppet show scheduled for this
Thursday morning at 9:00.
Sounds like fun! Dig into Reading
runs May 28-June 27, Tuesdays
and Thursdays 9 AM-11 AM Pre-
K – 5th grades; Beneath the Sur-
face: June 4 – July 30, Tuesdays
6-8 PM 6th-12th grades (Teen
Tuesdays); Ground Breaking
Reads: June 3 – July 29, Monday
evenings 6-8 PM (Adult Mon-
days). Speakers, reading blog,
and prizes for all participants.
The Faith Public Library is re-
questing donations for a Memo-
rial in honor of Dorothy Ulrich.
Dorothy was an advocate for the
Faith Public/School Library when
it was combined in 1991 and con-
tinued to serve on the library
board as a trustee until her pass-
ing this last December. 
Donations can be sent to Faith
Public Library, PO Box 172,
Faith, SD 57626. Thank you for
your continued support of our
community library.
Library seeking
Page 6• May 29, 2013 • The Faith Independent
Dr. Carol Pratt presented the Belle Isaacs Scholar-
ship … to Drew Vance Photo by Marcia Samuelson
Hills Material Scholarship
… was awarded to Kenny
Photo by Marcia Samuelson
Northern Hills
Eye Care
Schedule for Faith Clinic
For Appointment call: 1-800-648-0760
1st & 3rd
of each month
Dr. Prosser
JUNE 5, 2013
Dr. Hafner
JUNE 19, 2012
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
email us at
May 29, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 7
PO BOX 39 – BISON, SD 57620 – 605-244-5213
Lifeline: Affordable Telephone Service for Income-Eligible Consumers
Lifeline is a government benefit program that provides discounts on monthly telephone service for eligible low-income
consumers to help ensure they have the opportunities and security that telephone service affords, including being able to
connect to jobs, family, and 911 services. Lifeline is supported by the federal Universal Service Fund (USF).
What Benefits are Available Under the Lifeline Program?
Lifeline assistance lowers the cost of basic monthly local telephone service. An eligible customer will receive a discount
of $9.25 per month. Federal rules prohibit eligible low-income consumers from receiving more than ONE Lifeline service per
Lifeline can also include Toll Limitation Service, which enables a telephone subscriber to limit the amount of long dis-
tance calls that can be made from a telephone.
Link Up provides eligible low-income consumers living on Tribal lands with a one-time discount of up to $100 on the ini-
tial installation or activation of a wireline or wireless telephone for the primary residence. Tribal Lands Link Up also allows
consumers to pay the remaining amount that they owe on a deferred schedule, interest-free. Federal rules prohibit eligible
low-income consumers from receiving more than ONE Link Up discount at a primary residence. Eligible consumers may be
eligible for Link Up again only after moving to a new primary residence. Link Up support is only offered to carriers who are
building out infrastructure on Tribal lands so not all carriers may discount their activation fee. Enhanced benefits are pro-
vided to low-income consumers who live on a federally recognized Indian Tribe's reservation.
How Do I Qualify for Lifeline Discounts?
The Lifeline program is available to eligible low-income consumers in every state, territory, commonwealth, and on Tribal
lands. You must be eligible to enroll. To participate in the program, consumers must either have an income that is at or
below 135% of the federal Poverty Guidelines or participate in one of the following assistance programs:
• Medicaid;
•Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps or SNAP);
•Supplemental Security Income (SSI);
• Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8);
•Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP);
•Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF);
•National School Lunch Program's Free Lunch Program;
• Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance;
•Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TTANF);
•Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR);
•Head Start (if income eligibility criteria are met); or
•State assistance programs (if applicable).
When you qualify for any of the above programs, you must complete a Lifeline Assistance Application. For more informa-
tion, or to find out if you qualify for the programs, call your local telephone company, state Public Utility Commission, or the
Federal Communications Commission at 1-888-CALL-FCC. You may also visit the “Lifeline Across America” Web site
Coming to service the Faith area the
week of June 3rd
Thank You
We want to thank everyone for their thoughts
and prayers, cards, flowers, food, phone calls,
messages and floral arrangements.
Your thoughtfulness will always be remembered.
Addie Boyd Weyer family
Anna Stambach recently re-
ceived a $1000 scholarship from
Northern Plains as part of the
company’s scholarship program
for high school seniors.
Stambach was among five high
school seniors given scholarships
on behalf of local Northern Plains
member owners.
Anna Stambach, daughter of
Mark and Monica Stambach, of
Dupree, plans to major in Ele-
mentary and Special Education
at South Dakota State Univer-
Scholarships were given to ap-
plicants whose high school aca-
demic performance is high, and
have demonstrated the qualities
of leadership, industry, integrity
and good high school and commu-
nity citizenship.
Stambach awarded Northern Plains scholarship
“We are proud to support to-
morrow’s leaders,” says Todd
Oster, general manager Northern
Plains. “Scholarships are one way
that Northern Plains continues
our commitment to be leaders in
the community.”
Northern Plains (www.north-
ernplainscoop.com) is a diversi-
fied farmer owned cooperative
offering grain, agronomy, feed
and energy products and services.
Headquartered in Gettysburg,
SD, they serve more than 5,200
active customers through their
eight locations in north central
South Dakota and south central
North Dakota. 
Many thanks
We would like to thank the
community for the wonderful sup-
port of the Master Gardeners’
fourth annual plant swap and
sale in May. This spring event is
a major fund raiser for the proj-
ects that the Master Gardeners
work on all year long. This year
we brought in bedding plants
from a new supplier out of Sioux
Falls.  We were very pleased with
the new supplier and felt the
plants were much nicer than pre-
vious years.
We learned a good lesson
which we will remember for next
year, we ordered too much, one of
these times we will get it right.
We still had some left on the
fourth afternoon so we planted
the containers on the fairgrounds
and we shared several flats of
flowers with the folks in Lemmon
that were hailed out Saturday
evening in two nasty storms. Flo-
rence Hoff graciously agreed to
haul the plants to Lemmon for us.
We got in and sent out some
great swaps this year, lots of
healthy big African violets and
other house plants. This is a fun
way to share what you have too
much of and to pick up something
you would like to have.    
We are no longer able to order
or sell shrubs and some types of
perennials without a special li-
cense.  Rather than go through
that hassle we will not order the
plants that need special licensing.
Thanks so much everyone for
your support, we appreciate each
and every one of you that came
through the door whether you
were swapping or shopping! It is
always fun to meet other garden-
ers, the pros and the beginners.
We wish you all happy gardening
and encourage you to show off
your bloomers!
"An addiction to gardening is
not all bad when you consider all
the other choices in life." - Un-
The Garden Gate
By Karen Englehart, Master Gardener,
SDSU Extension - Perkins Co.
Page 8 • May 29, 2013 • The Faith Independent
Keep up with your city, school,
and county … Read the Legals
Place a Classified Ad...
The Faith Independent
967-2160/email: faithind@faithsd.com
Perfect Attendance 4thQ:
Journey King, Glenn Wilson
Citizenship: Lane Capp,
Tandee Nelson
Citizenship for Year: Ann
Ulrich, Glenn Wilson
1st Grade
Perfect Attendance: Amia
Cottier, Tate Klein, Jackson
4thQ Citizenship: Bridgett
Lemmel, Katie Sheridan
Citizenship for Year: Amia
Cottier, Jackson Schauer
2nd Grade
Perfect Attendance: Landon
Fisher, Jess Harper, Layne
4thQ Citizenship: Kaylee
Jordan, Jess Harper
Citizenship for Year: Tris-
tan Kennedy, Landon Fisher
3rd Grade
Perfect Attendance: Gabe
Bushong, Alexia Donovan, Ayden
4thQ Citizenship: Hudson
Fischbach, Ayden Hartley
Citizenship for Year: Kaycee
Groves, Shelby Schuelke
Perfect Attd 2nd Semester:
Ayden Hartley
4th Grade
Perfect Attendance 4th Q:
Kirston Delbridge, Alexya
Hauser, Morgan Medrud, Blake
A Honor Roll: Ariah Engel,
Allison Haines, Sidney Hanson,
Tyson Selby, Blake Vig
B Honor Roll: Chloie An-
drews, Brodie Bachman, Aiyana
Byrd, Alexya Hauser, Isaac
Jones, Lindsey Jones, Dawson
King, Morgan Medrud, Delany
Citizenship: Brodie Bach-
man, Delaney Smith
Citizenship for Year: no one
Perfect Attd 2nd Semester:
Kirston Delbridge, Alexya
5th Grade
Perfect Attendance 4thQ:
Treyton Bushong, Jaydon Del-
bridge, Natalie Veit
A Honor Roll: Treyton
Bushong, Megan Drum, Harland
Groves, Hugh Groves, Allix
Vance, Denim Varland, Natalie
B Honor Roll: Jaydon Del-
bridge, Josh Jones, Jade Morten-
son, Sydnie Schauer, Tiara Selby
Citizenship: Jade Morten-
son, Treyton Bushong
Citizenship for Year: Megan
Drum, Natalie Veit
Perfect Att 2nd Semester:
Jaydon Delbridge
6th Grade
Perfect Attendance 4thQ:
Jerin Halligan,Mikenzy Miller
A Honor Roll: Seth Drum,
Rowdy Fischbach, Lenae Haines,
Jerin Halligan, Brooklyn Hanson,
Mikenzy Miller, Jayden Shoe-
B Honor Roll: Kyler
Citizenship: Seth Drum,
Jerin Halligan, Keyaira Kirkley
Citizenship for Year: Kyler
Carmichael, Lenae Haines
7th Grade
Perfect Attendance 4thQ:
Mark Smith, James Ulrich
A Honor Roll: Duce Escott,
Kailyn Groves, Brock Vance
B Honor Roll: Triston Del-
bridge, Sam Gropper, Brooke
Lemmel, Devin Martin, Seth
Martin, Mark Smith, James Ul-
Citizenship: Triston Del-
bridge, Brock Vance
Citizenship for Year: Triston
Delbridge, James Ulrich
Perfect Attd 2nd Semester:
James Ulrich
8th Grade
Perfect Attendance 4thQ:
Bailey Deuter, Will Lutz, Penny
A Honor Roll: Garret Drum,
Jake Foster, Trey Grubl, Brook-
lyn Schauer, Shali Sheridan, Con-
nor Smith, Cole Trainor, Penny
B Honor Roll: Kaeli
Carmichael, Bailey Deuter, Will
Citizenship: Kaeli Car-
michael, Will Lutz
Citizenship for Year: Cole
Trainor, Penny Welter
Maurine School
Perfect Attendance 4thQ:
Everett Paul, Adessa Hewitt,
Colby Olson, RyLee Price
A Honor Roll: William Ander-
Iver Paul, Everett Paul, Elijah
B Honor Roll: Shianne Price,
Dryann Schuelke
Citizenship: Everett Paul,
Natalie Mickelson
Citizenship for Year: Iver
Faith Elementary Perfect Attendance & Honor Roll
Gene Lund Scholarships … Paige Brink, Ashley Drum, Wyatt Simonson and Cody Trainor.
Photo by Marcia Samuelson
Drew Vance receiving the … First National Bank of Faith
scholarship from Scott Gray. Photo by Marcia Samuelson
Notify The Faith
Independent of your
change of address before
moving or as quickly as
possible, so as not to
miss a single issue.
email us at faithind@faithsd.com
May 29, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 9
Booster Club Scholarships … Katie Haines, Ashley Drum and Paige Brink receiving their Schol-
arships from Amy Ulrich. Photo by Marcia Samuelson
Rodeo Club Scholarships presented by Julie Foster to … Cody Bernstein, Lane Foster,
Kenny Carmichael, Cody Trainor, and Tearnee Nelson. Photo by Marcia Samuelson
Regent Scholars … David Ruth, Drew Vance and Ashley Drum.
Photo by Marcia Samuelson
Carv Thompson Community Service Scholarship
… was awarded to Ashley Drum and Tearnee Nelson.
Photo by Marcia Samuelson
Rummage Sale & Avon Clearance
Louise & Tami
Fri. May 31st & Sat. June 1, 9 AM–6 PM
Also kids clothes and books
Everything is cheap, cheap, cheap!!
Faith VFW, Main Street
The City of Faith is offering a
$250 reward for information
leading to the arrest and
conviction of the person(s)
responsible for damaging
street lights in the City of
Faith and at Durkee Lake. If
you have any information,
please contact the City Office
Monday through Friday
during normal business
hours (7:30 am-4:00 pm)
at 967-2261
Page 10 • May 29, 2013 • The Faith Independent LEGALS Legal Newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School District 46-2 • Meade County • NWAS
Tree Facts
Bob Drown, Extension Specialist
email us at
Upcoming disease and pest
Wow, it rained! The watering
that many have done over the last
year or so has helped keep trees
and shrubs alive but it is not as
beneficial as rainwater. Now
things are going to start happen-
ing with plant development,
growth and depending on the hu-
midity and temperatures associ-
ated with disease and pest
problems. Following are some
problems that may show up on a
tree near you and how to control
Apple scab is a fungal disease
to trees and shrubs in the apple
family. The disease is most no-
ticeable in mid–summer as dull
black or grey-brown lesions on the
surface of tree leaves and fruit.
The disease rarely kills its host,
but can significantly reduce fruit
yields and fruit quality. Young
leaves are most susceptible to
being infected within the first
week after unfolding.
Captan can be used to control
apple scab on crabapple and
apple trees. The first application
should be done as the buds swell
and open and do two or three
more applications spaced 10 days
apart. Other fungicides that can
be used on ornamental crabap-
ples only are propriconazole con-
tained in such products as Bonide
INFUSE Systemic Disease Con-
trol, Ferti-Lome Systemic Fungi-
cide Liquid or chlorothalonil
contained in such products as
Bonide Fungionil, Garden Tech
Daconil, Gordon’s Multi-Purpose
Fungicide, Ortho Daconil just be-
fore the bud sheaths have opened.
Zimmerman Pine Moth is a na-
tive insect that has become estab-
lished throughout northwestern
South Dakota. Ponderosa Pines
in shelterbelts have been most
commonly infested, but Austrian,
Mugo, Jack and Scotch Pines are
also reported as hosts. It infests
the tips of branches and the main
trunk feeding on the inner bark.
Branches typically break at the
crotch area where they join the
trunk. Dead and dying branches,
most often in the upper half of the
tree, commonly indicate infesta-
tions. The first external symp-
toms of injury are popcorn-like
pitch masses at wound sites. The
pitch masses may reach golf-ball
size and ultimately resemble clus-
ters of small, pale grapes. The in-
jury not only retards growth but
also deforms the tree. Partially
girdled whorls become so weak-
ened that the tree breaks off.
Permethrin contained in prod-
ucts such as Bonide Borer-Mine
Killer and Gordon’s Bug-No-More
can be used to control this pest.
April is normally the time for
chemical control but as late of a
spring as we are having you
should be able to kill the caterpil-
lars in May by soaking the tree
and especially the trunk before
the temperature warms. When
they start crawling about and
begin to dig deep into the tree
trunk they will be killed by the
poison residue on the bark. Re-
peat the spray application in Au-
gust to kill young caterpillars
that hatch from the eggs.
Diplodia Tip Blight a fungal
disease that affects Austrian and
Scotch that are growing under
stressful conditions. The fungus
is known to infect the younger
and healthy needles of newly
formed candles. It especially at-
tacks the tips and needles of trees
that have been weakened by
stress from drought, injuries to
roots, not enough nutrients in the
soil, excessive amounts of shade,
as well as injuries inflicted from
weather and insects. It shows up
as canker like injuries that ooze a
resin that serves to infect other
trees. The most evident sign of a
pine tree being infected is if the
trees have brown, stunted new
shoots with short, brown needles.
To control treat with a fungicide
containing propiconazole or
chlorothalanil before the bud
sheaths have opened. See above
under apple scab for products
containing these active ingredi-
My sources for this news re-
lease were the Dr. John Ball,
SDDA Forest Health Specialist
and USDA Forest Service Gen-
eral Technical Report Diseases of
Trees of the Great Plains. If you
would like more information
about “Upcoming Disease and
Pest Problems,” call Bob Drown
at the Conservation Office at 605-
244-5222, Extension 4.
All programs and services pro-
vided by the Northwest Area Con-
servation Districts are provided
regardless of race, color, national
origin, gender, religion, age, dis-
ability, political beliefs, sexual ori-
entation, and marital or family
Tri-County Conservation District
2012Balance Sheet
1000 Cash/Cash&Deposits 6251.87
1001 Cash Change
1002 Petty Cash 255.93
1003 Savings Accounts 49293.90
Total Current Assets 55801.70
1600-1609 Land 0
1610-1619 Buildings 34956.57
1710 Accumulated Depreciation-
Buildings/Vehicles 0
1720 Accumulated Depreciation- 5000
Vehicles/Machinery 17000
1750 Accumulated Depreciation-
Office Equipment 776.22
1790 Accumulated Depreciation-
Office Equip 0
Total Fixed Asstes 57732.79
TOTAL ASSETS 113534.49
Current Liabilities
2000 Accounts Payable 0
2001 Customer Deposits 0
2010 Supervisors Medicare Payable 0
2011 Supervisors IRS Payable 0
2012 Supervisors FICA Payable 0
2020 Employees Medicare Payable 0
2021 Employees IRS Payable 0
2022 Employees FICA Payable 0
2023 Retirement Contributions Pay. 0
2100 Sales Tax Payable 6.88
Total Current Liabilites 6.88
Long Term Liabilities
2600 Land Notes Payable 0
2610 Building Notes Payable 0
2620 Vehicle Notes Payable 0
2650 Machinery Notes Payable 0
2690 Office Equipment Payable 0
2700 Other Notes Payable 0
Total Long Term Payable 0
Fund Equity Retained Earnings
Total Fund Equity
Total Liabilities & Equity 113527.61
/s/ Tri County Soil Conservation District
Published once at the total approximate cost of $308.61
Budgeted Actual
40 Intergovernmental Revenue
County Appropriations 32648 29360.65
Subtotal 29360.65
41 Charges for Goods and Services Machine Tree Planting
Info not available 34334.97
Hand Tree Planting 1845.54
Tree Fabric 20994.5
Tree Protector
Drip Irrigation
Tree Cultivation
Tree Chemical Application
Grass Drill Rental
Crop Drill Rental
Land Construction
Subtotal 57175.01
45 Other Revenue
Misc. Income Info Not Available 1538.17
Interest 4444.65
Advertising 550
Real Property
Sales of Fixed Assets
Subtotal 6532.82
600 Office Expenses
Rent Info Not Available 0
Utilities 0
Postage 318.67
Equipment 0
Printing & Supplies 125.31
Insurance-Bond & Liabilities 140
Subtotal 583.98
601 Supervisor Expenses
Supervisor Per Diem 1350
Supervisor Payroll Tax
Supervisor Mileage 1186.5
Supervisor Meals 132.71
Supervisor Lodging 148
Supervisor General Expenses 903.82
Subtotal 3721.03
602 Employee Expenses
Employee Wage & Salaries 24636 22628.27
Employee Payroll Tax 1528 1317.98
Employee Health Insurance 4600 3780.5
Employee Retirement Cont. 1478 1325.66
Employee Mileage Info Not Available 201
Employee Meals 74.63
Employee Lodging
Employee General 335
Subtotal 29663.04
605 Other Expenses
Membership & Dues 3157
Contributions 194
Administrative Expenses
Misc. Expenses 329.49
Subtotal 3680.49
607 Information & Education
Newsletter 1192.42
Events 320.89
Awards & Recognition
Camps/Ed. Opportunities 409.25
Promo Materials 25
Subtotal 1947.56
611 Tree Planting
Tree Stock Info Not Availble 15950.88
Tree Planting Wages 1617.46
Tree Planting Gas/ Mileage 583.24
Tree Planting Repairs 46.94
Tree Planting Equipment
Tree Planting Refund 38.58
Tree Planting Misc. Expenses 741.57
Tree Storage Facility Repairs
Tree Storage Facility Utilities
Subtotal 18978.67
612 Tree Fabric
Tree Fabric Stock 17294
Tree Fabric Wages 15722.35
Tree Fabric Gas/Mileage
Tree Fabric Repairs
Tree Fabric Equipment
Tree Fabric Refund
Tree Fabric Misc. 370.17
Subtotal 33386.52
Total Expenses 88453.07
Net Income/Loss 4615.41
Jan 1 2007 General Fund Balance 12904
Dec 31 2007 General Fund Balance 37747.68
May 29, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 11
Starting June 1, campers mak-
ing plans for Labor Day weekend
can begin reserving campsites in
South Dakota state parks.
“Labor Day weekend marks
the traditional end of the summer
season, and many people try to
get in one last camping trip,” said
Doug Hofer, state parks and
recreation director. "Campsites
are reserved well in advance, so
plan ahead and make your reser-
vations as soon as possible to get
your favorite camping spot."
A three-night stay is required
during holiday weekends at all
state parks, except Custer State
Reservations for campsites and
camping cabins in South Dakota
state parks can be made 90 days
prior to arrival dates. Custer
State Park and the group lodges
at Mina Lake, Shadehill, Newton
Hills, Palisades, Oahe Down-
stream and Lake Thompson ac-
cept reservations one year in
Reservations can be made 24
hours a day online or through the
call center. Sites become available
at 7 a.m. CDT on the first day of
the 90-day or 1-year window.
Thre is a per-site reservation fee.
A daily or annual park entrance
license is required on all vehicles
entering the park. Entrance fees
are in addition to camping fees.
For reservations, call 800-710-
2267 or go online to
For additional information on
South Dakota state parks and
recreation areas and to view the
90-day window calendar, visit the
South Dakota state parks website
at www.gfp.sd.gov .
Make your
reservations to
camp Labor Day
weekend in SD
state parks
The Faith
In Town & Dupree
$34.00 + local tax
In County
$34.00 + local tax
Out of County
$39.00 + local tax
Out of State $39.00
PO Box 38 • Faith, SD 57626
Ph: 605-967-2161
FAX 605-967-2160
Page 12 • May 29, 2013 • The Faith Independent
USDA/Farm Service Agency News
The Dewey, Meade & Ziebach
County FSA offices would like to
keep you informed of the follow-
ing items important to USDA pro-
grams. If you have any questions
please contact the Dewey County
office at 865-3522 ext 2, Meade
County at 347-4952 ext 2, or
Ziebach County at 365-5179 ext 2.
Important dates to remem-
MAY 13 – Continuous CRP
signup begins
MAY 20 – CRP signup begins
JUNE 3 – Last day to sign up
for ACRE
JUNE 14 – CRP signup ends
AUGUST 2 – Last day to sign
up for DCP
ACRE signup ends June 3,
We would like to remind pro-
ducers interested in signing up
for the ACRE program for 2013 to
be in the office by June 3, 2013.
Enrollments will not be accepted
after the deadline, so enrolling
early will help you avoid missing
the deadline. Call your service
center for an appointment. If you
are not interested in ACRE but
want to sign-up for DCP program
please stop in the office before Au-
gust 2, 2013 as that is the last day
for DCP contract sign-up.
Prevented plant and failed
acre reports
Failed acreage must be re-
ported before the crop is de-
stroyed and prevented planting
must be reported no later than 15
days after the final planting date
of the crop. Please contact the of-
fice if you have failed winter
wheat or have been prevented
from planting a crop.
USDA is an equal opportunity
provider, employer and lender. To
file a complaint of discrimination,
write to USDA, Assistant Secre-
tary for Civil Rights, Office of Ad-
judication, 1400 Independence
Avenue, S.W., Washington, DC
20250-9410, or call (866) 632-
9992 or (toll-free Customer Serv-
ice), (800) 877-8339 (local or
Federal relay), (866) 377-8642
(/relay voice users).
Breakfast: Burritos
Lunch: Hot Hamburger – $4.29
Sandwich: BBQ Chicken
Breakfast: Breakfast Sandwiches
Lunch: Tacos – $4.29
Sandwich: Rueben
Breakfast: Biscuits & Gravy
Lunch: Asian – $4.29
Sandwich: Hamburger
Breakfast: Breakfast Sandwiches
Lunch: Cassserole – $4.29
Sandwich: Philly Steak & Cheese
Breakfast: Burritos
Lunch: 2 Piece Chicken Dinner – $4.29
Sandwich: Hamburger
…The Better Choice
Prairie Oasis Mall 605-967-2622
Faith, SD
Special Cow/Calf Pair, Replacement Heifer
& Grass Cattle Sale
SALE TiME 10:00 AM
Expecting 3-400 Cattle, 3-400 Pairs
Consignments: Pairs
Fogelman – 50 Red Angus heifers HR w/Red Angus cls (March)
Maher – 25 Angus & 1st x cows 2-3's HR w/blk & bldy calves
Consignment – 1 18 month solid black Longhorn Bull &
1 yearling solid red Longhorn bull
More cow/calf pair, replacement heifers & grass cattle expected by sale time.
Upcoming Sales:
Monday, June 10: NO SALE
Monday, June 17: Special cow/calf pair, new crop lamb & regular sale
Monday, June 24: Special cow/calf pair & regular cattle & sheep sale
Monday, July 1: NO SALE (Independence Day)
Faith Livestock Commission Co.
(605) 967-2200
We appreciate your business. Give us a call at 605-967-2200
or www.faithlivestock.com if you have livestock to sell.
We would be glad to visit with you.
Gary Vance – (605) 967-2162 OR Scott Vance – (605) 739-5501
OR CELL: 484-7127 OR Max Loughlin – (605) 244-5990 OR
1-605-645-2583 (cell) OR Glen King 1-605-390-3264 (cell)
May 29, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 13
Dr. Jason M. Haf ner
Dr. David J. Prosser
Faith Clinic
PH: 967-2644
910 Harmon St
Cell: (605) 441-7465
Fax: (605) 859-2766
Bus. (605) 859-2585 or 1-800-859-5557
101 W. Oak St., PO Box 816
Philip, SD 57567-0816
Chrysler • Dodge Ram • Ford-Lincoln
Faith Community
Health Service
HOURS Mon.–Fri.:
8 a.m.–12; 1 -5 p.m.
After Hours
Verna Schad: 964-6114 or
605-365-6593 (cell)
Dusty’s Tire Service
PH: 605-490-8007 – Faith, SD
“Have truck will travel”
For all your on-farm tractor, truck &
machinery tire repairs call Dusty.
Leave a message if no answer
Call anytime 7 days a week!!
I have tubes & most common
tires on hand & can order in any
tire of your choice.
Serving the town of
Faith, SD
Bison, SD
H&H Repair–Jade Hlavka
3 mi. W & 3 mi. N of Howes, SD
Equip. Repair/Maintenance -
Hydraulics - A/C - Tires
Car & Light Truck Tires
Shop: 605-985-5007
Cell: 605-441-1168
Certified Diesel Tech
Dr. Brandace Dietterle
DC Chiropractor
Located in
Imagine and More
Prairie Oasis Mall,
Faith, SD
PH: 415-5935
Ravellette Publ. Inc.
We offer a complete commercial
printing service ...
• Business Cards • Letterheads
• Envelopes • Brochures
• Office Forms • And More!
The Faith Independent
PH: (605) 967-2161 OR
FAX: 967-2160
e-mail: faithind@faithsd.com
Faith Veterinary
(605) 967-2212
Monday–Friday: 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Saturday: 8 am-Noon
For the best in critter care!
For all your Real Estate Needs
call Kevin Jensen
Black Hills land, homes and businesses.
With values and honesty born and bred in Faith,
trust Kevin Jensen to help you
solve your real estate questions.
Kevin Jensen your friend
in real estate
Exit Realty, Rapid City
Bogue & Bogue
Law offices
Eric Bogue
Cheryl Laurenz Bogue
416 S Main St., Fai th, SD
967-2529 or 365-5171
Available for all
Anniversary - Weddings
Call Diane Fees
605-748-2210 or 2244
Hol l oway Storage
Fai th, SD
Unit sizes: 5x10, 8x20,
10x10, 10x15 & 10x20
Steel storage facility
Cal l 967-2030 or
Cel l 605-200-1451
Badlands Enterprises
Samuel C. O’Rourke, Sr.
PO Box 1618, Eagle Butte, SD
• Septic Tank Pumping
• Portable Restrooms
• General Contracting
Hudelson’s Bait & Tackle
We’ve expanded to include
marine, hunting, camping, and
even swimming products.
212 West 4th St, Faith, SD
PH: 605-967-2690 or
Real Estate Auction
2 Lots, Home, & Garage!
213 E. 2nd Ave, Faith, SD
May 30th, 11:00AM
with registration starting at 10:30 AM
Auction Held at the Faith Community Center
Showings: 5/11, 2-4pm; 5/18 noon-2pm; 5/24 11am-1pm & Auction day 5/30 10-11am
Check out www.SturgisSD.com for terms, conditions & details
Beautiful, inviting arched brick entryway into a 1012 sq.ft. home, fully furnished with many recent updates. Home features
2 bedrooms, 1 bath, kitchen with new counter top & sink; large bathroom has 2 sinks, tub with shower, and washer &
dryer; partial basement has concrete floor, 110 gallon hot water heater, forced air furnace. The detached 12’x20’ garage is
converted to a living quarters to make a 3rd bedroom with 2 beds, TV, electric heat, AC, refrigerator, microwave, end
tables and dresser. Two city lots for a total of 14,000 sq.ft. with trees, bushes, lawn, annual plants, garden area, parking
with both street and alley access. Property also is accommodating with RV hookups.
4 TVs w/entertainment centers & drawers; 5 beds w/mattresses; 3-piece sofa set w/hide-a-bed; desk; 4 end tables/night
stands; 6-piece kitchen dining set; electric kitchen stove; 2 microwaves; full size refrigerator/freezer; small refrigerator;
washer & dryer; 2 AC units
AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Great opportunity in the T-Rex Capital of the World! This home and property has had many
recent updates. It is move-in ready, as it comes fully furnished. In the past few years it has been used as nightly, weekly,
or monthly rental. With not a lot of homes for sale in the area, this would make a great home
to live in, an investment or a rental income property. Be sure to take time to
inspect this property and be in attendance.
Property is Broker owned. Broker Participation is invited!
Contact David Wilson or RT Shaw at Sturgis Real Estate Company (605-347-7579)
The Annual
Meeting of
Harding &
Perkins Farm
Insurance Co.
Sat., June
8th, 2 PM
Reva Hall, Reva, SD.
Door prizes will be given!!
All Members Welcome.
Page 14 • May 29, 2013 • The Faith Independent LEGALS Legal Newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School District 46-2 • Meade County • NWAS
Proceedings of the
Common Council
City of Faith, SD
The Common Council for the City of
Faith, South Dakota met in regular ses-
sion on May 14, 2013 at 6:30 P.M. in the
Council Room of the Community Center.
Mayor Haines called the meeting to
order, Brown called roll call, and Mayor
Haines led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Council members present: Riley, In-
ghram (6:34PM), Lightfield, Spencer,
Berndt and Hellekson.
Others in attendance were: Debbie
Brown, Jon Collins, Donn Dupper,
Loretta Passolt, Jason and Suzie Reed,
Justin and Shara Haines, Corinna
Thompson, Eric Bogue, Matt Helms,
Bret and Sidney Hansen.
Spencer made a motion, seconded
by Riley to approve the agenda as pre-
sented. Motion carried.
Lightfield made a motion, seconded
by Hellekson to approve the minutes of
the May 7, 2013 meeting. Five - yes
votes. Riley – no. Motion carried.
The following claims were presented
and read:
Utility Department, Salaries –
$6,721.87; Finance Office, Salaries –
$4,658.76; Police Department,
Salaries – $4,565.59; Bar & Liquor
Store, Salaries – $2,459.31; Janitor,
Salaries – $1,242.96; Ambulance De-
partment, Salaries – $4,562.37; James
Crockford, Landfill Manager – $262.92;
Angela Ostrander, Library Supervisor –
$166.69; Linda Olson, Library Assis-
tant – $846.07; First National Bank, Fed-
eral Excise Tax – $342.39; First National
Bank, Withholding & SS – $3,097.56;
BankCard, Collection Fees – $155.20; A-
1 Sewer & Drain, Inc., Jet Vac Sewer
Main – $998.63; Afdhal's Appliance, Pro-
fessional Services – $75.00; American
Engineering Testing, Inc., Dirt Testing at
Airport – $1,334.00; Branding Iron Inn,
LLC, Election Clerk Meals – $26.75; City
of Faith, Refund deposit for Utility Bill –
$75.00; Consortia Consulting by Telec,
General Consulting & Settlements –
$5,587.50; Dakota Backup, Professional
Services – $35.00; Dept of Revenue,
Testing Water – $13.00; Eagle Butte
Plumbing & Heating, LLC, Professional
Services – $385.00; Emergency Medical
Products, Inc., Supplies – $95.52; Ever-
green Supply Company, Oxygen Cylin-
der Lease – $13.50; Farmers Union Oil,
Ag Fuel-Generator – $200.04; Golden
West Technologies & Internet Sol, Inter-
net Help Desk, HD Subscriber Count
Chg – $658.97; Golden West Telecom-
munications, Special Access –
$3,840.40; GRP & Associates, Inc., Med-
ical Waste Disposal – $47.00; Hauser,
Patty, Reimburse for Popcorn – $21.36;
Hillyard, Supplies-Mats – $2,564.16; In-
ghram, Justin, Reimburse for Wiring Per-
mit – $5.00; Kennebec Telephone Co.,
Conference Call – $2.76; Ketel,
Thorstenson & Co., Professional Serv-
ices – $3,000.00; Lynn's Dakotamart,
Supplies – $68.92; M&D Food Shop,
Gasoline – $318.15; McLeod's Printing
& Office Supply, Election Supplies –
$77.39; Mobile Electronic Service, Inc.,
Supplies – $50.00; Newman Traffic
Signs, Supplies – $330.31; Oak Hill Con-
sulting, Inc., Consulting – $124.00; Over-
head Door Company, Repairs &
Maintenance-Community Center & Fire
Dept – $573.47; Reliable Office Sup-
plies, Office Supplies – $316.30; Rick's
Auto, LLC, Repairs & Maintenance –
$362.00; Roy's Pronto, MV Parts, Oil,
Supplies – $530.18; SD Governmental
Finance Officer's Asso., Finance Offi-
cer's School – $75.00; SD State Treas-
urer, Sales Tax – $5,270.41; Servall
Uniform/Linen Co., Mats, Mops, Fresh-
eners – $790.50; South Dakota One
Call, Locate Fees – $3.15; T&R Electric,
Electrical Supplies – $790.00; Vilas
Pharmacy & Healthcare, Supplies –
Inghram made a motion, seconded
by Berndt to approve all claims pre-
sented. All yes votes. Motion carried.
The April revenues were $186,996.56
and the April expenditures were
Lightfield introduced the following
resolution and moved for its adoption:
WHEREAS the City of Faith
needs to transfer and that the Fi-
nance Officer be authorized to
transfer funds as of April 30,
2013 in accordance with the
adopted Budget Plan:
930.00.............. from
General to Ambulance Re-
stricted Cash
2,000.00.............. from
Electric to Capital Outlay
250.00.............. from
Water to Capital Outlay
1,000.00.............. from
Sewer to Capital Outlay
6,000.00.............. from
Telephone to Capital Outlay
2,469.09.............. from
Liquor to General
21,000.00.............. from
Telephone to General
22,000.00.............. from
Electric to General
Seconded by Hellekson.
All yes votes. Motion carried.
First Reading of Ordinance No. 305:
Lightfield made a motion, seconded
by Spencer to approve the first reading
of Ordinance No. 305: Supplemental Ap-
propriation Ordinance for 2013. Roll call
vote – all yes votes. Motion carried.
7:00 - Open bids for
Mowing Park & Tennis Court,
Mowing and Trimming around Public
Safety Building and Faith
Community Center, Cleaning of the
Park Bathrooms and Park and
Cleaning and Mowing of the Faith
The following bids were submitted for
Park and Tennis Court:
Mayor Haines opened and read the
bids as follows:
Tyler Fisher and Carrie Collins – $120
per time
Matt Helms – $195 per time
Bret & Karri Hanson – $211 per time
Lightfield made a motion, seconded
by Hellekson to accept Tyler Fisher and
Carrie Collins’s bid. All yes votes. Motion
The following bids were submitted for
Cleaning and Mowing around the Public
Safety Building and Faith Community
Mayor Haines opened and read the
bids as follows:
Tyler Fisher and Carrie Collins – $100
per time
Matt Helms – $125 per time
Doran Shaff – $125 per time
Bret & Karri Hanson – $132 per time
Berndt made a motion, seconded by
Lightfield to accept Tyler Fisher and Car-
rie Collins’s bid. All yes votes. Motion
The following bids were submitted for
Cleaning and Mowing of the Faith Ceme-
Mayor Haines opened and read the
bids as follows:
Tyler Fisher and Carrie Collins – $425
per time
Doran Shaff – $475 per time
Bret & Karri Hanson – $978 per time
Lightfield made a motion, seconded
by Riley to accept Tyler Fisher and Car-
rie Collins’s bid. All yes votes. Motion
The following bid was submitted for
Cleaning of the Park Bathrooms and
Mayor Haines opened and read the
bid as follows:
Tyler Fisher and Carrie Collins – $100
per time
(Clarified as $100 a week which is
Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
Berndt made a motion, seconded by
Spencer to accept Tyler Fisher and Car-
rie Collins’s bid. Four - no votes,
Spencer and Berndt - yes. Motion failed.
Committee Meetings:
Donn Dupper, Jon Collins, Justin
Haines(Fire Chief) and Debbie Brown
gave reports.
Arrow Public Transit Bus Service:
Garnet Gaaskjolen was unable to at-
tend so this will be moved to next meet-
Use of Fairgrounds Livestock
Building for Wedding Reception:
Debbie Brown, on behalf of the
Fordyce/Humble families, asked the
Council for permission to use the Fair-
grounds Livestock Building for their wed-
ding reception. Riley made a motion,
seconded by Hellekson to approve the
use of the building and ask that it be
cleaned up afterwards. Motion carried.
Use of Fairgrounds for Wrangler
Inghram made a motion, seconded
by Berndt to allow the use of the fair-
grounds to the Wrangler Roping on June
28th – 30th. Motion carried.
Craft Fair Discussion:
Angel Kennedy would like to rent the
gym for the Craft Fair and she would just
personally do the craft fair. Riley made a
motion, seconded by Spencer to allow
Angel Kennedy to rent the building at
$225 (For Profit fee) and waive the ven-
dor fee and call it a community function
as she will be bringing people to the
community. All yes votes. Motion carried.
Jason Reed – Retaining Wall at
Jason Reed would like to install a re-
taining wall at the cemetery near his fam-
ily plots that will have “Reed” on the
front. There are eight plots which would
be on the south side of the retaining wall
that will be built. Jason stated that he
would be willing to purchase those plots.
Some discussion was held about some
of the plots that weren’t useable.
Spencer made a motion, seconded by
Riley to allow Jason Reed to have eight
of the following plots: [Block 49, Lot 3,
Grave 1; Block 49, Lot 4, Grave 1-4 & 6-
8] and pay for three and allow Jason to
build the retaining wall. All yes votes.
Motion carried.
Summer Activities with the
Information Center:
Corinna Thompson updated the
Council on some activities she would like
to do for the summer and Council agreed
to all.
Update with Faith Special
Entertainment Committee:
The Faith Special Entertainment
Committee has been working on some
ideas for Main Street to replace the car-
nival since it is not coming. Mechanical
Bull, Laser Tag or Paint Ball Tag, Blow up
games for different ages, kids train,
bungee jumping and possible food ven-
dors with carnival food. They are still
looking to have the car show, pool
games, free barbeque, gun show if pos-
sible. The National Guard has some
game things they can bring at no charge
Arrears List:
There was not an arrears list pre-
sented as it was too early.
Spraying Weeds:
Quotes will be brought back to the
Special Meeting on May 20, 2013.
Discussion on Potential Problems
from expected development pressure:
Riley made a motion, seconded by
Spencer to direct Eric Bogue to start
drafting an ordinance with one of the
items being for a new trailer court to
have campers twenty feet apart. Five –
yes votes. Berndt – no. Motion carried.
Purchase of Fuel Truck:
Berndt made a motion, seconded by
Lightfield to table until we receive further
information. Motion carried.
Sandblast Swimming Pool:
Hellekson made a motion, seconded
by Spencer to approve Joe’s Sandblast-
ing to sandblast the shallow end of the
swimming pool in the range of $5,000. All
yes votes. Motion carried.
Job Descriptions:
Riley made a motion, seconded by
Lightfield to table until the meeting June
4, 2013. Motion carried.
There will be a special meeting on
Monday, May 20, 2013 at 7 PM with the
School Board to discuss the agreement
for the Safe Room.
Lightfield made a motion, seconded
by Hellekson to adjourn. Motion carried.
Glen Haines, Mayor
Debbie Brown, Finance Officer
Published May 29, 2013 for an approxi-
mate cost of $120.21
WHEREAS, SDCL Chpt.12-5 author-
izes municipalities to lease municipally
owned property to private individuals;
WHEREAS, the City of Faith is the
owner of certain real property, here-
inafter described, commonly known as
those portions of the: West of Fair-
grounds, Lagoon except the steep por-
tion and top of the dike (Everything in the
northwest corner), Municipal Cemetery,
Municipal Airport, Municipal Golf Course,
Durkee Lake, area located East of Public
Safety Building & Around Sports Com-
plex (Not on the football Field), W1/2 of
Block 1 of School Addition (ada area
West of School), road ditch adjacent to
Municipal gravel pile, and Lot 6 of Block
3 of School Addition, as more particularly
shown on map(s) available at City Fi-
nance Office; and
WHEREAS, the City of Faith will conduct
a public hearing pursuant to the require-
ments set forth in SDCL Chpt. 12-5 the
City Council will adopt a Resolution of In-
tent to enter Into Lease for Haying Pur-
poses on the 18th day of June, 2013
during a regularly scheduled City Council
Meeting beginning at 7:28 P.M (MST) in
the Community Room of the Community
Center to determine if it is in the best in-
terest of the City to lease for haying pur-
poses the above described.
All interested citizens are encouraged to
attend. Individuals needing assistance
pursuant to the Americans with Disabili-
ties Act should contact the City Finance
Office (605-967-2261) in advance of the
meeting to make any necessary
Published May 29 & June5, 2013 for a
total cost of $29.88
Notice is hereby given that sealed
bids will be received until 10:00 a.m. on
the 5th day of June, 2013, at the office
of the Meade County Auditor, 1300 Sher-
man St., Suite 126, Sturgis, South
Dakota, for the crushing and stockpiling
of gravel surfacing aggregate.
A minimum of 60,000 tons is to be
crushed and stockpiled.
Copies of the specifications, proposal
and bid forms may be obtained from the
Meade County Highway Department,
20623 131St Ave., Sturgis, South
Dakota 57785-6628.
The Meade County Commissioner’s
reserve the right to accept or reject any
and all bids and to waive any irregulari-
ties therein.
Dated at Sturgis, South Dakota this
7th day of May, 2013.
Ken McGirr - HIGHWAY
Published May 22 & 29, 2013 at the total
approximate cost of $16.88
The Board of Education of the Faith
School District 46-2 met in special ses-
sion in conjunction with the Faith City
Council on Monday, May 20, 2013 with
Chairwoman Johnson calling the meet-
ing to order at 7:20pm.
Kelly Daughters led the Pledge of Al-
Members present: Hanson, Johnson,
Simonson, Vance and Welter.
Motion by Welter, 2nd by Hanson to
approve the agenda. Motion carried.
Discussion was held with attorney
Eric Bogue, Mayor Glen Haines and Fi-
nance Officer Debbie Brown along with
members of the Faith City Council re-
garding a proposed agreement between
the City and the School for the upcoming
safety building. Both boards shared
some wants and concerns to be included
in the proposed agreement. Eric Bogue
will work on a draft copy and meet with
representatives from both boards to
come to a mutual agreement.
Motion by Welter, 2nd by Vance to
adjourn. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 8:01pm.
Sharron Johnson, President
Board of Education
Amie Schauer,
Business Manager
Published May 29, 2013 for a total ap-
proximate cost of $12.66
Second Reading of
Ordinance No. #38
Second reading of Ordinance No.
#38 – An Ordinance Combining the Of-
fices of County Sheriff and County Coro-
ner of Meade County, South Dakota will
be held by the Board of Meade County
Commissioners on June 5, 2013 at
10:00 a.m. in the Commissioners meet-
ing room in the Erskine Administrative
Building, Sturgis, SD.
/s/ Lisa Schieffer, Meade County Auditor
Published May 22 & 29, 2013 at the total
approximate cost of $9.73
Notice Of First
Reading Of
Nuisance Ordinance
First reading of a nuisance ordinance
will be held by the Board of Meade
County Commissioners on June 5, 2013
at 10:00 a.m. in the Commissioners
meeting room in the Meade County Er-
skine Office Building, Sturgis, SD regard-
ing the following property:
Parcel/property located at 7113
Seeaire St., in Black Hawk, SD.
/s/ Lisa Schieffer, Meade County Auditor
Published May 22 & 29, 2013 at the total
approximate cost of $9.73
LEGALS Legal Newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School District 46-2 • Meade County • NWAS May 29, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 15
The Faith
In Town & Dupree
$34.00 + local tax
In County
$34.00 + local tax
Out of County
$39.00 + local tax
Out of State $39.00
PO Box 38 • Faith, SD
Ph: 605-967-2161
FAX 605-967-2160
Notice Of Hearing
Upon Applications
For Sale Of
Alcoholic Beverages
Notice is hereby given that the Board
of Meade County Commissioners at the
Erskine Administrative Building, Sturgis,
SD, on June 5th, 2013, at 10:00 a.m. will
consider new/renewal malt/transfer of
beverage applications for the 2013-
2014licensing year. Said applicants are
as follows:
Iron Horse Campground, Richard
Arneson, Tract D & E of BH Subdivision,
lying in Tract W1/2 of Sec. 32, T6N, R6E,
BHM, Meade County, SD – Retail On-Off
Sale Malt Beverage & SD Farm Wine;
Sturgis View Campground, Inc.,
Lots 10A of Holm Subdivision Sec. 32,
T6N, R5E, BHM, Meade County, SD –
Retail On-Off Sale Malt Beverage;
Walter F. Fees, Juliet-1 Bed-N-
Breakfast, NW1/4, Sec. 24, T11N,
R14E, BHM, Meade County, SD – Retail
On-Off Sale Malt Beverage;
Buffalo Chip Campground LLC.
N1/2 NW1/4, NE1/4, Sec. 8, T5N, R6E,
BHM, Meade County, SD – Retail On-Off
Sale Malt Beverage and Package Off-
Sale SD Wine;
Buffalo Chip Campground
LLC. SW1/4, Sec. 4, T5N, R6E, BHM,
Meade County, SD – Retail On-Off Malt
Bear Butte Creek Campground,
Mary Brandner Lot 2 & 3, SE1/4NW1/4,
S1/2NE1/4, less portion, Sec. 5, T5N,
R6E, BHM, Meade County, SD – Retail
On-Off Sale Malt Beverage;
Peaceful Pines Casino Inc., BJD
Subdivision, Lot 2, Sec. 6, T2N, R7E,
(Unit A) BHM, Meade County, SD – Re-
tail On-Off Sale Malt Beverage;
Peaceful Pines Casino Inc., BJD
Subdivision, Lot 2, Sec. 6, T2N, R7E,
(Unit B) BHM, Meade County, SD – Re-
tail On-Off Sale Malt Beverage;
BJ’S Country Store, Country
Stores, Inc. Tract B Revised of Lofgren
Subdivision, formerly located in Tract B
of Lot 10 an unplatted portion of the
NW1/4NW1/4, Sec. 8, T2N, R7E, BHM,
Meade County, SD – Retail On-Off Sale
Malt Beverage;
Country Stores, Inc. Godfathers
Pizza & Casino – Tract B Revised Lof-
gren Subdivision, formally located in
Tract B of Lot 10 on unplatted portion of
NW1/4 of NW1/4, Section 8, Township 2
North, Range 7 East, BHM, Meade
County, SD – Retail On-Off Sale Malt
Nellie’s Mercantile & Saloon LLC -
S 220’ SW1/4SW1/4SW1/4SW1/4 less
Lot X4, Sec 9, T7N, R13E, BHM, Meade
County, SD– Retail On-Off Sale Malt
A.T. Elk LLC, Elk Creek Resort,
Sec. 11, 14-3-6 Teachout Sublot D Re-
vised, Sec. 11, 14-3-6, Teachout Sublot
E, NW1/4SW1/4 less tracts 5&6 12-3-6,
11-3-6 SENE less platted parts NESE,
BHM, Meade County, SD – Retail On-Off
Sale Malt Beverage;
Full Throttle Saloon & Camp-
ground LLC, Lot B of Brennon Subdivi-
sion of the NE1/4, Sec. 12, T5N, R5E,
BHM, Meade County, SD, Retail On-Off
Sale Malt Beverage;
Creekside Campground LLC,
NW1/4, Sec. 5, T5N, R6E, and SW1/4,
SW1/4, lying North of Bear Butte Creek,
Section 32. T6N, R6E, BHM, Meade
County, SD, - Retail On-Off Sale Malt
Sacora Station LLC Lots A & B of
Tract 1 of Honerkamp Subdivision,
NW1/4SW1/4, Sec. 14, T3N, R6E,
NE1/4SE1/4 of Sec. 15, T3N, R6E,
BHM, Meade County, SD,- Retail On-Off
Sale Malt Beverage and Package Off-
Sale SD Wine;
Reno’s Inc., Plat of Section 8 Lot C,
Township 2 North, Range 7 East, BHM,
Meade County, SD. Retail On-Off Sale
Malt Beverage;
Tom & Deb Carter, Tilford Gulch
Campground Lot 1 of Lot B of
E1/2SW1/4, Sec. 20, T4N, R6E, BHM,
Meade County, SD – Retail On-Off Sale
Malt Beverage;
Katmandu Campground & R V
Park, Mary Kathryn Driggs Lot A of
Tract 1 of Tract Golf of Pleasant Valley
Subdivision, located in S1/2SW1/4 of
Sec. 25, N1/2NW1/4 Sec. 36, T5N, R6E,
BHM, Meade County, SD – Retail On-Off
Sale Malt Beverage;
Carl R & Joni K Foos, Cottonwood
Creek Camp N1/2NE1/4, SE1/4, NE1/4,
S1/2 of Sec. 12, T7N, R5E, and the
E1/2NW1/4, Lots 1 & 2, and the
E1/2SW1/4, Lots 3 & 4, all in Sec. 7,
T7N, R6E, BHM, Meade County, SD-
Retail On-Off Sale Malt Beverage;
Dragpipe Saloon LLC, N1/2SE1/4
Sec. 1, T6N, R5E, BHM, Meade County,
SD – Retail On-Off Sale Malt Beverage;
Hog Heaven Campground Inc., NW di-
agonal ½ of SE1/4, E1/2SW1/4, Sec. 8,
T5N, R5E, BHM, Meade County, SD –
Retail On-Off Sale Malt Beverage;
Broken Spoke Campground, LLC,
Sec. 6, T6N, R6E, SW of NE, SW1/2 of
SENE, SENW, Lots 5, 6, 7 E1/2SW,SE
(444.61 acres) Sec. 7, T6N, R6E,
N1/2NE, NENW, Lot 1 (155.01 acres)
BHM, Meade County, SD – Retail On-Off
Sale Malt Beverage;
Elkview Campground LLC, SW1/4
Sec. 31, T5N, R6E, BHM., Meade
County – Retail On-Off Sale Malt Bever-
Suzies Camp/Sue Hanson, Tract B,
Sec. 25, T5N, R5E, BHM, Meade
County, SD – Retail On-Off Sale Malt
Barrelhouse LLC – Golden Arrow
Subdivision, Tract 2 & 3, Sec. 15, T3N,
R7E, BHM, Meade County, SD – Retail
On-Off Sale Malt Beverage;
Ride N Rest LLC., Lot 1 & Lot 2 BH
Subdivision located in the SW1/4SW1/4
of Sec. 32, T6N, R6E, BHM, Meade
County, SD – Retail On-Off Sale Malt
Rush-No-More LLC., Lot HR1 of
Carlsten Sub., portion of replat of Lot
HR1 located in the NW1/4 NE1/4, Sec.
1, T4N, R5E, BHM, Meade County, SD
– Retail On-Off Sale Malt Beverage;
McKee’s Pub & Grill – Lots 23 & 24,
Tract I, East Lawn Addition, Section 8,
Township 2 North, Range 7 East, BHM,
Meade County, SD – Retail On-Off Sale
Malt Beverage;
Black Hills Drag Racing Associa-
tion, Inc. Section 6, Township 5 North,
Range 6, Tract A Sturgis Dragway in
S1/2NE1/4, BHM, Meade County, SD -
Retail On-Off Sale Malt Beverage;
Farstveet Investments LLC - Pleas-
ant Valley Sub Lot GF1R, Combined
1988, Section 25, Township 5 North,
Range 5 East, BHM, Meade County, SD
- Retail On-Off Sale Malt Beverage;
Glencoe Entertainment LLC -
Township 5 North, Range 6 East, BHM
Section 6 – Lots 1 and 3; S1/2NE1/4;
SE1/4NW1/4, less Lot H-1 as shown on
the plat filed in Plat Book 3 on Page 275
excepting therefrom Tract A of Sturgis
Dragway Subdivision as shown on the
plat filed in Plat Book 16 on Page 18.
Township 5 North, Range 5 East,
BHM, Section 1 – Lot 1, less the NE1/4
of Lot 1; Lot 5, less a parcel of land con-
veyed to the City of Sturgis as shown by
the plat filed in Plat Book 2 on Page 179,
and less Pavilion Lot at Glencoe as
shown by the plat filed in Plat Book 20
on Page 281; including any portion of the
vacated section line right-of-way which
reverted pursuant to Resolution
recorded January 3, 2001 in Book 546
on Page 391 and Resolution recorded
February 1, 2001 in Book 546 on Page
Township 5 North, Range 6 East of
the BHM Section 6 – Lots 4 and 5, less
Pavilion Lot at Glencoe as shown by the
plat filed in Plat Book 20 on Page 281;
including any portion of the vacated sec-
tion line right-of-way which reverted pur-
suant to Resolution recorded January 3,
2001 in Book 546 on Page 391 and Res-
olution recorded February 1, 2001 in
Book 546 on page 497.
Township 6 North, Range 5 East,
BHM Section 36 – Lot 2
Pavilion Lot at Glencoe, located in
Government Lots 1 and 5 of Section 1,
Township 5 North, Range 5 East of the
BHM, and in Government Lots 4 and 5
of Section 6, Township 5 North, Range 6
East of the BHM, Meade County , SD as
shown on the plat in Plat Book 20 on
Pages 281-282.
Township 6 North, Range 5 East,
BHM, Section 36 – Lot 3
Township 6 North, Range 6 East,
BHM, Section 31 – Lots 2 and 3;
SW1/4NE1/4; SE1/4NW1/4;
NE1/4SW1/4; SE1/4
Township 6 North, Range 6 East,
BHM Section 31 – Lot 4; SE1/4SW1/4
Township 5 North, Range 6 East, BHM,
Section 6 – Lot 2. – Retail On-Off Sale
Malt Bevarage
William Lore, Eagles Landing – Lot
#2 NW1/4NE1/4, Sec. 5, T5, R5, BHM,
Meade County, SD – Retail On-Off Sale
Malt Beverage
Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club
Lot 3 and the N1/2 of the SW1/4NW1/4,
Sec. 9, T5N, R5E, and the
S1/2SW1/4NW1/4, W1/2N1/2
N1/2SW1/4 West of HW, Sec. 9, T5N,
R5E, Lot 1 in SW1/4NW1/4 less right of
way of Lots 8 & 9 all in Sec. 9, T5N, R5E,
Tract A, SE1/4NE1/4, Sec. 8, T5N, R5E,
BHM, Meade County, SD– Retail On-Off
Sale Malt Beverage;
Lamphere Ranch Campground
LLC. S1/2 of Sec. 6, T5N, R6E, W1/2 of
SW1/4 of Sec. 5, T5N, R6E, BHM,
Meade County, SD – Retail On-Off Sale
Malt Beverage & SD Farm Wine;
Shade Valley Camp Resort, Inc.,
the N1/2 and the W1/2SW1/4 of Sec. 17,
excepting, therefrom West 295’ of the
South 150’ of the SW1/4SW1/4 and 5
rods x 16 rods to School Dist. 23 and
Highway ROW, T6N, R7E, BHM, Meade
County, SD- Retail On-Off Sale Malt
Beverage & SD Farm Wine;
The Garage Sports Bar BJD Subdi-
vision Lot 15 of Section 6, Township 2
North, Range 7 East, BHM, Meade
County, SD - Retail On-Off Sale Malt
The Patch LLC., Lot 2 of Cross Ad-
dition, Section 16, Township 5 North,
Range 6, B.H.M., Meade County, - Retail
On-Off Sale Malt Beverage & SD Farm
Glencoe Entertainment, LLC - Lot
B (Second Revision) of Glencoe, Meade
County SD as shown on plat filed in Plat
Book 20 on pages 279-280, Meade
County SD – Retail On-Off Malt Bever-
Hereford Hills, Inc. Hereford Hills
Subdivision, Lot 1, S1/2SE1/4, Sec. 24,
T5N, R10E, BHM, Meade County, SD –
Retail On-Off Sale Malt Beverage;
Nellie’s Mercantile & Saloon LLC -
S 220’ SW1/4SW1/4SW1/4SW1/4 less
Lot X4, Sec 9, T7N, R13E, BHM, Meade
County, SD– Retail On-Off Wine Li-
Bobby L. Lippold Thelma Lippold -
Lot C of Glencoe, a Subdivision located
in Govt. Lots 6 & 7 of Section 1, Town-
ship 5 North, Range 5 East, Tract A of
Govt. Lot 1 of Section 12, Township 5
North, Range 5 East, BHM, Meade
County SD - Retail On-Off Sale Malt
Beverage & SD Farm Wine;
Kick Start Travel Center & Food
Mart, Inc., Lot D of Glencoe, a Subdivi-
sion located in Government Lots 6 & 7 of
Sec. 1, T5N, R5E, BHM, and Tract A of
Government Lot 1 of Sec. 12, T5N, R5E,
BHM, Meade County, SD, -Retail On-Off
Sale Malt Beverage; - to Mako Enter-
prises, Inc.
/s/ Lisa Schieffer
Meade County Auditor
Published May 22 & 29, 2013 at the total
approximate cost of $191.68
Common Council for the City of Faith,
South Dakota will receive sealed bids for
the haying of the following City Proper-
In and Outside the Cemetery
Golf Course & Lake Area
Around Lagoon excluding the steep
area and top of the dike (Everything in
the North West Corner)
East of Public Safety Building &
Around Sports Complex (Not on the foot-
ball field)
West of School Offices
Road Ditch by the City’s gravel pile
School Addition Lot 6, Block 3
West of Fairgrounds
Bids will be taken for all of the prop-
erties listed above as one bid. The spec-
ifications and maps are on file in the
Finance Office of the Municipal Building,
Faith, South Dakota. Bids will be re-
ceived by the Mayor and Common
Council until 7:30 P.M., M.D.T., on the
18th day of June, 2013 at which time
bids will be publicly opened and read in
the Community Room of the Community
Center at Faith, South Dakota. Each bid
must be clearly marked as "ALL CITY
HAYING" for the combined properties.
Each bid must be accompanied by a cer-
tified check, bank draft or cashier's
check in the amount of the bid. If you are
awarded the bid, you must sign a haying
lease. All specified areas that you bid on
are to be hayed.
The MAYOR and Common Council
reserve the right to reject any and all bids
received and to accept the bid that is to
the best advantage of the City of Faith,
South Dakota.
By order of the Common Council of
the City of Faith, South Dakota.
Debbie Brown, Finance Officer
Published May 29 & June 5, 2013 for an
approximate cost of $35.08
Effective July 2, 2013, the Residential
and Single Line Business ARC will in-
crease from $.50 to $1.00 and the Multi
Line Business ARC will increase from
$1.00 to $2.00.The (ARC) Access Re-
covery Charge enables City of Faith Mu-
nicipal Telephone Company to recover a
limited portion of revenues lost due to
FCC mandated reductions in intercarrier
Published May 29, 2013 for an approxi-
mate cost of $5.77
CLASSIFIEDS • CALL 967-2161 • Email: faithind@faithsd.com The Faith Independent • May 29, 2013 • Page 16
CLASSIFIED RATE: $5.00 minimum for first 20 words; 10¢ each word after.
CARDS OF THANKS: Poems, Tributes, Etc. … $5.00 minimum for first 20
words; 10¢ each word after. Each name and initial must be counted as one
NOTE: $2.00 added charge for bookkeeping and billing on all charges.
Classified Display Rate.....................................................$4.70 per column inch
PUBLISHER’S NOTICE: All real estate advertised in this newspaper is sub-
ject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968, which makes it illegal to advertise
“any preference, or discrimination on race, color, religion, sex, or national ori-
gin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimina-
This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which
is a violation of the law. Our readers are informed that all dwellings advertised
in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis.
email us at faithind@faithsd.com
seeking part-time(20-27 hours a
week) library assistant. Wages
DOE. Applications can be picked
up at the City Office or at the
Faith Public Library, Faith, SD.
Contact Angela Ostrander, 967-
2262. Position closes June 17,
2013. F38-2tc
HELP WANTED: Grand Elec-
tric Cooperative, Inc. has an
opening in the Bison Office for a
Custodian. Duties include gen-
eral cleaning, grounds upkeep,
minor repairs and painting.
Some heavy lifting is required.
Full-time position with good pay
and fringe benefits. Week day
hours for Custodian are 9:00 a.m.
to 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. to
6:00 p.m. Please submit a letter
of application to Colgan Huber,
Director of Finance, Grand Elec-
tric Cooperative, Inc., P. O. Box
39, Bison, SD 57620. GEC is an
equal opportunity employer.
Deadline for submitting an appli-
cation is May 30, 2013. F37-2tc
HELP WANTED: Grand Elec-
tric Cooperative, Inc. has a full
time position opening for a Cus-
tomer Service Representative.
Qualified applicants must have a
high school diploma or equiva-
lent, experience with basic Mi-
crosoft applications, computers
and related office equipment
with excellent oral and commu-
nications skills. Two years previ-
NESS-Aberdeen, SD. Want to own your
own business? Well-established 38-year
pet grooming business for sale. Owner
retiring. Begin making $$ on your first
day. Training with some financing avail-
able. Serious inquiries only. 605-225-
DISH NETWORK. Starting at
$19.99/month (for 12 mos.) & High
Speed Internet starting at
$14.95/month (where available.) SAVE!
Ask About SAME DAY Installation! CALL
Now! 1-800-308-1892.
SAVE ON CABLE TV-Internet-Digital
Phone-Satellite. You`ve Got A Choice!
Options from ALL major service
providers. Call us to learn more! CALL
Today. 888-337-5453.
Satellite! Speeds up to 12mbps! (200x
faster than dial-up.) Starting at
$49.95/mo. CALL NOW & GO FAST! 1-
teacher. Closes 6/5/13. Kevin Coles,
PO Box 190, Britton, SD 57430;
kevin.coles@k12.sd.us, 605-448-2234.
REER! 3 Week Hands-On Training
School. Bulldozers, Backhoes, Excava-
tors. National Certifications. Lifetime
Job Placement Assisance. VA Benefits
Eligible! 1-866-362-6497.
ing for 9TH ñ 12TH grade program in
Northwest South Dakota. Competitive
wage, excellent benefits, car provided.
For more information contact Cris
Owens, Northwest Area Schools, 605-
466-2206 or
tion Systems Manager to manage com-
pany computer network. Degree is
required with network administration
experience. For more information con-
tact Gene Lueb CHS at
seeking 1 elementary teacher, 1 Pre-
School teacher, and a Title 1 Teacher.
Send a letter of application and resume
with references: Alexander Public
School, Lynn Sims, PO Box 66, Alexan-
der, ND 58831, or
lynn.sims@sendit.nodak.edu. EOE.
ACE READY MIX - is looking for Ready
Mix truck drivers. Competitive wages
and benefits. Stop by the corner of Rice
Street & N Bahnson Ave, Sioux Falls, or
call 605- 338-0405
www.acereadymix.com. EEO/AA.
STARTS HERE! Statewide construction
jobs, $12.00 - $18.00 OR MORE. No ex-
perience necessary. Apply online
www.sdwork.org. #constructionjobspay-
MYRL & ROYíS PAVING now hiring CDL
drivers. Competitive wages and benefits.
Stop by the corner of Rice and N Bahn-
son Ave, Sioux Falls, or call 605-334-
3204 www.myrlandroyspaving.com.
Women and minorities encouraged to
apply. EEO/AA.
taking applications for full- time Dou-
glas County Highway Superintendent.
Must have valid Class A Driverís Li-
cense. Experience in road/bridge con-
struction/maintenance. For application
contact: Douglas County Auditor (605)
SERVICES ñ Associated School Boards
of South Dakota (ASBSD) seeks a person
to serve as Director to handle legal and
policy services. Qualifications ñ Law De-
gree. Experience in education, public
policy, adjudication of workerís compen-
sation claims, public sector labor laws,
human relations and health insurance
is preferred. Application deadline, Noon,
June 14, 2013. Contact Katie at:
Katie@asbsd.org, 605-773-2502, or
ASBSD, PO Box 1059, Pierre, SD 57501
for complete application materials or
Salary and benefits competitive. An
equal opportunity employer.
STARTS HERE! Statewide construction
jobs, $12.00 - $18.00 OR MORE. No ex-
perience necessary. Apply online
www.sdwork.org. #constructionjobspay-
keeper. Work from home. Hourly wage
based on experience. M-F 8-4,
Degree/management experience a plus.
Resume, questions: careers@smartsale-
time Occupational Therapist, RN and
LPN or Medical Assistant opportunities
available. We are located in the beautiful
southern Black Hills of SD - just a short
distance from Mount Rushmore, Wind
Cave National Park, Custer State Park,
Jewel Cave National Park and many
other outdoor attractions. Call 605-673-
2229 ext. 110 for more information or go
to www.regionalhealth.com to apply.
STARTS HERE! Statewide construction
jobs, $12.00 - $18.00 OR MORE. No ex-
perience necessary. Apply online
www.sdwork.org. #constructionjobspay-
time, accounting experience necessary.
Responsible for city accounting system:
budget, reports, payroll. Salary DOE,
qualifications. Information contact City
of Faulkton, 605-598-6515, EOE.
DAKOTA LOG HOME Builders repre-
senting Golden Eagle Log Homes, build-
ing in eastern, central, northwestern
South & North Dakota. Scott Connell,
605-530-2672, Craig Connell, 605-264-
5650, www.goldeneagleloghomes.com.
for only $150.00. Put the South Dakota
Statewide Classifieds Network to work
for you today! (25 words for $150. Each
additional word $5.) Call this newspaper
or 800-658-3697 for details.
Listings, sorted by rent, location and
other options.
www.sdhousingsearch.com South
Dakota Housing Development Authority.
quality Mule Deer 170î class+, Whitetail
Deer 150î class+ and Merrium Turkey.
Call 605-448-8064.
ous experience in an office or cus-
tomer service environment pre-
ferred. Interested applicants
should submit a resume to Penny
J. Nelson, Manager, Customer
Service & Internal Operations,
Grand Electric Cooperative, Inc.,
PO Box 39, Bison, SD 57620, tele-
phone 605-244-5211. GEC is an
Equal Opportunity Employer.
Deadline for submitting resumes
is May 31, 2013. F37-2tc
SALES: June 1st & 2nd;
Dorothy Fisher, 211 South First
Avenue West June
1st–8 AM; Ed Henschel Main
Street (Tower Stools), June 1st &
2nd - 8 AM to 5 PM; Norah
Arnold, 414 South First Avenue
West, June 1st & 2nd - 9 AM to 5
PM. F38-1tc
Methodist Church Rummage
postponed until a further
date. F38-1TC
Countryside Apartments in
Faith. 1 bedroom, carpeted
throughout. Laundry facilities
available. Handicap accessible.
Rent based on income. For infor-
mation contact: MetroPlains
management, LLC 1-800-244-
2826 or 1-605-347-3077 Equal
Opportunity Housing F5-tfc
with trencher and backhoe, Live-
stock Water Systems. 10 1/2 miles
south of Maurine, 605-748-2473
Merle Vig. F2-tfc
Blg, 8tout Yearllng Angus Bulls
· Iebruary & March Year|ìng Angus ßu||s
· Most|y ca|vìng ease bu||s
· 5emen checked & ready to go!
Bulls located 3 mlles SL
of 0owntown Rapld 0lty
0ontact· 0an (605) 39l-7090
1amle (605) 39l-6399
Rapid City

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