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"Earning higher education is the best investment one can make with no threat of ever being bankrupted." ~ K.















The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.
~Augustine H.


Grading Rubric for Essays and Analysis Papers:

I will grade your written responses for content, critical thinking (analysis), turn-in time, and stylistics (mechanics). The percentage equivalent of the total maximum 50 points will depend on the assigned essay or analysis and thus will be reported with the assignment. Content- 20 Analysis-10 Time10 Stylistic- 10 Grading is based on a plus/minus bases as follows:

93-100= A 90-92 = A86-89 = B+ 83-85 = B

80-82 = B76-79 = C+ 73-75 = C 70-72 = C-

66-69 = D+ 63-65 = D 60-62=DBelow 60=F


Course Requirements and Grading

Prerequisite: Appropriate skill level demonstrated through the English placement process or satisfactory completion of English 28 or English 363 with a grade of C or better. This course cannot be taken for Pass/No Pass. Grading is based on the following assignments and activities: (The percentages show the % of your overall grade. Total percentage sums up to is 100%) Attendance and active participation in class discussions5% of your overall grade. The class meets twice a week and a lot of materials are introduced and discussed in class; thus, class attendance is very important. Homework assignments- total of 15% There will be various homework assignments; it is important that you complete all the assignments. Online Discussions- 20%. We have a discussion Board on the course website and there will be discussion questions posted through the course. You need to respond to at least 5 questions that I will post and respond or reflect upon your peers posts (at least 5). A total of 10 responses are needed (5 to my questions and 5 to your peers responses) to earn the full credit. In class group work assignments total of 5% There will be 5 in class group work assigned; students need to attend and participate to get credit for the group assignments. Test and in-class essay writing- total of 30%. There will be 2 in-class test questions and essay writing each will count to 15% of your grade. The dates will be announced beforehand and we will have a preview preparation. Final Project (research paper and Presentation)-25% Your essay and research will be showcased on a website/blog site or through the PowerPoint slides of your presentation. Extra credit options may be available- There will be extra credit questions in the tests and/or on the Discussion Board of the course website. Also, attending workshops at the Writing Center will also be considered for extra credit. The details on the earned points and percentage on the extra credit options will be discussed in class.
Please understand that completing assignments in a timely manner and participating in class activities is important to your grade!


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Student Success Strategies

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netus non dui aliquet, Networking: We will be using a course Website and Face Bookdolor Closed Group site sagittis felis sodales, dolor (please be informed that only class members will have access tosociis this Face Book site mauris, vel eu libero cras. Interdum at. Eget and all the posts will be seen only by the class/group members. None of elementum your est, ipsum habitasse pede class. Quam ac personal posts on your personal Face Book will ever be seen onpurus this Group site.) ligula risus lectus dapibus. The Course Website and the Face Book Closed Group site are for academic purposes only and every post should be relevant to the course. This is a great opportunity to integrate technology into classroom. Thus, we will utilize these sites for course relevant discussions, for sharing insights and concerns, for networking, helping each other, creating a strong student agency/class team, and for accessing assignments and learning about announcements if anyone misses the class. All the announcements and assignments will bemolestie, stated in class as wella asvel posted the Malesuada eleifend, tortor a fusce et. on Aliquam Website and on our Face Book site.


Special Circumstances and Disability Statement: For any academic accommodation please see me after class or during my office hours to discuss the necessary arrangements. Also, if you have emergency, medical information, or any concern that I should be aware of, please let me know as soon as possible. For support services, specialized instructions, additional time for tests, and other educational accommodations needed for your academic success contact Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) at 818 947 2681.
LOREM IPSUM Note: Cheating and Plagiarism will not be ALIQUAM BIBENDUM CURABITUR Male suada tolerated. Students suspected DAPIBUS of violation Quis Dolor will be warned and referred to academic Sodales nulla Lacus nunc Ut facilisis Cras volutpat Ante auctor Feugiat at. In Ante in dui Mattis justo affairs for possible suspension. Set Ipsum
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Academic Honesty Policy Plagiarism: Students are expected to abide with ethical
standards set forth by the institution. See LAVC Schedule of Classes: Student Conduct and Disciplinary Action. Plagiarism is the representation of expression of ideas from published or unpublished work(s) as well as from internet sites or from others (other students) as ones own. Students are encouraged to cite the sources to avoid plagiarism.


Holidays and Important days

Spring 2013 semester: Feb 4 - June 3

Feb. 4: First Day of Class Feb. 18: Add & refund deadline, Drop w/o W deadline Feb 15-18: Pesidents Day March 28-April 5: Spring Break April 1: Cesar Chavez Day May 3-5: Withdrawal Deadline May 27: Memorial Day


Campus Resources for Students

Library (818.947.2425): Check out books, articles, dictionaries and thesaurus The Writing Center (818. 947.2810): The center provides tutoring, workshops, handouts, books, dictionaries as well as reading and writing lab courses (Engl. 67, Engl. 68) EOPS Tutoring Center (818.947.2338): The center offers free tutoring for EOPS members The Learning Center (818.947.2744): Helpful resources and tutors for general subjects SSD -Services for Students with Disabilities (818. 947. 2681): SSD provides support services, specialized instruction, and educational accommodations to students with disabilities so that they can participate as fully and benefit as equitably from the college experience as their non-disabled peers.

You can never be overdressed or overeducated. Oscar Wilde

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