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Video: Friends The one after the Superbowl Vocabulary 1) Advertisements. Name most common places to see advertisements?

Do you pay attention to advertisements? Tell about your favorite advertisement, if you have one. 2) Fans and stalkers. What is the difference between fan and a stalker? Are you a fan of anything? 3) Music styles/genres. Name your favorite music styles. Name the ones you dont like. Comprehension Advertisement a) True or false 1. It is a beer advertisement. 2. Man in the advertisement has a monkey on his back. b) Questions 3. What is the name of beer? 4. What is the slogan for the beer? At the apartment a) True or false 5. All commercials make Ross sad. 6. Ross misses his uncle Marcel. 7. Monica thinks all monkeys look alike. b) Questions 8. What is Ross thinking about? 9. What did Chandler do to his boss? At the Central Perk a) True or false 10. Joey received his first check for acting. 11. Joey has a fan. 12. Ross is going to L.V. 13. Chandler thinks monkeys cannot be surprised. 14. Rob Donan thinks Phoebes music is great. 15. Phoebe wants to have kids. b) Questions 16. What did they find enclosed to the letter? 17. What did Rob Donan invite Phoebe to do?

At Chandlers and Joeys apartment a) True or false 18. Chandler and Joey like to cook. 19. Erika knows where Joey lives. 20. Erika doesnt know how Joey looks like. b) Questions 21. How do radio stars escape stalkers? 22. What did they use to protect themselves from Erika? At the zoo a) True or false 23. Ross cannot find the monkey he donated last year. 24. Marcel was very healthy but he died in an accident. 25. There is a bird show at 5pm. Macaws wear hats. b) Questions 26. What is the saying Zoo director told Ross? 27. What did Zoo director give Ross as a gesture? At the library a) True or false 28. Joey went to lunch with Erika. 29. Erika looks like Kathy Bates in a movie called Misery. 30. Erika is a total whack-job. 31. Chandler thinks even though Erika is crazy she deserves to be happy. 32. Monica and Rachel think it is ok for Joey to date Erika. 33. Phoebe sang about grandfather. b) Questions 34. Why did the last musician get fired? 35. Why is Phoebe nervous? At the restaurant a) True or false 36. Joey came to the date right after shift in the hospital. 37. Erika is hungry. 38. The man in the restaurant is choking and Joey can help, because he is a doctor. b) Questions 39. Why didnt Joey help the choking man? At the zoo a) True or false 40. Ross thought zoo cleaner is gay. b) Questions 41. Where did the zoo cleaner tells to meet him? At the library a) True or false 42. Chandler, Monica and Rachel think Phoebes songs are good for kids. 43. Kids liked Phoebe.

44. Parents wanted Phoebe to sing songs about barnyard animals. b) Questions 45. Why did kids like Phoebes songs? At the zoo a) True or false 46. The bats, opossums live in the nocturnal house in the zoo. 47. Rosss monkey has a new career. 48. Zoo cleaner wants Ross to bribe him. b) Questions 49. How did Rosss monkey disappear from the zoo? 50. Why did the zoo director lie to Ross about his monkey? At the library a) True or false 51. Monkey from the advertisement is Marcel. 52. Phoebe is singing songs about barnyard animals. At Chandlers and Joeys apartment a) True or false 53. Joey is a neurosurgeon in the TV-series. 54. Erika is upset and angry. 55. Joey has a girlfriend named Sabrina. 56. Joey comes clean about himself. 57. Ross introduces Joey as Hans Ramoray, Drakes evil twin. b) Questions 58. How many cups of water were thrown at Joey? At the Central Perk a) True or false 59. Marcel is New York filming in a movie. 60. Joey is a little jealous of Marcel. b) Questions 61. Why did Phoebe get fired? At the movie set a) True or false 62. Ross hasnt seen Marcel in more than 2 years. b) Questions 63. How did Ross attract Marcels attention?

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