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Assignment 2

This assignment consists of one exercise regarding fuzzy modeling. Use Matlab to solve the exercise. Deadline for submission of the solution is Monday, 12th November 2012, 20.00 h. Deliver a Matlab data file assign2.mat, which contains the ideal model that you have developed. Deliver also a Matlab script file model.m, which perform the required steps. Further, deliver a file assign2.doc (or assign2.pdf) in which you explain how you have developed the model and how the model parameters were selected. Explain also how you chose the values for the parameters and determined the model (experimental methodology). Place the solution and all the required files in a zip file with your name (ex: and submit electronically by sending an e-mail to

Modeling an output temperature

This exercise uses a dataset available from the file variables.mat which was obtained at a test room. The file contains the variables u, x and y, which are the following: u control action, which is a valve opening or closing. x state variable, which is a temperature somewhere in the room. x output variable, which is the supply temperature. Download the data, treat it to be modeled, and divide the dataset into a training set (to derive the model) and a test set.

1. Develop a type zero or type one Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model. It is up to you to select the relevant quantities for various model parameters. However, you are required to estimate the optimal consequent parameters by using least-mean squares estimation. Use the Mathworks Fuzzy Toolbox, or the FMID toolbox developed by Prof. Robert Babuska, to derive the model. Save your optimal model along with any other relevant information in the Matlab file model.mat.

2. Write a brief report Assign2.doc (10 pages maximum) in which you explain the details of the methodology used to determine the model. This report should include also the main obtained results, which must be discussed. A pdf file generated by LATEX is also acceptable. 3. Write a Matlab script model.m that reads your model.mat and use the test set to validate the model. Your script should save the vector with the output of your model ym to a Matlab file results.mat. 4. Send your deliverables in the files model.mat, Assign2.doc (or Assign2.pdf), model.m and results.mat. Hints Study genfis1 and other related fuzzy inference system (fis) functions in the Fuzzy Logic Toolbox of Mathworks, such as genfis3. You are advised to do all the steps by writing a script, since this facilitates batch processing for your experiments and save much clicking time. The model performance can be evaluated by using, for instance, the variance accounted for (VAF), the mean squared error (MSE), etc.

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