Capacity Development Workshop on Measuring Social Protection

14−16 May 2013 BPS – Statistics Indonesia, 3rd Building, 1st Floor, JL. Dr. Soetomo No. 6 - 8 Jakpus, Jakarta

DAY 1: Tuesday, 14 May Opening 9:00−9:15 Welcome Remarks Jon D. Lindborg Country Director, ADB Indonesia Resident Mission Dr. Suryamin Chief Statistician, BPS - Statistics Indonesia Sri Wening Handayani, Principal Social Development Specialist, ADB

9:15−9:30 9:30−9:45 9:45−9:50 9:50−10:15 Session 1

Keynote Address Objectives and Activities Group Photo Coffee/Tea Break What is social protection and why is it important? Panel Discussion – Perspectives from ADB, OECD, ILO

Chair: Dr. Vivi Yulaswati, Head of Social Protection, National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) Sri Wening Handayani, ADB Willem Adema, Senior Economist, OECD Celine Peyron Bista, Social Security Specialist, ILO


11:30−12:00 12:00−1:30 Session 2 1:30−2:00

Open Forum LUNCH Measuring Social Protection Using Administrative Data Mapping Existing Social Protection System and Estimating Coverage Gaps Why is measurement of social protection important? What has been done using administrative data? Discussion Coffee/Tea Break Data Collection and Analysis Issues in Malaysia and Singapore Data Collection and Analysis Issues in Indonesia Discussion Prof. Suman Sharma, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Prof. Sri Moertiningsih Adioetomo, University of Indonesia Chair: M. Sairi Hasbullah, Director Social Resilience Statistics, BPS Celine Peyron Bista, Social Security Specialist, ILO Dalisay Maligalig, Principal Statistician, ADB


2:30−3:00 3:00−3:15 3:15−3:45

3:45−4:15 4:15−4:45

Session 3
(BPS Jakarta)

Country Experience on Monitoring Social Protection Panel Discussion from East, Southeast, and Central Asia (Mongolia, Viet Nam, PRC, Kazakhstan) Discussion

Chair: Willem Adema, OECD Saranchimeg Byamba (Mongolia) Do Anh Kiem (Viet Nam) Yuhui Jia (PRC) Gulmira Karaulova (Kazakhstan)


5:45−6:15 9:00 a.m. 5:30 p.m.

DAY 2: Wednesday, 15 May (FIELD VISIT to BPS Bogor – District Regional Office) Departure from Hotel Borobudur (See attached separate agenda for field visit.) Estimated arrival at Hotel Borobudur Chair: Willem Adema, OECD Md. Shahabuddin Sarker (Bangladesh) Praveen Shukla (India) Rabia Awan (Pakistan)

DAY 3: Thursday, 16 May Session 3

Country Experience on Monitoring Social Protection Panel Discussion from South and West Asia (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan) Discussion Coffee/Tea Break Measurement of Social Protection Using Household Survey The Approach and What Has Been Done Country Experience: Indonesia Country Experience: Philippines


9:45−10:15 10:15−10:30 Session 4 10:30−11:00 11:00−11:30 11:30−12:00

Chair: Dr. Hamonangan Ritonga, Chairman, Institute of Statistics Dalisay Maligalig, ADB Gantjang Amannullah, Head of Subdirectorate for Health and Housing Statistics, BPS Socorro Abejo, Director III, Household Statistics Department, National Statistics Office Dilhanie Deepawansa, Statistician, Dept. of Census and Statistics

12:00−12:30 12:00−2:00 2:00−2:30 Session 5 2:30−3:00 3:00−3:30 3:30−4:00 4:00−4:30 4:30−4:45

Country Experience: Sri Lanka LUNCH Discussion Accessing Social Protection Data and Information ADB’s SPI Website Discussion Coffee Break Recommendations / Looking Forward Closing

Chair: Sri Wening Handayani, ADB Dalisay Maligalig, ADB

Sri Wening Handayani/ Dalisay Maligalig Dr. Suryamin, BPS

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