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M o re Acco m p l i s h m e nt s
ESLA members also work behind the scenes to make sure our lakes will bring enjoyment not only now, but long into the future. For example, we: Help new generations learn about and appreciate our watershed through a high school internship program (which has trained dozens of students in water quality testing and other environmental activities), support waterrelated programs in school science classes, and sponsor youth boating certification classes. Maintain the watersheds beauty and quality for all by reviewing permit requests for land development and working with townships on shoreline protection projects.

Wh at a re yo u wa i t i n g fo r ? B e co m e a n E S L A m e m b e r !
ESLA membership is a great way to get involved in protecting our beautiful watershed. In return for a small annual donation, members can: Learn more about different aspects of lake protection and promotion, from environmental and water quality to development and tourism issues Contribute to the watersheds preservation and stewardship to protect its value into the future Participate in forums for identifying and tackling common problems Meet other property owners from Elk Lake, Lake Skegemog and adjoining rivers.
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An d M o re Ch a l l e n g e s . . .
In the future, ESLA members will continue to promote and protect the watershed while tackling ongoing challenges and making sure that our waterways remain safe and beautiful. Specific challenges we monitor and address include invasive species (such as Eurasian Watermilfoil, or EWM, and phragmites) and Swimmers Itch. Check our website for more details on how we are working to meet these and other challenges.

Enrollment is easy. Check out our website to enroll and to find out about upcoming events,

D i d yo u k n ow ?
Skegemog is an Algonquin word that means meeting of the waters. Come join your fellow lake dwellers at an upcoming ESLA meeting . . . a meeting about our waters.
ESLA P. O. Box 8 Elk Rapids, MI 49629 05/2013

Preserving, protecting, and promoting responsible enjoyment of the Elk-Skegemog Watersheds pristine waters

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The Elk-Skegemog Watershed

Sw i m . S a i l. G a ze. Sk i . Fi s h .
Visitors and homeowners alike have delighted in the many ways we can enjoy our areas precious, unique resource. Without lakes and rivers, our area would not have the same attraction. These pristine waters deserve not just our awe, but our protection and vigilance.

Ab o u t E S L A
The Elk-Skegemog Lakes Association (ESLA) was formed more than 60 years ago, in 1950. ESLA represents 1,500 waterfront homeowners on Elk and Skegemog Lakes and the Torch, Elk, and Rapid Rivers. These riparians have worked together for decades to preserve, protect, and promote the Elk River Chain of Lakes we all share.

Wh at Weve Acco m p l i s h e d To g e t h e r
Our work extends beyond our members to schools, businesses, townships, and local agencies. Our work even extends beyond people, to the fish and other wildlife that inhabit our watershed. Recent ESLA accomplishments include: Making our watershed more enjoyable for ESLA members, local residents, tourists and other visitors by installing fish shelters, designating new no wake areas and maintaining navigation guides. Monitoring and protecting the watersheds unique environment by continually tracking water quality, identifying and correcting sources of pollution and studying sediment accumulation in the Rapid and Torch Rivers.

Th e E l k R i ve r Wate r s h e d
The Elk River Watershed is the largest within the Grand Traverse Bay Watershed and a crucial source of the Bays water, delivering 60 percent of the water in Grand Traverse Bay via the Elk Rapids Dam. The watershed extends from Lake Charlevoix to Elk Rapids, covering 320,000 acres. Elk Lake and Lake Skegemog are just two of the 54 lakes, 220 streams and tributaries, and 110 connecting waterways that criss-cross this watery wonderland.

What does ESLA do?

As a membership organization, we serve our members the people who live around Elk and Skegemog Lakes and on our adjoining Rivers. How? Foremost, we recognize that our waters and properties constitute a unique and valuable resource. To maintain their beauty and value, we strive to protect the watershed and to work together to promote responsible stewardship of the resource we share.