There are very many sporting idioms in English. The Americans have many from baseball, the British have many from cricket. Others come from swimming, football, running, sailing and other sports. See if you can match up the idiom with its meaning.
1. Let's get the ball rolling 2. They moved the goal posts after we started 3. Give it your best shot 4. We are in the homestretch (from a running race) 5. I was thrown in at the deep end 6. You are skating on thin ice 7. His news took the wind out of my sails 8. I am totally out of my depth 9. It is plain sailing after that a) I had to to start without any training/preparation b) We should begin c) You are taking big risks d) I am doing something for which I am not trained, prepared e) Try your hardest f) The rest was easy g) I was surprised and did not know what to do next h) The end is in sight; we are nearly finished i) The rules of the game/process were changed

Welcome to the fourth edition of the eU-topical newsletter written for you by eTwinning teams in schools from England, Spain, Poland, Germany and Slovenia.

ISSUE 4, April 2009 this edition:
Page 1 - Sports Idioms Page 1 - Famous Sportsmen and Sportswomen Page 2 - A Badminton Tournament, HBG Page 2 - Football at Marina Cebrian Highschool Page 2 - Sports at RGS Page 3 - Luka Mišič, a golfer at PGM Page 3 - Volleyball Team at Zesol Szkol Gimnazjum Page 4 - Dictionary of Sports Terms Page 4 - Conkers

GREAT BRITAIN Wayne Rooney - a footballer, who GERMANY Fabian Hambüchen - an athlete. At the

currently plays as a striker for English Premier League club Manchester United and the England national team.

2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, he won the bronze medal in the men's high bar competition.




Petra Majdič - is the best Slovenian crosscountry skier. She has 15 World Cup race victories, 13 of them in sprint race.

Euzebiusz Smolarek - a footballer, appearing in a position as assistant or attacker, the country representative .

Fernando Alonso - a Formula 1 driver.The dramatic end of the season starring Fernando Alonso makes great hopes for 2009.

Str. 2

A Badminton Tournament, by Katrin and Nils, HBG
Last year our Badminton team was in Berlin. There was the “Jugend trainiert für Olympia” finale. ( a qualifying for the Olympic games ) There were all 16 regions of Germany. We were in Berlin for four days. Three days of them we were in the badminton hall and played the tournament. But we were only the tenth. On the fourth day the teams played for grounds one to five. At that time we visited Berlin. We were at the Reichstag and the Alexanderplatz. In the evening there was a big party for all participants and the Award ceremony for places one to three. The special guests were our Chancellor Angela Merkel and the singer Marquess. The show was shown on the TV Channel “Eurosport”. The next day we went home.

Cricket is an English passion. A group of our pupil travelled in April 2009 to the Carribean island of St Lucia to play a tournament. The picture shows them playing a fun game on the beach in the evening. That is not normal, of course, Their main matches were played on carefully prepared grass pitches.

Football at Marina
Francisco Algaba plays football in the pavilion of Marina Cebrián Highschool in the afternoons and his coach is Omar. I’m going to explain to you all the football tactics and the steps that Omar teaches us. with the non dominant and then both alternately. Shooting goal: in pairs, one takes the ball from one side, towards the opposite soccer goal. The other remains behind at about three metres, at the point of double penalty, the first player put his foot on the ball and the player who is behind him will take it out to shoot to the door, then they changed their roles. Attack and defence: in pairs, one player places with the ball at the background and another player in the middle of the field. The first player performs a long pass to his partner and he comes up short of to control the ball and goes out,

Cebrián Highschool
fourth field. The first player tries to control the ball and goes out, kicking the ball, avoiding his partner and marking a goal. Then they change their roles. Three teams play parties for three or four minutes. AT THE END The meeting will conclude, stretching our arms and legs. It is the basic step of our physical activity.

Omar, the football coach at Marina Cebrián Highschool

HEATING We are in a circle and began to warm our feet, ankles, knees, trunk and arms. This takes us one hour. MAIN PARTS: Pairwork: We are in pairs, taking the ball, we perform several exercises in short steps with the ball. We start giving and receiving the ball with our dominant leg, then

Sports at the RGS
Josh Radvan (Royal Grammar School and Chalfont Otters) competed in the National Schools Biathlon Championship finals, held at Bath University on 15th March 2009. Josh Radvan on the podium (on the right in the picture ).
All RGS students access 2 hours of compulsory Physical Education per week up until Year 12. There is also the option to study Physical Education to A Level in Years 12 and 13. The following sports form part of the curriculum: Rugby, Hockey, Basketball, Rowing, Swimming, Badminton, , Handball Athletics, Cricket, Softball, Football, Cross Country Running, Tennis. All pupils also have access to recreational sports clubs where the emphasis is on friendly competition and exercise. These clubs run at lunchtimes and after school. Here we play Badminton Weightlifting Fives, Table Tennis, Self Defence, Climbing. One of the more interesting minor sports is Fives. Fives was first played in one of the bays of Eton College Chapel. Today’s courts keep some of the original features of the original court - the buttress, ledges, and steps. This game is only played in England and Nigeria. You hit the ball with your hands (protected by gloves) rather than a racket. The RGS is lucky enough to have two fives courts which are used by boys in all year groups throughout the school day. There is a Fives club with specialist coaching every Thursday from 1.30pm until 4pm. Fives is played purely as a recreational sport at RGS with over 40 boys playing regularly.

Luka Mišič - a golfer at Prva gimnazija Maribor
Please tell me something about golf Luka: Mark Twain once said that golf is nothing but a good walk spoiled. But there’s more to it than just the fact that it’s a rather difficult sport to learn and in which it’s even harder to obtain your good performance, well if you can speak about one. It’s a fact that golf is not one of those sports that you try out once or twice and then call yourself a sportsman. It requires a great amount of hard work and effort which still doesn’t guarantee that you have mastered the sport. But at the end of the day, after you have played your 18 holes it’s not about winning or losing it’s all about having fun in the nature. Although things can get a bit messy between the opponents from time to time, you’re actually the biggest threat to yourself. To sum up I’d explain the rules but I’m afraid that I don’t have enough time. Which are the main reasons that inspired you for golf? Luka: A wise man once said that golf and sex are about the two things you can enjoy without being good at. That’s the main reason. And it is true because many horrific golfers, who keep seeking their once in a life time opportunity for a good result (I might just be one of them), tend to enjoy golf even more. The second reason is that I have always been fond of hideous clothing. The third one is that I need a “sport” for my older years (driving around in a golf cart). And last but not least I’m a great big snob. Well there’s another reason I have to share with you. My girlfriend, who is a great golfer, got me into this mess and I loved it ever since because it’s really hard not to. I’ve been playing it for two years now and hope to go on forever. Are the stereotypes about golf true? Luka: Yes. Golf only suits old, rich, snobbish and tasteless men. Not true. It’s very affordable, it’s better if you’re young because it’s quite physically and mentally demanding and you don’t have to wear pink striped trousers although it’s always a fun option. Do you play any other kinds of sport? Luka: Certainly. I play polo, shot darts and love curling. Just kidding. But I do play basketball in the summertime (when not on the golf course), I used to run a lot but now I’ve decided to live a life of a fully figured boy. I snowboard a lot in the wintertime and get on my skies from time to time when I’m in the mood for nice tight pants and a big shiny helmet. Thank-you and sport on!


Volleyball Team at Zesol Szkol Gimnazjum
One of the best sport teams in our school is volleyball team, which consists of 6 well-skilled girls. "My team is welldisciplined and perfectly prepared for the matches", says Andrzej Bubel, coach. "The thainings which are held very weekend requires a huge amound of effort and energy, but that's not a problem for them". "I am dedicated to the game, I want to see the results of my effort", says one of the girls. "Girls come to the trainings because of their passion, they know it's the best for them" says the coach. But is it? Girls compete with many teams. "sometimes it's very tough, we play with great teams which play very well and we have to predict their next move, that's difficult" says one of the girls. "The match we played in January was our success, unluckily our last wasn't good, we were torn up. The opponents were faster and stronger, they had advantage over us. We didn't show out abilities", they say. "Girls never give up if they lose a match. They showed it in the match with Gimnazjum1, they were completely involved in the match. I was really impressed by that game", the coach says. Apparently girls were full of enthusiasm and energy. One of the volleball players said "I was so happy when I scored and the match was ours, that was fabulous". Faith can win everything. Recently our team had a sparing in Włodowice. They were playing for over two hours. "It was like a training for us. We wanted to

have fun, try new tactics and improve our skills. We wanted to let go of our energy playing. And we've made it! It was a great fun for us and a training at the same time." they say happily. Our volleyball team is a great example of the fact that if you've got passion you have to do everything to make it real. Girls can fight. Girls have power. "One, two three, we shall conquer thee!".

We could say that Slovenia has two national sports: skiing and football. We all love to cheer for our champions in skiing. The most successful now is Tina Maze.


English goal goalkeeper ball ski bike rollerblades skateboard pool sports field

Polish gol bramkarz piłka narty rower rolki deskorolka basen boisko żeglować grać pływać trener drużyna gracz koszykówka bejsbol piłka nożna Siatkówka

Spanish gol portero pelota esquiar montar en bicicleta patinar en ruedas patinar en tabla piscina campo de fútbol navegar jugar nadar entrenador equipo jugador baloncesto béisbol fútbol voleybol

German Tor Torwart Ball Schi Fahrrad Rollerblades Skatborad Schwimmbecken Sportplatz segeln spielen schwimmen Trainer Team Spieler Basketball Baseball Fußball Volleyball

Slovenian gol golman žoga smuči kolo rolerji rolka bazen igrišče jadranje igrati plavati trener ekipa igralec košarka bejzbol nogomet odbojka

Tina Maze, Slovenian alpine ski racer on the World Cup circuit, was born May 2, 1983 in Slovenj Gradec. She has 8 World Cup victories, 7 of them in giant slalom. At the 2009 World Championships in Val d’Isère, France, she won the silver medal in the giant slalom.

sail play swim coach team player basketball baseball football volleyball

The largest ski jump is in Slovenia.

Some of you may or may not know this but when autumn comes around in England, kids playing the game of conkers can be with a hole drilled all the way through it. The conker then had a piece of string threaded though it and tied in a knot. The aim of the game is to either break your opponents Conker or knock it off the string. The World Conker Championships (I'm not making this up) are held every year in the village of Ashton in Northamptonshire. Here we see some boys having a game in the playground during breaktime.

Ski jumping is a sport which I admire.I like watching it very much. Ski jumping is an individual sport. It takes place on a specially built ski-jumps. It is not accessible to amateurs. The current world record is by a Norwegian Björn Einar Romören . Although I am a ski jumping fan, I would not practice it.
by Agnieszka Jarzynska

seen on every street. To play conkers, each person has a nut, the conker, from a horse chestnut tree