FEATURES General Purpose (Plastic) Grain Size (Max. Size of aggregate)(mm) Water (%) Compressive Strength (Mpa)

Free Flow High Strength

Free Flow High Ultimate Strength

Free Flow High Early Strength

0-6 12-14

0-3 13-15

0-3 15-17

0-3 20-22

12 Hours 1 Day 3 Days 7 Days 28 Days
Linear Expansion (%), max (ASTMC 806-80) Free Restrained Yield (slurry in litres)


10 28 38 50

28 50 65 78

15 21 32

35 40 50

0.5 0.25

0.2 0.12

0.3 0.15

0.3 0.15


(50 Kgs of dry grout)
Packaging (HDPE bag with liner) Packaging (HDPE bag with liner)

25 50 kgs 50 kgs

25 50 kgs 50 kgs

25 50 kgs 50 kgs

25 50 kgs 50 kgs

* Shrinkkomp with specific properties other than above can also be tailor made.

COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT 90.-------------------------------~----------~----------------------------,
• . • Shrinkkomp Shrinkkomp 10


~ 70+-----------------------------------------------------------------~ • Shrinkkomp 30 ~ 60+------------------------------------------------Shrinkkomp 40


u; ~ 40+--------------------------------'iij


~ 30+-----------------





10+----0-1----12 Hours
1 Day

3 Days

7 Days

28 Days

Why is Shrinkkomp superior to Conventional Non-Shrinking Grout?
Free - Flowing
Non-Plastic. 145% flow with 18% water and 100-125% flow with 15% water.

Permanent Expansion
No gas forming agents for temporary expansion.

Chloride Free
Shrinkkomp products do not contain chemical accelerators like chlorides for early strength development.

Non - Rusting
A non-metallic type of grout, Shrinkkomp is free from any iron or oxidising agent.

Tailor - Made
Compositions of Shrinkkomp offered to meet customer specifications.

Add appropriate and pour. amount of water, mix well






-~- -






o L_~=======~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:::::::==~ - ---- - ---- -~ - -~ - - . Shrinkkomp grouts on the other hand. shrinks when it hardens. Cover top and stray openings of restraint form work with wet sack for a minimum of seven days.~ . provided. 4. 1. When mixed with aggregates and water. Placing and Compaction: The grout should be placed quickly and continuously. • Permanent anchoring of bolts.3 per cent of area . can be poured. Mix for a minimum of three minutes.• ADVANTAGE Where to use Shrinkkomp? How is Shrinkkomp Superior to Ope? Ordinary portland cement mortar shrinks Shrinkkomp gives positive grip Shrinkage ~' nEIJn SHRINKKOMP. The temperature of the Grout while mixing should be preferably below 25°C. Curing: Cure for a minimum of seven days for Shrinkkomp 10. Surface Preparation: Ensure a clean and strong concrete base. .. thus leaving gaps in foundations which can affect the quality of anchoring creates vibrations and damage machines. through the openings in the base plate. Restrict mixing to quantities which can be placed in ten to fifteen minutes.- - . In the case of bolt holes. 3. Wet the surface thoroughly before grouting. A preferable method to ensure flow and compaction of the grout below the bed plates is to use long pieces of doubled over flexible steel strapping or chains. by ponding water or with wet Hessian both directions within four cms from the top should be ' --. Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC).- Typical method of pouring grout S. adequate restraint must be ensured on all sides for a period of seven days.. either through the holes in the base plates or from one side only to ensure complete filling without entrapment of air. Conventional 200/140 Itr mixer is suitable for 200 kg dry grout. Remove all dust by suction or compressed air. The forward and backward movement of the strap or chain will assist in the flow of the grout into place. Remove all free water... 2. It could be ' used for: • Anchoring of machine base plates and bridge bearings. a new range of non shrinking and free flowing grouts. thereby improving its strength and bonding property.. this restraint is naturally ensured. When using in locations with exposed top reinforcement-of atleast 0. As a result these grouts provide a positive grip monolithic effect and thus very suitable tor static as well as dynamic loads. Grout should be properly spread and compacted by rodding. Heavy backup blocks of timber or concrete should be fixed on all sides of the base plate to prevent the grout escaping. • Providing structural strength to the machine base and column foundation. To obtain effective shrinkage compensation. Judicious vibration with a needle vibrator could also be used. • STEPWISE PROCEDURE FOR USE segregation and bleeding. Restraint: Restrained expansion induces precompression in the grout. Steps must be taken to keep the grout in full contact with the underside of the bed plate until the grout sets. are self leveling and expand on hardening. E o o C') . composed of an expansive hydraulic setting binder and select-graded aggregates have been developed exclusively for grouting machine and column foundations. Shrinkkomp offers high structural stability to the machine and prevents any base vibration during operation. Maintaining a small head of fresh grout in the forms would help.- - .20 and 30 and one to three days for Shrinkkomp 40. Mixing: Mix dry grout with recommended quantity of water in a mechanical paddle/drum type mixer. but over-vibration should be avoided as it can cause .

* After 24 hrs.440 001 India www. 27.. WIDE APPLICATION BASE ACE's range of Shrinkkomp grouts 10. Shrinkkomp is a well known and established product range and is used extensively by the cement. Temple Road. No. This expansion when restrained. the following guidelines for test procedure can be of assistance. • Do not expose to moisture direct sunlight when storing. Mount Road. all six sides upto the time of the test.acerefractories. 20 and 30 and • Use recommended quantity of water one to three days for Shrinkkomp only.3 percent of cross sectional area in both directions • Store in a dry place. chemical. 40.At +90% relative humidity under wet cover. and • Do not place the mixer under direct sunlight. Uro ~~ g'\!' l 0 ~v----. glass. Ground & First Floor. : 011-41571131/32 ACE REFRACTORIES LIMITED. Shrinkkomp grouts are tested to 15:4031 and ASTM C 806-80 standards for strength and expansion capability.. . with following sequence * 1 st 24 hrs. e-mail: info@acerefractories. to ensure effective shrinkage • For extreme hot weather conditions compensation.Immersed in water along with mould and top cover for seven days. Andheri (E). Navrangpura. REGIONAL MARKETING OFFICE • Flat No. Ashram Road. use chilled water(5-10°C) • When using in locations with • Use preferably within 6 months from exposed top. which normal cement based grouts exhibit.1. The expansion takes place uniformly. reinforcements of a the date of manufacture. Holy Family Church. : 079-26582648/26583852 099 Ph. : 91-712-2528506 Fax: 91-712-2530885 LTD. Since Shrinkkomp grouts do not rely on gas forming agents like many other patented Thapar House. the test specimens for strength should also be kept under restraint. So Lucky Corner. • Do not expose the area of grouting to heat and sunlight. : 022-28270504 aCB REFRACTORIES ACE REFRACTORIES Ph. Box. Karaka Building No. New Delhi House. 3'· Floor. NEW DELHI-110 • Meco House. • Do not add water in excess.05% <. minimum of 0. PERMANENT EXPANSION OF SHRINKKOMP GROUTS PROVIDE SOLID GRIP These special non-shrinking grouts comprise of expansive hydraulic setting binders and select grade fillers. : 044-28588956/28510001/28549489 • Nandi Commercial Building. within 4 ems from the top area is • Place the mixer as close as possible essential. • Do not batch grout by fraction of a bag. MUMBAI-400 009 Ph.30 and 40 have been designed to cover all types of grouting applications from the traditional to the extraordinary. 14-B. 47. Opp. Shrinkkomp 10.TESTING Every batch of Shrinkkomp is tested for expansion and strength before dispatch. power. . emergency repairs and early Expansion/Shrinkage +ve Wet Dry comparison of ope Grout Vs Shrinkkomp Grout H t 1/I~ l ai ~ 1:: ~:g. ensuring a firm and lasting grip. • BRANCH OFFICE 001 Ph.O. steel and other industries. As Shrinkkomp is recommended for use only in confined locations. fertilizer. 2"" Floor. offsets the shrinkage. 312. CHENNAI-600 002 Ph. • Grouting for static and dynamic loads. anchor bolts and drill holes in rock and concrete structures. Civil Lines. to the area of operation.---'''''k-------------_f ---------100 Shril1kkomp Grout -r-r . They expand by a fraction of a percent in about seven days. KOLKATA-700 017 Ph..20.. their expansion is permanent. • Grouting for commissioning.<: ·ve ~ AgeDays ••••• D©'S • Provide adequate restraint • Consult the design engineer before preferably on all sides for a placing/commissioning machine on minimum of seven days for foundation.B. 4103. Barakhamba Road. If testing for strength at site is considered necessary. No. P. Nagpur . 207. 100 0. AHMEDABAD-380 • 307. : 033-22893901/2/3 • P.!.O. Camas Street. ope Grout gU> ". I D®N'TS • Do not use any admixtures . • Grouting of machine base plates.

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