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UM3B: Basic features
§ § § § § § § § § § CBM: Condition Based maintenance philosophy. Three phase Winding resistant meter. Charge of the transformer winding inductance and core saturation. Safe dissipation of the energy stored in the transformer after test. Fully automatic test. Guided operation. Automatic storage tests. Automatic reports generation. Numerical and Graphical data presentation. Maintenance Contracts and help on-line. CE Marked.

Transformer Winding Resistance Tester ETP System: Transformers Test


UM3B is a low resistance ohmmeter specially designed for transformer winding resistance measurement. However, this equipment is also suitable to measure rotating machines windings resistance. Power transformer windings resistance measurement presents special problems to save. These problems are: Transformer windings inductance charging and core saturation. The actual measurement of the windings resistance The safe dissipation of the energy stored in the transformer after test. are comparative in time (Repeatability of measurements) and time test shorter. Once the measurement is completed, the energy stored in core and windings of tested transformer must be dissipated in a safe manner to avoid substantial arks with or without adverse consequences. UM3B makes it in an automatically way too. It is in the measurement of threephase transformer windings, where full power of the equipment is shown, since with only one connection, the instrument provides simple and compound resistance value for each winding: both high and low voltage and tertiary. Furthermore, to calculate the results, the system takes into account the transformer connection group, and the temperature at which the test is carried out, as such results are provided at the

In order to stabilize windings resistance measure we need to charge the winding inductance and gets core saturation. Only in these conditions we will obtain the test current required for the test. UM3B makes it automatically assuring that all made tests


For the prevention of errors due to acquisition. If handled properly. This System has been developed in close collaboration with users and experts in transformers measurement and maintenance of Iberdrola Company. § § Some problems can be corroborated with other ETP System’s measurements. This allows studying the evolution of such measurements. there is no risk of damage to the insulation during testing. a major European utility. All the tests will be automatically stored into the PC hard disk. the UM3B test is totally nondestructive for the machine. The system has been developed such that whatever new software development might arise. Application To ensure the proper operation of power transformers we must to check periodically that insulation between turns and electrical/mechanical properties are the expected ones. The power software installed in the portable PC is an useful guide through the measurements process and also offer an easy to use tool for predictive maintenance and diagnostic. Key parameters acquisition. UM3B test has several advantages and meets the following requirements: § Automatic measuring system . The based Windows software allows us to introduce the transformer characteristics and make an automatic and guided test. UM3B is a based microcontroller unit controlled by a portable PC connected through one RS-232 line. UM3B equipment allows us to do the following measurements automatically: § § § Automatic windings resistance on the three phases. This guarantees that readings performed over a period of time have been obtained in the same way and with the same degree of accuracy and tolerances. organized by machine identification characteristics (for example serial number). handling and correction times resulting from the environmental and machine conditions at the time of measuring. The system automatically calculates a list of parameters and graphics for machine status diagnosis. Calculations of individual and compound resistance values. may be implemented with the same hardware elements. Temperature corrected resistance values. Updateable system . § § 2/2 . With windings resistance measurement it is possible to detect problems in transformers like: § § § § Pressure lost in connections Damages in the regulator Short-circuit turns Winding hot points § Measurements Repeatability. Automatic and organized results storage. This greatly simplifies the handling of the large amount of information obtained. Due to used current is far from nominal one. Non-destructive testing.ETP SYSTEM: UM3B reference temperature specified by the operator.

ETP SYSTEM: UM3B UM3B:Testing Procedure The control software has two different options: test performance and result analysis. precautions that must to take and the actual measuring state. Main Screen. being very interactive. Test Processes. Transformer Winding Resistance Meter Software. Software guides the operator about connections. The analysis block is a very useful option for expert that must to analyse all stored data from a tested machine. Every step has a new screen with simple and useful information for the operator. The first one is very easy tool for the operator because allows to make a guided test after the operator introduce the basic transformer characteristics. Test Processes Following the steps proposed by the software it is possible to make a complete test. Transformer Winding Resistance Meter Software 3/3 .

This machine technical data information only has to be introduced in the first made test. the operator should introduce the basic parameters to identify the transformer under test.ETP SYSTEM: UM3B In order to initiate the test. In the next figures every step window appear: Technical Data Screen Measurement configuration Connection Indications 4/4 . following tests recover these data and create automatically an organized historical tests database.

Resistance meters Measurement sampling Magnetization 5/5 . Resistance meters are very useful for operator in order to detect possible windings problems. The software will automatically store the numeric data and the current signal into a file that will be loaded from the analysis option.ETP SYSTEM: UM3B In the test option the basic screen is the measurement window. Basic measurement screen.

manufacturer and kind of machine. it is possible to print all data in a nice report format. Winding resistance table Machine identification 6/6 . When the machine has got several taps. which is a very useful diagnostic tool. software also presents a graph with all winding resistance. Finally. Analysis option. Maintenance responsible uses these data to diagnostic the machine state. Transformer Winding Resistance Meter Software. The clear presentation of these reports makes interpretation of results straightforward and facilitates predictive maintenance techniques.ETP SYSTEM: UM3B Analysis Processes These processes load the results file of every test stored by test software and all data are presented in several screens. Three different fields can make the search: plate number.

a variation is detected in the resistance measure at 5 tap C phase.ETP SYSTEM: UM3B Winding resistance graph Result Table Application Note In the following example UM3B system is shown to in transformers. being observed that the problem has disappeared.9 Kv-Dyn1 transformer. In the report generated when concluding the test a revision of the 7/7 . In this detection of a regulator 12MVA-20/6. With the repaired and mounted regulator is carried out a second UM3B rehearsal. Once disassembled the regulator a defect of the same one is observed. the capacity of detect problems case it is the problem in a load regulation regulator it is recommended. Next figures illustrate the process: In the first UM3B test.

ETP SYSTEM: UM3B Transformer with regulator problems (5 Tap C Phase ) Regulator Breakdown Measurement after repair. Regulator problem has disappeared 8/8 .

unitronics. Software: § Direct control. by suitably trained personnel at the installation and without the need for specialists to be present. § Graphic visualization for winding resistance. § Test easy to perform.A. Communication through RS232 line.ETP SYSTEM: UM3B Specifications § Power requirements: 230VAC ±10%50/60 Hz 115VAC ±10%50/60 Hz Installation category II. storage and analysis in Personal Computer.0300 9/9 . 45 cm. EC . § Specific software for MS Windows 95 and upper operative system. § Protection circuit that discharges the energy stored in the equipment being tested once the test has finished.5 cm.5% ± 2 digits ± 0. UNITRONICS.5% ± 2 digits ± 0.5% ± 2 digits ± 0. according to IEC 664-1 § Ambient conditions Power: § Test signal Voltage: Current: 24 Vdc 0 . § Security & heavy duty test connector.5% ± 2 digits ± 0.U. § Advanced test identification and storage system. S.1.5% ± 2 digits ± 0. Avda de la Fuente Nueva. 8 Kg.059. or if there is a drop in mains voltage. § CE Certified CE Directive: DC 93/68/CEE Electromagnetic Compatibility: DC 89/336/CEE IEC 61000 Electric Safe: DC 73/23/CEE UNE-EN 61010-1 § Measurements mode: Manual: User stops test when he believes that Measurement reaches stability Automatic: Software stops test automatically when measurement reaches stability. § Relay control matrix for measurement with threephase equipment.20 A ± 5% 450 VA (max) Operation: Temperature: Humidity: Storage: Temperature: Humidity: § Mechanical Properties: Length: Width: Height: Weight: 40 cm. data visualization. 5 28709 San Sebastián de los Reyes Madrid Spain Tel: +34-91-540 01 25 Fax: +34-91-540 10 68 Http://www. 5 to 35ºC 10 to 80% 10 to 75ºC 5 to 90% § Parameters used: Compound winding resistances Simple winding resistances (Current cables in open circuit) § Winding resistance Measurement Conditions @ 20 A @ 20 A @5A @ 500 mA @ 50 mA @ 5 mA Range 10 mΩ 100 mΩ 1Ω 10 Ω 100 Ω 1000 Ω Accuracy ± 0. § High efficiency Power-On and Communications LEDs indicators.5% ± 2 digits Resolution 1 µΩ 4 digits 10 µΩ 4 digits 100 µΩ 4 digits 1 mΩ 4 digits 10 mΩ 4 digits 100 mΩ 4 digits § Other characteristics: Hardware: § Microprocessor controlled measurement.