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Francis Ha Photoshop Tutorial Outline 3/10/13 Magic Wand  Allows the user to select a consistently colored area/region without

having to manually trace it o Select parts of an image based on similarity in color of adjacent pixels o Good for selecting odd-shaped areas with a specific range of colors  Tolerance o 0-255 o The higher the number, the greater the range (lighter and darker shades of the selected color)  Anti-aliasing o Smooth out curves, less jagged lines  Contiguous o Select only one contiguous area and not others with the same shade o Manually select other areas by holding “Shift”  Manual select o Add to selection to add in areas that are not contiguous or within the selected tolerance range Quick Selection  Quickly select objects and background that are the same or similar shade of color o Automatically find and follow defined edges in the image  Use inverse to switch selection to the object/background that was not initially selected Marquee  Geometric selection  Shortcut = M o Square/rectangular and elliptical shapes  Constrain to a square with shift + click  Option (Mac)/Alt (Windows) will center the marquee on where you click o Single row and single column selection as well (only one pixel wide)  Cmd (Mac)/Ctrl (Windows) + Z = undo  Cmd (Mac)/Ctrl (Windows) + D = deselect  Lasso  Freehand selection of an area  Shortcut = L  Polygonal lasso tool – only straight lines  Magnetic lasso tool – freehand selection of areas with high-contrast edges  Control the selection path by clicking the mouse to place anchor points in the selection border  Contrast o  Frequency

com/watch?v=ugozdWao_E0 Quick Selection Marquee https://www.o Controls the frequency of anchor points Magic Wand Lasso MAC27&index=2 .com/watch?v=KR2FFP5cGAA https://www.