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Jan 2013


Hello Friends, We are pleased to present the next edition of Ambit's own INSIGHT magazine!

In the last six months, different business lines within Ambit witnessed some great developments and there were some good corporate initiatives. The Fun@work council also came into action! This period was also marked by two key celebratory events - the Founder's Day & the Diwali Party!! We have tried to capture all this in this edition.

We hope you will enjoy reading this edition. We thank you for your support to our efforts. Special thanks to all those who took out valuable time to contribute to this edition. We always look forward to your feedback on current content and new ideas for INSIGHT. You can always reach us at

All the very best wishes for a very happy new year 2013 !


Cheers, Editorial Council

Team Members: Chhavi Agarwal, Christine Dmello, Gautam Gupte, Nirmesh Prakash, Priyanka Jain, Rashmi Agarwal, Romolina Charatkar, Simmy Pawar & Suhail Sheikh,

Special Thanks to Sajid Merchant for helping us with the designing of Insight

Across all our peer group companies Private Wealth business has been the most affected. Despite outstanding performance by our NDPMS and DPMS funds. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Mr. Nikko and QInvest and using the domestic distribution capability of the Private Wealth Business.CEO Speaks It has been a tough 2012 for the world. The market environment continues to be challenging but we would need better ideas and greater coverage if we wish to sustain our leadership position in this business. we will have to be cognizant of the changing environment. In addition. we continue to make slow progress in convincing clients to invest in equity products. discussed the need to have a comprehensive review of our strategy for each business and this will be discussed in detail at the next Board Meeting in February. We remain committed to making necessary investments to take advantage of the current situation. As we continue to chart our growth to remain competitive and meaningful. Regards. Our Investment Advisory business has delivered the best results ever. which have delivered superior results in comparison to most of our peers. relative to the market and we should close the year relatively high (1-3 on deal number and 5-10 on deal value) on the Bloomberg league deal table. IA needs to focus on raising additional AUM using the distribution capability of our Partners. Ambit Finvest continues to deliver yield in excess of 15. Having said that. A return of 75%. CEO of QInvest. Tamim-Al-Kawari. we have increased our market share quarter over quarter. for financial services industry and for our business. largely volatile and certainly uncertain. in its meeting held earlier this month. even in a bull market is an outstanding performance. Having demonstrated our Investment capability. Many of you may recollect that the growth in this business is critical to achieving our 2016 vision. Our Investment Banking business has performed well. Wishing you and your family the best of 2013. The CEO's office is working on multiple strategies and by the time the next issue of “Insight” is published some of the results would have been delivered and we will have greater visibility on the progress in this business. as our new Board member. Our ambitions have to be moderated to match the reality of the environment in which we live. This business will continue to operate in a challenging economic environment for some time. Ashok . in the current year. PW has had to innovate and re allocate their resources to pursue small equity and debt raising deals for the PW Clients. Based on this we are preparing to launch a fund under newly announced Alternative Investment Fund scheme. Despite these achievements. without compromising on effort to raise additional AUM. We added an ECM team in the current year and hopefully we will make an appearance on the ECM league tables in the near future. given the recent developments in the industry. due to the withdrawal of retail investors from equity markets coupled with regulatory changes. We will have to develop new and transformational strategies to be successful despite the weak environment. We have the strength and character of an organisation that can reflect upon this reality and yet develop winning strategies that will help us build a leadership position. Our Institutional Equities team has been voted as the most improved Brokerage House in India by Asia Money. The Board. We have to raise additional capital and we have to leverage our networth to deliver sustainable and scalable business model. I think we have a unique opportunity to significantly enhance our position in this business. it is in times like this that the real mettle of an organisation and the character of its leadership team is shown. we need to continue working hard since the commission pools have reduced considerably.5% on capital invested.

Next. And.Quite a big deal! The developments in the Institutional Equities Sales trading desk over the past two years Jaideep Anand VP . But. the platform provided a base for moving towards an electronic order routing system and algorithmic trades. This constant upgradation helped us to improve our execution capabilities tremendously. we were able to forge through our apprehensions. We have to upgrade the hardware continuously in line with increasing volumes. We execute nearly 80-85% of the volumes every month over algorithms sent from client terminals.2 version. . All trades are continuously monitored and any exceptions (such as rejection) are immediately escalated to the RMS terminal. we look forward to many more opportunities to change not only ourselves but also our work. we upgraded Omnesys. Omnesys has also helped us in more efficient execution. first. Through the Omnesys platform. and unsurprisingly the dealing room has taken this saying to heart by implementing sea changes over the past two years. To improve is to change. a buy and a sell can never be executed on opposite sides even by mistake. even after volumes have quadrupled in the past two years. we changed our trading platform. even a change for the better. the platform gave us the option to introduce robust risk management system (RMS). Clients can discreetly route their orders from their Bloomberg terminal without making any phone calls or any floor shouting and the order will directly reach the designated trader. These changes have borne fruit. with minimal execution errors. the trade will automatically be executed on designated trader's terminal. It also helped us to differentiate between the terminals of a sales trader from that of a dealer. In addition. Any change.Sales Trading “Nothing is permanent but change” wrote the Greek philosopher Heraclitus. For instance. large volumes are now executed over the Omnesys platform . In our journey to achieve the best and in keeping with Ambit's values and vision. Thus. We began with Omnesys version 73. if orders are routed through the “fixed” option then the order quantity and rate can never be breached. An IT person is always present in the dealing room to monitor the systems. The Omnesys RMS helps in setting risk parameters to cover risk in trading. Nearly two years ago. which proved to be extremely rewarding. As the trades are executed. Overall. the clients can choose algorithms from their dropdown list. because algorithmic trades cannot be interrupted. we still have some distance to cover until we move to an upgraded IT infrastructure in the dealing room. to be perfect is to change often. which led to better monitoring of trades. is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts. The Omnesys platform requires robust IT infrastructure (support and monitoring). Change brings opportunity. a dealer can now execute trades over various exchanges (including the F&O segment) through a single terminal only. We can also limit the price over and below the CMP until the order is accepted. we shifted from a neat plus (NSE) and bolt (BSE) based trading terminal to the Omnesys platform. However. The result: the efficiency of our dealers has increased. Depending on the chosen algorithm. Algorithms are prewritten execution codes that are offered to clients. Through fix connectivity.4 and upgraded it to the current 98. While routing their orders from Bloomberg/Reuters. System downtime has to be near zero during trading hours. a sales trader can now see all his clients' trades that are being executed at different terminals on his terminal. the fields will be updated on the clients' Bloomberg automatically. Furthermore. Moreover. 5 . the adoption of the new platform was only the first step. For instance. order routing through Bloomberg/Reuters can now be done directly over the trading terminal. Moreover. There is no need for a trader to update the client repeatedly. These were common errors in manual execution earlier. the latest version of Omnesys supports algorithmic trades. We can limit the order value per client and per order. Orders then can be assigned to dealers for execution.

I was very lucky neither to be suspended nor were my parents summoned. 9. A very professional set up and I am in the midst of some excellent people who are willing to put 5 times the effort of their peers even if it means getting 1/5th of their peer's business. As a teenager I was a carefree person – I still don't want the world to know as those habits die hard 4. A college memory you distinctly remember/cherish This was during my S. An interesting anecdote from your first job My first large deal (tiny by today's standard) – I remember it was a cross of 100. there was this professor of ours who everybody used to trouble a lot but much to our frustration he wouldn't react at all. I felt I had reached the moon and I remember telling my senior.In The Spotlight Prabhas Dhanuka Director . FUN LOVING 6. Experience so far in Ambit Better than I imagined. A failure you learnt from This happened in one of my earlier firms. Your motivation mantra People who criticise you are actually giving you an opportunity to improve 8. “small step for you but a giant's leap for me” 5. Things that you and your spouse don't agree on This space is too short to answer this (maybe that is why we are still happily married) 13. the bartender in our club 10.. Superstitions.Sales Trading 1. Describe yourself as a teenager and a habit you would not want the world to know then. he stormed into the classroom. But make it in a clean and transparent way 7. Due to some miscommunication we had to take some shares off a client in our books. B. caught me by the collar and gave one across my face.Y. One day while he was teaching.. . right and centre and I learnt two things that day: (a) en error trade has to be sorted out immediately as nobody would give you a medal if the stock moves in your favour and you make a profit but if the loss increases you are gone. Weekends are for. my friend and I got up from our seats. The markets were in full swing and greed got better of me and I didn't sell it. Family. the stock kept tanking and eventually when I sold it the loss was almost 3 times higher.Com days. my boss asked me to knock it off immediately as the extent of loss was known at that point of time. Despite the market going up. My boss fired me left. if any None 12. (b) draw a line to your greed.000 LML. English: Charlton Heston.. Philosophy of Life There is just one thing better than money and that is “MORE money”.. Harrison Ford and Julie Andrews 11. friends and if I can sneak out of the house. the principal saw us. Favourite Actor/Actress? Hindi: Amitabh Bachchan and Nutan. 3. A word that best describes you Two words. walked up to him and turned his table upside down!! Unfortunately. Share a memorable experience of your childhood Cannot point out one instance in particular but can confidently say that I wasn't half as smart as my daughter or any other child that I know of today 2.

Founder’s Day We are 15 now! 7 .

Algo trading is the new trading paradigm that has emerged from the structural shifts in the business of trading. How do these algorithms work? Some programmes slice a large order and place them through the trading session at the right time and rate so that the price is not unduly affected by the order. We then integrated our Omnesys Algos with one key FII client's OMS.Information Technology I would like to take you on a journey through the changes in trading technologies and regulations over the years and explain how algorithmic trading is helping us to take advantage of these changes. and Secondary and Tertiary dealer ID mapping to avoid missing FIX orders. price. because it had a faster time to market. We are also using Algo Trading for one of our Private Wealth Equity Trading client. and quantity. is the use of electronic platforms to enter trading orders through an algorithm. India is not far behind. after online trading through computers. There are again algos that follow a set of technical parameters to buy and sell. or Algo Trading. Algo trading is widely used by investment banks. These new service offerings have put our IE business ahead in the league of our competitors and have helped us to get more empanelments on the buy-side. thereby becoming their only Indian broker using Omnesys to do so. with one-third of trades in both cash and derivative segments of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) being driven by such programmed orders. Algorithmic trading. was extremely customised. investors have to learn to make the best of it. we had to upgrade the version of the Omnesys application to the latest available. We partnered with our Institutional Equities (IE) business to provide an algo trading service to their clients. and was integrated with our existing Omnesys NEST Order Management System (OMS) for extremely fast execution. mutual funds. These are some of the key initiatives we have implemented for IE in our journey towards an 'IT Smart' organisation. Gone are the days of manual trading. These programmes act as conventional arbitrageurs. and other buy-side (investor-driven) institutional traders. IT is your business partner and we will continue to similarly partner with all our other businesses to enable them to achieve Ambit's Vision FY16. the buy-side clients are driving algo trading. Now we can also create our own customised Algos. They then go on to cancel these bluff trades. We continue in our journey undeterred by the challenges ahead. which executes preprogrammed trading instructions whose variables may include timing. There are algos that make bluff trades so that other programmes reveal their intended trades. We currently offer five Algos to our clients. this could turn out to be the natural process of evolution for equity trading — from trading rings to online trading to computer-driven trading. Black-box Trading. Another type of algorithm identifies price anomalies between price of an asset over different platforms or deviations from a typical statistical relationship between assets and executes trades to exploit these differences. To implement the above changes. As regulators struggle to keep up with programmed trades. The fascinating aspect is that these algos are constantly mutating to trump their peers. We implemented FIX connectivity for two more FII clients.The journey continues towards an ‘IT Smart’ organisation! Vijaykumar Talreja Director . to divide large trades into several smaller trades to manage market impact and risk. After all. . The SOR engine routes your order to the exchange where the best price is available for the required quantity. initiates the order without human intervention. Today. Some rogue programmes sniff the outstanding orders in other systems and take advantage of them. pension funds. also known as Automated Trading. After Market Orders (AMO) and New Algos for SOR services for IE clients. after all 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'. We launched Smart Order Routing (SOR). Programme-driven trades account for around 70% of equity trading in the US and for 40% in Europe. We selected the Omnesys NEST GATE platform. The above are the more innocuous of algos. algorithmic trading emerged. and in many cases. Equity markets have entered an era where machines are rapidly replacing humans.

a large part of discussions with our Nikko colleagues focused around these relevant issues. Next was to tell Romolina the vision and then have her create a template which fitted all of the above. Despite never having created a template before she delivered (taught herself) the first template within a week and after providing various options we narrowed down to one. a month seemed too long and a weekly maybe too much info. If anyone in Ambit would like to see the product or be added to the mailing list please contact Romolina. given the enormous amount of emails everyone receives daily. it was decided that the weekly should land in your email -ready to read -take no more than One-Minute to read -have links to reports/articles so the reader can access more info if desired Ok that was the easy part. Then. So how do we communicate this to sales/marketing people around the world. I really like the format with the overview that allows you to get to the reports with a good variety of sources” and “Thanks. But as we all know. 9 Sudoku For solution. this looks extremely informative.but that's an early 2013 project. what should be the focus of the weekly…well that was fairly easy…Macro. we had to think of frequency of update. first of all. Cutting a long story short. I like your approach in getting India into the consciousness of our colleagues”.A Minute to Win it Andrew Holland CEO . whilst also competing with news from other markets?? Well. The great part about the product is that every team member helps in its production through highlighting relevant news during the week. Politics and Markets. it masks the negative sentiment that India (particularly with respect to political and economic events) received overseas. Next was test marketing within the Nikko world and the response was extremely positive with comments like “This is excellent. Our thinking though moved towards a weekly if we could make it a product which updated you on major India events without too much work from the readers end.Investment Advisory Although here in India we are delighted with the performance of the stockmarket so far this year. We went live on the 22nd November and the aim is to add our own views and thoughts going forward…. Indeed. refer page 26 . things on the ground can change very quickly in India. but more importantly (in Romolina’s case) shows how one can stretch themselves outside of their normal comfort zone.

basic infrastructure. Apart from this. malnutrition and anemia in the children. .000/-. Also plaguing this district are issues like child labor. to becoming potential leaders and building blocks of the society tomorrow. a school bag. It ends the generational cycles of poverty and provides the means for sustainable development.06% and female literacy is as low as 45. is Renuka. socks. We believe education will also radically change the perception towards girl children from being considered as a burden today. Moreover many schools do not have proper furniture. The teaching methodology includes the extensive use of innovative teaching tools and activities such as storytelling. supporting Project Nanhi Kali and the cause of Girl child Education.65%. Renuka. Education enhances lives. where concepts in Maths. She did her level best in the 9 grade st exams and came out with flying colors by securing the 1 rank (89%) in her class. Mahbubnagar. and a proper educational atmosphere. it was observed that Renuka's performance and confidence accelerated a great deal. she receives academic support through a 1-2 hour class conducted before or after school hours called the Academic Support Centre. Before becoming a Nanhi Kali. strive to bring about a change in their lives and the community around them. and to take an active role in social. 15. Post this intervention. hailing from an economically deprived family. the eldest daughter of Lalappa and Ananthamma is a bright child. with an annual income below Rs. This is the story of not just one. Coupled with these economic troubles is the poor environment they live in where the average literacy rate in Mahbubnagar is merely 56. economic. hygiene material etc. but several girls like Renuka who in spite of harsh circumstances. Her parents are proud of their daughter's achievement and would like her to further pursue higher education! The importance of Girl Child Education cannot be stressed more. Renuka started receiving support under the umbrella of Project Nanhi Kali.A Corporate Communications initiative Nanhi Kali Aakriti Sethi KC Mahindra Trust Born into an agricultural laborer family and belonging to one of India's 250 most backward districts. The increasing cost of education has been a constant source of worry for Renuka and her family. after th being enrolled into the program she started scoring as high as 89%. A high quality basic education will better equip girls with knowledge and skills needed to adopt healthy lifestyles. shoes. and political decision-making as they transition to adolescence and adulthood. group games etc which make learning not only meaningful but also fun. Profiled in the year 2009. The Nanhi Kali team also works with the parents and community to sensitize them on not only gender equity but also issues related to adolescent health & hygiene. Science and Language are taught to bridge the gaps in learning and enable children to attain grade specific competency levels. As part of the Nanhi kali program she receives support in the form of a material kit which comprises of uniforms. to enable her to go to school with dignity. However. Renuka is fortunate to be one of the 112 girls who are currently being supported by Ambit Capital as a part of the Diwali Promotion that they ran in November 2012. Renuka was an above average student scoring 65%.

2 Silver Medals & 1 Bronze in these tournaments . clothes collection drives and voluntary activities for Muktangan (a school for underprivileged children). across 21 states of India. The collections were donated to “GOONJ” . 11 Achievement Simran Phatak (11). daughter of Amarendra Phatak. We commenced fund collection in May 2012 with around 10% employees. This has been an important year for Ambit CSR. that works with 200. We organized a clothes. She is a national player since 2008. The total monthly collections are matched by Ambit. where virtually every employee in the organization has very literally contributed to the initiative! We look forward to your continued support through both higher contribution to the fund and active participation in the volunteering activities for Muktangan and for Magic Bus (will commence based on employee interest) in the coming year.Giving Back CSR Council The council was formed in 2009 – under the name “Ambit Oditi Foundation”. the two main causes we support are: . The Ambit Oditi Foundation was granted the 80G certification in April this year.Education for their children: We reimburse their school fees and vocational training cost . toys and books collection drive in November. GOONJ provides clothes & other basic amenities to millions in the far-flung villages and they send out 80 to 100 tonnes of material every month. 88% employees were contributing 0. We also have made significant contributions to Magic Bus a non-profit organization. founded in 1999. the School Nationals & the National tournaments conducted by the All India Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics. This is the 2nd consecutive year where. Primarily the funds are being utilized to support our office boys / housekeeping staff / security guards. which is being deducted from their salary on a monthly basis. Since then we have carried out different activities like blood donation camps. She won 2 Gold Medals. In 2012 she represented Maharashtra at both. 4 employees go twice in a week to teach mathematics and English to class 9 students. For them.000 children every week from marginalized communities in India. is a Rhythmic Gymnast.Medical reimbursements for their parents / family members Till date we have reimbursed school fees for 13 children and provided medical assistance to 1. By July 2012.25% of their annual CTC.a non-profit organization initiated in 1998. The primary objective of the NGO being to aid children in helping them living a better quality life through specialized mentoring and coaching initiatives. Ambit employees have volunteered to teach at Muktangan – a school for underprivileged children.

Conducting of such polls is fool proof as each of the respondents is called back and then asked to verify the answers which they have given in the survey either online or via an email. . we were positioned as The 3rd Best Private Bank in India. Barclays. I would like to share a snapshot of the survey with you with respect to Ambit: ASiA MONEY 3rd Best private bank in India (Over all) 2nd in Discretionary portfolio management services 3rd in quality of advice 3rd in holistic approach addressing advise 3rd in quality and diversity of products 3rd in client relation management and service 3rd advisory portfolio management 3rd in structured products and derivatives 3rd in alternative investments 3rd in issue of confidentiality and security. which is still not so easily available in a country like ours where you have very large players operating in a similar space with a "me too" attitude. In a short span of two and a half years. Spandan’s first stage performance since he started to learn the guitar. Kotak Private Bank. He is 7 years old and he played the tunes of "National Anthem" & "We shall overcome".Grand Recognition ! Mohammed Suhail Sheikh VP . This is a laudable achievement as we covered huge grounds in terms of service and product identification and offerings to our clients. All the players operating in India participated which includes the likes of Citibank. œ œ Achievement Paresh Kapadia’s son. To our surprise. etc.Private Wealth When I joined Ambit little did I know that I would be part of a team which is like "A List" where each member of the team comes from different banks and different skill sets and forms a part of the same team under the leadership of Sutapa Banerjee. When Asia money polls was conducted at the beginning of this year to identify the best private bank in India. We still have a lot of ground to cover and ensure that we do not rest on our laurels but continue to strive to reach and stay at the top in the coming years. we have created a platform of private bank which is "bespoke" for clients wherein each client is catered with personalised solutions depending on individual needs rather than "one size fits all". RBS coots. Morgan Stanley. our clients willingly participated in the polls.

budgeting. A failure you learnt from This was during college. Favourite Actor/Actress? Akshay Kumar and Dimple Kapadia 4. the Harshad Mehta None scam got exposed engulfing CIFCO. . Six months into the job. my fiancée (now my except when it comes to eating sweets wife. It’s been great so far.. Moreover. Weekends are for. 2. including sponsorships. Things that you and your spouse don't time. the people are friendly. Describe yourself as a teenager and a habit and Final levels (all groups) were cleared in first you would not want the world to know then. Always think that you can do it. as a career move as this was more stable than over the last 20 years have adjusted to most of it financial services. only negative will happen in your life. if any 1991.. Experience so far in Ambit JP Morgan) where I ended up for about10 years. However. attempt.. many people including family and friends agree on told me to take up CA practice or join a corporate Well. An interesting anecdote from your first job Started working in CIFCO post qualifying as CA in 11. only then you can do it. Share a memorable experience of your childhood Amitabh Bachchan coming to my school for the shooting of Amar Akbar Anthony. make the best of it as the coupled with the presence of an open door culture moment gone will never come again.In The Spotlight Premal Doshi Director . However. logistics. A college memory you distinctly remember/cherish During my 12th std. I also won the ‘Best Dancer’ prize making me one of the popular ones in the college. CA Inter 3. 10. doing 13 9.. After this. I learnt not to take things for granted…which is reflected by the fact that ICWA Final. leading to CBI raids and the firm closing down. after having cleared the ICWA Inter (Costing exam). difficult to fit in here. No negative habit as such. At that point in 12. Be optimistic. financing. A word that best describes you vibrant and professional setup that drives one to Happy – go – lucky perform to his/her optimum capability. Nipa) encouraged me to pursue my passion and this landed me a job in Jardine Fleming (now 13. It is motivating to come across such high calibre individuals and such a 5. catering. setting up an ice Family and Children cream parlour. being over confident I appeared for the C. field surveys for companies. I was hardworking and independent as a teenager and did all kinds of jobs like taking tuitions. Philosophy of Life across different verticals/ businesses is enriching Every moment is precious. 8. running stalls for card and other games at fairs. Superstitions.Corporate Finance 1. ground levelling. I was part of a group that engaged in organizing Dandiya events. decorations. Your motivation mantra If you think negative.A. entrance exam without any preparation whatsoever and did not clear. having access to people 6. etc. 7. I remember working tirelessly for organising these events from scratch to end. security. it is a long list.

On a lighter side. As we started speaking to the private equity investors. While on one hand. Delhi which the SChand promoter would himself bring for us every night we sat .let me ease your confusion. as the company had all the right ingredients required for a private equity deal. However.. early completion of audit of accounts for FY 12. started a quest from all parties involved to search for a suitable target for SChand. Ambit was the financial advisor for both the transactions. albeit. countless meetings with private equity investors. confirmatory due diligence by the buyers and not to forget. hence the title “Coming Together of Oxford and Harvard”. there were some unique solutions to every such challenge. There was a lot to be done at all ends: group restructuring involving a series of mergers and de-mergers in SChand. we witnessed a strong interest in the transaction. financial and legal vendor due diligence of both SChand and Vikas Publishing. There was endless number crunching and analysis for final pricing and countless day long meetings on the agreements with the lawyers giving their best performance on their argumentative skills.The Coming Together of Oxford and Harvard Praveen Maheshwari AVP .. There was already an existing relationship between Ambit and the promoters of Vikas Publishing. when SChand promoters expressed a desire to raise private equity money into the company and grow the business inorganically and chose Ambit to help them achieve the same. With most of the above done by May 2012. with Sanjay Bansal leading the transaction team. Ambit too reached out to some publishing companies to check if there was an interest for a transaction…. As is the case with all corporate finance transactions. private equity firm Everstone picked up significant minority stake in SChand. Everstone-SChand deal was codenamed "Oxford" and SChand-Vikas Publishing deal was codenamed "Harvard".. But a big question to which no one had an answer was…. which helped us a lot in convincing them to consider a deal with SChand. There seemed to be no end to the discussions on the agreements as every time a meeting called to finalize the agreements would end up in few new issues to be resolved. With the deal contours in place now.Corporate Finance Ambit advised on back-to-back transactions in the Educational Book Publishing Sector in India.. this of course included opportunity for good professional bonding between all the parties during free time and some good lunches and dinners followed by the special Yamu's paan from Connaught Place. we were now up against the most challenging task of final negotiations on pricing and agreements for both the deals. which was just the right target for SChand.what does the company do with the funds so raised!!! Is there a target available readily where the monies so raised can be invested from day one? At this juncture. you are confused as to what is the connect between the heading of the article and the deals being talked about.. Sometimes an investment banker's jargon of using codenames for projects can really result into some interesting situations! Well……the journey started sometime in Aug 2011. thus resulting in a circle of issues (and this continued for several weeks!!!). on the other hand SChand simultaneously acquired 100% stake in Vikas Publishing. the journey was full of challenges. on the opposite sides!!! If by now. there began a long journey through the transaction process..and finally Ambit's search ended in the name of Vikas Publishing. signing of heavily negotiated term sheets for both transactions.

We met four companies and identified Vidal as the partner for their Healthex Program. The first two phases helped us determine Ambit's Health score. A long journey through the transaction process came to an end with happy faces all across (which was well celebrated by some important stakeholders at German Beer Festival and in Bangkok) As I look back at the transactions. followed by nutrition awareness talks should help our employees follow a better dietary regime. Not surprisingly. We wish you a healthy living! 15 . daily heath tips. The components included . e mail facility for stress queries and on-line access to health knowledge bank.43 which is rated really high.a risk assessment tool to know about the lifestyle.all is well that ends well. In such a scenario. In fact. We are currently in the third phase of the Program. These can however be treated properly if detected well in time. The program aims to make our employees aware of their current health status and work towards improving their health through a structured nutrition. habits through a detailed questionnaire.though in different forms…. which stands at 81. As it is rightly said…. The planned personalised nutrition camp.. many small ailments which do not have any clear symptoms are often overlooked by us and may later take the form of a major illness. The visit to the doctor gets restricted to when one is really sick. nutrition camps and awareness talks. 'Health is not valued until sickness comes'? With the kind of life one leads today. Our highest risk has been identified as 'High Cholesterol' as the dietary habits of our staff need to improve..Nevertheless…. where would one visit a doctor to check if one is actually healthy. Employee Health & Wellness Program through Vidal Healthex Contributed by Team HR Ever heard of the phrase.of course flying through the real airplanes between Mumbai – Delhi !!!). Finally both the transactions got signed and sealed by the end of Aug 2012 and post that achieved a quick (which was unexpected and surprising given the speed of transactions so far!!!) simultaneous financial closure in early Oct 2012. We have had 91% participation to the Program with 95% providing positive feedback on the satisfaction with the Program. and set out to identify a partner who could manage this for us. clubbed with strenuous schedules and mounting stress levels. we felt the need to take a step towards the wellness of our people. it becomes challenging to take out time for oneself. We look forward to many more back-to-back transactions for Ambit. With this in mind . most of us think we are in good health as long as we feel fine. a master health check up comprising of comprehensive medical tests. its a different feeling altogether of having grown up studying both SChand and Vikas Publishing books (or may be sitting at the back benches and making paper airplanes out of them) during my school / college days and years down the line applying a part of the same learning to put together a transaction for both these companies (this time…. 24X7 helpline for medical advice.certain things do come back in life…. exercise and awareness programs.

Diwali 2012 “The Ustads of the Utsav” Five Big Bosses – One at Office rest at home “Yeh duniya mein agar jannat hai to yehi hai .yehi hai.. yehi hai” “Kanoon ke haath bahut lambe hote hai” “ I didn't know you could stoop so low!!” ”Card will be yours but rules will be mine…bolo manzur hai!!” “I told you it has to be 9” “Celebrating Happiness” .

Diwali 2012 “De Tally 6.. Patni aur woh …….. I started gambling when you were this young” ”Dad have you changed the password??” Pathi.Glass or Bottle? . Ashok is in a Board Meeting” “Liquidity” 17 "Boss I am a professional.5” ”Firecracker time” “Please call back. Blackberry!!!!!! Policy .

She was completely overwhelmed and so were my parents. During those days casting pendants (pendants molded in a pre-designed particular shape) were a novelty. During the break.but I was not willing to accept this mentally till I saw it with my own eyes. This was double news to me as I was not aware that 1) the results were announced and 2) that I had scored a rank – All India Rank I was not willing to believe the news and asked them how did they come to know about my results and about my rank – which is when they revealed the secret of star mark (*) besides the name and its relevance. Since I was small. I requested Nana whether I can get a sweet looking pendant as a gift for my sister. I was placed in the Pendant and Earrings counter. adorably wears that sweet small pendant. I went to the CA Institute at Cuffe Parade to check out the results on my own. 2. my sister. Still unable to understand the relevance of the star mark and not willing to believe the truth.In The Spotlight Kashyap Choksi VP . even acquaintances started wishing me…. The smile on my Nana's face is still very fresh in my memory. praying to God while my eyes were searching my name on the small Notice Board and somewhat torn list pasted in one corner. observing him. I always admired my Nana for his business acumen and he was my role model. He smiled and asked me which one do you want. Not willing to believe them. At the end of the vacation. Share a memorable experience of your childhood A: During our summer holidays. I was in NM College attending lectures. Nana offered me whether I would like to stay at home and play with other cousins or accompany him to our Jewellery a token of appreciation. A college memory you would like to share This one incident relates to the day when my CA Foundation results were announced. During one of the summer holidays. I quickly grabbed the opportunity as I would get to spend more time with Nana and understand his style. having lunch with him and also assist in the sales in the showroom. I gave the pendant gift – in the same way as was packed by Nana . amongst various other pendants. I saw my name in the Results List and yes…. Finally. All my friends started asking for Party and as news started my sister. Consequently. I pointed to a small sweet looking pendant ….Corporate Finance 1. I was fast at learning the tricks of the trade. When I came back to Mumbai. . we used to go to our Nana's (Maternal Grandfather) place in which Nana agreed and readily packed it in a gift wrap box. My Nana had 4 Jewellery shops in Ahmedabad. I found it very difficult to ask money from Nana ….so….also saw the star mark (*) besides my name. Nana offered me stipend and said how much do you want as your stipend for the hard work put in by you for the period of 2 months. It's not that I could not have bought the pendant for my sister but the token of love (from my first stipend) was something that is very special to me. The smile and happiness on their face is still very fresh in my memory and as a mark of appreciation.. few of my friends came and congratulated me for not only clearing the CA Foundation exams but also coming in All India Level rank. most part of the summer holidays I had spent going along with Nana to the Jewellery shop. I went to the Enquiry Office of the CA Institute and asked the gentleman sitting at the counter the relevance of the star mark.

This incident strengthened the bonding amongst us and we still share a very good rapport even when all of us are in different organisations…. Superstitions. Experience for far in Ambit Ambit was my second job when I had joined this organization in 2002….. I or other Team Members did not have any clue about the deal. Philosophy of Life Live and Let Live 7.. introduced me to some good colleagues / seniors whom I still regard in high respects and maintain good relations. I was jumping in my mind and left the CA Institute happily…. One of our Team Members was to appear for his exams to get admission for MBA in one of the foreign university. 5. the transaction became live and the client wanted to open the Issue. When he came back. the regulatory filings were to be done in a short span of time with loads of pending issues. Describe yourself as a teenager and a habit you would not want the world to know then..the Tough Gets Going!! 8. I learnt this the hard way. He had therefore proceeded on leave which I came to know when I casually asked my senior about his absence. This was a big surprise for me. Jumping I would have walked more than half way from CA Institute to Churchgate station…. Now as luck would have it. As regards habits not known to world.and started humming a song of the movie that had just released..Aaasman Niche…. Things that you and your spouse don't agree on During Vacations. Family and catching up on pending sleep 10. I was here till 2009 and had a good time.aaj mein aage…. Your motivation mantra Believe in God and When the Going Gets Tough….. A failure you learnt from Keep your Personal Relations and Money Matters separate. you will have to lose one. We consciously did not disturb our colleague friend as we had decided that we should not disturb him during his important studies. my first exposure to Investment Banking. Don't if just a phone call away and ready to help. Fashion Trends etc while I prefer to explore the place and the scenic beauty around it 13.not by any single team member – senior or junior. entered it in his system and said that you have scored 35th Rank. learnt some new things and am back here. 3. Consequently. A word that best describes you Calm and Composed 6. An interesting anecdote from your first job This was in SBI Capital Markets. Without uttering a single word. we just informed him that Friend. this assignment is done and these are the relevant papers for you to take charge of it. if any None 12. Humming. you have scored a Rank”. 9.I saw a spark in the person's eyes and he said with a big smile …. Suddenly. This place gave me the exposure to the world of Investment Banking. Dancing.. all other Team Members joined up and completed the transaction …. A bright student with clear focus on studies first and everything else later.”Aaj Mein Upar…. these secrets are better kept to myself 4. “Congratulations my boy.but if I have to select one name in the current breed of Actors – it has to be Amitabh Bachchan Actress: Can be different….at that time Ambit was relatively small and we had our office in Dalamal Towers..ofcourse it took a toll on us as we had to get to the depth in a short time without compromising on the quality.zamana hai pichchein…” Singing. when I realised that my legs started screaming and then I took a cab to station.) 11. Favorite Actor/Actress? Actor: Different Actors in Different Genres …. she prefers to spend more time in exploring Shopping Places. anything more needs to be said about the experience in Ambit and that this is like coming back to my own “Home” 19 . No sign of any favour done or special efforts undertaken….which is a decent distance…. If you mix the two.the song from Sanjay Leela Bhansali's “Khamoshi”…. he was working on a transaction the details of which were known only to him.but one actress that looks good on screen and I like watching her – Katrina Kaif . Weekends are for.. My senior said that we need to complete this as the firm's reputation is at risk. Moved out for a brief period of 3 years.. He asked my roll number.

after the perfectly shaped (by the grace of God and the Doctor) women in South of France it was good to see normal sized women (definitely made us feel comfortable with our size:-). The very aware Italian police officers took all their frustration of the two sailors who had been placed in the jail in India. On the way to Cinque Terra. sharing another of my travels.. Florence.Another European Road Trip… Shalini Kamath MD . The road trip in Italy continued to Pisa. by harassing us for nearly an hour and also slapping a Euro 108 fine on us! From then on for the rest of the journey our daughter got an additional task of watching for road signs and we did not depend purely on the GPS.. Left very early in the morning as we were very keen to reach Lucca by evening so that we could watch the Quarter Finals of the Football world cup being played between Italy and England at a local pub in Lucca.. Lucca is a delightful little walled town. Lucca remains my ‘Fresco on the Ceiling of the Dome’ favourite. passion and sense of style of the Italians.. The highlight was also a dinner that we hosted for friends in our apartment in Cannes. of course the wine and the food. After nearly a week in Cote de Azur.. My yearly trip to Provence was different this year as I visited all my favourite places. And. So to meet this objective we shunned the ocean road after lunch and took the highway and crossed numerous tunnels. The number of steps (highest being 206 steps) we climbed at each church to view the city from the top of the ' Duomo''.... the Expressways connect each historical site ‘View from the top of the Dome’ and you enter and exit each through an automated toll as you enter a world of charm.the celebrations on the road after Italy's win were similar to the ones we have after a Cricket win by India. Some memories that remain of Italy are .. in an obscure garden. The warmth.. over our first evening at Lucca at a local pub. we began our road trip from Cannes to Lucca. .. but the new Editorial Council felt sharing of something personal is more apt.HR & Corporate Communications As in the last issue of Insight. playing the harp and singing Krishna bhajan. The realisation struck that she has grown into a young lady with a mind of her own and any influencing is futile :-).. Amongst all the gorgeous places we here I am. I had thought I would write about something that would be relevant in Ambit's context. We witnessed the passion that Italians have for both food and football.. The site and sound of an Italian woman.... we got caught by the police for driving on the no entry bus lane.this time the road trip from South of France to Zurich via Italy. the quaint villages that I truly find fascinating with my daughter... We drove through the beautiful ocean road.. Chianti.. The fabulous infrastructure that has been built for tourism. What I thought she would like the most she found quite average and the places that I thought were rather moderate she found them fabulously exciting.much smaller than Florence and just exquisite.

No wonder there have been so many famous artists in Europe. provides to the human soul! It drizzled right through while we Outside The Zurich Restaurant travelled with our friends to a nearby village the next day. just reinforced our faith in our road journeys -for the flexibility it provides to stop at any place anytime.‘The Alps’ After an enchanting 10 days in Italy we drove through Milan towards Zurich via De Stelvio pass at a height of 9050 feet through the Alps. The villages with their European style cottages. bright colour flower pots on the windows. 21 Money Talks ! . The combination of great company. And then it was time to say goodbye and head home. as we travelled through the streets of Zurich we found the restaurant where many years ago we had fed bread to the Swans and danced to live music. follow any route one desires to take and witness the changing landscapes as one meanders from place to place. good music and rain made the last part of the trip truly memorable. Who wouldn't get inspired by such beauty that nature has bestowed?! After a 16 hour drive we reached Zurich and the first home cooked Indian meal in 3 weeks was just purely satiating. snowcapped Alps in the back ground and rivers flowing through were just 'picture perfect'. What happiness living old memories. This route is rated amongst the top 3 motorways by BBC Topgear. Reliving golden memories Finally I was not voted out and got to listen to Hindi music in the car as now we were 3 (our friends and I) against 2 (my husband and daughter). Three countries over 3+ weeks by road. Next morning. We crossed 60 hair pin bends through the Alps to crossover to Switzerland.

Smitha Samdariya Vidal Healthex Ever heard of a phrase “Prevention is better than cure”? “Quite often”. taking stairs instead of elevators · Start small – Take one step at a time.Daily diet should consist of about 5 portions of vegetables and fruits. bathroom. typhoid. etc . swimming.Mind controls the body. reduce your cravings by avoiding the triggers 5.Make a note of things that stress you and try to avoid or overcome them in a positive way . Measurable. one portion is the amount one can fit in their palm . hepatitis. and over 40% of cancer can be prevented by making those minor adjustments in our lifestyle and behavior. remember. visit your doctor regularly and stick to your doctor's advice . and replace saturated fatty foods with unsaturated ones . but a long-term commitment · Makes your today and tomorrow healthier than yesterday · Making those specific/right choices that takes you close to absolute wellbeing · Made up of 5 key elements 2.Aim for a realistic goal such as reducing weight by about 10% . tetanus.Have a balanced nutritious diet spread throughout the day in smaller quantities. Realistic 10.Set priorities at work and at home and act accordingly .Keep yourself adequately hydrated by what needs to be done drinking fluids in between exercises and whenever possible · Reward yourself – On achieving smaller milestones. mentally and socially · Not just a one-time affair. break in to smaller .000 steps a day by walking to your and Timely goals office. etc.Accept the change .You are responsible for your health and hence.Monitor and compare your efforts against your set goals by making journal entries Healthy Living · Not just the absence of illness. you have to be emotionally sound to be physically fit .Consume foods rich in fibers and whole grains. wallet. You would be surprised to hear that at least 80% of all heart diseases. Healthy diet . Regular physical activity . you are the one who has to act .Aim for at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week of brisk walking.Learn how to read and compare food labels that will help you choose the right options 3. reward yourself to keep you motivated 4. . Attainable.Contact your doctor and get immunized for flu.For any current illness. make non-smoking friends.Go to bed early and get at least 6-8 hours of sound sleep . 1.Road to Healthy Living Dr. would be your answer. Good Health behavior . floss at least once a day and see your dentist at least once a year . running.Maintain adequate oral health – brush your teeth at least twice daily.Quit smoking – write down why you want to quit.Warm up and cool down before and milestones after exercising · Track it – Monitor your progress to know where you are and . but to embrace wellness · A way of living that promotes productivity and longevity of life · Enables you to feel and be well physically.Write down and place the benefits of healthy living in a place where you can see them quite often such as bedroom mirror. moderation is the key . etc . diabetes and stroke.Invest in a pedometer and try walking · Set SMART goals – Specific. Emotional health . and hence.

moreover. This journey is made even more memorable because of the larger effort that each one of you put in here at work during your personal individual tenures here. Cherish all the time spent here and hope Ambit will keep inspiring and keep giving me lots of opportunity to excel Manoj Batra It is just the beginning of a new journey with plenty of experience in these five years Shalini Kamath The last near 6 years with Ambit have been tremendously satisfying. success. I complete 5 years of my journey at this company.Long Term Service Awards Harsh Gupta It is great to have been a part of the firm's growth over all these years. Initially in partnering with Ashok in hiring business and function heads and then partnering with them to hire. The best part of working in Ambit is that Respect & Appreciation flows right from senior management to my colleagues. . will always be cherished by me. gives me an impetus to strive and encourages me each day to make a difference in the company. I am overwhelmed and have immense gratitude for acknowledging my sincere efforts and consistent performance and this. fights. I take pride in THANKING each and every one of you here for the support.beginning right with the foundation of identifying our brand identity through to developing all the marketing collaterals. Overall it has been an ardous but a very exciting journey! 23 Rehan Shaikh My precious milestone! Being a recipient of the prestigious award for 5 years' long association with the Ambit family. manage and develop a highly talented workforce for Ambit to deliver on its Vision. Not only I have gained professionally but have made some of the best friends for life. The trust and independence bestowed by the organisation to design all processes and programs in-house in collaboration with the businesses. Ambit also provided me with an opportunity to learn corporate communications . Being a part of this Ambit family gives me a sense of pride and satisfaction that I shall cherish always. 5 years of a journey filled with stories of struggles. Dinesh Mengwal Journey in Ambit has been one of happiest & extremely satisfying moments of my life. fun and joy. it also provides renewed vigour to set newer goals and make aggressive efforts to achieve them Angela Fernandes Today. Not only the milestone provides a sense of pride and satisfaction.

and that he would not have made it through prison if not for the words of this English poet who lived from 1849 to 1903 Out of the night that covers me. the captain of South Africa’s rugby team). It is the combined effort of my colleagues and consistent support of my seniors. commitment. fun and joy. And yet the menace of the years Finds. vision & spirit that all of us value so much. success. I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul. I am also privileged to be part of the team that has successfully implemented many projects and surpassed many major milestones and achievements. It matters not how strait the gate. Contributed by Sujal Patwardhan . worthwhile and I've enjoyed every moment of it here at Ambit. none of this would have been possible. I have had the privilege of serving our great organisation with honor. enjoyable. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody. It has been a long and memorable journey filled with stories of struggle. but unbowed.Nilesh Oza Today. who have helped make my time here pleasant. Invictus In a conversation on the big screen with Francois Pienaar (Matt Damon. specially Mr Ashok Wadhwa who motivated me to continue in this organisation for all these years. both in past & in present. I personally wish to see our organisation grow & achieve many more success. There are many people. How charged with punishments the scroll. and shall find. I take this opportunity to thank one and all at Ambit who has made it possible for me to reach this position. on this occasion. It was not easy for me to move from Finance & Accounts to HR and for that I must make a special mention of the enormous support given by Mrs Shalini Kamath & rest of my team without whom. Beyond this place of wrath and tears Looms but the Horror of the shade. I would like to take this opportunity to talk about my journey at Ambit. Mandela (Morgan Freeman) shared with Pienaar that during his darkest moments in prison. Black as the Pit from pole to pole. the journey is still on & I feel proud to be a part of Ambit. In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. me unafraid. It is a dream come true for me to be working at Ambit. his spirit was lifted and sustained by the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley.

Acquisition financing. Ambit Finvest continuously monitors the transaction flow so that the same complies with designed structure till the final settlement of the transaction. Ambit Finvest also offers a tailor made solution which is specifically designed to meet the client's requirements under its structured financing product. After the disbursal of the funds to the client. Ambit Finvest understands the client's requirements/objectives along with the constraints in detail. Bidding financing and PE cash outs. PE drawdown financing. As a process.. Rights issues. Working Capital and projects bridge financing. at attractive terms and conditions. loan against securities. Open offers. 25 Little Angels HRITHIKA Daughter of Simmy Pawar (Assistant Manager . margin financing. checks for the legal and the regulatory aspect related to the transaction and then designs a mutually accepted deal structure best suited to client's requirements and compliant with all the regulations. the documents specific to the deal are prepared and executed along with security creation by client. IPO financing etc.NBFC Apart from the standard products like promoter funding. Special situations in which Ambit Finvest undertakes financing includes Buyback.Structured Financing Sanjay Dhoka COO . guidance on legal and statutory compliances etc. Delisting offers.Corporate Communications) ARAINA Daughter of Avril Ruzario (Secretary) . The loan facility under this product is specially structured / designed to enable the client to take advantage of a special situation or an investment objective keeping in view the constraints faced by the client. Post the agreement on the deal structure and commercial terms. Creeping acquisitions. Ambit Finvest's niche lies in providing lending solutions to the client with value added services like helping the client in overcoming the constraints.

We would also like to take this opportunity to place on record our sincere appreciation for all the help and support provided to us by the Admin as well as the IT teams. Poonam Kataria.For Libran's we celebrated the . Dipti Mehta. The birthday celebration culminates in the "Super Friday". One of the first initiatives by F@W has been to celebrate employee birthdays falling in the same sun sign across the group. a select list of famous personalities sharing the sun-sign as well as the traits of the sun-signs are put up on all the floors including the cafeteria. Shachi Seksaria & Niyati Khanna Motishah as its members.For Scorpions We celebrated the Beer & Vodka Pani Puri Super Friday The response to these initial events organised by F@W has been very encouraging and the effort and organisation of these events by F@W team has been appreciated. we hope that the energy and fun at these meeting translates into bringing more interesting events to ensure that Ambit becomes a place people enjoy and look forward to work at. Isha Dalal Rana. F@W which has taken over activities that celebrate occasions. Sumit Narang. Till the next "Super Friday" Have Fun!! œ œ Sudoku Solution . achievements of colleagues across businesses and all activities that generally create a positive buzz at the workplace had its first meeting on the 18th September 2012. The council championed by Vinod Wadhwani includes Rupesh Kolwalkar. Siddharth Kharbanda. As the F@W team continues to debate and discuss various ideas during the meetings. So far F@W has organised two Super Fridays . typically the last Friday in the sunsign where all the birthday employees are presented with a small birthday present and a cake is cut.Beer and Cake Super Friday . We also received several suggestions for improvement which were where practicable implemented. Posters indicating the names and birthday of employees. The Super Friday also provides a social setting for employees across all businesses to interact and bond over beers and snacks outside of their work. Pramod Menon.Adding a dash of Fun to Work Fun@Work Council A fun workplace is a happier and more productive workplace and therein lies the genesis of the fun @ work council (F@W).

the feedback is certainly positive and the interest is encouraging.3 splash Grenadine .Lemon wedges / Mint leaves to Garnish . Mix 120 ml of vodka.Ginger juice 2 tbsp . The new fund will leapfrog the IA team's excellent track record created for proprietary investments.Vodka 120 ml (Plain or vanilla flavored) . 2 splash of Grenadine and 2 tbsp ginger juice and shake it well. Both parties agreed that the dedicated India funds of both partners now and in the future will be managed and advised by the JV.The Ambit Nikko Tie-up Saif Attar COO Ambit and Nikko announced in December 2011 that they had entered into a Joint Venture Agreement for providing investment management and advisory services. be advised or managed by the JV. On the other hand. At that time. The fund is expected to be raised in the first quarter of 2013. prompting us to move rapidly. The IA team is very excited that the JV has the ability to tap into Nikko's product development capabilities and extensive network of distributors. 250 ml of sugar cane juice.Lemon Juice 2 tbsp . The JV became operational effective 1 August 2012 when Andrew Holland and his team moved into a new legal entity Ambit Investment Advisors Pvt Ltd ( AIA ) and Ambit and Nikko jointly owning AIA and Ambit's FII in Mauritius. The formation of the new fund has all the internal approvals to go full steam ahead and put together the prerequisites for SEBI approval. Contributed by Sujal Patwardhan . Ambit was advising two funds in Mauritius viz Ambit Frontier Fund and Ambit Sharia Fund. Our PW team will also be involved in distribution of the fund to investors.Crushed Ice one full martini glass . henceforth. Andrew is the CEO and Bill Wilder. st 27 œ œ Desi Daaru! Sukkerrør or (Means sugar cane in Danish) Or Vodgun A Vodka based desi cock-tail! Ingredients: . President & CIO of Nikko is the Chairman. the IA and BSG teams are putting together the contours of a new fund under the new SEBI rules for AIF. Add one tbsp of lemon juice in each of the glasses and garnish with lemon rind and fresh mint leaves. Based on meetings with investors so far. Nikko was managing a BRICS fund that also had AUMs of approx US$150 million in Indian equities that would. Divide one splash of Grenadine between the two glasses and pour the mixture equally on both the glasses.2 Martini Glass Kept in freezer for an hour Fill the two martini glasses with crushed ice.Sugarcane juice 250 ml . Already.

. A failure you learnt from Nothing significant to share. Your motivation mantra Do not stop by any breakdown and find alternate possibilities to meet the goals. 9. 4. the entire team is very talented and focus on delivering what is expected of them. beautiful rose gardens (must say i plucked lot of different color of roses for my Mom) and shikara in Dal lake. Things that you and your spouse don't agree on My wife likes going out on Sunday evening and I don't. brokers get physical certificate delivery of securities and all employees including senior management work over night to deliver shares on the next day to customers. 13..Business Process & Operations 1.In The Spotlight Himanshu Damania VP . 5. A word that best describes you Flexible 6. No unknown habits. . On the whole. I started as trainee in 1995. 3. Ambit's senior management team members are very humble and easy to access. Philosophy of Life Taking action in present keeping mind future you want to create. 8. if any No purchases on inauspicious days 12. Favourite Actor/Actress? . Experience so far in Ambit I am really impressed with organization's philosophy of caring about employees.Jean Claude van Damme 11. Weekends are for. Spending time with my wife & kids 10. I would like share Few of themes like dress color code. In those days. An interesting anecdote from your first job My first job was with Action financial services. Sledge car ride . Street food party etc. Describe yourself as a teenager and a habit you would not want the world to know then.. traditional wear. 7. On the settlement day. The best part was that all expenses were shared by all friends. A college memory you distinctly remember/cherish We were 10-12 friends in the group and use to celebrate birthday of each person in the group with different theme. Superstitions. Few of most memorable experiences were staying in houseboat. Always ready to have fun..Jim Carrey . beach party . Share a memorable experience of your childhood Tour to Kashmir with my parents when I was 10 yrs old. I was always amazed to see team energy reaching at highest level while working over night on such settlement day. 2. Stock market had settlement cycle of 15 days.

a less than 10% chance of getting formal education and a less than 1% chance of securing a regular livelihood -.000 to 1. and on.Throwing some ‘Prakash’ on Dogmas! Gautam Gupte Director . given the mammoth size of the problem in India.A child born blind has a less than 50% chance of survival beyond five years. that visual system cannot regain functionality if children do not see during their first years of life. While many people talk about this.leading to potentially massive socio-economic consequences.around 40% of all instances of blindness in India are either preventable or curable! This is one of the key failings of our public health Identified cases are provided free medical help and guidance for visual rehabilitation. but will not be complete without the most significant (and perhaps the most disturbing) fact .In rural areas. complemented with use of modern medical equipment like MRI scanners. he is not a medical practioner as his title and the context of this article may suggest! Pawan holds a doctoral degree in Computer Science from the famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Monitoring this group through studies. 29 . only the proverbial tip of the iceberg has been touched. with the help of visual inputs which their eyes provide to the brain.India is the nation with the highest number of blind children in the whole world . Personally I was amazed at the way he has bridged the divide between two seemingly very divergent streams of knowledge . has provided valuable insights into the process of visual learning and recognition. the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. including very recently. .computer science and neuro-science. In addition to financial support. in the process opening up the possibility of vision for many Indian underprivileged children.html. More information at http://web. No. All children are born nearly blind. Today. an opaque retina) which prevents the brain from receiving visual inputs. then the child is unlikely to recover vision even if the physical defect in the eye is corrected at a later stage. the average ratio of population to a qualified ophthalmologist can go as high as 500. Project Prakash is active in some parts of India. His undergraduate and master's degrees were also in the field of Computer Science! He is currently a professor at MIT and his research includes using computational modelling techniques to understand how human brain learns to recognize objects through visual experience. identifiable population of children who are just learning to see. 3 persons amongst every 100 Indians are blind . This conventional dogma. with the objective of marrying scientific opportunity with a humanitarian mission. I met Pawan recently at our graduation batch reunion. The list can go on.On an average. is borne out of research including the work of some past Nobel award winners.Corporate Finance Statistics around blindness in India can be stunningly sad. severely affecting detection and treatment of blindness . some actually make significant contribution towards alleviation of this bane. One such person is Dr Pawan Sinha. Pawan has published a number of research papers in the field of cognitive science and has earned a variety of academic and industry Traditional scientific knowledge holds that if a child is born with an eye disorder (eg. This humanitarian effort has created a large. A part of Pawan's research is focused on challenging this age old belief! Pawan has launched Project Prakash in India. Boston. Under Project Prakash. the initiative needs awareness among the people who can make a difference by contributing thought leadership and spread of the message through word of mouth. about 10 years ago. they 'develop' vision. Inspite of efforts from dedicated healthcare volunteers. 2012 given by President Obama. One of the key challenges for Project Prakash is scalability. Immediately after birth. This research has also helped establish that human brain retains an ability to perform visual tasks even after an extended period of congenital blindness . thousands of blind children in India are screened to identify cases of treatable blindness.something which should spur efforts in treating & rehabilitating children born blind and assumed to be 'lost cases' as per the extant scientific beliefs.

.Operations Nishat Vakil Sr. Executive . . you will be out of balance and in the negative. Executive and Secretary If you allow people to make withdrawals than deposits in your life..Jab Main Chota Baccha Tha. Sushant Bhansali AVP . Know when to close the account.CEO’s Office Milan Sarvaiya Sr.

they stack better Ancient Egyptians slept on pillows made of stone.460 dreams a year Superman dates back to June 1938 (he first appeared in Action Comics No. South Korea that is five stories tall. 1) The first crossword puzzle appeared in 1913 The dollar values on the board game Monopoly have been the same since 1935 The first taxi service began in New York in 1907 The elevator was invented in 1850 The first product to have a bar code was Wrigley's gum It took Leonardo Da Vinci 10 years to paint Mona Lisa Wine is sold in tinted bottles because it spoils when exposed to light The youngest pope was 11 years old. Thomas Edison.10% of with world's food supply is consumed by insects Japanese people don't have middle names Employees of the Vatican pay no income tax The only thing that can destroy a diamond is intense heat Bill Gates began programming computers at the of age 13 Did You Know Flies can react to an object it sees and change direction in less than 30 milliseconds The first drug that was sold as a water soluble tablet was aspirin in 1900 The ice cream cone was introduced in 1904 Green tea has 50% more vitamin C than black tea The average person has over 1.100. Ted Turner owns 5% of New Mexico There are more 100 dollar bills in Russia currently than there are in the United States A Boeing 767 airliner is made of 3. light bulb inventor. There is a Starbucks in Myungdong. They have square watermelons in Japan . was afraid of the dark The world's oldest piece of chewing gum is 9000 years old The original name of Bank of America was Bank of Italy.000 separate parts 31 .