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Freedom Watch Monthly - May, 2013

Special Report

Welcome to Freedom Watch Monthly, brought to you by Wealth Daily 's Constitutional Investigative Team. This month:

Boston Explosion Shakes Liberty Socialist Republicans Busted! Why I'm a Racist Monsanto's Vegetarian Food Scam

Boston Explosion Shakes Liberty
By: Jeff Siegel The alert came across my screen around at 3 o'clock on Monday: “Explosion Rocks Boston Marathon, Multiple Injuries Reported” Within seconds I was following the Twitter feeds, clicking images and video of the horrific attack. The earliest pictures, many of which have been scrubbed from the Internet (unless you know where to look), made me sick. Was this really happening — again? Emotions in our office ranged from anger and frustration to worry and sadness. But mostly, I was just tired. Tired of it all: the violence, the pain, the sense of vulnerability that future generations will now know not as rare occurrences, but rather as just a part of everyday life. So I went home early that afternoon, spent some time with my family, and just let the whole thing marinate. I didn't watch the news because I wasn't in the mood for scripted emotion and crystal ball analysis. And I stayed off the social media sites because I just couldn't take reading any more “inner-most thoughts” from legions of armchair philosophers and heartless, anonymous Internet bullies who, for some reason, get off on other people's pain and suffering. Instead, I just tuned out and took a very long walk through the city. And on my walk, I noticed something very interesting... Nothing was different. Kids were outside playing in the parks. Bikeriders were zipping in and out of traffic. Some folks were doing yard work, others were grilling burgers and steaks on their back porches. All in all, the scene in Baltimore was no different than it was a day prior. And then I realized that for most of us, our way of life is simply not something that can be thrown off track very easily. And as long as we're not inconvenienced too much, we'll carry on and let those charged with the responsibility of protecting our nation take care of the bad guys. It is for this reason, dear reader, that I fear the Boston explosion was not an isolated incident, but instead, just one of many more cracks in the dam that holds back the bubbling waters of foreign invasion, oppression, and tyranny. What are we doing? Following my very long walk this past Monday, I asked myself a very simple question: What are we doing? What are we actively doing to protect this once-great Democracy? What are we doing to stay united in an effort to combat those who seek to divide and then conquer us? What are we doing to ensure future generations of Americans enjoy the same freedoms we long enjoyed? What are we doing to provide the foundation for success so that today's children will be able to effectively compete in a global marketplace tomorrow? — a marketplace, by the way, that is already flooded with math and science whiz kids from China, India, and other parts of the globe. What are we doing to hold our elected officials accountable for their misdeeds and incompetence? What are we doing to protect the Constitution from bureaucratic mobsters? What are we doing to ensure that America's future is one where opportunity exists for those willing to work for it, and what are we doing to make certain the next generation doesn't have to waste time and effort defending the right to have things as simple as access to clean

is one where opportunity exists for those willing to work for it, and what are we doing to make certain the next generation doesn't have to waste time and effort defending the right to have things as simple as access to clean air, safe water, and healthy food? Finally, what are we doing to instill the values in this next generation that will drive them to expect nothing less than life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? I know, it's a long list. But these are all valid questions that deserve valid answers. Because quite frankly, while this most recent terror attack was a very well-publicized event, it was also one of many events that continues to threaten our very fortunate way of life. What happens now? Although suspects have already been either killed or detained, I do hope that we as a nation  allow this recent event in Boston to remind us how easily the foundation of our democracy can be shaken... not to mention the responsibility with which we are all charged to protect it. The truth is while all of us are rightly expected to demand justice in our pursuit of the terrorists that threatened our personal freedoms by attacking innocent Americans in Boston this week, we should also rightly be expected to demand justice from those who actively work to steal our freedom in a much more secretive way — and on a much larger scale... Whether it's unlawful searches and seizures, the watering down of our Constitution, or special interests dictating policy that results in everything from never-ending wars to very real threats to our food and water supplies... as responsible Americans, it is our duty to pursue and hold accountable those who seek to destroy the system that guarantees our liberty. How do we accomplish this? We ask ourselves all those questions I posed earlier in this piece. And collectively, we not only find answers to those questions, but we actively pursue solutions to the problems these questions reveal. Because, my friends, the future of America is relying on us. The very foundation of this nation can only be preserved and strengthened by our actions. What happened in Boston this week was a tragedy of epic proportions, and we must not let that event fade off into oblivion. Instead, it should serve as a constant reminder of the importance of defending our nation from all who wish to do it harm. Those who lost their lives that day deserve nothing less. Socialist Republicans Busted! By: Jeff Siegel I'm often accused of being overly critical of the Obama administration. But any criticisms I've ever made regarding our government have always been done on an equal opportunity basis. Truth is, I'm loyal to no political party.  To quote Carlton Ridenhour, “neither party is mine, not the Jackass or the Elephant.” I have no time for partisan buffoonery, and I have no interest in supporting a corrupt two-party system designed to deter the the magnificence of democracy. However, on the rare occasion I find myself in agreement with a lawmaker, on either side of the aisle, I don't make it a secret. Certainly my long history of support for Congressman Ron Paul is proof of that. And today, I'm writing to show my support of a plan offered by President Obama that could help reduce the deficit by about $25 billion. Sure, in the grand scheme of things, that's not a lot. But certainly every bit helps. Turns out, President Obama is proposing a review of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) that could lead to the privatization of this US-owned power company. Now the TVA was created in 1933 in an effort to bring electricity to rural communities and reduce the risk of flooding in those regions. It was actually an integral part of President Roosevelt's New Deal. Since then, however, many conservatives have fought to turn over this program to the private sector, including President Reagan and President Eisenhower, who, incidentally, called the TVA, “creeping socialism.” Truth is, the private sector could run the TVA much more efficiently and economically than the government. So when I heard that President Obama had proposed the review and possible sale of the TVA, I was pleased, but admittedly, a bit shocked, too. Of course, what wasn't so shocking is that a handful of Republican lawmakers who regularly wave the flag of fiscal conservatism blasted the proposal – showing their true colors like the bureaucratic chameleons they really are. (My colleague likes to call them Socialist Republicans) Senator Lamar Alexander said it was one more bad idea in a budget full of bad ideas, and attempted to scare folks by claiming that it could lead to higher electricity rates for customers. Of course, he provided no evidence, because that's what they do. And Representative John Duncan from Tennessee told reporters that privatizing TVA has been proposed before and was determined to be a very bad idea. I would love to review the data on that, and more importantly, find out who provided it. No, in this instance, I'm going with Obama on this one, and would suggest he take this one step further by also proposing to privatize the postal service and Amtrak as well. After all, as my father used to say, either do it right or don't do it. The truth is, this could be the start of something positive. But make no mistake about it, without a proper finish, starting is pointless.  So it should be interesting to see if those "Socialist Republicans" do end putting the kibosh on this proposal.  We'll soon find out. Why I'm a Racist By: Jeff Siegel In a heated debate with a colleague of mine about civil rights, I was struck with all the force of a city bus when my views on civil rights somehow labeled me a racist.

You see, following Rand Paul's speech at Howard University this week, media coverage was as expected: Fake conservative media ignored it, liberal media attacked Paul's speech like a group of rabid honey badgers, and independent media had the audacity to present more than just sound bites, criticisms, and overzealous praise by doing something completely outrageous — that is, providing objective coverage. The latter is where I tend to get most of my news. My colleague, however, is a fully admitted slave to to the plastic faces on mainstream “news” shows that spit out lies and misinformation like the good robots they are. In any event, I was labeled a racist because I found Paul's speech to be one of the few truly honorable ones delivered at Howard University, compared to other lawmakers who have also stood before the students of Howard in the past. How so? It wasn't delivered behind the backdrop of liberal white guilt, fake nervous smiles, and the visible fear of offending anyone. Sure, it wasn't the most heartfelt speech I've ever heard. And clearly there was an agenda to make the republican case. But unlike other politicians I've watched speak at Howard, it definitely didn't carry that patronizing tone we've heard so many times before. And that's what makes all the difference. Ending Oppression Despite my lack of criticisms of Senator Paul's speech, there were plenty out there who attempted to paint Paul as a racist because he had the courage to open up the dialogue on civil rights in a rational and honest way. You know, it's really easy to sit behind a camera and talk about the importance of civil rights and all the accomplishments the civil rights movement facilitated for minorities. But it takes a certain level of fortitude to be honest about where we are today on this issue. Did the civil rights movement of the 1960s help lay the groundwork for opportunity and freedom for those who weren't allowed to enjoy it? Absolutely. Have dozens of laws and regulations been able to end the oppression of minorities? Not at all. A Nation of Slaves Although slavery was outlawed in 1865, there are plenty of folks these days (and not just minorities) who are still enslaved. You see, there are three was to enslave communities: Keep them poor, keep them uneducated, and keep them unable to protect themselves. My friends, this is exactly what our government does. While plenty of politicians will boast about helping minority communities and providing financial help for those who need it, most are just exacerbating the problem. If they truly wanted to embrace civil rights, they would spend less time chasing the effects of failed policies and more time focusing on the root of the problem — which is clearly the absence of opportunity. Poor, Uneducated, and Defenseless Today's lack of a real free market coupled with overzealous bureaucrats determined to further regulate our ability to pursue life, liberty, and property accomplishes the goal of keeping many folks poor, uneducated, and defenseless. If you support civil rights for all Americans, then its imperative that we enable opportunity for all Americans.  And the best way to do that is to encourage wealth creation, education, and self-reliance. You want to lift folks out of poverty? Encourage business development by limiting harmful and superfluous regulations that, these days, seem nearly synonymous with the tributes once paid by local store owners to mafia bosses. You want to educate people? This is a tough one, as education really does start in the home. And the majority of American children living in poverty (regardless of race) are the ones who are not properly educated before heading off to school. I would argue that even if you had a superior school, public or private, available to these kids, if education isn't a priority at home, it won't be in the classroom. Moreover, if those kids don't respect their parents, they won't respect their teachers. And that opens up another can of worms that makes things even more difficult. Although I'm very much in favor of supporting more privatization and a complete restructuring or possibly gutting of the public school system as we know it today (including the Department of Education), it would be detrimental to the health of our nation if a system wasn't in place beforehand that would see to it that the most vulnerable were not denied an education and the chance to rise up and become financially independent as adults. As Frederick Douglas once said, “Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.” If you want to make sure folks can defend themselves, they must have access to firearms. That's not to say they should be required to own them; but if needed to protect their families from those seeking to do them harm, there should be no restraints on their ability to do so. As I wrote last week, we simply can't make it more difficult for those on limited incomes in poorer, more violent neighborhoods to protect themselves, as these folks are at a much higher risk of victimization. Bottom line: You will find more solutions to civil rights problems by encouraging free market solutions, supporting and defending the Constitution, and opening up a real, honest dialogue with those who are disproportionately victimized by a system that tends to praise the glory days of the civil rights movement, but actually promotes an agenda of restrained liberty — which, of course, erodes civil rights instead of strengthening them.

Monsanto's Vegetarian Food Scam
By: Michael Carter, Jr

By: Michael Carter, Jr Bill Gates, Monsanto and Obama are working together to end food freedom. It's true. Monsanto's working out of the White House ( click here), Bill Gates is singing the praises of GMOs to any deep-pocketed sucker he can find (and yes, Bill Gates invests in Monsanto), and Obama continues to look the other way, just as he promised he wouldn't do. Here's the latest in a series of propaganda videos designed to make us go vegetarian and embrace GMOs as our savior. No, they don't talk about GMOs or Monsanto, but follow the money. Follow the trail. All roads lead back to Monsanto. And this latest video is an attempt to sucker treehuggers and vegetarians to buy the GMO lie.

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