s1r9a9m9 transformer Jul 8, 2008

Transformer coil description.
The transformer is made up of three windings , the main and two others , it is designed so that one winding is wound around the inside to out side of the main and the other is wound around the end lead to the main wire of the main winding,. Yes this is a step up transformer but it is deferent form normal ones. None of the windings have the same number of turns in them. We tried the store bought ones and they didn’t work. Main winding - 5 turns with long ends of about 4 inches. 14 gage solid wire. Second winding - 7 turns , wire is made up of smaller strains which adds to the number of turns of wire inside. Third winding - same wire as second but with 13 turns . The wire used on the second and third winding have the insulation left on them. The main winding has five turns of solid uninsulated wire, I used 14 gage copper wire ( house hold use type ). The winding that winds around this has many smaller wires in it, It is a 16 gage wire from a lamp plug wire . There is 7 turns on this wire. Insulation is left on it. The winding that is wound around the solid main wire is the same as the above with many wires in it . There is 13 turns on this wire. There is also a nail in the middle of it as to create a magnetic field in which the wave is formed, this is the reason for the deferent number of windings it causes the field to resonate and collapse but not reform to send power in a reverse direction back to the engines main coil. Between the coil and the ground there has to be a limiter switch of some sort. Hook up a fog light between the coil and the ground connection, this will act as a limiter . It draws about 60 watts at 15 amps, this will work on your test. I am trying to get the papers together to explain the whole thing in detail , I type with 2 fingers , it ant fast but it works. The idea here is to produce a wave of power surge through the inner windings to produce more amps and volts to the plug. Several types of systems have been tried

but this is what we have found to work best. If you know of any thing better than a step up transformer that can do this at a cost of less than $3.00 per cylinder then by all means use it. I did say cheapest way. Now the inverter cant be used with this transformer. The supply of power is in at wave form and the inverter will only level the wave back down to the point where it will not work. This transformer will boost to power to the plug by about 2oo times that of the stock system. The video showed the inverter hooked up, well it is and ant. As many noticed in the first video. The wires to the inverter was mint to carry the 12 volts to the new coil only. I didn’t notice it until it was mentioned about on the video, even raised a question on my part as to how the engine started , then I found out. The battery charger was supplying the power to the coil . Sorry to do that but it was necessary because of a reason I will disclose latter. In the container the wiring is simple , the plug wire goes to the main wire of the main winding then to the plug, and the other two windings are wired together at one end. The Hot wire from the battery goes to the wire on the third winding , the wire from the second winding goes to the ground of the plug or just ground to the engine block close to the plug will do. The timing on the engine in the video was not changed, the time it took for the power to flow through the new coil slows down enough for the delay necessary for the right reaction in the cylinder . I know a lot of people think that may have been some kind of alcohol in the bottle , but if you look at the video you will see the water dripping down on the starter and sparks flying every where. Would you do this? I bought this engine just for this video, I also bought a 20 horse for a wood gas project we are also working on. Look in wood gas in the yahoo groups. On the video I did not have any fuses or other devices that would help protect the system, I do advise using them at all times because a back charge to the battery will cause it to explode and it can kill, burn, and other things that is not to fun to contend with. Safety First please. I am making a video showing making the coil and using it to show how its wired together and the flash it produces.

I know after three years its been tough on every one but here it comes at last. As for a patent on it , I went one better. I made copies of all document and mailed them to myself. This gives me sealed proof of the idea and date of conception. And it is marked by the US government postal service, which is the government itself. If they want to question it I have proof sealed by them.

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