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Indonesian culture is the whole national culture, local culture, and the culture of foreign origin that has existed in Indonesia before Indonesia's independence in 1945. Being the regional culture in Indonesia Regional culture reflected in various aspects of public life in all regions in Indonesia. Each region have the characteristics of different cultures. Here are some of Indonesian culture by type :

Sigale-gale dace from minangkabau

Dance in Indonesia can be classified into various categories. In the category of history, dance, Indonesia can be divided into three eras: prehistoric tribal era, the era of HinduBuddhist, and Islamic era. Based protectors and supporters, can be divided into two groups, dance palace (court dance) supported the nobility, and the folk dance that grew from the common people. According to tradition, Indonesian dances are divided into two groups: traditional dance and contemporary dance

Traditional tribal music of Indonesia generally use percussion instruments, especially drums and gongs. Some evolved into complex music and different, such as stringed instruments sasando from Rote island, angklung of West Java, and complex gamelan orchestras of Java and Bali.



and almost all Indonesian cuisine rich with flavor comes from spices such as nutmeg. China. there are also some Malay-speaking countries such as Malaysia and Brunei). Nusa southeast east: D. Literary Arts Indonesia typical Sundanese cuisine Tenun Ikat Pakaian Tais Beti / Taimuti Indonesian cuisine is a reflection of the diverse cultures and traditions from archipelago comprising some 6. Bali: Balinese Cuisine       Kemben Kancrik Kain gringsing c.C. Middle East. there is also the influence of trade coming through such as India. as well as the Malays living in Singapore. Traditional Chlothing Indonesia variety of custom clothing typical. ginger. coconut and palm sugar followed by the use of cooking techniques and ingredients according to indigenous traditions. each region has a specific individual : a. INDONESIAN FOOD E. pepper. turmeric.000 islands and holds an important place in the national culture of Indonesia in general. Papua: Manawou e. d. Java : kebaya . key retrieval. and Europe. galangal . Aceh : Ulee Balang b. Indonesian literature itself can refer to literature made in the Indonesian archipelago. Often also widely referred to literary language based on Malay roots (where the Indonesian language is a derivative). By understanding both the literature can also be interpreted as literature made in the Malay (other than Indonesia. kencur.