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By R.H.Wade M.D., F.R.C.S. (Tr. & Orth.) 540 Etruria Road, Basford, Newcastle, Staffs, ST5 OSX


Medical report of: Examined on: Your ref: Instructors ref: Our ref:

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Medical report of: Examined on: Your ref: Instructors ref: Our ref:

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I have been requested by dated to provide a medical report on following an accident


This report has been prepared using the accident and medical files. The client was examined on


I am a consultant orthopaedic surgeon working at North Staffordshire NHS Trust. I have worked as consultant since January 2003. I work as a trauma surgeon in a very busy trauma unit taking casualties covering a wide area via the air ambulance. I take tertiary referrals from surrounding district general hospitals. I am involved in all aspects of trauma care and I undertake a regular on call duty. My elective work covers all aspects of sports injuries and arthroscopic surgery.


I qualified from Liverpool Medical School in 1992. I obtained my fellowship to the Royal College of Surgeons in 1996. topic concerned problem fractures. Trauma and Orthopaedics in 2002. My basic training was undertaken in the I undertook my higher surgical training in Liverpool area after which I worked as a research fellow in Oswestry. My research Manchester, Oswestry and Stoke-on-Trent. I obtained my specialist fellowship of

2.3 I am widely published in the field of Trauma and Orthopaedics. I have a doctorate of medicine based on trauma orthopaedic research that I obtained in 2002 from Keele University. This gave me an insight into the critique all aspect of published research. 2.4 I prepare over 200 reports a year. I have attended conferences on medico-legal matters and understand Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules. I have a specific interest in the recovery from orthopaedic injury in the medico-legal setting. I base this on a critical review of the medical literature.

Medical report of: Examined on: Your ref: Instructors ref: Our ref:

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3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4

Mr Bloggs is a 36 year old sales representative. He would undertake about 3,000 miles a week driving for work. He presented with a passport for ID. At the time of the accident he worked from home and did not take any specific time off.


He is right handed.


THE ACCIDENT (as told to me by Mr Bloggs)
On 12/12/2008 Mr Bloggs was the driver of a car involved in a road traffic accident. There were two other passengers.


He was wearing a seatbelt. The car was fitted with headrests which had been adjusted by himself. The driver’s airbags was deployed. He did not get a burn from this.


He was driving along the motorway at approximately 50 mph when a car in the outside lane had stopped with no lights on. He stopped just in time and a vehicle hit the rear of his car at significant speed. This impact shunted him forward.


There was a lot of damage to his Vauxhall Vectra. The other car was a Range Rover.

Medical report of: Examined on: Your ref: Instructors ref: Our ref:

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He was jolted. He was unaware of the impending impact. He was looking to the left. There was a direct blow to his left wrist from the airbag.

4.6 4.7

His other passengers did sustain injuries. He noticed pain increasing in his neck over a day or so following the accident. This radiated to his arms. There were pins and needles in his fingers.


SUBSEQUENT HISTORY (as told to me by Mr Bloggs)
An ambulance attended the scene. He was taken to the local Hospital. He was examined and had x-rays taken. He has been to see his General Practitioner.


He has completed 6 sessions of physiotherapy with little help. His general practitioner had arranged these.


Neck injury This increased for 2 days and then remained the same. It has not really improved since this time.


PREVIOUS MEDICAL HISTORY (as told to me by Mr Bloggs)
Nil to note.


PRESENT SITUATION (as told to me by Mr Bloggs)
Neck injury

Medical report of: Examined on: Your ref: Instructors ref: Our ref:

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He continues with constant pain. It is there most days but only for an hour or so. There are no ongoing pins and needles or numbness. On a visual analogue score he describes this as 3-4 out of 10. 7.2 He takes medication occasionally. This is usually paracetamol but can also sometimes be co-proxamol.


His leisure activities of the gym and football are reduced. He struggles when he is driving with his neck.


He struggles with DIY and needed to get a painter in when he was unable do work he would normally do himself.


He has no ongoing working reduction except to say it is uncomfortable when he drives.


Photocopied notes were reviewed. Notes only of relevance to this case have been commented upon Text in quotations is verbatim. Text in square brackets is a personal opinion.



General Practitioner record: ‘Spontaneous onset of neck pain.” [Reference to previous problem with neck.]



Hospital record: ‘RTA neck pain’

Medical report of: Examined on: Your ref: Instructors ref: Our ref:

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‘X-ray normal’ ‘Soft tissue injury’ ‘Advice and analgesias’



General Practitioner record: ‘Neck now improving’ ‘Physiotherapy arranged’



10.1 He attended alone today. 10.2 He answered my questions and co-operated with the examination. 10.3 He is 5 foot 8 and weighs 10 stone 4 pounds. 10.4 Tender in right trapezius. Full range of movements. Neurological examination normal. No inappropriate signs. No shoulder impingement signs. No rotator cuff weakness.

Medical report of: Examined on: Your ref: Instructors ref: Our ref:

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11.1 X-rays reviewed on E viewer personally. 11.2 12/12/2008 Cervical spine: No fractures seen. No underlying osteoarthritis.



12.1 On 12/12/2008 Mr Bloggs was involved in a road traffic accident. 12.2 He sustained a soft tissue injury to his neck. 12.3 Neck injury He noticed pain immediately. This radiated to his arms. There were pins and needles in his fingers. 12.4 This increased over 2 days and then reached a plateau. It has continued since the accident. 12.5 I note he has had physiotherapy. He takes medication occasionally. He still has some leisure activity restrictions. 12.6 Factors which in this case relate to a poorer outcome, are: a) A lack of awareness at the time of injury (Ryan et al 1994). b) Pain distribution more distal than the neck (Squires et al 1996). c) A front seat passenger (Allen et al 1985). d) A rear-end collision (Spitzer et al 1995). e) Early onset of symptoms (Deans et al 1987).

Medical report of: Examined on: Your ref: Instructors ref: Our ref:

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12.7 Factors in this injury which may predict a better outcome, are: a) No previous whiplash type injury (Khan et al 2000). b) No known pre-existing cervical spondylosis (Maimaris et al 1988). c) No abnormal neurology at the time of injury (Maimaris et al 1988). d) Aged under 50 at the time of injury (Hohl et al 1974). 12.8 At present he is scale C on a Gargan and Bannister scale. 12.9 He does have a past history of neck pain in 2005. 12.10 Taking into account all the above factors on the balance of probability I would expect this to improve and settle fully 12 to 18 months post injury. requires no further investigation or treatment. deteriorate in reference to this accident in the future. 12.11 If it does continue beyond this time his past medical history needs to be considered and further investigations such as an MRI may well pick up abnormalities that will have predated the accident. 12.12 He took no time off work. This will not affect his working capacity in the future. 12.13 His ongoing leisure activity restrictions will settle when his symptoms settle as previously noted. This This will not significantly



13.1 On 12/12/2008 Mr Bloggs was involved in a road traffic accident. 13.2 He sustained a soft tissue injury to his neck. On the balance of probability this will settle 12 to 18 months post injury.

Medical report of: Examined on: Your ref: Instructors ref: Our ref:

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I confirm that insofar as the facts state in my report and within my knowledge, I have made clear which they are and I believe them to be true, and that the opinion that I have expressed represents my true and complete professional opinion. I understand my duty to the Court and have complied and will continue to comply with that duty.

_______________ R.H. Wade M.D., F.R.C.S. (Tr. & Orth.) Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Medical report of: Examined on: Your ref: Instructors ref: Our ref:

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Gargan MF & Bannister GC. 1990. Long-term prognosis of soft tissue injuries of the neck. J. Bone J. Surg. 72-B: 901-03.
GROUP A B C D SYMPTOMS Symptom-free. Symptoms not interfering with occupation or leisure Symptoms restricting occupation or leisure with or without frequent intermittent use of analgesia, orthotics or physical therapy. Loss of occupation, continuous use of analgesics, orthotics, repeated medical consultations.

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