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W4: Migration Management Solutions – Tools and Services

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Presenters: Lonnie Morris Chris Watkins Arlen Jacobs Ariane Roberson

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1. Defining Automation Obsolescence Risk 2. Current Market Conditions 3. What Are You Being Asked to Do?

4. Identifying/Quantifying Obsolescence Risk
5. Migrating SLC and PLC-5 Systems 6. Migrating Panelview Standard 7. Migrating Motion Control Systems

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Defining Automation Obsolescence Risk . . .
 What Is Automation Obsolescence Risk? The extended downtime risk automation users take (knowingly or unknowingly) using products that are no longer available for sale and have limited to no serviceability remaining.  The goal is quite simple:

“Maintain on-going awareness of automation obsolescence and develop a strategy to mitigate and ultimately eliminate this risk”
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Current Market Conditions • Electrical Power Systems Lifecycle Management – ARC (Automation Research Corporation) World Industry Forum 2011 • SupplyChainBrain Interview Full interview available at: .youtube.

Inc. It’s the only way to be prepared for failure and catch failure at its earliest point and prevent extended downtime. You Cannot Start (Planning) Too Soon! Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation.When is the optimal time to replace legacy (automation) equipment? • No consistent replacement policies • Capital constraints still present • Fear of lost production is the #1 factor in deciding to upgrade • Capital funding available to prevent a failure – but you cannot buy too soon nor can you wait until it is too late Survey Summary • Migrations to occur in phases vs. 5 . wholesale basis • Conclusions / Recommendations: Conduct an assessment as far ahead of time as possible. All rights reserved.

Bathtub failure rate curve applies to all manufacturing equipment. Inc. 6 . Maintenance practices and spares stocking should be reevaluated to insure maximum product life can be achieved. Migration plans must be in place to insure against uninterrupted operation Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation. Everything eventually wears out. All rights reserved. Catastrophic failures can no longer be replaced with new. migration plans should be developed prior to product discontinuation Product Announcement (Silver Period) ? ? ? ? ? Discontinued Product (Increased Risk) Discontinued Support (Critical Risk) Risk of product failure highest with infant mortality and EOL wear-out Risk increases when product is discontinued Risk becomes critical when component availability and technical expertise become limited Need for service increases with time.Product Risk Understanding and Mitigation The critical question to be answered for risk mitigation is this: For how much longer can you be assured that service support will be available? ? ? Optimally.

How do you . All rights reserved. Inc. 7 . ? Quantify Obsolescence Risk Mitigate Obsolescence Risk Eliminate Obsolescence Risk Without impacting While Improving  Product Quality  Production Rates  Plant Reliability  MRO Management  Plant Floor Safety  Environment  Budget Planning  Data Convergence Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation. . .

Quantifying Obsolescence Risk Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation. Current Market Conditions 3. Inc. All rights reserved.Agenda 1. 8 . What are You Being Asked to Do? 4. Automation Obsolescence Defined 2.

9 . All rights reserved. Inc.Quantifying Obsolescence Risk Identify Lifecycle Prioritize Research Accurately quantifying obsolescence risks is an evolving process that must be repeated as products progress through their lifecycle Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation.

Quantifying Obsolescence Risk Locate and Document Identify Compare Lifecycle Prioritize Develop Hierarchy Research Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation. 10 . All rights reserved. Inc.

Inc. All rights reserved.Identify Locate and document automation inventory across entire facility Identify • • • • Define Goals Determine Scope Dedicate Qualified Resources Develop a Collection Strategy Safe collection and attention to detail are necessary for success Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation. 11 .

Inc. installed base – Identify inventory “gaps” – Identify inventory “orphans” – Compare repair/replace activity • Collect and document product lifecycle status Allen-Bradley Products – www.Research Compare collected data against manufacturers product availability Research • Manufacturer’s Web sites & Notifications • Publications • Distributors / Reps / Resellers • Compare MRO spares vs.ab. All rights reserved. 12 .com/silver Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation.

13 . Inc. mitigate and eliminate obsolescence risk • Develop process to obtain on-going lifecycle status changes for installed products Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation.Prioritize Develop hierarchical method to quantify obsolescence risk Prioritize • Aggregate data to highlight areas of greatest obsolescence concern • Design plan to accept. All rights reserved.

Inc.Rockwell Automation Assessment Service Installed Base Evaluation (IBE) with Lifecycle Analysis: Site-delivered assessment that provides actionable intelligence to help you make data-driven decisions regarding your installed base assets of automation products. environmental & ventilation inspection reporting • Full reporting • MRO assessment & spares optimization • Panel condition reporting • Additional Assessment Options Available Five Service Levels Available – Rockwell Automation Repairable to Entire Facility Copyright © 2011 2010 Rockwell Automation. Assessment Features & Benefits Assessment includes: • Identification of plant-wide automation lifecycle status • Identification of top migration priorities • Executive Summary • Red-Yellow-Green Lifecycle Coding • MTBF stocking analysis • Grounding. All rights reserved. 14 .

Networks and Software assessments may also be performed during the IBE process Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation. Inc. 15 . Arc Flash. All rights reserved. Energy.Installed Base Evaluation Process Step 1 Field Collection On-site data collection by a qualified Rockwell Automation Field Service Engineer Step 2 Processing Step 3 Delivery Delivery of lifecycle reporting highlighting MRO risks via plant hierarchy Off-site processing and analysis determines plant lifecycle risks and overall MRO inventory status Machine Safety.

All rights reserved. Inc. 16 .Lifecycle Reporting Lifecycle Site Report Location / Line Report Machine Report Panel Report Plant Bill of Materials Product By Location Inventory Analysis Simplified Red-Yellow-Green lifecycle coding identifies production status associated service risk Firefighting ends when understanding begins Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation.

etc. support. Inc.Where do you go from here? Once your risk has been quantified. a critical decision must be made . .)? Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation. All rights reserved. .  How long do you intend to operate equipment?  Is support readily available?  Is capital funding available?  Is there applicable new technology available?  What are the migration implications (training. Mitigate Risk Eliminate Risk 17 .

a critical decision must be made .Where do you go from here? Once your risk has been quantified.  How long do you intend to operate equipment?  Is support readily available?  Is capital funding available?  Is there applicable new technology available?  What are the migration implications (training. Inc. Mitigate Risk Eliminate Risk 18 . . support. All rights reserved.)? Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation. . etc.

Inc. All rights reserved.Migrating SLC or PLC-5 to Logix Insert Photo Here Chris Watkins Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation. 19 .

Typical 4 Step Migration Process Plan your migration Code and Hardware Conversion Hardware Replacement Replace the Operator Interface and other network components 20 .

Selection Guides. Inc. All rights reserved. Catalogs) • Performs rule-based system/network checking Wizards for Migrating both PLC-5 / 1771 and SLC to Logix Solutions Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation.g. price lists) • Supplements other sales tools (e..g.What is IAB (Integrated Architecture Builder) Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB) is a Configurator tool that: • Enables you to efficiently generate accurate & comprehensive bills-ofmaterials for IA solutions • Facilitates “what if” scenarios for comparison purposes • Allows for some degree of localization (e.. 21 .

Inc. All rights reserved. IAB Outputs: – Complete Bill of Material output – Project Report including specification differences by module for Engineering to verify application concerns Copyright © 2009 2010 Rockwell Automation.IAB Conversion Tool SLC500 to CompactLogix Migration Wizard – Enables you to convert SLC500 system to the equivalent CompactLogix system – One Migration wizard will allow you to have an option to preserve your SLC500 I/O via 1747-AENTR PLC-5 to ControlLogix Migration Wizard – Enables you to convert PLC-5 / 1771 system to the equivalent ControlLogix system – Selects the 1771 Wiring Conversion System that will greatly reduce your conversion time. 22 .

rockwellautomation.Where do I get IAB? Go to: www. Inc. All rights reserved. 23 .com Select configuration tab Download the software Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation.

Inc. All rights reserved.Converting Your RSLogix 5 or 500 Application Code using the Translation Tool “Wizard-style” step-by-step windows to guide the user through the process Updated and updateable controller list Included in RSLogix 5000 or as a Service by Tech Support Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation. 24 .

Example: Stand Alone Systems Migration using an EtherNet Adaptor PV Std Serial SLC 5/03 PV + Ethernet CompactLogix Ethernet 1747-AENT SLC 5/05 Single Rack Installation: • • • • • Convert software to RSL5000 V20 Download new EDS files Replace SLC processor with EtherNet adaptor (1747-AENTR) Mount & wire new CompactLogix processor and power supply Upgrade Panelview Standard (Confidential – For Internal Use Only) 25 .

502 and 503 Mount and wire new CompactLogix Processor and power supply Upgrade Panelview Standard (Confidential – For Internal Use Only) 26 .Example: Remote Rack Systems Migration using an EtherNet Adaptor PV Std Serial SLC 5/03 1747-AENTR 1747-SN 1747-ASB 1747-AENTR PV + Ethernet CompactLogix Remote Rack Systems: • • • • • • Convert software to RSL5000 v20 Download new EDS files Replace SLC Processor and 1747.ASB with EtherNet adaptor (1747-AENTR) Calculate SLC power supply loading when replacing SLC 501.

-ACNR15) in remote racks – Requires RSLogix 5000 v20 or greater • Utilizes the EDS AOP capability of v20 • Recognizes all modules with an EDS (requires new EDS files to be downloaded prior to module utilization) – Supports Ethernet DLR • Connects to new or existing Logix controller • Allows for ring. 27 . Inc. star and linear Ethernet topologies – Supports Extended Rack • Performance depends on the module configuration on the rack Available For Sale January 2012 Copyright © 2009 Rockwell Automation.1747-AENTR Adaptor Capabilities • The 1747-AENTR allows SLC IO racks to be controlled by Logix Controllers: – Must be located in the first slot of a SLC rack • Replaces the existing SLC processor • Replaces the existing RIO adaptor (1747-ASB) or CNET adaptor (1747-ACN15. All rights reserved.

iv. Servo amplifier module – replace module with Logix servo module 1747-SN . Inc. iii. ii.List of supported hardware Discrete IO Catalog number 1746-IA4 1746-IA8 Catalog number 1746-OAP12 1746-OB6EI 1746 Analog IO Specialty IO Catalog number 1746-FIO4I 1746-FIO4V 1746-INT4 1746-NI4 Catalog number 1746-HSCE 1746-HSCE21 1746-QS 1746-HSTP1 1746-IA16 1746-IB8 1746-IB16 1746-IB32 1746-IC16 1746-IG16 1746-IH16 1746-IM4 1746-IM8 1746-IM16 1746-IN16 1746-IO4 1746-IO8 1746-OB8 1746-OB16 1746-OB16E 1746-OB32 1746-OB32E 1746-OBP8 1746-OBP16 1746-OG16 1746-OV8 1746-OV16 1746-OV32 1746-OVP16 1746-OW4 1746-NI81 1746-NIO4I 1746-BAS/T 1746-NIO4V 1746-NO4I 1746-NO4V 1746-NR4 1746-NT4 1746-IO12 1746-IO12DC 1746-ITB16 1746-ITV16 1746-IV8 1746-IV16 1746-IV32 1746-OA8 1746-OA16 1746-OW8 1746-OW16 1746-OX8 1746-NI16V 1746-NI16I 1746-NR8 1746-NT8 1746-NO8I 1746-NO8V • Does not support SLC modules using “G files” or Comms modules i. 28 . 1747-QV. DCMs Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation. All rights reserved. RIO Back-up Scanner module – Use Ethernet redundancy solutions Comms modules 1747-SDN. RIO Scanner module – Use Ethernet to RIO bridge module available from QTS an Encompass partner 1747-BSN .

Remote I/O Network Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation.Migrating from PLC-5 / 1771 IO Phase I: Monitor Mode Phase I DH+ Check your converted logic before implementing: Run Logix in “monitor mode”. The module reads the inputs but outputs are disabled. Inc. 29 . 1756-RIO Module used in “Monitor Mode” allows you check your program before going live. reading inputs & outputs disabled . All rights reserved.

30 . All rights reserved.1756-RIO Module for Phased Migrations • The 1756-RIO provides a Logix solution for communications over RIO – Transfer all data to/from module as normal I/O • Eliminates the MSG instructions and the confusion over tag names • Improved performance for data being exchanged to the controller – Create a thin RSLogix 5000 I/O profile for the module • Allows you to configure how the controller talks to the module • Requires a separate configuration tool for the module • Simplifies a portion of the configuration process (instance IDs and Sizes) • Provides a direct link to the module’s configuration tool – Communicate all chassis and module data in its native INT (16 bit) format • Reduces data conversion processing by module which increases the performance of the module • Avoids conversion issues resulting from Boolean data – Embed BT Control and Status information into the data • Provides better visibility and control • Allows communications with all modules requiring Block Transfers Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation. Inc.

All rights reserved. 31 .1756-RIO Module – Scanner or Adaptor • Communication performance equal to the existing PLC-5 system that it replaces – Solves the performance issue of the 1756-DHRIO module has with BT • Ideal solution for “phased” migrations – Allows the reuse of the RIO network when multiple racks of PLC-5 and ControlLogix products will be communicating to one another – Can be configured as either a Scanner or an Adaptor • Scanner mode allows migration of Master PLC-5 rack first • Adaptor mode allows migration of remote 1771 I/O racks first – A Processor is still required in the CLX rack 1756-RIO configured as an Scanner PLC RIO Ports configured as scanner 1756-RIO configured as an Adapter Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation. Inc.

1756-RIO module configured as a scanner which allows ControlLogix communications to RIO Adaptors located in remote racks. All rights reserved. 32 .Migrating from PLC-5 / 1771 IO Phase II: Controller Replacement Phase I Phase II DH+ The 1771 to 1756 Swing Arm conversion allows replacement using existing wiring and mounting holes. Inc. 1756-DHRIO allows communication over the existing DH+ network Remote I/O Network Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation.

All rights reserved. .Migrating from PLC5 / 1771 Wiring Conversion System Conversion System Components: Exploded View Cover Plate to attach Base Plate to house Conversion Modules 1756 Chassis 1756 Chassis and I/O D-shell Connector for Conversion Modules 33 1492 Cable Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation. Inc.

Migrating from PLC-5 / 1771 I/O Wiring Conversion System
Mounting Assembly

Base Plate

Cover Plate

Conversion Modules


Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All rights reserved.


Migrating from PLC-5 / 1771 I/O Wiring Conversion System

Reduces risk by eliminating potential wiring errors Reduces conversion time (down-time) and labor costs Lowers engineering costs
• Mounting Assembly
– No need to drill new holes in the control panel – Use the same panel footprint (length & width) as the 1771 chassis – Conversion system depth w/1756 is ~10 inches, 1771 depth ~ 8.5 inches

• Conversion Modules
– Preserves existing field wiring connections by using existing 1771 swing-arms

• Cables
– Use 1492 pre-wired Cables from the Conversion Module to the 1756 I/O

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Migrating from PLC-5 / 1771 Phase III: HMI Replacement
Phase I

Phase II
HMI / EOI* Human Machine Interfaces and Programming Panels (IDT) DH+

Remote I/O Network

Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation, Inc. All rights reserved.


DH+ Remote I/O Network 1756-RIO modules configured as adaptors in the remote racks.Migrating from PLC-5 / 1771 Phase IV: Remote I/O Rack Replacement Phase I Phase II Phase III Phase IV Ethernet IP With the 1771 to 1756 Swing-Arm Interface 1771I/O racks can quickly be replaced with 1756 I/O without disturbing the I/O field wiring…one rack at a time if necessary. Inc. All rights reserved. 37 . Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation.

Inc.Migrating from PLC-5 / 1771 Phase IV: Remote I/O Replacement Phase I Phase II Phase III Phase IV Ethernet IP Ethernet IP Quest AN-X-ABRIO-SCAN Module Other RIO Nodes Drives Scales Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation. All rights reserved. 38 .

All rights reserved. 39 .Migration Solutions Tools for PLC-5 / SLC PLC-5 / 1771 I/O H/W Step Forward S/W Step Forward Software Conversion Utility BOM evaluation Network Interfaces Field Wiring Solutions PLC-5/1771 I/O to ControlLogix RSLogix 5  RSLogix 5000 S/W conversion program included in RSLogix5000 or available as a Service IAB Cross Reference to ControlLogix with Migration Wizard 1756-RIO Module EtherNet to RIO Gateway (by QTS an Encompass Partner) 1771 to 1756 Wiring Conversion System SLC / 1746 I/O SLC Processor or 1747-ASB to 1747-AENTR RSLogix 500  RSLogix 5000 v20 S/W conversion program included in RSLogix5000 or available as a Service IAB Cross Reference to CompactLogix with Migration Wizard 1747-AENTR (planned release Jan 2012) Not Required A Complete Set of Migration Tools that Saves Time and Reduces Risk Copyright © 2009 Rockwell Automation. Inc.

Inc.Insert Photo Here Migrating PanelView Standard to PanelView Plus Arlen Jacobs Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation. . All rights reserved.

Active Product Obsolete Repair & Exchange only Goal: 5 years Inactive Product 41 . 2012 Discontinued - Available For Sale Silver Series 18-24 mo.PanelView Standard Roadmap End of life December 31.

Copyright © 2011 . OEMs / SIs tend to migrate earlier than End Users in a product life cycle • If you are an End User – – – – Maintenance & repair efforts becoming too labor intensive & costly Unreliable legacy equipment increases unplanned downtime Production capacity need to be increased Difficult to procure parts or find skilled labor to maintain your legacy equipment Silver Series is an early indication of product availability – Rockwell supports repair and exchange for an additional 5-7 years post sales.Some Migration Considerations • If you are an OEM or System Integrator – – – – Lower cost components lower machine / system cost New features / capabilities can improve machine performance / diagnostics Maximize design life of machine Because of these drivers.

PanelView Standard Insert Photo Here Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation. Inc. . All rights reserved.

PanelView Standard PanelView Standard announced Silver Series in January 2011 PanelView 300 & Micro PanelView 550 PanelView 600 PanelView 1000 Copyright © 2011 .

or as long as parts are available 300/Micro-1000 Support Options Remanufacture • 10 day turn around • 1 yr warranty • Firmware upgrade • Functional test Migration Option PanelView Plus Conversion • Fixed Price includes: • PanelView Plus EOl • Engineering Services • Start-up Services • Operational Test • Client Acceptance • Documentation Advance Exchange • 24 hr replacement • 1 yr warranty • Firmware upgrade • Functional test New (until Dec. 2012) • Direct replacement Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Copyright © 2011 .PVStd is in Silver Series • PanelView 300/Micro to 1000 will be in production until December 2012 – Repairs will be made 5-7 years after 2012.

what tools are available to help with migration? A: • Step Forward incentive program • Rockwell Automation Literature Library • Rockwell onsite conversion services Copyright © 2011 .PanelView Migration Tools PanelBuilder Migration to FactoryTalk View ME Understanding Your Needs – Migrate to PanelView Plus & take advantage of technology advancements! Q: If I have a PanelView now.

Copyright © 2011 .StepForward Offers promotional incentives to upgrade/migrate Rockwell Automation equipment. How it Works: • Order new products • Request Return Authorization • Return old products (in working order) • Customer is issued a credit for new products Call your local Rockwell Automation Distributor for applicable products and credits.

PanelView Standard 48 .PanelBuilder32 Migration Guide Migrating PanelBuilder32 Applications Publication: 2711P-AP001A-EN-P PanelBuilder32 Migration to FactoryTalk View ME This document will provide guidelines and procedures for migrating a PanelView Standard terminal and applications to the PanelView Plus terminal platform.

com/services/onsite Copyright © 2011 .rockwellautomation.PanelView Conversion Services • A bundled service offering for migrating… • Includes all necessary: – Project supervision – Hardware – Conversion Engineering Services • Leverage past experiences to: – Reduce overall price points – Improve turn around times – Start-up & Acceptance Services Application Migration to • Delivered Onsite by local RA engineers FactoryTalk View ME • Standardized service bundle • Delivered for a fixed price – predictable budget PanelView Standard to PanelView Plus Migration • For further information on services go to: www.

PV Std to PVP Hardware Migration Cutout Compatible PV Plus 400 PV 550 Touch PV 600 Touch PV 550 Keypad PV Plus 600 Keypad PV 550 Keypad/Touch PV Plus 600 Keypad/Touch PV Plus 600 Touch PV 600 Keypad PV 600 Keypad/Touch PV Plus 6 700 Keypad PV Plus 6 700 Keypad/Touch PV 1000 Keypad PV 1000 Touch PV Plus 6 1250 Keypad or Keypad/Touch PV Plus 6 1250 Touch Copyright © 2011 .

PVc 300 is closest replacement for PV Micro Copyright © 2011 .Nearly every object will convert • What networks can I migrate? such as DNet.Clarification Questions • What PanelBuilder32/PanelView Standard application features convert to PVP? .DH+.The above networks migrate to PVP 400 and PVP 600 . DH485 and RIO? . DH485 and CNet migrate to PVP 6 . DH+.Yes. except for PV300 and PV Micro • What terminal replacement should I use for the PV300 and PVMicro? .PVP 400 is closest replacement for PV300 . DF1 and Ethernet can also be migrated • Is PanelView Plus cutout compatible with PanelView Standard? . CNet.In addition.

. MPEG. PPT and Image Viewer Support – ActiveX Support – Internet Explorer – Remote Connectivity Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation.Value in Moving to an Integrated Architecture Solution • Reduce development time – – – – Shared tag database with Logix Faceplates Global Objects Macros • Manage inventory and upgrades through modular units: – Logic module – Display module – Communication modules • Connectivity – Uses a single database in managing tag changes – Direct tag browsing • Additional Enhancements – Utilization of digital photographs and animation with bitmap support – Runtime RAM Usage – FactoryTalk Security – Recipe Plus – Historical Trending – Data Logging • Multi-Application Support (PVP 6) – Adobe. Word. Inc. Excel. All rights reserved. more information • Where can I find additional Migration information?  http://www.html#visualization Copyright © 2011 .

All rights reserved. Inc.Migrating Kinetix Solutions Insert Photo Here Ariane Roberson Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation. .

56 . Inc. Servo Drive Lifecycle Overview 2. Introduction to New Products 5. Servo Motor Lifecycle Overview 3. All rights reserved. Existing Migration Programs 4. Questions… Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation. Why Should I Migrate Now? 6.Agenda Sample 1.

Inc. 57 . Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation. All rights reserved.Drive Lifecycle Updates • Kinetix 6000 Is STILL a LEAD Platform – Connector Enhancements (Q2 CY2011) – Kinetix 6200 extends K6K application reach for advanced safety applications. – Continued improvements mitigate part obsolescence issues – Active product well into foreseeable future – Sercos IDM will be added to the Kinetix 6000 platform (Q1 CY2012) • Kinetix 2000 – No plans for Silver Series in the near future – Cost effective solutions are available for migration • Ultra3000 – Is still ACTIVE product – Cost effective solutions are available for migration – Materials developed and posted to allow customers to take advantage of new product platforms.

All rights reserved. not cost effective for our customers – Optimize portfolio on cost effective K350 CIP solution Ultra5000 Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation. Inc. 58 .Drive Lifecycle Updates • Ultra 5000 – Currently Active – Plans for Silver Series Announcement (Q2 2012) – Old design.

MPS) • Power-only option • UL Listing and NFPA-79 Compliance • Tray Cable and Exposed Run rating • DESINA color cable jacket Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation. All rights reserved. Inc.Motor Lifecycle Updates F Series Migration to MPM 1326AB Migration to MPM •Migration from Low-Res to High-Resolution motor •Changing motor will also require cable migration Standard DIN Cables • Migrate to a uniform family of motor cable solution • Covers Entire MP Family (Exceptions: Small Frame MPL . 59 .

Inc. 60 . All rights reserved.Existing Migration Programs: Ultra 100/200 Migration to K350 1394C Migration to K6000 Existing StepForward Program Ultra 5000 Migration to K350 Ultra3000 Migration to K350 Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation.

Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation.. Inc.Candidates for Migration New Cost Effective Kinetix 300 and Kinetix 350 System Ultra3000 Ultra5000 Kinetix 2000 Ultra 100/200 Migration available for drives requiring 3kW or less. 61 . All rights reserved.

Inc.2 KW 3 KW 7. All rights reserved.5 KW 11 KW 22 KW 460V 3 phase Kinetix 6x00 230V 1 phase 230V 3 phase Kinetix 2000 Voltage 120V K300 and K350 Ultra3000 Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation. 62 .K300 and K350 Product Positioning Drive Continuous Power Rating 250W 500W 1.

– Ideal for: Speed control motion Point-point motion Electronic gearing Electronic Camming • Kinetix 300 – Designed to meet the need for a truly cost competitive indexing motion solution for less complex applications. It was developed to provide scalability for customers by simplifying integration of the entire control solution on one network (including HMI.Analog Input Control . .Ideal for: . 63 . PAC. Inc. I/O and motion).New Product Introductions: • Kinetix 350 – Single-axis EtherNet/IP servo drive for coordinated motion applications.Electronic gearing .Step and Direction Control Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation. All rights reserved.

(Confidential – For Internal Use Only) 64 . • Safe Torque Off standard on all models – Protect personnel and increase machine productivity • Scalable Platform to meet global machine standards – – – – 120 V models drive 240V motors at full speed 240V single phase w/ integrated filters 240 and 460 3-phase voltage models 400W – 3kW power ranges • Key Attributes – Competitive features and price – Supports migration of Ultra 3000 SERCOS to CIP motion solution. including HMI. I/O and motion.Introducing Kinetix 350 Product • Single axis CIP Motion solution based on the Kinetix 300 product • Standard Unmodified Ethernet – Lower wiring costs – Simplified Integration of the entire control solution on one network. PAC.

All rights reserved. MP and TLY motors.CIP Motion Analog and Digital I/O Encoder Output 4 Character Display Automatic Device Recovery Module Absolute and Incremental Feedback. 24V control power Smart Motor Recognition Technology – Plug and Play Auto Tuning Copyright © 2009 Rockwell Automation. Inc. 65 Integrated Safe Torque Off ISO 13849-1 Safety Category 3 PL d .Kinetix 350 Anatomy 400W – 22kW Power Range 120/230V single phase 230/460V 3-phase models ODVA certified EtherNet/IP .

16out •Enhancing Machine Productivity Integrated Safe Torque Off Memory Module for Automatic Device Replacement Premier integration of Rockwell Automation Kinetix 300. MP.Product Alignment • Kinetix 350 supported on the new CompactLogix Controllers: L3 : L36ERM (Ethernet + 16 axis CIP motion) L1 : L18ERM (Ethernet + 2 axis CIP motion) Built-in DC I/O: 16in. Kinetix 350. 16out L2: L27ERM QBFC1B (Ethernet + 4 axis CIP motion) Built-in DC I/O: 16in. TLY series motors and cylinders. (Confidential – For Internal Use Only) 66 .

Ultra 5000 Migration Path • Migrate to CIP motion • L36 ERM • Kinetix 350 • CIP Encoder (V21) • All application code resides in Logix • Leverage EtherNet/IP for complete solution • Developing Migration Tools • Installation • Guidelines • Application Code Ultra5000 L36ERM (V20) CIP Encoder (V21) K350 (V20) Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation. 67 . Inc. All rights reserved.

All rights reserved. Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation.Migration Solution Breakdown Current Solution Migration Solution Analog Ultra3000 K300 K350 K6000 Micro Indexing Sercos CompactLogix Or Controllogix We currently have a migration path ready for you for a large majority . Inc. 68 .

Makes it easy to connect with fewer parts • Scalability . size. PAC. Inc. I/O and motion) Delivers the price.Simplifying integration of the entire control solution on one network (including HMI.Why choose Kinetix 300 and Kinetix 350? • Simplified system design with EtherNet/IP and one configuration environment • Meets global standards – Ability to build anywhere. ship and support everywhere • Reduce system cost – Based on axis count and processor • Conveniently compact size . All rights reserved. 69 . connectivity and simplicity you need! Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation.

70 . All rights reserved.Choosing the Kinetix 300 and Kinetix 350… Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation. Inc.

Inc.Cost Comparison: 2-Axis Sercos Best Value SERCOS ULTRA3000 Solution CompactLogix (1) 1769-L43 Motion Card (1) 1768-M04SE Ultra3000 (2) 2098-DSD-030-SE MPL Motor (2) MPL-A320P-MK72AA Cable (2) 2090-CPWM7DF-16AA03 MF Cable (2) 2090-CFBM7DD-CEAA03 U3BB (2) 2090-U3BB-DM44 Line Filter (2) 2090-UXLF-132 Kinetix350 Integrated Architecture Solution CompactLogix Kinetix 350 MPL Motor MP Cable MF Cable Line Filter I/O Expansion Blk Connector Kit ENET Cable Stratix Switch (1) 1769-L18ERM-BB1B (2) 2097-V33PR6-LM (2) MPL-A320P-MK72AA (2) 2090-CPWM7DF-16AA03 (2) 2090-CFBM7DD-CEAA03 (2) 2097-F6 (2) 2097-TB1 (2) 2090-K2CK-DM15 (3) 1585J-M8HBJM-5 (2) 1783-US06T01F Save 26% Cost: $12. 71 .952 Kinetix350 Provides a low cost solution to meet your needs. Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation. All rights reserved.126 Cost: $8.

Inc. Copyright © 2010 Rockwell Automation.Cost Comparison: 2-Axis Indexing Best Value Ultra 3000 Indexing Solution Ultra 3000 MPL Motor MP Cable MF Cable U3BB Line Filter (2) 2098-DSD-030X (2) MPL-A320P-MK72AA (2) 2090-CPWM7DF-16AA03 (2) 2090-CFBM7DD-CEAA03 (2) 2090-U3BB-DM44 (2) 2090-UXLF-132 Kinetix300 Integrated Architecture Solution Kinetix 300 Micrologix 1400 MPL Motor Feedback Cable Motor Power Cable I/O Expansion Blk Line Filter (2) 2097-V33PR3 (1) 1766-L32BWA (2) MPL-A320P-MK72AA (2) 2090-CFBM7DD-CEAA03 (2) 2090-CPWM7DF-16AA03 (2) 2097-TB1 (2) 2097-F6 Cost: $7.509 Cost: $5. All rights reserved.296 Save 30% Kinetix300 Provides a low cost solution to meet your needs. 72 .

Inc.Servo Drive Lifecycle Summary Servo Drive 8720MC* Status Custom Classics Date 2009 2006 LTB 10/2009 01/2006 Kinetix 6000 (Non Safe-Off) End of Life Ultra100 and Ultra200 1394 Kinetix 2000 Kinetix 6000 Ultra3000 Ultra 5000 Kinetix 300 Kinetix 350 Kinetix 3 Kinetix 6200 Kinetix 6500 Custom Classics Custom Classics Active Active Active Active** Active Active Active Active Active 2006 2007 2007 2002 2001 0//2006 1/2007 2011 2011 2011 2009 2010 *8720MC Accessories Active **Silver Series Announcement (Q2 CY 2012) Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation. All rights reserved. 73 .

All rights reserved. Inc. 74 .Migration Resources • Migration Guides – Integrated Motion on SERCOS and EtherNet/IP Systems – Ultra 3000 to K300 and K350 Migration Guide – Simple Motion Control via EtherNet I/P with Kinetix 300 Drives Connected Components Building Block – CompactLogix Indexing Motion Accelerator Toolkit Quick Start • Drives and Motion Accelerator Toolkit – Please contact your local sales office for a copy • On-Site Technical Support – Local GSS support 24/7* *TechConnect Contract Required Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation.

All rights reserved. . Inc.Questions? Insert Photo Here Thank you for your participation Copyright © 2011 Rockwell Automation.