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Chapter 1


Pizza hut is the largest pizza Restaurant Company in the world. It has 12000 outlets in 90 countries employing more than 3 lakh people. The legacy of pizza hut began in 1958. In India there are not much outlets, out of 10 86 countries India is one of them but only in 9 cities pizza hut has its outlets.
Tricon global; restaurants which owns the Pizza hut Franchisee has become very popular in India in the Indian Pizza Market. The first Pizza Restaurant was opened in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas under the name Pizza hut and features a variety of pizzas with different toppings as well as pasta, salads, s andwiches and other food chains. For the last ten years Piz za hut was named as the world’s best pizza chain in America and in India also it has captures most of the market share. Pizza hut is the largest pizza restaurant company in the world.

The project gives an overview of the history of pizza hut as in how pizza hut started and where all it is present and what has its progress been till now has been covered.


Company Profile

About Pizza Hut
Pizza hut is the largest pizza restaurant company in the world. It has 12000 outlets in 90 countries; employing more than 30000 people. Pizza Hut has an aggressive expansion plan for India. It intends to have more than 1 00 outlets by the end of the year Pizza Hut has more than 12,500 units across 90 countries making it one of the largest pizza brands. Further, all new ou tlets in India would be franchisee owned resulting from the smooth functioning of the existing stores which are all franchisee owned. Hence, the same arrangement will be followed in the future to ensure growth-oriented results The data written below represent what Pizza hut is all about and gives a brief profile of the company. Their main quote: "Customer are the reason that we are here."   No customers No Pizzas

That’s the secret ingredient.


customer creation and customer retention through customer satisfaction. BELIEF IN PEOPLE: They believe in people. RECOGNITION: They find reasons to celebrate the achievements of ot hers and fun doing it. encourage ideas from everyone and actively develop a workforce that is diverse in style and background. Say "yes" to customers Satisfied.e.  Satisfied customers create profit and growth PIZZA HUT IS ALL ABOUT Its all about you and all about customers i. team spirit in order to attain good results. trust in positive intentions. its all about team spirit.The 5 secret principles:     Employees are our secret ingredients. COACHIONG AND SUPPORT: They coach and support each other 4 . "WE SUCEED BECAUSE WE KNOW HOW TO WORK TOGETHER " They specify "How we work together principles" CUSTOMER FOCUS: They listen and respond to the voice of the customer. Show your "care". capable teams create satisfied customers.

EXCELLENCE: They take pride in their work and have a passion for excellence. they act like owners. They call themselves C=Cleanliness H=Hospitality A=Accuracy of orders M=Maintenance of facilities P=Product quality S=Speed of service They answer questions like: "What influences a customer decision to a restaurant? Food appeal=31% Food experience=50% Food value=13% 5 . They hate bureaucracy and all the nonsense that comes with it.ACCOUNTABILITY: They do what they say they are accountable. TEAM WORK: They practice team together and team apart. POSITIVE ENERGY: They execute with positive energy and intensity.

as you want to be treated.CER= CHAMPS EXCELLENCE REVIEW CEM=CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MONITOR "HANDLING CUSTOMERS"      Solve problem before it actually becomes a complaint. Never argue with the customer Never blame any other crew member Treat the customer. Thank the customer. 6 .

Company History Pizza hut’s story began with a small restaurant and two young brothers. The first pizza hut restaurant was opened in 1958 in Wichita . they only had room for 25 seats .Dan and Frank Carney. employing more than 300. Kansas and within a year the first franchise unit was open.Pizza hut started. Now Pizza hut is the largest pizza Restaurant Company in the world.000 people. which left space for just 3 more letters.and the restaurant sign onl y had space for nine letters. In the year 1958 they were struck by inspiration and opened the first Pizza hut in Wichita.000 outlets in the 90 countries. They wanted “pizza” in the name. USA. By 1977 when Pizza hut was acquired by Pepsi co its US restaurant system had grown to nearly 3200 units today Pizza hut is the largest restaurant chain in the world . 7 . When they were setting up. Specializing in the sale of ready to eat Pizza products as of year-end 1996 concept had grown to more than 12300 units. Kansas. Because the building looked like hut ----. It has 12.

Pizza hut was named best pizza hut chain in America in the “Choice in chains” national consumer survey published annually by restaurants & Institutions magazine .. and on the valentine’s day for example they take out their pizza in heart shape to attract more ofyoung customers which get more attracted towards these things. Also. With every occasion Pizza hut adapts its ambience and decoration with a different concept. like wise in India on the Independence day they decorate their outlets with all national colors and logos etc.For ten of the last 12 years. the January 1997 Consumer reports named Pizza hut as the best Pizza chain in America and now it has opened. 8 .

Pizza Hut restaurants are located throughout the world. equipped with scooters for pizza delivery. 9 . Pizza hut often offers different menu choices in these countries than in the United States and Canada.Company’s DEtail INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS Mexico Typical location in Mexico. Based on their location and the culture of the people.

Chandigarh. Jalandhar. Jalandhar. Chandigarh. Pizza Haven. Ludhiana.Australia & New Zealand In Australia. Australian Pizza Hut restaurants currently compete with Domino's. Lucknow. Ludhiana. Bangalore . Australian Pizza Huts now generally operate as take away and delivery operations with all Orders processed by two major call centers located in Brisbane and Sydney. Eagle Boys and various others Pizza stores. New Delhi. Pizza Hut stand in Oslo Airport India Pizza Hut came to India in 1996 with a dine-in restaurant in Bangalore Pizza Hut now has a presence in many major Indian cities such as Bangalore . 10 . Pizza Hut has followed a different model . Udaipur.

Agra. Cochin. Choose from three great recipes: Supreme Deep. Mysore.. Meaty Deep. Indore. and Veggie Deep. Amritsar. Product Profile Featured items Now stuffed with even more delicious. Hyderabad (with multiple branches in many of those cities). making your last bite as good as the first! Double Deep Pizzas are hand-crafted by loading the entire pizza with twice the toppings of a medium pizza. Mangalore.Udaipur. Lucknow. melted cheese in the crust. Ahmedabad. 11 . Visakhapatnam and Bhubaneswar.

Italian sausage. ham. Has six kinds of meat: pepperoni.SPECIALITIES Your choice of two fresh toppings smothered in mounds of cheese. Fresh mushrooms. red onions. bacon. green peppers. beef and pork toppings. tomatoes and black olives make this a 12 .

13 . soft and chewy on the inside. America's favorite thick-crust pizza -. SIGNATURE CRUSTS Our pizzeria-style pizza is now made with a light flavorful new crust and more of our zesty Italian sauce in every bite.crispy on the outside.veggie-fan's favorite.

in a smaller. Now stuffed with even more delicious. making your last bite as good as the first! Just enough crispy crust to get a mouthful of toppings in every bite. melted cheese in the crust.America's favorite thick-crust pizza -. 14 . single-serving size.

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SCOPE OF STUDY  The subject matter has been arranged in a Systematic manner. To study the working and functioning of PIZZA HUT in India and the world.       To study about PIZZA HUT as a brand in India.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY OBJECTIVES OF STUDY  To study how direct marketing is done by PIZZA HUT. to substantiate its effort to strengthen its direct marketing. 16 . To study the pricing policy of pizza hut To study PIZZA HUT’S and competitor’s strategies. To know about the long and successful history of PIZZA HUT. To give recommendations and suggestions thereof.  Every effort has been taken by to make the Project report complete in itself.  This report has been divided into sections and sub sections for a better understanding. providing all the details and Explanations needed.


Chapter 3 18 .

Pizza Corner Pizza Corner is a chain of pizzerias founded in 1996 by entrepreneur Fred Mouawad of Global Franchise Architects. Its restaurants offer several pizza styles and topping choices. Pizza Corner primarily focuses on pizzas. while the rest are franchised. It owns and operates more than 580 locations. Pizza Corner recently introduced pizza in a cone in India under the brand Conizza.000 pizzerias across the US and in almost 30 international markets. As its name suggests. 19 . Pizza Corner currently operates in Bangladesh. Starters like pasta and salad are becoming increasingly popular. Founder and chairman John Schnatterowns about 17% of the company. The company operates the world's #3 pizza chain (behind YUM! Brands' Pizza Hut brand and Domino's) with about 3. They also serve numerous side dishes such as Garlic Bread and Chicken Nuggets.Current market Scenario Key players (COMPETITORS) Papa John's Internationalmakes a lot of dough. India and Thailand. as well as a few specialty pies such as The Works and All the Meats. Papa John's locations typically offer delivery and carry-out service only.

20 . The company has been listed on the Indian bourses recently. time and again we have been innovating with delicious new products such as crusts. Nepal. Further providing value for money and affordable products to our consumers has been an important part of our efforts. Prior to Sep 24. exceptional customer service and value for money offerings.Domino’s Jubilant FoodWorks Limited. Thus. 2009. We have endeavored to establish a reputation for being a home delivery specialist capable of delivering pizzas within 30 minutes or else FREE to a community of loyal consumers from all our stores around the country. the company was known as Domino's Pizza India Limited and underwent a name change. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Domino's Pizza India has remained focused on delivering great tasting Pizzas and sides. rest of the terms remaining the same. toppings and flavours suitable to the taste buds of Indian Consumers. Over the period since 1996. superior quality. a Jubilant Bhartia Group Company holds the Master Franchise Rights for Domino's Pizza for India. Domino's constantly strives to develop products that suit the tastes of our consumers and hence delighting them. Domino's believes strongly in the strategy of 'Think global and act local'.

pricing strategies Pizza hut “ideology” of customer behind its pricing strategy . A product pricing strategy by which a firm charges the highest initial price that customers will pay. Willing to pay for excitement.      Willing to pay for relevance . Thus in order to provide maximum value to customers and enhance the brand value it sometimes maintains the same price. Pizza hut follows one-price strategy. This helps in establishing a favorable fair image among its customers as well as having stable market. In simple words it is applying PRICE SKIMMING strategy for its products. while some time reduce prices and some time increase prices also. They following “high/low” pricing strategy. Pizza hut is not playing pricing games with customers…. 21 . Willing to pay for quality. As the demand of the first customers is satisfied. means it charges same price to all customers under similar conditions and for same quality. Willing to pay for forward movement. It didn’t increase price of existing pizza but reduce quantity of products in its value meal combo. more pricesensitive segment. the firm lowers the price to attract another. i.e in India pizza hut introduce “THE GREAT INDIAN TREAT”. Willing to pay for simplifying life.

high ceiling and aesthetic pizza hut murals.  A contemporary design split level seating.g. 22 . garlic bread etc. whereas its competitors promise to deliver the pizzas in 39 minutes. e. the way in which  They greet the customers and the way they sing and make everyone have fun on occasions. They offer pastas. spaghetti.  Pizza hut was the first to start online pizza delivery in San Francisco.SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS  It promises to deliver the pizzas in 30 minutes or offers free pizzas if ord er doesn’t reach on time.  The way in which they do up their ambience.  They are known to modify their menu and ambience according to occasions. which still hasn’t been started by any of its competitors. the atmosphere. the sitting area.  Variety is the main strength they possess. they offer heart shaped pizzas on Valentine ’ s Day..

“this is a major weakness in their Advertisement.  One of the weaknesses of pizza hut is lack of efficient cold chains in the country . by reducing the dependency on cold chains besides setting up its own infrastructure.   The prices at pizza hut are comparatively more expensive than dominos. The company surmounted this problem. The pizza hut ad “aaa she doesn’t like pizzas” has down rated their salads just to prove their pizzas superior and they have shown that their salads are not good. 23 .WEAKNESSES:   Its focus on the delivery concept is not much as comp ared to its competitor. Their variety as far as pastas and spaghetti are concerned are not much as compared to pizza express and pizza corner.

THREATS:  Amul has come up with a 30 rupees pizza. which is a big threat to pizza hut at least in the short run if not in the long run. railway stations etc.S. spaghettis etc. 24 .  Dominos offers “CHEESE WALA HUNGER” a regular hand toast pizza for rupees 39.   It could open more outlets in shopping malls. like dominos in Agra etc. are concerned is much much more. focus will be on other facets of the brand and offerings. and this has been checked by us by looking at their menu cards.  To open an outlet in those areas where the competitors have opened. airports.  It could start on line delivery in India and other countries like it has started in the U. This city has a potential for 30 outlets. In future. which has still not been tapped by pizza hut.  Variety in pizza express and pizza corner as far as pastas. Mumbai is an important center.OPPORTUNITIES :  The first ad campaign on TV defines pizza hut as a brand and what it offers to its existing and potential customers.

25 .

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with Italian serving 27 .data analysis COMPARI SON WITH ITS BIGGEST COMPETITOR “ DOMINOS” COMPARISON BETWEEN DOMINOS AND PIZZA HUT Company’s products DOMINOS Target customers Convenience Delivery 15%premiu and m A goodhot pizza delivered to your door within 30 of at a Benefits price Value proposition minded pizza speed lovers goodquality minutes ordering moderate price PIZZA HUT Youngsters Good quality 20% extra premium Unbeatable at pizza unbelievable within the age and group of 13 to toppings 30 along prices.

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Conclusion Through the market research of the industry it can be concluded thatmarket for pizza is growing tremendously. Though pizza hut owns a good share but it faces extremely tough competition from Domino’s. 29 .

30 . who can relate well with the middle class.  The chain should improve on its delivery and promotional tactics.  They should use more well-known celebrities as brand ambassadors.Recommendations  Pizza hut should improve on developing products for all age groups instead of concentrating on only young crowd. Domino’s leads in this segment. Domino’s is doing well in this area too.  Pizza hut should also concentrate on areas like appetizers.

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