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Talent management: Talent management is important for the organizations.

In this article they mainly focus on tourism and hospitality organizations. Some people think that Talent management can be a software or data storage process and tat will b easy approach and takes place at the level of whole enterprise. The function of HRM is to maximize the skills and utilize the talent of employees which is synonym to talent management. HRM practices are similar to talent management but talent management additionally implies a level of strategic integration.

Talent management has three basic concepts: identify three primary conceptions of the term. The first is that talent management is comprised of “a collection of typical human resource department practices. . .such as recruiting, selection, development and career and succession management” second conception of talent management more specifically focuses on predicting or modeling (in support of managing) the flow of human resources throughout the organization, based on such factors as workforce skills, supply and demand, and growth and attrition third perspective of talent management focuses on sourcing, developing and rewarding employee talent. Also provide more training and development to talented employee.

Recruitment –represent the organization to attract the right person, and let the right person feel the employment is desired. Retention - Provide some rewards and benefits for employed employees. Employee Development – including education and development.

Importance of talent management

. this organization can successfully obtain and retain the necessary talent. Hospitality industry is highly labor intensive. Talent management can be a major competitive advantage to many organizations.  All departments should have a proactive and strategic talent management system. However. especially in the fast food organizations. because the turnover rate is high and it needs people to serve the customers.  Enlarging the brand and organization image by using talent management.Christensen-Hughes and Rog (2008) talent management is important for at least two reasons. the hotel and airline organizations can apply talent management. the definition of talent management is hard to define. talent management might not be applying to all of the hospitality organizations. The first reason is that if an organization has effective talent management. Which mean fast food companies does not need to put many recourse to retain the talent of employee.  All line department managers should be engaged of talent management. and most of the companies in that industry use new technology to replace human workforces.  Development of talent bases on formal and informal methods. These organizations need well trained employee to work. and the expectation of customer are higher than other industry.  A clear role for talent management. But talent management is not important to all hospitality organizations. recruitment and retention is a big challenge. The second reason is that an organization can benefit from talent management by developing and retaining the current employee.  The management level staff should provide support to talent management. Recomendatiions  Organization should have a particular definition of talent and talent management. such as airline and hotel. talent management is important to some of the hospitality organizations. the turnover rate is very high. such as fast food services. and this position paper has provided three definitions which Lewis and Heckman (2006) had identified. CONCLUSION To conclude. But in the hospitality industry. However. Apart from the first food organizations. in this industry.