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WEBSITE DESIGNING ON WAHAN.COM Submitted for partial fulfillment for the award of the Degree of:-


Under the supervision of DR ARUN BAKSHI
Submitted by RUCHIKA JAIN ENROLL NO. – 05580003911



(Affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University ) Madhuban Chowk, ROHINI, DELHI 110085

Nothing concrete can be achieved without an optional combination of inspiration and perspiration. No work can be accomplished without taking the guidance of experts. It is only the critics from ingenious intellectual that helped transform a product into a quality. Finally, we gratefully acknowledge and express our deep gratitude to DR ARUN BAKSHI (Lecturer), our faculty guides who always helped and provided guidance during the course of our project. We would like to extend our earnest thanks for her assistance in the course of our project.

We would like to thank our family and friends for their support, encouragement, cooperation and suggestions that have helped us in successful completion of this project.



1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Acknowledgement Introduction Objectives Hardware and Software Project Screen shots Future scope Bibliography


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This project is related to different car brands of Indian automobile sector which are the largest marketers in India. This segment includes Hyundai, Chevrolet, Ford and Honda cars & this segment includes various models such as Honda City, Civic, Cr-v, Hyundai Santro, i10, i20, Ford Figo, fusion, Endeavour and Chevrolet spark, beat, Cruze etc. Our project is based on the auto segment which provides the people with the information like different cars models, their prices, features etc. Our project helps the people to provide the information about the company and its different products with the motive of awaring the people about the company products and provide the information about the updated prices. It helps the people in getting in touch with the latest car models launched in the market. These help them to make a better choice and use latest technology products. Few facilities provided are:1. Providing cars details like prices, model name, mileage etc. 2. Providing details like contact number, email id & name of the dealers. 3. Providing interior and exterior images of each car. 4. People can search car according to their requirement.


Various physical components of a computer-cable, transistor, circuits etc- are known as hardware. Some of them are: 1.) KEYBOARD Keyboard is an input device consisting of a set of typewriter-like keys that enable the computer operator to enter data into a computer or it is a flat piece of plastic board with several buttons arranged on it. these buttons are for punching alphabets (A-Z) number from (0-9) and special characters like • • • • for addition (+) for subtraction(-) for multiplication(*) for division(/)

computer keyboards are similar to electric typewriter keyboards but contain additional keys. the standerd layout of letters, numbers, and punctuation is known a QUERTY because the first six keys on top row of letters is spelled QWERTY. There is no standard computer keyboard, although many manufaturers imitate the keyboards of PCs. there are three different PC keyboards-original PC keyboard with 84 keys: the AT keyboard also with 84 keys: and the enchanced keyboard with 101 keys. the three keyboards differ some what in placement of functions keys, shift keys, control keys and return keys.

such application are often called point-and -click programs. with new designed to simplify working with windows operating system.the mouse is also useful for graphics programs that allow users to draw pictures by using the mouse like a particular. whether they do or do not produce a solid character. printer is the only means of written printer communication between the user and the computer as this translate the computer's internal character representation into alphanumeric information familiar to the user. mostly left side button is used as the computer operator moves the mouse.some new keyboards have 107 keys. out of these two buttons. it moves here and there very fast. The speed and accuracy of data entry through computer keyboard depend on the efficiency of computer operator. a mouse is usually connected to a computer by a cable and may have one to four buttons. mouse is one of the great breakthriugh in computer economics because ot frees the user to a large extent from using the keyboard. and whether they produce a character.) MOUSE Mouse is a palm size device with a ball built into the bottom. printer are dived into two 6 . a line or a page at a time. that is. on the basis of whether anything mechanical touches the paper or not. printers are categorised by whether anything mechanical actually touches the paper. it is called mouse because it function as a natural mouse..) PRINTER A printer is an output device in the computer system that produces hard copy of output on paper (mostly). 2. though some printers can print graphics and pictures but their quality is low. the pointer on the display screen moves in the same way. therefore for such purpose. plotter are used.there are three basic type of mouse• • • Mechanical Mouse Optomechanical Mouse Optical Mouse 3. pencil or paint brush. but usally two. the mouse is important for graphical user interface because the user can simply point to options and objects and click a mouse button. transparency and other media.

Number of independent programmes. address bus and control bus. colour monitors are some time called RGB(red. the term monitor usually refers to the entire box. 7 . There are different types of monitor and they can be classified on the basis of colour capabilities and size. a monochrome monitors displays two colours. however. green and blue) monitor because they accept three separate signals-red. green and blue.Number of addressable memory locations. one for the background and one for foreground. Storage capacity. A colour monitor can display anywhere from 16 to 1 million different colours. whereas the display screen means just the screen. Colour capabilities: On the basis of colour capabilities. the following characteristics of CPU distinguish respective power of different system: • • • • • Storage cycle time. there are three kind of bues that linked the CPU. 4. Number of data transfer channels.the range of multi-programming capability.) MONITOR Monitor is the term used for the display screen. a line or a page at a time depending on their technology.category-impact printer and nonimpact printer. data bus moves the data to and from memory storage. a CPU has three elements-primary storage. Real time processing capability. these impact and nonimpact printers can print the character. input device and output device. airthmetic logic units(ALU) and control unit. primary storage and other devices in the computer system-data bus. monochrome monitor also called black and white monitor. monitor can be classified into monochrome and colour. numbers and letters and controls other parts of the computer system.Time required to fetch a character from primary storage.) CENTRAL PROCESSING UNITS Central processing unit (CPU) is the most important part of the computer system and manipulate symbols.between primary storage and various other devices. 5. control bus transmits signals specifying whether to 'read' or 'write' data to or from a given primary storage address.

software is the glue that can hold a computer and several digits devices of all kinds together in a coherent system. computer hardware has no use.Html uses tags which are include container tags and also empty tags.html and than that file becomes the HTML file. HTML codes are written in the notepad. the file type indicates which program the file was created in and can be opened with) typically identified by the . in general term. commonly indicated by its file name extension. written text can take the form of letter. software which we use in our project are as follows: 1. Notepad is a basic text-editing program and it's most commonly used to view or edit text files.) NOTEPAD Written communication has always been the most preferred form of communication throughout the world. 2. also known as a video card.txt file name extension. it blossomed with the explosive growth of the web. thus documents are general term used to specify any form of written matters. consists of instructions. software.) HTML HTML refers to the hyper text markup language. HTML has been developed with the vision that all manner of devices should be able to use information on the web: PCs with graphics displays of varying resolutions 8 . and the measurement is expressed in inches. A text file is a file type (the format of file. is used. therefore. with the advent of computers and the fast expanding telephone network. In order to connect a monitor to a computer. During the course of the 1990s. routines or procedures that make it possible for an individual to use the computer. without a software. the text. collectively all these are referred to as documents. monitor of 14 inches and larger than these are cathode-ray tube monitors. is measured from one corner of the screen to its opposite corner. we can type on notepad or msword etc. graphics adapter board. software is required. people prefer to send electronic mails. SOFTWARE: For using a computer. people say that HTML document should work well across different browsers and platforms. each type of monitor requires a different type of board. After typing coding on the notepad we save that file for the extension of .Monitor size: Monitors come in different sizes. HTML was originally developed by TIM BERNERS-LEE. monitor size like television size.

) MICROSOFT WORD Microsoft Word. hand held devices. 9 . For its simplicity. 16 color. JPEG. cellular telephones.The markup tags tells the web browser "how to display the page". An HTML file must have an htm or html file extension.bmp extension). The program opens and saves files as Windows bitmap (24-bit. for all of our out there itching to start your first novel. It is often referred to as MS Paint or Microsoft Paint. and much more. all with the . An HTML file can be created using a simple text editor.and colour depths. 3. resumes. or Word as it is commonly known. An HTML file is a text file containing small markup tags. GIF (without animation or transparency. and monochrome. a Windows 95 upgrade. although the Windows 98 version. PNG (without alpha channel). computers with low or high bandwidth and so on. and the Windows NT4 version did support the latter). 256 color. and TIFF (without multiple page support). flyers. Word may be used to create documents such as letters. term papers. devices for speech for output and input. is a software application that allows you (the user) to perform word processing. 4. let’s begin to learn Word.) PAINT Paint (formerly Paintbrush for Windows) is a simple graphics painting program that has been included with all versions of Microsoft Windows. The program can be in color mode or two-color black-and-white. novels. it rapidly became one of the most used applications in the early versions of Windows — introducing many to painting on a computer for the first time — and still has strong associations with the immediate usability of the old Windows workspace. So. invitations. but there is no grayscale mode. HTML has been designed to make web pages more accessible to those with physical limitations.

File created in HTML <html> <head> <tilte>title of the page</title> </head> <body>this is my first home page <b>this text is bold </body> </html> save the file as "firstpage.html" 10 .

<p> tag.<i> tag. <u> tag. <link> tag and so on. PROJECT SCREEN SHOTS HOME PAGE: CODING <html> <title>linking</title> <frameset rows= 25%. <img> tag. <b> tag.85%> 11 .by using many tags we can create html tags like <br> tag. <hr> tag.75%> <frameset cols= 15%.

COM.html"> <frame src="WAAHAN.<frame src="MOVING CARS.html"> </frameset> </html> SCREEN SHOT 12 .jpg"> <frame name=main3 frame src="Target1.html"> <frameset cols=80%.85%> <frame src="Target.20%> <frame name=main img src="cars.html"> </frameset> <frameset cols=15%.

ABOUT US: CODING <html> 13 .

font-size:26pt}</style> <center><marquee direction=left><h1>ABOUT US</marquee></h1></center> <h2><center>WAAHAN. including vehicle reviews. Customers can even simultaneously compare the specifications of competing vehicles and any new vehicle. safety features and specifications.color:#8D38C9.COM</center> <p>The Waahan.color:white. </h2> </body> </html> SCREEN SHOT 14 .<title>About Us</title> <body bgcolor="#ADDFFF"> <style> h1{background-color:#461B7E.color:black.} h2{background-color:#306EFF.font-size:30pt.font-size:35pt. community offers auto enthusiasts a friendly home where they can buy their dream car. The Research Center gives shoppers all the tools needed to make an informed buying Sdecision.} p{background-color:#150517.

15 .

:0762131708</h2><td bgcolor=green><h2>PH.:09999044668</h2></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h2>Narender Singh Meena</h2><td bgcolor=white><h2>E.No.:07503577181</h2></tr> <tr><td bgcolor= #E3319D ><h2>Akhil Jain</h2><td bgcolor= #E3319D ><h2>E.:0742131708</h2><td bgcolor= #E3319D ><h2>PH.PARTNERS: CODING <html> <body bgcolor="#F62217"><br><br><br> <center> <table border=1 width=650 cellspacing=7></center> <tr bgcolor="yellow"><td colspan=12> <center><h1>DEALERS/PARTNERS</h1> <tr><td bgcolor=green><h2>Siddharth Singla</h2><td bgcolor=green><h2>E.:09716266846</h2></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=orange><h2>Deepak Kumar</h2><td bgcolor=orange><h2>E.No.:0012131708</h2><td bgcolor=white><h2>PH.:0722131708</h2><td bgcolor=orange><h2>PH.:09582729836</h2></tr> </body> </html> 16 .No. No.


GALLERY: CODING <html> <body bgcolor="black"> <style> h1{color:white.jpg"> 18 .jpg"> <img src="ford figo.jpg"> <img src="aveo.jpg"> <left><h1>Chevrolet</h1> <img src="beat.}</style> <center><h1>GALLERY</h1> <left><h1>Ford</h1> <img src="figo.jpg"> <img src="uva.jpg"> <img src="fusion.jpg"> <img src="cruze.jpg"> <img src="fiesta.jpg"> <img src="endeavour.font-family:calibri.jpg"> <img src="chevy cruze.

jpg"> <img src="i 30.jpg"> <img src="i 10.jpg"> <img src="captiva.<img src="tavera.jpg"> <img src="city.jpg"> <img src="tyre.jpg"> <img src="tucson.jpg"> <img src="i 20a.jpg"> <img src="verna t.jpg"> </body> </html> 19 .jpg"> <img src="jazz.jpg"> <img src="sonata.jpg"> <img src="accent.jpg"> <img src="tavera in.jpg"> <left><h1>Hyundai</h1> <img src="santro xing.jpg"> <left><h1>Honda</h1> <img src="civic.jpg"> <img src="accord.jpg"> <img src="santa fe.jpg"> <img src="cr-v.


21 .

jpg"> <img src="ford figo.jpg"> <img src="figo r.CARS: 1).font-family:Times new roman.jpg"> 22 .}</style> <left><h1>Ford Figo</h1> <img src="figo. FORD FIGO: CODING <html> <title>Figo</title> <body bgcolor="black"> <style> h1{color:white.

5</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Price(Rs.49.2L 71PS Petrol Engine</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Displacement(cc)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>1196</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Maximum Power </h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>71PS at 6. Highway-15.<center> <table border=1 width=350 cellspacing=1></center> <tr bgcolor="white"><td colspan=12> <center><h3>Specifications</h3> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Type</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>Petrol Engine</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Description</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>1.900*</h4></tr> </table> </body> </html> SCREEN SHOT 23 .5.)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>Rs 3.250 rpm</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Top Speed</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>148kmph</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Mileage(kmpl)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>City-12.

}</style> <left><h1>Ford Fiesta</h1> <img src="fiesta.jpg"> 24 . font-family:Times new roman.2.) FORD FIESTA : CODING <html> <body bgcolor="black"> <style> h1{color:white.jpg"> <img src="ford-fiesta.

000 rpm</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Top Speed</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>156 kmph</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Mileage(kmpl)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>City-14.jpg"> <center> <table border=1 width=350 cellspacing=1></center> <tr bgcolor="white"><td colspan=12> <center><h3>Specifications</h3> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Type</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>4 Cyl. 16-V DOHC</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Description</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>1.4L 68bhp TDCi </h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Displacement(cc)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>1399</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Maximum Power </h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>68ps @ 4.21.<img src="imagesCAXFVQWE.)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>Rs 8. Highway-17.9.000*</h4></tr> </table> </body> </html> SCREEN SHOT 25 . In-Line.8</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Price(Rs.

3.font-family:Times new roman.}</style> <left><h1>Ford Endeavour</h1> 26 .) FORD ENDEAVOUR CODING <html> <body bgcolor="black"> <style> h1{color:white.

Highway-12.)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>Rs 18.0 Litre TDCi with Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT)</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Displacement(cc)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>2953</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Maximum Power </h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>156 PS (115 Kw) @ 3200rpm</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Top Speed</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>144 Kmph</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Mileage(kmpl)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>City-9.jpg"> <img src="Endeavour2.000*</h4></tr> </table> </body> </html> 27 .<img src="Endeavour.jpg"> <img src="Endeavour1.jpg"> <center> <table border=1 width=350 cellspacing=1></center> <tr bgcolor="white"><td colspan=12> <center><h3>Specifications</h3> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Type</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>In-Line Diesel Engine</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Description</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4></h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Price(Rs.

SCREEN SHOT 4.) CHEVROLET BEAT CODING <html> <body bgcolor="black"> <style> 28 .

font-family:Times new roman.)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>Rs 4.5 PS at 6200 rpm </h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Top Speed</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>145kmph</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Mileage(kmpl)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>City-14.}</style> <left><h1>Chevrolet Beat</h1> <img src="beat2.jpg"> <img src="beat. Highway-18.h1{color:white.2L 80bhp S-TEC II engine</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Displacement(cc)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>1199</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Maximum Power </h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>80.15.485*</h4></tr> </table> 29 .jpg"> <center> <table border=1 width=350 cellspacing=1></center> <tr bgcolor="white"><td colspan=12> <center><h3>Specifications</h3> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Type</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>In-Line Petrol Engine</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Description</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>1.jpg"> <img src="beat1.6</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Price(Rs.5.

) CHEVROLET SPARK CODING <html> 30 .</body> </html> SCREEN SHOT 5.

font-family:Times new roman.5.2L 71PS Petrol Engine</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Displacement(cc)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>1196</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Maximum Power </h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>71PS at 6.jpg"> <center> <table border=1 width=350 cellspacing=1></center> <tr bgcolor="white"><td colspan=12> <center><h3>Specifications</h3> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Type</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>Petrol Engine</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Description</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>1.}</style> <left><h1>Chevrolet Spark</h1> <img src="spark.jpg"> <img src="spark1.<body bgcolor="black"> <style> h1{color:white.jpg"> <img src="spark r. Highway-15.5</h4></tr> 31 .250 rpm</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Top Speed</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>148kmph</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Mileage(kmpl)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>City-12.

<tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Price(Rs.900*</h4></tr> </table> </body> </html> SCREEN SHOT 32 .)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>Rs 3.49.

jpg"> <img src="cruze1.jpg"> <img src="cruze.6.}</style> <left><h1>Chevrolet Cruze</h1> <img src="chevy cruze. VCDi</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Description</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>2.font-family:Times new roman.) CHEVROLET CRUZE CODING <html> <body bgcolor="black"> <style> h1{color:white.jpg"> <center> <table border=1 width=350 cellspacing=1></center> <tr bgcolor="white"><td colspan=12> <center><h3>Specifications</h3> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Type</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>4 Cylinder. variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) engine</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Displacement(cc)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>1991</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Maximum Power </h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>150Ps@4000rpm</h4></tr> 33 .0L 150bhp VCDi.

1</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Price(Rs.335*</h4></tr> </table> </body> </html> SCREEN SHOT 34 .)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>Rs 11.<tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Top Speed</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>180kmph</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Mileage(kmpl)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>City-12.0.58. Highway-18.

7.jpg"> <center> <table border=1 width=350 cellspacing=1></center> <tr bgcolor="white"><td colspan=12> <center><h3>Specifications</h3> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Type</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>In-Line Petrol Engine</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Description</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>1.1L 63bhp e-RLX</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Displacement(cc)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>1086</h4></tr> 35 .font-family:Times new roman.}</style> <left><h1>Hyundai Santro xing</h1> <img src="santro xing.jpg"> <img src="xing.jpg"> <img src="xing in.) HYUNDAI SANTRO XING CODING <html> <body bgcolor="black"> <style> h1{color:white.

500 (PS@rpm)</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Top Speed</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>141 kmph</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Mileage(kmpl)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>City-13.62.)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>Rs 3.<tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Maximum Power </h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>63 @ 5.8</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Price(Rs. Highway-17.949*</h4></tr> </table> </body> </html> SCREEN SHOT 36 .7.

font-family:Times new roman.) HYUNDAI i 10 CODING <html> <body bgcolor="black"> <style> h1{color:white.8.jpg"> <img src="i 10 r.jpg"> <img src="i 10b.jpg"> <center> <table border=1 width=350 cellspacing=1></center> <tr bgcolor="white"><td colspan=12> <center><h3>Specifications</h3> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Type</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>In-Line Engine</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Description</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>1.1L 67bhp iRDE (Intelligent Responsive Drive Engine)</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Displacement(cc)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>1086</h4></tr> 37 .}</style> <left><h1>Hyundai i 10</h1> <img src="i 10.

)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>Rs 3.240*</h4></tr> </table> </body> </html> SCREEN SHOT 38 .99.7 @ 5.1. Highway-18.500 (PS@rpm)</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Top Speed</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>138kmph</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Mileage(kmpl)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>City-14.<tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Maximum Power </h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>66.2</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Price(Rs.

font-family:Times new roman. Aluminium 4-cyl.2L 80PS.9.</h4></tr> 39 .) HYUNDAI i 20 CODING <html> <body bgcolor="black"> <style> h1{color:white.}</style> <left><h1>Hyundai i 20</h1> <img src="i 20a.jpg"> <center> <table border=1 width=350 cellspacing=1></center> <tr bgcolor="white"><td colspan=12> <center><h3>Specifications</h3> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Type</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>In-Line Engine</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Description</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>1.jpg"> <img src="imagesCAC6E8QU.jpg"> <img src="images.

0.935*</h4></tr> </table> </body> </html> SCREEN SHOT 40 .4.<tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Displacement(cc)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>1997</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Maximum Power </h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>80Ps@5200rpm</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Top Speed</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>170kmph</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Mileage(kmpl)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>City-14.93. Highway-17.0</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Price(Rs.)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>Rs.

}</style> <left><h1>Honda City</h1> <img src="city.) HONDA CITY CODING <html> <body bgcolor="black"> <style> h1{color:white.font-family:Times new roman.jpg"> 41 .10.

62.)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>Rs 8.000*</h4></tr> </table> </body> </html> 42 .0</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Price(Rs.5L 116.jpg"> <center> <table border=1 width=350 cellspacing=1></center> <tr bgcolor="white"><td colspan=12> <center><h3>Specifications</h3> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Type</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>In-Line Engine</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Description</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>1.<img src="city1.4bhp i-VTEC</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Displacement(cc)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>1497</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Maximum Power </h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>118PS at 6.0.jpg"> <img src="city r.600 rpm</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Top Speed</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>182kmph</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Mileage(kmpl)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>City-14. Highway-17.

}</style> <left><h1>Honda Civic</h1> 43 .) HONDA CIVIC CODING <html> <body bgcolor="black"> <style> h1{color:white.font-family:Times new roman.SCREEN SHOT 11.

8L 132bhp i-VTEC</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Displacement(cc)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>1799</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Maximum Power </h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>132 @ 6.jpg"> <img src="civic2.500*</h4></tr> </table> </body> </html> 44 .<img src="civic.jpg"> <img src="civic1.5</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Price(Rs.8. Highway-15.)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>Rs 12.jpg"> <center> <table border=1 width=350 cellspacing=1></center> <tr bgcolor="white"><td colspan=12> <center><h3>Specifications</h3> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Type</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>In-Line Engine</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Description</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>1.21.300 (PS@rpm)</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Top Speed</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>206kmph</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Mileage(kmpl)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>City-10.

}</style> 45 .) HONDA CR-V CODING <html> <body bgcolor="black"> <style> h1{color:white.SCREEN SHOT 12.font-family:Times new roman.

)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>Rs 14.4</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Price(Rs.6.800 (PS@rpm)</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Top Speed</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>206kmph</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Mileage(kmpl)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>City-7. Highway-9.jpg"> <center> <table border=1 width=350 cellspacing=1></center> <tr bgcolor="white"><td colspan=12> <center><h3>Specifications</h3> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Type</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>In-Line Engine</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Description</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>2.jpg"> <img src="cr-v r.jpg"> <img src="cr-v1.80.4L 161bhp i-VTEC</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Engine Displacement(cc)</h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>2354</h4></tr> <tr><td bgcolor=white><h4>Maximum Power </h4><td bgcolor=white><h4>161 @ 5.000*</h4></tr> </table> </body> 46 .<left><h1>Honda CR-V</h1> <img src="cr-v.

</html> SCREEN SHOT MOVING CARS: CODING <html> <title>MOVING CARS</title> <body bgcolor="black"> 47 .

<marquee behaviour="scroll" direction="up"><img src="city.jpg"> <img src="figo.jpg"> <img src="fusion.jpg"><img src="cr-v.jpg"><img src="endeavour.jpg"><img src="chevy cruze.jpg"><img src="tucson.jpg"> <img src="beat.jpg"><img src="verna t.jpg"> <img src="i 20a.jpg"></marquee> </html> SCREEN SHOT 48 .jpg"><img src="tavera.jpg"> <img src="sonata.jpg"><img src="aveo.jpg"> <img src="ford figo.jpg"><img src="captiva.jpg"><img src="fiesta.jpg"><img src="figo.jpg"><img src="i 10.jpg"> <img src="uva.jpg"><img src="i 30.jpg"> <img src="tavera in.jpg"> <img src="santro xing.jpg"> <img src="jazz.jpg"><img src="civic.jpg"> <img src="tyre.jpg"> <img src="accord.jpg"> <img src="santa fe.jpg"><img src="city.jpg"> <img src="accent.jpg"> <img src="cruze.


COM</title> <body bgcolor="black"> <marquee behavior="alternate"><img src="waahan.jpg"></marquee> <marquee behavior="scroll"><img src="waahan.<html> <title>WAAHAN.jpg"></marquee> </html> SCREEN SHOT FUTURE SCOPE: 50 .

in future we would like to offer the new as well as old cars to the customers because still all people cannot afford to buy the new cars so it will help those people to buy the car who cannot buy a new car. Now our site is limited only to provide the information to the customer about the product and its model. These all facilities will save a lot of time of the customers and will provide them all information just at a click of a button. This system will help the people to cater their needs and requirements under one roof which will save the precious time of people.Scope is that this will help people to easily make application for the cars they want to sell and purchase. 51 . And in the world of globalization we should always remain updated. procedure to buy the product. But. etc. Now we only deals in offering the new cars to the customers but. in future we would like to add more information and facilities so that it would become more effective and serve the customers by providing updated information. The website will also provide them with the information of future launching products. how to pay installment online. prices of different cars. As this will be a web based system people may have access to gain more knowledge about the sale and purchase of cars. online booking. So. As technology and information keeps on changing from time to time. we also look forward to make the changes and innovation in our project to make it more useful and informative so that it can fulfill its purpose more effectively and provide customer satisfaction.

com 5. Computer Applications – II . 3. www. www. 4.indiacar.BIBLIOGRAPHY 1.carwale. by Anuradha Aggarwal 52 .gaadi.carsalesindia.