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Lang 1 Philip Lang T. Hobbs American History 220 30 May 2013 Civil Rights? Gay Rights?

How About Just Rights. If there is anything that gets me riled up and ready to debate, it’s the controversial topic of gay rights and those who appose them. In Charles Colson and Anne Morse’s essay opposing gay marriage, “Societal Suicide,” they express that marriage should be seen as a “traditional building block of human society.” It goes on to explain their tired and bias conclusion that marriage is a bond that should only be between a man and a woman. At the same time, they question the extinction of marriage because of same-sex couple’s oppressed desire to happily marry each other. How is making it legal for supporters of marriage and gay people in love to express their bond considered the end of marriage? Allowing gays to marry would not only promote marriage, but it would support the obvious right and humane decision to care for every citizen with liberty and justice for ALL! “Societal Suicide” explains that gay marriage is not only wrong, but goes against the natural order of the family system, as well as promotes “broken families” and crime amongst young people without mothers or fathers, all the while, weakening the meaning and status of heterosexual marriage. I do not believe in any reason for keeping people from being who they are if there is no harm being done to others. Gay marriage should absolutely be legalized because we all deserve equal rights regardless of skin color, religion, ethnicity, occupation, or sexuality.

and not just a homosexual romp in the bedroom. lesbian.” First of all. The law has demanded such a high and unrealistic standard on gays in every dimension of their lives. Why should the requirements for sexual orientation be any different than other diverse sides of an individual? If marriage is just the “building block” of economics. Equal rights for gays to marry have been a constant fight for the GLBT (gay. You hardly have to “egg on” people in love to get married. They describe the thousands of gay couples rushing to embrace the joyful first-in-a-lifetime event as “gleefully mocking their state constitutions and laws” while “news media egged them on. dead beat daddies leaving their children in poverty. Colson and Morse explained how the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts decided to begin letting same-sex couples into holy matrimony by issuing valid marriage licenses. Thousands of gay couple have been planning and waiting for the day they could marry for the majority of their lives. yet there are still no such laws prohibiting having children out of wedlock.Lang 2 In the beginning of their essay. I’d more consider that a life long awaited moment to break free of the bogus state constitutions that has held people back from being treated the same as heterosexuals. and transgendered) community for decades. What really gets to me in “Societal Suicide” is the author’s deliberate approach to dumb down the sacred bond of marriage by forcing it to become consumed by a world of procreation and child-rearing only beneficiary between a mother and a father. or any regulations and rules pertaining to heterosexuals procreating. bisexual. In Anna Quindlen’s essay “Desecration? Dedication!” she . Stopping gays from being able to marry is in direct violation of equal rights that exists for the soul purpose of cutting down gays. then gay marriage should be seen that way as well. and not so much of a “mockery”.

it’s the straight people making all the mistakes of marriage. Just because a child’s life isn’t “normal”. they were done on families deprived of one or more parental units.Lang 3 quotes Jonathan Rauch saying that 28% of all gay couples already have children.S. This has absolutely nothing to do with same-sex couples raising children because at least in same sex couples. helpful hands of nurturing parents in the home. yet it is not illegal for gay couples out of wedlock to raise children. Colson and Morse explain that children from broken homes have more trouble in school and more behavioral issues. it’s the straight people lacking the criteria that we put on gays on a regular basis. acts of crime involving young people do not fit into any “broken family” statistics. On the other side of it. It’s illegal to bring a gay family together through marriage. using the term “broken homes” to include gay coupled families who have either two fathers or two mothers. in reality. but have already established do not want children or are incapable of becoming pregnant? Should they be allowed to marry? Perhaps we should just ban marriage all together because. Children aren’t going to commit more crime simply because their gay parents are the same gender. there are two loving parents dedicated to each child. What does that have to say about marriage being the means of procreation? Allowing gays to marry would promote healthy and functioning families for those couples who have already adopted or been artificially inseminated. The heterosexual divorce rate in the U. is 50%! What about those “broken homes” that involve half of all families created through marriage? With the loving. thus far. what about all the straight couples who desire marriage. But these statistics were not done on same-sexed family units. . The statistics used in the essay are based on crimes being committed out of recklessness caused by the devastation of being let down or left behind by their own flesh and blood.

Psychological studies show that children. Jr. which would in return reduce crime rates and strengthen our communities. in most countries. does not mean they can’t seek out positive male or female roles for their children’s lives. Martin Luther King. Two daddies or two mommies will always equal two parents. once said. but haven’t we all established that today. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. which prides itself on the capacity to feel and express emotions at levels most other species are incapable of doing. And just because a couple is gay. Colson and Morse’s decision to consider marriage nothing more than a building block of society and means of procreation should be considered offensive. such as teachers. we still have many milestones to cross before we could ever call ourselves the “land of the free. not only towards gays. Who knows? Maybe we’ll even start to see more tolerance in our future generations due to the promotion of acceptance in people different from us.” Allowing gay marriage would be a positive step in the right direction by supporting our citizen’s rights and by helping them to pursue to lives of freedom we have all been promised. or people of inspiration. does not mean they do not have the same chances to bloom into wonderful people. but the entire human race. marriage is meant for two people in love to express their devotion and dedication for one another in the eyes of the law and the world? Love is beauty. thrive on the interactions with people outside the family circle. mentors.Lang 4 or even easy.” Though we have come a long way in correcting our wrong-doings of our violent history. the way to make positive change after centuries of discrimination and destruction created through inhumane mistakes and violating the rights of whole genres of people out of pure ignorance and fear. Correct me if I’m wrong. all the while . though cling to the security of one main caretaker.

We need to learn to come together through our similarities and stop exploiting each others differences. Injustice towards gays is injustice towards human beings.Lang 5 strengthening our economy and the togetherness of our country. Works Cited .

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