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I. Rewrite the sentences, using Cleft sentences. 1. My friend came to see me late last night. 2. I can’t stand the noise. 3. John didn’t pay for the wedding ring, Sarah did. 4. I saw him in the street only last week. 5. She bought a new dress to go to the party. 6. You are wrong, not me. 7. England won the World Cup in 1966. 8. Peter lent us money. 9. The smoke from the factory chimneys pollutes the air. 10. The neighbour told them about it. 11. That boy scored the goal for his team. 12. The dog grabbed at the piece of meat and ran awy. 13. The strong wind blew the roof off. 14. The woman answered the man rudely. 15. The boy played ping pong the whole afternoon. 16. The girl gave the boy a special gift on his birthday. 17. The police arrested the man at the railway station. 18. He borrowed the money from Linda. 19. He bought the book from that corner shop. 20. He got married when he was 26. 21. Thay were having a barbecue in the park. 22. I met him on the way to school. 23. They often had parties on weekends. 24. My brother bought his new car from our next-door neighbour last Saturday. 25. My brother bought his girlfriend a beautiful bunch of flowers for her birthday last Saturday. 26. The Second World War ended on 7 May 1945 in Europe. 27. If I had to choose between staying in my country or moving abroad, I would take the first option. 28. We always meet on Friday. 29. They went to the cinema. 30. We were supposed to meet at 6 o’clock. 31. When the play was about to end, I couldn’t help weeping. 32. Spring didn’t set in until late May. 33. The official announcement was made at that time. 34. Corline has been feeling a bit depressed for some time. 35. The Prime Minister was traveling to France yesterday when the alarm sounded. II. Change the sentences into cleft sentences in the passive: 1. Fred gave Mary the money. 2. Mr. Johnson sent the Jiff Company a letter. 3. I show my friends all of the photographs. 4. Did the boy throw his friend the baseball? 5. The teacher told the students an interesting story. 6. My brother bought his new car from our next-door neighbour last Saturday. 7. My mother gave me this camera. 8. The monkeys amused the children. 9. John took the money. 10. People talk about this film. 11. Columbus discovered America. 12. She gave me these flowers. 13. Jose has washed his car. 14. Nguyen Du wrote Kieu story. 15. They grow corn in India. 16. The cat is going to catch the mouse.

Someone stole my car last week. 23. The storm has delayed the 11. 25. 26. 28. .00 last night. They feed these animals twice a day. They may use this room for the classroom. 22. 33. Mary sent him a lot of presents. 37. 29. Tom killed the tiger. Duy teaches English in Thong Linh High school. Linda loves Jack very much. Tom saw Mary yesterday morning. 38. A Japanese company makes these television sets. Jane did this task yesterday morning. 18. 32.20 flight to London. Mary bought this book yesterday. They took the sick man to the hospital last night. They haven’t stamped the letter. The police stopped us on our way to school. 36. 20. 35. Nobody has used this room for ages. You mustn’t use this machine after 5. 27. 30. 24. George was doing the homework 8. John have stored all the data on the floppy disk. 19. They didn’t look after the children properly. Mr. 21.30. The earthquake destroyed the town. 34.17. 31. John will sell his old house soon.

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