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Project Specification Form


Project Title NETWORK MANAGER (Based on network monitoring and bandwidth management) Brief description on project background. (.i.e. problem context, rationale, description of problem area, nature of challenge). What is the situation? (Problem Context) Internet is the key to success of any companies or organization. Internet generally suffers the problem of traffic congestion and slows down because of increase in numbers of IP’s as the users increase. End users will naturally consume as much bandwidth as they can. In fact, they are constantly encouraged to do so by sites with ever more bandwidth-eating content and applications. Networking protocols inherently facilitate this consumption with windowing protocols that attempt to increase packet rates to the maximum extent possible. It has often been remarked that bandwidth consumption is like a gas, it increases to fill the maximum available space. This causes invariable share of bandwidth and many users did not get the required bandwidth whenever required. If any company is facing this problem then it affects the company’s credibility. Generally companies waste down their time in knowing that what users are doing with the internet connections and services and try to find out the reason for invariable usage of bandwidth. Companies are facing problem in handling the incoming bandwidth which they are providing to the users. They have to monitor various things. There is no such perfect solution available for this problem because it is very costly affair to monitor each and every aspect of the network and managing the bandwidth according to it. Why do we need this project? (Rationale) The need for network monitoring corresponds to the size of the network. Small networks with few users might be easily managed without it. A large network with many users is more difficult to monitor. Unlike a small network where administrators might be able to visually inspect each network users regularly, large networks requires the use of network monitoring to make it possible to track all network users from a single computer. Thus, these technologies become more useful and more essential as networks expand. Since almost all

online reporting are some examples. 4. Multifunctional: “NETWORK MANAGER” will offer many functionalities which will not be available in other software’s. such as the transferring a large file. the link must be upgraded to provide greater capacity.The network administrator will have full control on managing each user and control the incoming bandwidth after being log in. the available bandwidth must be shared. however. Cost saving:-Generally the software’s which are available in the market for network monitoring and bandwidth management are very costly as compared to “NETWORK MANAGER” which will be available at very low cost as compared to other available software. If a network link is continuously congested. allowing specific ports to the user which is only required.the network administrator will be able to view many reports to monitor the usage of each user and see the bandwidth usage of the network at different section. Choice: . for example. There are many features NETWORK MANAGER will provide that you will not find in other network monitoring or bandwidth management software.“NETWORK MANAGER” will provide many choices such that making pool sharing or not. and the link is only congested temporarily. Individual reporting:. Bandwidth management tools enable us to manage how the bandwidth is shared. are not predictable. Tangible benefits 1. . Other causes of temporary congestion. 5. In many cases. NETWORK MANAGER will allow to back the control of internet connection by prioritizing the limited bandwidth capacity based on the requirement and the service needed such that all the users will have the required bandwidth whenever needed. 3. 2.Project Specification Form NETWORK MANAGER network links are shared by multiple users and applications. Temporary congestion is sometimes predictable. “NETWORK MANAGER” will be a nice software for network monitoring and bandwidth management. Control: . So to manage all these things there must be some solution to monitor the whole network and manage the incoming bandwidth. there are typically peaks in network use at particular time of the day or following a particular event. the average load on a link is within the link capacity.

User-friendly envoirment:. The problem is faced to implement the various access and bandwidth policy in one software and concerning about the security in terms of access rights. Managing the bandwidth by keeping in mind the various policies in order to fulfill all the needs of network administrator is really a tuff task. There are various organization using network monitoring and bandwidth management software and their access rights of users depend upon the the policy of company.Project Specification Form Intangible benefits 1. that is the security of the system. . every system that are based upon Networking domain faces a major challenge.the administrator will have very user-friendly envoirment in terms of functionalities and will be very flexible for usage. • In terms of Features There are many features in the project which is a real challenge to implement. Nature of Challenge • In terms of Domain Analysis My domain is Networking. There are different software’s available in the market but no one is providing the complete security. The second problem area lies behind the online reporting of the various types of reports that network administrator will need in order to track the network and see the usage of incoming bandwidth at the various section of the network. 3. 2. So that the main challenge that I am going to furnish is the security problem. So. NETWORK MANAGER User satisfaction-user will certainly feel better if they will able get the required bandwidth whenever needed and the network administrator will also be able to track down everything. Description of problem area One of the major concerns related to network monitoring and bandwidth management is the security. Managing large no of users for security purpose is really a challenging task. Back up usage:.the administrator will have the backup of the bandwidth usage and all the reports .

Project Specification Form NETWORK MANAGER 1. Scope of the Project. It will manage the various aspect of network such as time period of access of a particular group or user. . 3. Managing data transfer speed for particular group or user. Pool management for different section or a group of user. Dividing the users into various section or groups and dividing bandwidth according to it. online report generating of the bandwidth usage The other major problem is gaining mastery in networking which is my domain is a very wide topic and extracting the important area for my usage. Brief description of project objectives. data transfer limit of users. 2. scope of proposal and deliverables) “NETWORK MANAGER” is software that will help to manage a wide network. 2.e. connecting or disconnecting user 5. The core features 1. Managing the all the bandwidth management policy along with network monitoring 2. It will allow the network administrator to manage the whole network and manage and distribute the incoming bandwidth to the available user based upon the requirement and the policy of the organization using it.i. Online report generation for network administrator. blocking sites 3. generating reports for every user usage Special feature: 1. (. report generation for network administrator to view usage in the network Enhanced features 1. and to manage the upload and download speed of a particular user. time period of access for a particular group or user 3. 2. data transfer limit for particular group or user 4. Giving different type of bandwidth speed to different user.

He can block sites which he want the user not to access. 2. Those who will require more speed can get the full bandwidth usage. Ethernet Card. In order to see that there is no overtime usage of internet the users will allotted the time period in which they can access internet services.i. It will also help in managing the incoming bandwidth by implementing the various bandwidth management policy. hardware. (. Pentium iv cpu 80 GB hard disk.e port management cannot be done. he can generate various reports according to the above scenarios in order to monitor the whole network. 512 MB RAM. Brief description of the resources needed by the proposal. user involvement etc. Limiting the project scope 1. Data transfer speed can be provided depending upon the usage of the user. software.) Hardware Required • • • • • • 400 MHz processor. A corporate LAN or Internet Software Required: .e.Project Specification Form NETWORK MANAGER “NETWORK MANAGER” is a software that will enable the network administrator to monitor the network such as the user accessed sites. No sever management function for the given system. The users will get the advantage of getting divided in various section or groups so that the user that will require high bandwidth will be in different group and those who required less bandwidth will be in different group. The network administrator will be able to connect or disconnect a particular user. access to information / expertise. the usage of each user etc . System cannot specify the different ports for different purposei. There will be limit in the data transfer done by the particular user.

(i. There are various policies in college and the students are restricted to various sites and also the use of internet service by teachers. So I thought of making software that can monitor the use of particular user and manage the incoming bandwidth.Project Specification Form • • • • • Programming language: c# and asp. techniques being learnt. students and other staff members are different. • • For registering a user For fraud prevention purpose Academic research being carried out and other information. “NETWORK MANAGER” will use the personal details provided in the following areas.e.net2005 Programming tool: visual paradigm Operating system: windows Database:sql server NETWORK MANAGER Access to information I will take care of the privacy of the users who will use my system.the privacy will be in terms of hiding the user details from the users each user will be given his own id and password and all the details of the user will be available to the network administrator only. Since the main user of my system will be network administrator he will be able to access all details of the user . Then I came to know that this is the . what are the names of books you are going to read / data sets you are going to use) The idea of this project struck on my mind when I observed the whole scenario of network access problems in my Software required: visual stdio.

He said me that college is using this type software but it’s costing in lakhs. NET technology and database browsing websites would give me innumerable information on respective topics and reading books would also give me the desired information. Since my project covers mainly three areas networking. Networking knowledge Data and computer communications by William Stallings. I interviewed Mr. The second thing which I came to know was still it was not meeting all the requirements of network monitoring and bandwidth management. Praveen saini who is the network administrator of our college. Technical knowledge • • • • • • Beginning C# 2005 Wrox publications Black book of C# Complete reference of C# 2.Therefore source of information would play a vital role in developing this endevour. but developing network monitoring and bandwidth management software along with the many unique and different features would be challenging . Then I start searching the different ways in which this network monitoring and bandwidth management can be done . 3. then I searched about the things which the network administrator will need to monitor.then I thought the reports to be developed for the network administrator . Local area network by Kieser. Data communications and networking by Forouzan. I tried to find out the key features that will be required for it. Then. The research part is one of the most challenging module in my project because though many kind of similar software’s are there existing in present day. Books 1. journals.Internet would be one of the main source of information along with many books.Project Specification Form NETWORK MANAGER problem which is faced by many companies and the cost which they are paying to manage it is very high and also there are no proper software available which solves all the problems faced by it. Then I tried to search out the different ways and the policies which I can apply in order to manage the incoming bandwidth . So I decided to make software for this. magazines and piece of guidance and suggestions from experts and professionals . Software engineering .

Software Methodology A methodology is composed of one of the software development models used in conjunction with one or more techniques. The spiral model is intended for large. in an effort to combine advantages of both top down and bottom up concepts It is also known as the spiral lifecycle model. 3. expensive. the major areas of functions to be developed and the order in which developed). www. 2. There are many software methodologies available:1. www. spiral model:.aspnetpro. The techniques of prototyping.ciscopress.its the process how to navigate through each phase of software process model. i. www. (i..Project Specification Form NETWORK MANAGER • Software project management in practice by Pankaj Jalote Websites 1. is a systems development method (SDM) used in information technology (IT). which software methodology and why.The spiral model is a software development methodology which combines both design and prototyping elements in software development stages. and complicated 4. methodology = model + technique(s).com(to find link to other related websites) 6. Brief description of the development plan for the proposed project. .csharp-station. object-oriented are ways to implement different www.

it supports an iterative approach to development that addresses the highest risk items at every stage in the life cycle significantly reducing the projects risk profile. The Rational Unified Process provides systematic approach to defining an architecture using new and existing components 4. 1. phase completion is judged by the outcome of the phase matching the requirements defined by the previous phase But I will be using is rational unified process(RUP) Rational unified process is the is software development process which provides a very disciplined approach to assign task and responsibilities within development organization. The Rational Unified Process use the notions of use case and scenarios proscribed in the process has proven to be an excellent. Development of prtotype gives client actual feel of system . making it more likely that the final system fulfills the end user needs. 3. Waterfall model-The waterfall lifecycle is the natural way of managing the development something innovative and complex. They provide coherent and traceable threads through both the development and the delivered system 3.this prototype is based on currently known requirements. prototyping model:-in this model a throwaway prototype is built to help understand the requirements . 2. There are many key features of it:1.Project Specification Form NETWORK MANAGER 2. Visual abstractions help you communicate . way to capture functional requirements and to ensure that these drive the design. a preceding phase must be completed before the next starts. implementation and testing of software. The process shows you how to visually model software to capture the structure and behavior of architectures and components. The project proceeds according to clearly defined phases.

created by Rational Software. maintain consistency between a design and its implementation. track and monitor changes to enable successful iterative development.Identify project task . and evaluation of these test types. design. Rational Unified Process assists you in the planning. using objective measurements and criteria. is the foundation for successful visual modeling.Research on specification of the project . and promote unambiguous communication. in all activities. The industry standard Unified Modeling Language (UML). involving all participants. see how the elements of the system fit together. 6. The process describes how to control. 5.Project Specification Form NETWORK MANAGER different aspects of your software. Quality assessment is built into the process. It also guides you in how to establish secure workspaces for each developer by providing isolation from changes made in other workspaces The major areas of functions to be developed and the order in which developed Stage 1: Inception phase Tasks: Iteration 1: project proposal and planning .PPF discussion with supervisor . make sure that the building blocks are consistent with your code. implementation.Online submission of PPF . and not treated as an afterthought or a separate activity performed by a separate group.Identifying the Project . execution.Finalize project title with the supervisor Tasks: Iteration 2: project specification .

Limit project scope .Prepare Development Plan .Research on the functionalities of the “NETWORK MANAGER” .Prepare Gantt chart Stage 2: Elaboration phase Tasks: Iteration 1: research based on the system reqirement .Primary research NETWORK MANAGER .Submit PSF .WBS .Screen Design Tasks: Iteration 3: Technical Research -Finalize the language and learn .Identify techniques to be learn .selecting the software methodology to be followed .Identify Resources .Prepare PSF .domain related research on particular language .Prepare Test Plan .Project Specification Form -identify the project scope .Analyze user requirement -Analyze the primary research .deciding the modules of “NETWORK MANAGER” Tasks: Iteration 2: Analysis of the system .learning the technical skills .UML diagrams .getting all the use reqirment .

Project Specification Form NETWORK MANAGER Stage 3: Construction phase Tasks: Iteration1: Interface Design -create interface design of “NETWORK MANAGER” .system documentation Tasks: Iteration 3: finishing touch up .Document the module Stage 4: Transition phase Tasks: Iteration 1: System Testing -module wise testing .Analyze the system .Documenting the system Tasks: Iteration 2: “NETWORK MANAGER” Modules .Finalizing the module interface .Find the target users .Testing and debugging the full system Tasks: Iteration 2: Documentation .Implement the module .Integrate all the modules .Prepare a test plan .

(I. what is the success criteria and how will be evaluated & implementation will be tested. Robustness. If it manages to save time of network administrator in monitoring the network and manage the incoming bandwidth. 1.Project Specification Form NETWORK MANAGER . 5. Learnability.e. indicate the estimated size of the demonstration/test database) Evaluation of the success criteria The project will be successful if a. b. invalid. security:-system would be secure as each user will given their own PASSWORD so that network administrator can see who all are on network. ID and .the ability the enhance the software in near future as per easily the user will able to learn to use the system. Use networking concepts to the best to make it work efficiently. It manages to achieve the most features mentioned in core as well as advanced features so that it can be more efficient.Brief description of the evaluation and test plan for the proposed project. or abnormal conditions 3. c. 6. User Friendliness-My target users should be comfortable in understanding the interface and functions of “NETWORK MANAGER” 4.The degree to which a system or component can still function in the presence of partial failures or other adverse. 2. flexibility:-system will be flexible in terms of more features and functionality. scalability:.

I will be doing various type of testing of my system throughout from starting. Testing will start from unit testing and move towards the integration of the whole system.. Performance testing:. failures and defects.I will perform interface testing to ensure that application is operating efficiently with all interface system. Beta testing: . it will also help in detecting system fault . I will be doing following type of testing.then I will combine all the units and perform integration testing to see that all the design objective are met or not.I will divide my whole system in unit module in terms of the features and functionalities and then I will test each unit individually. 1. Integration testing (system testing).Project Specification Form NETWORK MANAGER Test plan strategy A good test plan and strategy is needed when we want to make a very efficient and reliable system. security testing:-I will perform this testing to ensure that application system control and all the features are functional or not 5. there are different testing tools available for different technology platform which will influence the test plan and execution done. 2.I will perform performance testing to ensure that the system is performing according to the user expectation . the . 3. 4. 6. This will ensure about that my each features are completed and logically correct. Interface testing.I will perform beta testing to ensure that the system are meeting the functional requirement or not . Component testing (unit testing).