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Concealment and Cover

The best way to avoid detection is by utilizing concealment and cover. There are six factors which will give you protection from subject observation.

They are:

Shape - From any distance your outline will give you away. Change you shape to match that of your surroundings.

Shadow - Stay in the shadows and don’ t allow your own to be seen. When it comes to your position, only you and your shadow should know.

Shine (or texture) - Beware of smooth surfaces such as watches, weapon barrel, glasses. Smooth surfaces are areas that reflect light.

Color - Blend in with your surroundings. Bright colors attract unwanted attention.

Position or Setting - When choosing your position, make it appear as though nothing is out of the ordinary.

Movement - Motion naturally attracts the eye. Even a little movement at an inopportune time will warrant attention.

Rules for Day Movement

1. Movement must be slow and well planned. 2. Avoid disturbing animals such as dogs and birds.

Move by bounds. Avoid silhouetting. Cross roads which provide the most cover and/or concealment. e. Preserve night vision. Take advantage of other noises. f. then move again. c. Use ditches and woodlines. Don’t look at lights. This causes noise and increases anxiety. Attempt to minimize the amount of time you are in the open. b. 4. listen. Stop. or vehicles moving.3.. d. Avoid running. Avoid dry brush and tape loose equipment. Rules for Night Movement a. . Take advantage of noise such as wind. rain.